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59 thoughts on “Open Thread #61

  1. Here’s a funny story: a woman reveals that she’s slept with 130 men by the age of 28. Have a look at the archived article first before you look up the source: (spoiler: she is rather on the heavy side). If this story is true, which I have little reason to believe it is not, it is a great illustration of how easy it is for a bottom-tier woman to get sex. Relationships would be a much different issue, though.

    1. People should be shaming her for that kind of behaviour. Also even though I don’t get a lot of pussy I wouldn’t even fuck her.

    2. 99% of men will just fuck literally anything. It makes sense biologically that men have 0 standards.
      You see this in prisons, they just go gay when no women are available. Or sometimes just fuck animals.
      What I just don’t understand is, why they prefer these disgusting creatures over e.g. porn.
      They probably have some dellusional blue pill beliefs like “A real man fucks real women”. must be something like that. It cannot just be the pure sensation they get from it.

  2. What is everyone’s thoughts on this.

    Some women prior to me hooking up with them or if they were interested but i didn’t hook up with them, would tell me something fucked up that happened on their life, such as they almost got raped or whatever. What’s the reason for this? – for me to feel more comfortable with them?

    Also my hair stylist wanted to bang me and took to some event but I declined because I don’t find her physically attractive but now she talks about sex when she’s cutting my hair. When women talk about sex with you prior to having sex with them does that mean that they now view you as a friend?

    1. Cluster-B women often do this as a manipulation technique. They appeal to your protector instinct this way, and it works wonders on your typical Captain-Save-A-Ho.

      They talk about sex with you because they like thinking of having sex with you.

  3. China is neglecting to report on new cases of confirmed corona virus cases due to economic reasons (investors pulling out of China). In fact, the rest of the world would rather China not go into a depression as it will affect the global economy. This goes for Trump and the upcoming election as well. The devastation of the virus is being severely downplayed at the moment.

    1. Thanks for sharing this video. I think China has been manipulating their data all along. ZeroHedge pointed out early on that their data perfectly fit a quadratic curve. The connection to how the Chinese report economic growth is likewise very spurious.

      I skim Global Times regularly, which is an official Chinese propaganda outlet. They used to make bold claims that China was on track to hit their growth targets despite the coronavirus, which was quite laughable. They have changed their tune and now promote the idea of deficit spending to offset the impact of the pandemic. I don’t see how the world economy can avoid a recession.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I wonder what will happen to manufacturing in the future, particularly in the West?

    3. One scenario is a partial reversal of globalization as 2019-nCoV powerfully demonstrates that there are clear benefits to economic and societal isolation.

    4. Interesting. As was pointed out sometime earlier, a pandemic is favorable to a war in terms of a societal reset. Perhaps there may be a silver lining in all of this. Pretty interested to see how this decade unfolds.

  4. Has anybody tried the carnivore diet?
    I’m on it for about three weeks and started working out 3x per week again.
    Never felt this great. I eat fattier than before, have lost fat but not weight, need less sleep and have zero digestive issues. Muscle growth seems stronger than usual.

    Curious to hear your thoughts.

    1. I think some people do well on high fat diets, but I’m not personally sold on the current trend of thinking all carbs are bad except vegetables. I just follow a Mediterranean style diet for the most part do some intermittent fasting (mostly for convenience) and feel fine. Working out 3x a week and having a decent diet, as in your case, is perhaps why you feel so great. And I’m aware of the science that low carb/high fat diets is there in terms of shedding fat, but really any diet with a caloric deficit will achieve the same results in about the same time frame. For me personally, I have a naturally low fat build so I just eat healthy and say to hell with it.

    2. It’s possible that these are just the effects of an extreme change in diet. I did the same thing with a vegan diet for a brief period of time and had similar results (fat loss, better digestion, better sleep, feeling more energized overall). However l wasn’t willing to sacrifice my love of a good steak forever.

      Penn Jillette did the same thing except he exclusively ate potatoes for a lengthy period of time. Against the predictions of his doctors, the experience itself dramatically improved his health.

      I’ve concluded that most diets and nutritional plans are just bullshit, as they cannot be measured scientifically to an intellectually honest degree. Eat what you want, is what l say.

