You’re Way Above Average Intelligence

Part of the nature of pseudonymous conversations online is that people tend to be more honest. In real life, you have to put up a facade of how tough and stoic you are, and any self-doubts you utter in public will only undermine your position because, unlike mainstream propaganda tells you, showing any weakness as a man does not make you more endearing, let along make any women spread her legs for you. Quite the opposite is the case, in fact.

Quite a few men have told me that they think they are merely average, but not in some sense of false modesty, which you often encounter in real life. Instead, they seemed convinced of it. Yet, everybody who ever told me that he thinks he is pretty average was anything but. I think there is something surreal about a guy in a technical discipline in which you need an IQ of around 120 just to make it through the door as a non-diversity hire to tell you that he is nothing special. However, I can see why those guys think that way. As it so happens, I work in a high IQ field myself. On my last team, half the guys had a STEM PhD. If you can compete at that level, you don’t see anybody, with, again, the exception of the occasional diversity hire, who does not pull their weight.

In the modern world, work is also highly specialized. When I collaborate with someone, I don’t necessarily know all the details of his contribution. I only need to be able to grasp what they have done, and if it works or, better, is formally verified, I know I can rely on it. For them, it’s the same. Overall, I’d say we are all on a pretty comparable level, even though there are differences with regards to motivation or quickness of thought, but it’s not like back in high school where you wonder about roughly half the pupils in class how they are even able to make it through the day, given how visibly stupid they are.

The intellectual segregation you encounter at work is hard to overcome. You probably recruited your friends from a similar background. In high school, you hung out with people of a similar intellectual caliber as yours, and at university, you probably didn’t feel drawn to people much dumber than you. Thus, chances are that you hardly ever talk to someone who is not roughly about as smart as you are.

I used to be trapped in the same intellectual prison. that was before I started picking up women. I never enjoyed socializing with random people very much, so my peers were all similarly cerebral types. You probably can’t imagine the shock it was for me to talk to a chick of average mental capacity. It took me a few months to get over it. I have even walked away from what seemed like pretty sure lays (in hindsight, and with a bit more experience, I’d say it would have been hard to mess them up) just because I could not stand talking to those women anymore. This probably makes me sound like an intellectual snob, but that was not necessarily it. To me, those women inhabited a completely different world. They seemed to question absolutely nothing. No, women with fancy degrees are not necessarily smarter as universities are in the business of indoctrination, not education. I couldn’t talk to them.

In the end, I learned that you don’t need to talk much to women to get laid. A big part of the motivation behind non-verbal pickup was that I preferred not talking to them if I could avoid it. With a bit more practice, however, I was able to fake normie conversations and I got so good at it that I had a few women genuinely believe I was some kind of moron (with a pleasantly big cock). The look on their faces when I suddenly changed my vocabulary as I turned into Egghead Aaron was priceless. My favorite was correcting their wrong pronunciation of certain terms, in particular if I could add a short lesson on etymology, or pointing out to them that some big word they just used does not mean what they think it does.

Had I not bothered with pickup, I probably would be blissfully unaware of how incredibly limited the mind of the average person is. Seriously, the average person is a fucking moron. You probably also have stories of dates with women who were so dumb that you were only able to endure it if she gave you such a massive boner that you just didn’t care — and after sex, you couldn’t wait to get away from her as far as possible.

You may now think that this is all well and good, but ask yourself why I made the strong claim in the title of this article that you, dear reader, are above average intelligence. This argument is easy to make. My blog is not a mainstream resource. For you to find it, read my work, and understand it, you need to be at least able to critically reflect on reality. This is a very high bar for your typical IQ100 normie. It is easy to get trapped in your own intellectual bubble and think that there is nothing outside of it. There is, and it includes people who came across the seduction industry and thought that it makes perfect sense that, for instance, “looks don’t matter”, despite all evidence to the contrary.

