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Open Post: Turbocharging Female Arousal with Thug Game

In a comment to my recent post in which I covered thug game, I joked that if you look like a thug, you may very well go hardcore and pull out a loaded gun during sex. I wrote:

Dude, you don’t even know what kind of game you could run. You could do hardcore thug game, like pulling out a loaded gun and putting it on her head as you’re banging her — and she’ll get so wet that you need to throw out the mattress afterwards. Just make sure you don’t accidentally pull the trigger. I’m only half-joking (not about the gun, but about thug game in general).

The fact that some women get incredibly turned on by dominant behavior is arguably one of the darkest aspects of female psychology. It is also one of the least politically correct topics you could bring up. Indeed, society is quick to judge men for violent behavior while women who engage in domestic violence have an army of supporters materialize out of thin air, including legal support.

What we should not ignore, however, is that women choose their partners. We do not live in a society in which men just hit women on the head, drag them into the nearest forest, and rape them — except if you live in fucking Sweden, a country that is so progressive that academics now write papers on which places in Stockholm rapists prefer (mirror). Normally, women willingly spread their legs for the man they have chosen. Thus, considering that violent male behavior is relatively uncommon in modern society, a woman needs to reject a lot of soyboys to find a thug who really gets her juices flowing.

Some women respond incredibly well to getting dominated. She may get so wet that your enjoyment of sex with her gets negatively affected. Domination can play out in many ways and it can be as blunt or as subtle as you’d like. If you have never encountered a woman who wanted to be dominated hard, I’d say you are missing out on a crucial part of your education as a seducer.

Pickernanny tried his hand at thug game and reported back:

I don’t own a firearm, but I did try flicking a switchblade out and putting it to her throat tonight. She acted like it was too much for her at first but I just told her she had better shut and please my cock with her mouth if she knew what was best for her. When I fucked her she got off in like 30 seconds. I counted 4 orgasms total. She admitted how hot it was afterwards that I initiated sex with the knife. 

Thanks, Sleazy!

Most guys can incorporate a bit of thug game into the bedroom because even relatively feminine men will normally be stronger and bigger than the woman they fuck. There are exceptions, of course, like skinny chubby chasers. If you do so, you will most likely find, just like Pickernanny, that the woman responds incredibly well to it. It makes sense evolutionarily speaking as it hints at a time in which the strongest and most desirable men simply took the women they wanted. With thug game, you activate this part of her lizard brain, and her subsequent orgasms echo those of a female ancestor of hers hundreds of thousands of years ago who was held down by Stone-Age Chad who lifted a rock and indicated that if she wanted to live, she better suck his dick, and if she didn’t make him cum, he’d kill her. Clearly, evolution favored women who were into that kind of behavior. (Feminists, listen up: this is also the most compelling evidence that humans indeed once lived in a brutal patriarchy because otherwise you wouldn’t have some of the women today respond so incredibly well to thug game.)

I’d encourage you to not venture down this really dark path too far, with the main reason being that you can easily end up in a really difficult spot. Imagine you pull a chick home who wants you to rough her up, you lose control and hit her a few times, and she gets super into it. Then, the next day, you think that this was a crazy bitch that shouldn’t be part of your life. Upon telling her that you don’t want to see her again, though, she gets very upset — and heads down to the police station. Now, I’d like to see you argue that the bruises on that chick’s back were the result of consensual sex.

Spotting red flags is a very important skill to have. Some flags are so bright red that you would be insane to proceed. Let me briefly tell you about three of the craziest women I have ever encountered.

One I pulled home from the club. She told me that she really likes getting beaten up and then fucked. She physically assaulted me and I had to restrain her. At that point, she was happy and told me that if I’m “man enough” I could now see if I can overpower and fuck her. At that point, her loose top slipped and exposed bruises on her back that looked fresh. I froze up and she told me that those were from her “ex boyfriend.”

Another chick got really horny in the club. I was already fingering her in some dark corner. When I felt some scars on her arms and back, I asked her if she was into self-harming as a teenager. She didn’t answer that question but instead told me that she likes it when her boyfriend cuts her or — wait for it! — puts out cigarettes on her back during sex.