    3. You are running on stress response, it is normal you feel better short term, you loose weight, you need sleep less, it is all consequences of cortisol release, second reason you reduce the inflammatory food to the minimum = less endotoxin = more energy. There are some good point of the diet, fatty meat is very nutritious from vitamin/mineral point of view but the lack of carbohydrate will switch your metabolism to fat oxidation that is very energy inefficient, you produce less CO2 that have some bad consequences in long term.
      New study :

    4. Thanks both. I have an issue with the below:

      “But when the body is in this “starving-not-starving” mode, fat storage is also happening simultaneously with fat breakdown, the researchers found. When mice continue to eat the high-fat, low-carb diet beyond one week, Dixit said, they consume more fat than they can burn, and develop diabetes and obesity.

      “They lose the protective gamma delta T-cells in the fat,” he said. ”

      So first of all, they look at mice, not at humans. Second, how can they consume more fat than they can burn – I mean how is this relevant for humans assuming they are not in a caloric surplus. And third, how do they even develop diabetes from that supposed extra fat they are eating? Like, isn’t diabetes the inability to produce insulin as a response to elevated sugar levels (no matter if they come from actual sugar or broken down carbs)? How does a supposed surplus in fat consimption cause diabetes?

    5. Unfortunately many studies are made on mice, it doesn’t give you a complete picture but it can give some hints for further research on human. About fat and insulin resistance you can read about Randle cycle
      Interesting this part “By oxidizing fatty acids, mitochondria increase their respiration while increasing the production of ROS.” and the page about : “While ROS are produced as a product of normal cellular functioning, excessive amounts can cause deleterious effects.[25]”
      So it seems that fat metabolism even if it is fundamental for the life (ROS are normal byproduct of cellular respiration) have some bad consequences at cellular level if it happens for long time (for example chronic stress and elevated cortisol/estrogen).
      Some studies suggest that fat oxiadation increase the risk of developing insulin resistance
      You are talking about diabetes type 1 when the pancreas can’t produce insulin. The diabetes type 2 is when the tissues can’t respond to insulin and require more insulin to do the job, make cell use the floating sugar and regulate the sugar level as consequences.
      This study about inflammation and mitochondria damage is interesting as well :

    6. A lot of people lose hair when in ketosis, so I don’t believe that this can be healthy. Most of those diets always go into the extremes, from like eating 400g carbs a day to 0. Why not trying 100g a day first? Maybe it’s not the carbs but eating too much of them?

  5. Hi Aaron

    What’s your take on these new dime per dozen dating coaches lurking around social media groups? I don’t know if you wrote anything about them (please provide link to article if you have), but basically they’ll friend all the guys on these groups and make it look like they have a huge popular following. They’ll watch for posts on these groups for someone to post something vulnerable or something that sounds like they need a lot of help/are stuck, so the ‘coach’ will DM the guy saying “Hey I saw your post on the group. I’d like to chat about it because I think I have some insight. Let me know when will be a good time to talk.” So they agree to talk on skype or zoom or whatever platform and then it turns into a sales pitch where the coach tries to get the guy to sign up for his 3 month or 6 month program or whatever for multi-thousand dollars and will use mental manipulation tactics to get the guy to buy in and won’t take “I don’t have the money” or any other no as an answer. Their response will be something along the lines of “I thought this was an area you wanted to improve in. You told me yourself. If you’re really serious about it, you’ll cut the bullshit excuses and sign up today!”

    Unfortunately these are the new door-to-door used car snake oil salesmen of today.

    1. I don’t use social media anymore, neither as Aaron Sleazy nor in my personal life. This is also the first time I’m hearing about such marketing schemes. It sounds like typical high-pressure sales techniques. I’ll happily look at links if you have some to share.

    2. I’m in different business/marketing groups, so I see this daily in that context. They usually tag themselves as coaches/consultants, and do this thing you say with the DM-ing when people ask for help, then try to sell them on consulting/coaching services.

      From what I’ve seen, most people have the exact same reaction as you do… in other words they look like the desperate sleazy snake oil salesmen, and I don’t think it’s working.