If you don’t think you are of above-average intelligence, then you simply don’t talk to enough average people. Maybe go on a few more dates and really listen to what those women say, as opposed to (what you should) focusing on how to get them into bed as soon as possible. You will hear so much dumb crap that you will want to wash your ears out with detergent. Leave your intellectual bubble, if only for a while. Also, do not think that intelligence and educational attainment are one and the same. You can be very smart even without having a degree. A lot of university graduates are unable to think. If you can question societal norms, you are so far beyond those degreed dimwits that it’s not even funny anymore.

What you may also be unaware of is that the average person is unable to coherently formulate their thoughts. You ask them what they think of an issue, and the response will a mere regurgitation. If you probe a little, you may even discover that they don’t even understand what they say. Should you then try to probe a little bit, the result will be that there is nothing there. Their mind is a husk.

Let me go out on a limb here: I bet that most of my readers have an IQ of at least 110. Yes, I bet you have an IQ of at least 110. The average of my readers is probably easily in the 115 to 120 range, simply because the left side of the bell curve is not even represented among you (the occasional dimwitted heckler we get notwithstanding), which necessitates that the mean shifts to the right. My clients are a subset of my readers, and those are arguably an even more biased sample, with an average IQ of easily above 120, just using professional success and mental acuity as a proxy.

Just admit to yourself that you’re smart. Sure, in mainstream society you need to fit in and not upset anybody, but your self-image should reflect your own abilities, not some distortion of how you view yourself. Just look at you and realize how awesome you are: you are smart, you get laid, and you can think for yourself. You’re a winner!

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45 thoughts on “You’re Way Above Average Intelligence

  1. Of course, this post only applies to my regular readers. If anybody found it randomly, my reasoning would not apply.

  2. I struggle with this impostor syndrome myself. I always am harsh on myself and call myself dumb for not having figured things out earlier in life, or anything I do imperfectly.

    Any time people have called me smart, I always think that they’re just doing it out of pity or as encouragement.

    And then when I consider the fact that both of my parents are PHDs (my father is head of several scientific journals), and my mother gets hired by governments and international bodies as an expert… I always say yah but it doesnt mean I inherited any of that. Genetics is like lottery. Two geniuses can have a dumb son.

    1. “Genetics is like lottery”

      Can you elaborate more on this, because I don’t see how this can be true.

    2. I think it’s better to call it the “ovarian lottery” because you don’t pick your parents. If you’re the son of a tall, successful father and an attractive mother, you’ll likely do a lot better in life than someone who came out of the womb of a below-average couple. That being said, there is still genetic variance, as Alek pointed out.

    3. That’s my negative voice “impostor syndrom” exaggerating the random factor in genetics.

      Of course it’s not like a lottery. But there is a randomness factor involved. If two tall people mate, the likelihood is they’ll probably have a tall child. However, there is some randomness involved (that’s how evolution/mutation works), so it is possible for them to have a short child.

    4. Alek, I had to actually scroll back up after reading your post to see if it was really you who wrote it. If your dumb I’m a complete idiot. Maybe I am lol. I suck at school. I did graduate college, but in a major that makes me no money.

      I think we do all have high IQ’s here. But what separates us from the rest is our intuition imo. The ability to see through bullshit. See outside the box. For me it’s inate. Natural. To see the flaws in society, government, media, corporations, women, PUAs, you name it. I’m actually not sure if that is related to IQ or not. One thing is for certain. This site is filled with unique individuals.

    5. GoodLookingAndSleazy, I agree that what separates you from rest of society is not IQ, I wouldn’t call it intution though. I believe IQ is not really related to the ability to see through societal bullshit. There are so many intelligent people without any capacity of critical thinking. I think interests and talents are usually very much connected, so intelligent people are more likely to think about underlying principles, assumptions etc. because it interests them. But there are some low IQ people with “high IQ interests”. I know Aaron didn’t write this article about me since I am one of those “hecklers”, but I am one of those people who does not have high IQ but I am a creative and independent thinker (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Some people have very high IQ but they don’t have anything interesting/creative to say (in my opinion), some people are dumb but they at least are capable of thinking for themselves. Many times it’s not logical errors that are the problem, but It’s the lack of questioning the underlying assumptions. This is true in the academic world as well.