The third one seemed like a bubbly and playful chick. I picked her up in a club and were fooling around in her bed. I playfully pinned her down and wanted to enter her. Then she seemed to want to free herself, so I let go of her. Her response was that I should hold her down more strongly. Sure enough, I do that, and the next thing I know is that she’s shouting that she’s getting raped. She whispered that I wanted her to stop, I’d need to find a way to make her shut up. After she had bitten me and scratched me, I got up. She apologized and said that she was only playing, but was quick to let me know that she has doubts regarding my manhood and that it was probably for the better that I left, with my tail between my legs. This conversation happened in German, which is relevant because the word for a dog’s tail and the man’s penis, colloquially, is the same: Schwanz. Thus, so she managed to add a sexual connotation to this insult.

I’d say that if you encounter a clearly crazy woman, you should not bother with thug game, but you may want to add some elements to your style. A bit of thug game during foreplay or sex can turbocharge your sex life as well as her arousal. Just make sure you never put yourself in a situation that may compromise you. Using words or props is generally safe. Fulfilling a woman’s wish to get beaten up is not.

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24 thoughts on “Open Post: Turbocharging Female Arousal with Thug Game

  1. I feel that I should add a disclaimer to my original comment. I never imagined in a million years that I’d get to a point where I’m dominating women sexually. See, I was brainwashed when I was younger and used to fantasize about kissing women all over their bodies and slowly removing each article of clothing by candle light. In fact, I made love this way to the very first women I seriously dated and she responded well to it stating that she ‘had never had a guy do that for her before’. She claimed it made her feel beautiful. A good while into our relationship I started learning that she wanted to be fucked, however. She would do this thing where she would play with my cock and get me ready, then cross her arms and turn her head when I would climb on top of her. What she really wanted was for me to play rape her, which we did at times.

    Anyways, the chick I referred to in my comment has been coming over for some time. She is a certified freak with butt toys and gag balls etc. at her place. We casually discussed how rough she likes it before we even started sleeping together. She knows me well enough that when I pull out a knife or some kind of prop that I won’t harm her. After we fucked, we sat and played Mario Kart and I genuinely had a good time. I could easily see myself slapping some ass and talking dirty to a chick I just picked up, but I doubt that I’d take it very much further than that.

    1. I didn’t think you would pull out a knife on a chick you’ve just met. Thanks for those elaborations. They paint a much clearer picture, which some people may need. Plenty of PUAs aren’t known for subtlety, so you can certainly imagine some dude pulling out a weapon and the woman shitting her pants and running for the police in response.

    2. Oh, absolutely lol. I could definitely imagine some thread with a bunch of Sarge Tards comparing field reports of what boils down to cold approaching chicks and verbally and/or physically assaulting them.

    3. Imagine them doing the “apocalypse opener”, i.e. starting out the interaction with “I want to fuck you!”, followed by pulling out a knife or a gun as a seduction prop. To pull off that kind of game you better be a non-white immigrant in Europe.

    4. My thoughts exactly.

      Btw I would add another angle, if you sleep with enough women, you will probably come across an actual rape or sexual abuse victim. And your “thug move” could backfire spectacularly in that case.

      I have come across a few cases where the girl told me not to touch her or grab her in a certain very specific way because it brought back memories of her grandpa, a friend, or neighbor sexually molesting her.

    5. This is a very good point! However, this is a very small fraction of women. In contrast, there are a lot of women who have stories of sexual harassment and rape that are just bullshit. It’s basically a competition because the implication is that if you don’t get sexually harassed, you’re not sexually attractive. Just think of who women love to complain about all those “creeps” who are hitting on her.

    6. Back in the day I was with this girl who was clearly very attracted to me, but when it came to sex she was hesitant. She just froze up or her body would just start shaking in fear. Finally she revealed that she’d been raped. PTSD. We managed to work through it bit by bit.

      She never went to the police or told anyone. I might have been the first person she told. This was many years ago before #metoo.

      I bet now as she’s watching all the #metoo shit she’s siding with all the b.s. accusers who had consensual sex in exchange for favors.

    7. @Gmoney

      Dont rush to that judgement. In my experience these girls are not on board with the metoo nonsense as they recognize there is a world of difference between what happened to them and what most of the metoo nonsense is about.

      After all, if you had been anally violated by your grandpa at age 10, would you not feel contempt for women crying rape over some shitty date? Or complaining about being uncomfortable and “merely” pressured during otherwise consensual sex? Or arguing they could have not consented to sex while drunk?

      An actual rape makes you put the supposed “rape culture” in a more realistic perspective, if you are a normal thinking person.

    8. @ Yarara

      Of course I don’t know what she actually thinks about #metoo. I am not in contact with her. I just remember she had a certain anger towards men. I am not sure if the rape was the primary cause for her anger towards men or if it came from the culture at large. Probably a bit of both. I could see her rejecting #metoo as well as embracing it.