      Don’t forget that a big part of their thing is trying to appear as if they have it going on, so don’t assume they’re actually successful with this method. I think it’s a big circlejerk of deception.

      They start this method because they’ve seen a guy who does it and seems to be successful (not realizing he was faking success). So they try this method, can’t even pay the bills from it and probably quit. But in the process of pretending to be successful, they might motivate someone else to try it.

    3. There exist plenty of people that are so dumb that they will fall for these schemes. It’s akin to fishing with a wide net.

      Telling people what they want to hear (i.e. lying) is a sales technique as old as time.

    4. Most people will probably see through their BS, but they only need to target a tiny fraction of vulnerable people.

      This paralels the way some cults (and ISIS) find recruits online.

  6. In your book Club Game, you have a section called the efficient game plan. In it, you say that you should make a move on women you find attractive at a club. What is exactly making a move constituting of in your view?

    1. Alternatively, if you want more clarification than just re-reading the books you have these two options:

      1) Go through the blog archives and comments. Every single questions has been clarified and

      2) Book a paid consultation if you want to save time


      Longer explanation why it works this way and why Aaron can’t got into more detail… When people write a book, they have to write for the average reader. They might insert a few more ways to explain the same thing so that it covers a few more readers. That’s also why authors recommend reading a book 2-3 times to get something.

      But still, they can’t make every single possible clarification to ensure every single person on the planet gets it. Otherwise books would be 8379 pages long. So what Aaron has done very generously over the years is that he has clarified every misunderstanding or not full-understanding of every point like a 100 times by now.

      If someone has needed to have something clarified in a particular way, he’s probably clarified it somewhere on a forum or a comment or article somewhere.

      That’s why you’ll see him just tell you its in the book. Because it is. And if you still don’t get it from re-reading, the clarification that helps you in particular is somewhere in some comment or forum post or blog article. And if you don’t have the time to find it, you can book a paid consultation.

  7. While I was at work the other day a customer asked about my supervisor, “Did you ever notice that she has really good hand speed?” I paused, got the joke, and didn’t know what to do but laugh. She laughed. She even seemed giddy. Can anyone guess why she didn’t cry sexual harassment? She seemed elated even though she’s married.

    1. Exactamundo. He was one of those older, salt and pepper handsome dudes. I even told my supervisor that’s why she was so giddy. She was still laughing and telling another supervisor at that point. If anything I think the other supervisor told her to put a lid on it. Because when I make jokes about the incident the woman is silent.

  8. I have a girlfriend now. I’m in a cuckold relationship. She is a hotwife. She is 25 years old Portuguese girl. It’s my only chance and I take it. I will settle down with her. She likes my face, she called me sweety. But she wants to fuck other guys too.

    Watched last stream of faceandlms – women’s options and value just keep growing:

    I think my inceldom problem is solved.

    1. Congratulations, and thank you for validating what we have said to you all along. You were the textbook definition of a “fakecel”. You need to work on your game, though. You look like a killer and that’s most likely why your girl gets wet for you. Now, stop acting like a bitch. Depending on how far your relationship has progressed, it may be difficult to shake off your soyboy behaviors, but if not, and also in future relationships, you need to act in accordance to your image. For illustration, think of a guy like Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad. Do you think any girl would tell him, “Yo, Tuco, I’ma bang some other dude tonight. Cya!”

    2. So was it worth sacrificing your dignity?

      I would say congratulations, but that would imply that something beneficial happened to you. Being a nose-ringed whore’s little bitch isn’t what l would call an upgrade from inceldom. In fact, you expose yourself to a lot of risks, including heavy financial loss, contracting diseases from her other partners (do you think a girl like that uses protection?), and becoming a pariah in your family and/or community.

      By the way, I found it amusing that you want to “settle down” with her, which is impossible in your case because it implies mutual loyalty and respect. Sorry Lisbon, but your relationship is temporary up to the point where either she finds a richer or better-looking guy, or until you run out of money.

      The upside is, of course, that you have the natural foundations to improve yourself. Unfortunately your mind is so messed up that l doubt you can make it happen.