      In my opinion intelligence is kinda overrated. Sure below a certain level of IQ you will probably never amount to much, but as long as your IQ is let’s say 100 or above you can achieve pretty much anything in any field with the exception of mathmatics etc. The problem Aaron has is that whatever he has (for instance high IQ) is superimportant in his mind. He already assumes he is superior so whatever he finds out about himself is great, what he lacks is not important to him. He believes that he has higher IQ so he must be right about everything, that is not always the case. Smart people can come to wrong conclusions because they lack nuance, don’t question underlying principles, have difficulty leaving emotions out of their reasoning etc.

      The part about this site being filled with unique individuals, I don’t know. Compared to the overal society sure, but compared to eachother you are not that different. So in that sense you still belong to a group. That’s sort of the problem I have. I don’t really fit in any group because I always disagree on certain things within every group or subculture. I agree with the “red pill community” on the problems, but I disagree on the solutions.

    6. By definition, low-IQ people cannot seriously be interested in high-IQ topics. Take a dude with an IQ of 80 who says he’s interested in computers. Offer to teach him programming, and watch what will happen!

      I’d be very careful to judge people with demonstrably high intelligence as not having anything “interesting” or “creative” to say. It could well be that they just don’t want to talk with you. For instance, I met dozens of women who told me that they are interested in philosophy and wanted to discuss aspects of it with me. I didn’t, though, and not because I’m too dumb. The issue is that they were.

      Please give me an example of a dumb person who is capable of questioning assumptions. If they are too dumb to grasp a particular subject, how on earth are they going to work on its foundations?

      Sorry, your IQ is a hard limit. You can take a guy with an IQ of 100 and try to teach him Accounting, but they will be slower than someone else with an IQ of 120. Someone with a high IQ can look at a problem and find the solution in an instant, and it’s a solution that is more efficient than what someone who is less intelligent could come up with, if they could even find a solution. A great example is computer programming. I have seen source code that was hundreds of lines long that could be reduced to a few dozen lines with the same level of functionality, and furthermore proven to be correct. Note that this is a high-IQ field to begin with, i.e. if you don’t have an IQ of 110 or so, you won’t even be able to enter this career. Effort will not make up an IQ deficiency.

      Believe it or not, but I don’t walk around telling myself how superior to everyone else I am. I also don’t believe that I am “right about everything”, but if you want to change my mind, you better make a really good argument because chances are that whatever issue you think I am wrong about I have explored at a depth you cannot even imagine.

      You claim that smart people may make dumb decisions because they are emotional. That’s a good one because impulsivity is negatively correlated with intelligence.

      I’m quite amused that you claim that the regulars on this site are “not that different” compared to each other. It’s quite amusing how full of yourself you are. You’re a personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect. I’ll let you in on a secret, even though it’s not much of a secret: I know most of the regulars quite well. With many, I have a history spanning years and often over a decade, and with plenty I have at least spoken on the phone. Some I have met in person. What unites us is that we are all really smart guys. Many of us have also fucked a lot of women. However, we are a very eclectic bunch of guys with vastly different interests, backgrounds, careers, and plans for the future.

      Feel free to write an essay on the solutions to the problems the red pill community identifies. I’d be curious to read it.

    7. Ok, you are right about the first point. By low IQ I meant someone like myself, not someone with an IQ of 80. What I was trying to say is that some people are very smart but are not able to think outside of the framework they have been taught. The second point is also a good point.

      I can give you an example of a dumb, by that I mean not smart, person who is capable of questioning underlying assumptions. Me.

      Yes, high IQ people learn faster and come up with better solutions to logical problems in general, but you can achieve a lot with an average IQ. Plus not every problem is a logical problem. For many careers you do not need to have high IQ. Programming is indeed a high IQ field, so I would definitely not make the claim that someone with an average IQ can become a great programmer.

      The part about you believing you are superior. I shouldn’t have written that. I apologize. I do think you overestimate the importance of IQ.