      The anger was similar to the anger men feel after their wives divorce rape them. Except of course that actual rape of women by men is rare while divorce rape is common.

  2. Good post. There is even neuroscientific evidence pointing out that domination and sexual arousal have very similar pattern of neural activity.
    This is important topic because most guys, especially in black pill circles, tend to think that physical attractiveness is the only factor affecting how women react to them. Most of them are ignorant of the fact that they could up their game by becoming more dominant in their interactions. Payoff is great but this borders on rape and sexual harassment territory so one needs to tread lightly. I find Alek’s analogy of escalation levels extremely helpful with this. Start with smaller steps and progressively escalate to higher levels of intimacy. If woman doesn’t reject you througout the interaction, bring out the big guns.

    As a side note:
    I would be careful with evo-psych armchair explanations. Living in brutal patriarchal society also implies that male side of the family will hunt the rapist down.
    Rape is quite rare in animal kingdom as most species engage in some kind of courtship ritual. However the sex itself is rather violent even though female isn’t coerced.

    1. Evolutionary psychology isn’t an exact science, but it can be quite thought-provoking. Another explanation would be that some females like violent men who dominate them because they want to have violent sons who can dominate others. This is also plausible, at least on a superficial level, because you could expect that only men who can dominate others keep such traits in adulthood. Other men were either killed or changed their behavior.

    2. You may want to check out A Natural History of Rape by Thornhill and Palmer for a deeper look into the evo-psych explorations of sexual violence.

  3. I thought this was relevant. From one of Christopher Columbus’s men, Michele da Cunio:

    “While I was in the boat, I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me. When I had taken her to my cabin she was naked—as was their custom. I was filled with a desire to take my pleasure with her and attempted to satisfy my desire. She was unwilling, and so treated me with her nails that I wished I had never begun. But—to cut a long story short—I then took a piece of rope and whipped her soundly, and she let forth such incredible screams that you would not have believed your ears. Eventually we came to such terms, I assure you, that you would have thought that she had been brought up in a school for whores.”

  4. I’d say, as far as effective and situationally congruent sexual domination is concerned, grand master Pierre Woodman’s casting videos can serve as valuable instruction. I particularly remember the video of “Kinuski Kakku” (heck, the absurd names he chooses for his up and coming/cumming stars are just priceless… “Asphyxia Noir”, “Mancy Fancy”, “Swabery Baby”, “Freshblonde”), whom he so playfully, yet absurdly well dominates phsically, mentaly and verbally, that she cums a shitload of times.

    You still wouldn’t try this on a avowed femnist, though…

    1. “You still wouldn’t try this on a avowed femnist, though…”

      Might actually be the cure.

      I wholehartedly believe that all them crazy feminazis need is a good fuck.
      Problem is, that the way they look it’ll be hard to find a man to do it.

      As my mom always said: “Jeder kann mit hübschen Frauen”

    2. You’d think that incels and feminists would be a match made in heaven, but feminists only want Chads, and plenty of incels would realize that they really do have some standards.

    3. Hardcore feminists are mostly unfuckable to begin with.

      Notice how lesbians and masculinized females are vastly overrepresented in that crowd.

    4. @ Donald: Yes, but those castings I mentioned are emotionally authentic. Sure, the girls approach him to get casted in the first place and of course they get a fee and sign a contract. But part of his M.O. is to break the emotional barrier and in this regard he actually is cunningly successfull…

    5. Wouldn’t that emotional barrier get broken as soon as she gets aroused? You see this with regular women, too: first they are cool and aloof, then they get into it and turn into an entirely different person. This happens with one-night stands, and it surely regularly happens with a lot of escorts, too. You mentioned it yourself.

  5. Aaron,
    1. What is the attraction women have for bad boy/thugs (for example, Scotty with Tattoos Good Looking Loser) short term and long term?

    You have mention that women do not lust after average looking men, and that women consider the majority of men to be below average looking. And that looks are paramount to one-night stands. If women come across bad boys who are average looking what is the appeal for short term since women place a high premium on looks for casual encounters?

    2. What is the long-term attraction to these type of men women have for them?

    3. Are women’s attraction to bad boys an evolutionary hard wired behaviour, or the product of being raised in a broken home, divorced parents etc…?

    4. Would this be a subgroup of women or women in general who are drawn to these men?

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