    3. Of course he shouldn’t settle down with that woman. However, on the positive side, it seems that Lisbon has now succeeded in overcoming the absurd belief that he is an incel and doomed to be forever alone. He has to grow up a bit more, but this is a step in the right direction. If he makes the mistake of settling down with that woman, while she bangs a ton of dudes on the side, I’d say that he’s a lot worse off than he was when he was on his own, though.

    4. @Old Anon
      “So was it worth sacrificing your dignity?”

      Yes, because it’s getting worse to have sex nowdays, its not easy to find a girl for guy like me. At least i have pussy for free.
      This video is for all blog readers including Aaron.

      The standard are very high in real life too.

    5. This video is nothing. I have observed women in public who swiped at a significantly faster pace.

  9. What do you guys say about those guys who are decent of above average in looks but believe that they are incel or unattractive while other say the opposite?

    Im basically talking about myself but ive hooked up with some cute girls 7-8 never 9 or a 10 and have had some beautiful women (9-10) who appeared interested in me over an extended time but but I never did anything about it and they lost interest.

    Even though logically i can tell myself “hey bro you’ve hooked up with decent women so you must be attractive” but my brain tells me something else, it must be some mental issue. I think Aaron once told me that building the experience with women removes that thought from my head. Maybe its because ive never been in a LTR and i convince myself that i must have some issues. Its hard to wrap my head around this..

    1. Dues
      I highly recommend you book a consultation with Aaron. I had a similar issue just like yours. You’re dealing with a self-image and validation problem. His advice is well tailored to your own individual needs. His consultations are invaluable as you will learn a lot about yourself.

    2. Hey Chris, I did have consultation with Aaron. It was very helpful and eye opening in some cases. I just wanted to see if any other guys on heat feel the same way and if they overcame it etc.

  10. We spoke about action movies, or the relative lack of them in recent years. You could check out Crank and Crank: High Voltage. Both are quite entertaining, but not without flaws. Jason Statham was a great choice for the main character, though.

  11. So I’ve done a tiny bit of exploring my ED issue. I have jizzed into a condom once. It involved a combination of cialis and sex lube. Idk if the lube was water based or what, but I know the girl purchased it from a sex shop. The session included a mix of head, followed by sex, with me taking out my dick and having her lube it periodically, then putting it back in. It was great.

    Recently, I got with the same girl with the cialis again. When the condom dried up, I simply couldn’t enjoy the sex. She was still wet, but the rubber going dry prevented me from appreciating the sensations. Therefore, I’m almost ready to conclude that boner pills aren’t what I need. I simply need to have sex lube handy.

    Anyone else had this issue? Do girls get offended when they see lube? I’m worried that if I explain to them “there’s nothing wrong your pussy, i just need this for when the condom dries out”, that they will A) still be self conscious and B) the explaining will itself be too unsexy.

    My plan going forward involves hookers, experimenting with different types of condoms and lube. I’ve heard the spermicidal condoms take longer to dry out.

    Let me know if you’ve got some insight or advice on this.

    1. It’s no issue at all. Just tell her that you want to avoid her feeling unnecessary pain when entering. This is a lot more believable if you have a really big cock, though. As with most things in the bedroom, if you pretend they are not a big deal, they won’t be a big deal, so just lube your cock before you ram it into her tight, little pussy.

    1. I’ve been using this. Cases are definitely underreported. For all we know there are thousands of cases floating around in Iran and North Korea right now. Last I heard the US isn’t even prepared to start adequately testing for this thing.

      One positive thing to note, however. It looks like countries below the equator where it is currently Summer, like South America, for example, aren’t yet suffering from any known cases at the moment. It could mean that cases will drastically taper off during the Summer, but it’s almost certainly going to pick back up again in the Fall. And there is the threat that it could or already has or is mutating. I believe I heard that ebola virus had mutated to the point to where it basically burnt itself out, though. Who really knows at this point what could happen.