      My point about emotions and reasoning is not about impulsivity. It’s about backing up already existing convictions (caused by emotions) by logical thinking. In other words, someone trying to come up with arguments for what he already believes in instead of looking at the problem without any convictions and based on the evidence coming to convictions. In some cases it’s about not wanting to see the truth. I mean there are really smart blue pill men, right?

      The part about the visitors on your website being similar to eachother. Sure, everybody is different. I’m sure everybody has a different careerpath etc. I can only judge on the basis of what I see. What I read on this website is a lot of the same reasoning and very little disagrement. In that sense you are alike, at least in this aspect.

      Why did you call me the “personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect”? I did write that I am not smart, right? So that doesn’t really make sense to me…

    8. ” What I read on this website is a lot of the same reasoning and very little disagrement.”

      I encourage you to go and read the discussions on Aaron’s other blog.
      Albeit civilized, the debates can be quite hot and somewhat fierce.

      Have you read the recent discussion on China?

      Plus, how come you haven’t noticed the stark contrast between posters like Aaron and say Isidia or Lucretius Carus comming from what I’d label an academic background and then Alek often shooting from the hip in an Eastern-European streetsmart type of style?
      (I’m simplifying here, Alek can go really deep with academic research, too – It’s more the general style I’m trying to frame)

      That’s where all the fun here comes from! Do you really not see this?

    9. @Zwijntje
      “Plus not every problem is a logical problem.”

      1. Why not?
      2. Even if there are problems that are not logical in nature, what’s the point? These problems could be solved by applying logic.

    10. Why did you call me the “personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect”? I did write that I am not smart, right?

      DK isn’t the phenomenon where a dumb person believes they’re smart (though it can include that).

      It’s about a person believing they are knowledgeable/have expertise in something when in fact they’re completely ignorant on the subject.

      (in real world terms what happens) Further, in their ignorance they believe they’re qualified to confidently opine on a subject that they really aren’t qualified to opine on.

    11. @Neutral
      I was talking about what I see on this blog. As an outsider I see very little disagreement. Alek and Aaron have an almost identical view on women. Just count how often they disagree, it doesn’t happen very often. The fact that Aaron and Alek have a different style doesn’t really make a difference. So no, I don’t see it.

      Now about the part of solving problems that are not logical. Here is what I mean. What hair color do you have? Can you solve that with logic? I get it, it’s a stupid example because that’s not really a problem, but pretty much every problem in our personal lifes involves observations. If you go wrong with the observing part the logic doesn’t even matter anymore. There are many people who make bad choices because they ignore their emotions for instance.

      Ah allright. Thanks, I didn’t know that. So, what exactly is it I think I’m knowledgeable about?

    12. Why couldn’t you deduce what hair color people have? You can explain it with genetics. Or do you think genetics is some kind of right-wing conspiracy theory?

    13. So, what exactly is it I think I’m knowledgeable about?

      So far, anytime you make arguments, you make them with the confidence of a person who actually knows what they’re talking about, but most of the time they’re absurd to the point of sounding like coming from a 5-year old.

      You’re at the level where you need to be doing more research, analysis and getting more experience, not at the point where you believe you’re anywhere near at the level of debating Aaron for example.

      Anytime Aaron writes a post, and you come in like “but but I think you’re wrong coz x”, honestly it’s like a little kid walking in on a college lecture and saying “But I disagree coz in this one cartoon once I saw that xyz”.

    14. He is the victim of modern educational methods. I have seen this not only in school but also at university: a meek person, normally a woman, makes a comment that is off the mark. The teacher, or professor, in a misguided attempt to help that woman, then tells her that even if she is not sure, she should still talk confidently. I once overheard a professor tell a young woman, after a presentation that didn’t go so well, that she should speak confidently in response to questions even if she knows that she is wrong or doesn’t know the answer because, ultimately, the impression she makes is more important than whether she is right or wrong. This is, of course, complete nonsense, and it’s the reason why we get guys like Zwijntje who believe they can talk to the big boys when they would be better served with just keeping their mouth shut.

    15. @Alek
      Well, let me explain. I actually am not at all convinced that I am right about these things. I half agree with your statement about me acting arrogant. I like provoking a bit. But I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong or when somebody else makes a good point. This, to me, is part of doing research. I come up with ideas and test them by writing them down here in the commentsection. By the way, I have written repeatedly that Aaron is smarter than me. I am not at all saying that I am near Aaron’s level when it comes to debating. But I have a different view. On some things I think Aaron is wrong so I write my thoughts down, sometimes I change my mind after reading a response. But the idea that because somebody is smarter than me I should always agree with whatever points this person makes is wrong.

      I do not at all believe the impression I make is more important than whether I’m right or wrong. If I wanted to make a good impression I would just say I agree and repeat whatever you believe.

      I think my points are a little bit better than you two are willing to admit. But then again maybe that’s Dunning-Kruger effect.

    16. OK, then go point out where your points” are a little better” than I am “willing to admit.” My patience with you has been wearing thin. I’d recommend you spend some time before replying because you are very close to getting banned as your intellectual dishonesty as well as your arrogance are grating.

  3. Have you ever run across the work of Vox Day? He has some similar opinions to those expressed on this site, with the exception that he’s a fundamentalist Christian.

    1. I have. People have pointed me towards his concept of the “sigma male”, i.e. the lone wolf, which is a good metaphor. I’m not sure it has a correspondence in the animal kingdom, though. I checked out his blog a few times. His material is not for me. In particular, he seems to focus a lot on day-to-day events in politics.

    2. @Aaron

      What do you think of the Sigma Male thing? As I’ve expressed before I don’t like labels. But if I had to pick one it would be Sigma. I’m not a beta because I don’t submit or look up to “Alphas.” I’m not an alpha because I DGAF about leading. When at a social gathering sometimes I’m the life of the party. Some times I’m quiet. At a dinner or brunch or whatever I engage if I find the conversation interesting. If I don’t then I just eat my food, and re-engage when I feel like it. Basically socially I just do what I want. But that fucked me over in the past with women because I wanted them to do all the work ?

    3. It’s an appealing label for some. I prefer the more common “lone wolf” label, though. People also immediately understand it. I think Vox Day just came up with a bunch of terms so that he can sound intelligent. This is very common in academia, by the way. You could throw out most jargon you encounter but then people would have to write clearly, and that is much more difficult than just waffling and not saying anything, or needing 20 pages to describe what would not justify more than one paragraph.

  4. “With a bit more practice, however, I was able to fake normie conversations and I got so good at it that I had a few women genuinely believe I was some kind of moron.”

    I am the opposite of you. I’ve always had strangers assume I’m dim because I’ve always been a bit immature and silly for my age. An involved conversation always outs me as an intellectual though, so I’ve never been able to fake idiocy for very long.

    I’ve also always struggled with “real world” intelligence and every day common sense which makes me doubt myself a bit, but with any serious reflection the idea that I’m not in the top few percent of the population for IQ is pretty absurd; I coasted through a Master’s degree at a good university in what I’m sure Aaron would agree is one of the three most challenging academic disciplines and got a top grade despite going out of my way to pick the most demanding classes and thesis topic.

    1. I’ll elaborate on this topic at one point. It wasn’t so much that I learned to talk like a normie but that I figured out how to downplay my intelligence. Have you ever observed someone not being able to follow you anymore? You can tell when they can’t keep up anymore because their mind starts to wander. There are other tells. Just practice that for a bit and before you know it, you’ll have chicks believe that you’re some sub-IQ100 Chad who is only good for sex.

      Just based on your command of language and the analytical ability you display in your comments, I’m rather confident to say that you have a very high IQ. Are your struggles with real-world intelligence related to taking statements too literally? Think, for example, of the following joke: “Which month has 28 days? Answer: All of them.” You likewise find plenty of examples of everyday speech that are simply imprecise. I’d say that if this is one of your problems, then this is further proof that you are very intelligent because a normie would not even notice such ambiguities or factually incorrect statements.

    2. I’ve spent years trying to causal-ize and lower my language when meeting people… but a female friend of mine once said to me… “You know alek, you may want to dumb down your language when talking to people, they can’t follow” – She’s the kind of person who is both intelligent and socially intelligent, i.e. she knows thousands of people, hundreds of whom who consider her a friend.