  12. Found yet another instance of the Chinese being brutally honest to one another regarding dating (in the context of leftover women):

    If a blind date said to me that as a husband, he wants to make the final decision on what electronics to buy and all I just need is to tell him what I’m looking out for, I’d be happy! I don’t understand this leftover woman’s resistance to being taken care of by a husband who says he wants to lead. I get that she’s wary of hardcore male chauvinism but that’s been significantly watered down in the younger people of today anyway. None of my mainland Chinese friends have dictator-husbands.

    What’s unsaid is maybe she’s telling herself she doesn’t want to be married because she’s already no longer that desirable to men (she’s in her 30s, sports butch hair, and is a lawyer).

    1. This is actually part of a longer documentary called “Leftover Women.”

      The lawyer, Huamei, is actually the most physically attractive woman in the entire film, despite her terrible haircut. She’s got clear skin, straight teeth, and the much-desired “double eyelid.” She’s also in great shape. There’s a scene where she visits a nightclub looking quite nice in her low cut dress.

      I am not sure she has trouble attracting men. Although she says she wants an educated man with “respect” for women, what’s left out are the other things the other women (including their mothers) in the film talk bluntly about as absolute requirements (surprise, it’s looks, money, and status). I think she is being honest that she is picky, and frankly l don’t blame her given what the men she encountered looked like (and likely what their salaries were compared to hers; l doubt an engineer or government drone makes that much more than a lawyer, if at all).

      Interestingly enough, according to an interview with the filmmakers, she ended up moving to Munich and married a German.

    2. @Dude

      I would bet that her husband is white, sympathetic to feminism, taller than the average Chinese man, and at the very least her equal in salary and occupational prestige.

      I would hardly call Beijing a shithole compared to Munich, however.

    3. We’re getting to the point where we’d call Munich a shithole compared to Beijing. Munich has been trending downwards hard while Beijing has been improving rapidly.

  13. Anti-game stories part II: (hehe)

    I think Old Anon won round one, but he has solved his problems. I’m not sure this is healthy but I find it theoropit to get this off my chest.

    So, I’m at my favorite sports bar. I’m talking to the super hot bartender. She “melts” a little–you know when they let down their guard and give you a warm smile? After her shift she is at the bar getting free drinks. I had migrated to a table, drinking a beer, mainly because she wasn’t behind the bar anymore.

    So we make eye contact and she waves at me. I wave back. She then waves to motion me over. I come over nervous as fuck. I sit down and she offers me a drink on the house. Of course I take it and she says that the other bartender is her roommate, and remarks, “isn’t she hot?” I agree and say, “you girls have a hot house.” She says, “we used to, now she’s with her boyfriend all the time.” I say, “Are you with your boyfriend all the time?” She says, “not anymore, we just broke up.” So good so far, right?


    I freeze up and say little else. After we finish our drinks she hugs me, and thanks me for having a drink with her. So, like the loser that I am I go to the adjacent strip club. Guess who I see? The hottie bartender. We embrace again and wind up holding hands. Like a moron I don’t go in for the kiss. She meandered off and I chilled there for awhile. A black stripper came up to me and I wasn’t interested. The bartender came back and told me that I should get a dance from that stripper. I said I’d pay the stripper to give her a dance. They danced and I sat right there watching. The bartender sucked on the strippers tits and they kissed on the lips. After the dance I gave the stripper a high 5 but I kissed the bartender on the cheek and hugged her a third time. Then they left together. No joke. I’m pathetic.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Alek. I think this is healthy because I’m LMAO at myself 🙂

    2. While reading this I was wondering how it could possibly get worse, and then it did. I did not see the ending coming. It’s good that you’ve learned from this.

    3. You know what my biggest problem was? I had no idea how sexually appealing to women I was. I kept worrying about what to say to her and how confident I came off. That’s why I hate PUAs. Not because I wasted money on them but part of my life was wasted on their destructive propaganda. I didn’t know that girls wanted to fuck me primarily based on my looks. I KNEW I was good looking but didn’t think that it mattered that much because “girls go for personality.” My family made me feel like my personality sucked. I thought I had to “say the right thing” to screw her. When all I had to say was “let’s go for a walk.”

      Thank you Aaron for all that you do. It’s been enlightening and liberating. You too Alek, you have some brilliant insight.

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