      When she told me this, i was shocked, because I thought I had already been dumbing down my language to an extreme, and if anything I wondered am I going too far with the dumbing down so people think i’m treating them like an infant, by talking too dumb. But she told me i’m actually off-putting by talking at “too high a level”.

  5. My background is sort of interesting, because I come from a working class background, with parents that aren’t terribly educated. Everyone always described me as “smart,” yet I had doubts, probably in many ways due to my untreated ADD (to whatever extent ADD actually exists.) After high school, I managed to gain admission to one of the top computer science programs in my country, but the culture shock was amazing. Not only was I in another part of the country, but my peers were quite intelligent, and had rather different backgrounds than me. One of my friends had a dad who was an astronomy professor and a mother who was a professor of some other field (I forget which one), and this seemed to be a common thing I encountered. I ultimately ended up leaving college, due to the fact that it’s expensive in my country, and I had basically no family support, but it wasn’t until I started working full time in the technology field that I realized how dumb the average college graduate is.

    I think a lot of times, “confidence” comes from repeated success. Like, only once you start to actually accomplish things do you feel confident. This applies to work and to dating.

    Regarding my rather humble origins, I think it has certainly helped me in terms of interacting with your average 100 IQ normie. When I interact with dimwitted women, they do think I’m “smart” (one of them said I was talking to her “like I’m a teacher”), and perhaps I do need to tone things down a bit, but I think I can generally do a pretty good job of speaking to someone on their level when I want to.

    One way of going about interacting with people is to see everyone as someone you can learn from in some way. Like, anyone you’re interacting with, even if she is dumb, and tells nothing but lies, knows more about you on some topics. For example, has anyone noticed that astrology has become quite trendy lately? Astrology is obviously complete bullshit, and I can’t be bothered to read up on the basics of it, but when some woman with a room-temperature IQ brings up astrology, I try to pick her brain and learn as much as possible about astrology from her (even though what she tells me could be completely different from what you’d read online).

    Furthermore, I sort of try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If someone works as a waitress somewhere, I’ve found that more likely than not, she has some other interest she’s more passionate about, like art, acting, etc., and I try to pick her brain regarding that. And of course there are people whose only interests are getting drunk and smoking weed, but they still know something I don’t. Maybe they grew up in a faraway place I’ve never been to. Maybe they have an interesting story about their parents. Etc.

    So what I’ll say is, I haven’t managed to shake the “smart” label, but I think I can do a pretty good job connecting with the average person.

    1. Yehudi Menuhin’s student, Boris Kucharsky, who was my teacher, did repeat many times Menuhin’s words: “You are your own master and everybody else’s student”

    2. Munich, from like 2003 until 2007.at the Städtische Sing und Musikschule München.

      What made you ask?

    3. I was just curious as I recently had a discussion about music education with my wife.

    4. If I may – don’t do violin.
      It’s just too much of an asymetrical stance and the left ear takes a hit.
      Started at 5 and stopped when I was 19.
      My body took almost one decade to heal.

    5. Thanks for providing this perspective, which we hadn’t considered. Probably most string instruments suffer from an asymmetrical stance, but I readily believe, without further looking into it, that the violin is the worst offender in this regard.

    6. Look, if it’s a boy, go for the guitar.
      Yes, it’s asymmetrical, too, but one can chose between sitting and standing and that actually changes things quite a bit, unlike with the violin where sitting or standing is the same.

      Also, some instruments are just uncool.
      I’m pretty sure you know the Dire Straits song with the line that goes “I should’ve learned to play the guitar…”

      Arschgeige ist einfach uncool 😛

    7. I agree that for a boy the guitar is a great instrument. It also didn’t quite strike me as restrictive as the violin.

      Anyway, “Money for Nothing” has a pretty great history, according to Mark Knopfler, as quoted on Wikipedia:

      The lead character in “Money for Nothing” is a guy who works in the hardware department in a television/​custom kitchen/​refrigerator/​microwave appliance store. He’s singing the song. I wrote the song when I was actually in the store. I borrowed a bit of paper and started to write the song down in the store. I wanted to use a lot of the language that the real guy actually used when I heard him, because it was more real….

  6. I’m a dumb women repellent. It’s seems like they can see your IQ from your face. I had women saying ‘I bet you are smart’ out of nowhere! 130 here

  7. It is a nice small community here. I like it. It’s diverse in its own way – streetsmart meets academic.

    Thanks for keeping it up, Aaron.
    And thanks to all others who regularely stop by and make this such a cool place.

    1. You’re welcome. I’m happy to have such a cool and diverse bunch of regulars on this site. I think it’s a very nice watering hole and a refuge from the insanity of our time.

  8. > I think there is something surreal about a guy in a technical discipline in which you need an IQ of around 120 just to make it through the door as a non-diversity hire to tell you that he is nothing special.

    People working in professional and technical fields don’t get just how dumb the average person is, and half the people are even dumber than that.

  9. Hey this is great stuff!, I was thinking that maybe just like Smart people underestimate how dumb others are , dumb poeple understimate how smart You are , i mean generally your school partners don’t believe that you do better than them because you have a genetically superior brain instead they think you have good grades because You are a nerd who spends all the time studying and that is they only reason You are better, so maybe the dunning Krueger efect is in part due to this people thinking that they would be as capable as you are if they work hard.

  10. I find that only those who are “above-average” or higher in intelligence also seem to be the ones who seek out the “truth” about reality. You won’t see the normies engaging in any kind of serious contemplation about life. I think this is also why you see a lot of intelligent men looking for platforms to discuss the “truth” outside of the mainstream society and thankfully blogs like this exist to share ideas and information or else you might not meet others who can actually have this type of discussion.

    Furthermore, based off my own observations and experiences, those of lesser intelligence are completely unable to seek out the truth and instead simply just go with whatever they are “told” or whatever their “feelings” are. I find that to be utterly bizarre and I cannot understand how so many just sleepwalk through life like they are some kind of wind up toy.

    Honestly, in regards to women and intelligence, I believe that the higher level of intelligence that you have as a man, it will make engaging and dating women much more difficult. I’ve never met a more unintelligent, herd-following, mindless, soulless, and down right dumb group of people than American women. Even though I’ve had sex with a number of these women, it is very unfulfilling and painful to have prolonged interactions with them and I have even grown tired of going through the motions of approaching in real life and I even deleted my tinder account because it is not worth it.

    Have you guys ever been able to see right through the bullshit that women throw at you before you even really get into meeting them? I had a scenario where I was interested in a woman and she was giving me the eyes and within myself I said you know what this woman is married or something and it turned out to be true that she was married and I didn’t even know this before I met her. Call it a sixth sense or whatever but this kind of stuff happens to me for some reason where I can pick up on something by intuition without even knowing the person.

    Anyways, to help make your point, I scored 137 on IQ test and am enrolled in a STEM-technical 4 yr degree program in the US and am 27 years old.

  11. I just Bench Pressed 142lbs for 12 reps yesterday. (I actually suspect I had 1 more rep in me,but didn’t risk it because I didn’t have a spotter this time) Before this,I had Benched 160lbs for 5 reps. Its most likely higher now. According to the 1 rep max calculator,my 1RM is likely above 180lbs.

    Why do I mention this here? Because its gotten me to thinking just how little it actually takes to be above the average joe in this day and age. Day 1 me is already significantly stronger than the average dude (in my country,I dunno how I’d have compared to the taller Americans,lol) just by virtue of being much bigger,and the me today is significantly stronger than that. All it took was hard and intelligent work consistently done over a period of time. (I’ll have completed my first full year of weight training by January,so not even that long. you could argue I already achieved this by the 6th month.)

    It also makes me think of the poor schmuks who fell for the PUA scam back in the day. that guy who approached 5000 women in the span of 10 years and getting nowhere. With that kind of work ethic,he’d have achieved great things had he just followed the right strategy. the PUA scam definitely feels like a crime against Men when I look at unfortunate stories like these.

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