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MGTOW Message from a 64-year-old Veteran

Blog reader “john smith” left a great comment on my recent article, There Will be Increasingly Fewer ‘Good Men’ in the Future. I think it deserves more attention, so I am reproducing it in full below, with some minor edits.

Message for the younger men: I’m 64, soon to be 65. Divorce-raped, false domestic violence charge, career destroyed, successful life ruined at the age of 57. Suicidal for years until MGTOW philosophy literally saved my life. Went monk mode and life is now very good.

I recently ran across a 63 year old widow who seemed to have her head screwed on even though her tattooed slut 30 year old daughter and her 12 year old illegitimate granddaughter lived with her. I gave it a shot and asked her out. The “relationshit” lasted 6 weeks. 

She friend-zoned me and I told her I would be her friend but I would not be a simp beta orbiter doing her favors for nothing in return. She looked shocked and said, I quote, “There are names for that?” She knew exactly what she was doing but had no idea there was a name for it and much less a man would know it. Welcome to the Red Pill, baby!

That happened 8 days ago. Contact from her has since gone to zero. Listen young men and listen well. Innate female nature never, never, ever changes! Even with widows in their 60’s. I refused to be a chump resource provider like she wanted and she hit the eject button at light speed. 

I look back over my 50 plus years of chasing females and I now realize that nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed. The behavior of Bridget (5th grade crush) and Jill (63 year old widow) is exactly the same. The behavior is not an individual character flaw. They can’t help it for it is deep in their DNA and they are only doing what Mother (female) Nature tells them. Just that simple.

Young men – keep your dick in your pants, your wallet in your pocket, and your mouth shut. If you have to get laid develop a business relationship with a high-class escort (they do exist). Learn to discard your DNA programming and the social conditioning being rammed down your throat. Don’t be who “they” want you to be. Be your own man, true to yourself.

Just sage advice from a battle-scarred veteran who is grateful to have lived long enough to learn the truth but does regret a wasted life. Be wise and learn from the mistakes of others. You don’t have to make the mistakes yourself! Cheers.

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9 thoughts on “MGTOW Message from a 64-year-old Veteran

  1. Aaron – john smith here. Thank you for the props on my comment, It is greatly appreciated.

    As Occam’s Razor tells us, the answer is simple. In fact very simple. One only has to open his mind to the blindingly simplicity of the truth. The problem is that in order to accept the blindingly simply truth, one must overcome (discard) the deep and thick deliberately complex curtains of the veils purposefully draped over one’s eyes and mind by one’s own traitorous DNA and the social conditioning forced upon the babe immediately upon exiting the birth canal.

    The answer, in scientific terms, is Dawkins’ Selfish Gene (he later wished he had titled his tome as the Eternal Gene). A logical extrapolation of Dawkins leads to an inescapable conclusion – a conclusion I believe Dawkins himself knows to be true but cannot bring self to publish for it so politically incorrect.

    The simple explanation for all behavior of all sexually reproducing species (human included) is the care, provisioning, and reproduction of a handful of (selfish perhaps eternal) genes on the X chromosome. One must remember that the X chromosome itself is genderless.

    I posit that the Y chromosome (10 times smaller than the X) is a mutation of the subservient X (they are not and have never been equal) in the primordial ooze to be the servant of the dominant X. It makes sense in a survival scenario, which is what life is.

    The modern human female (two X chromosomes of roughly 2400 genes) dominates the modern male (one X chromosome of roughly 1200 genes and one Y chromosome of roughly 120 genes) for the sole purpose of replicating itself. The male Y is out numbered by a ratio of 30 to 1. It doesn’t stand a chance!

    How does this dominance achieve its goal. The answer is pheromones – the silent chemical transfer of information from one being to another.

    More to come if you are interested. Cheers.

  2. The dominant X chromosome of the female uses pheromones to communicate with its sister X chromosome carried by the male. It is not the male’s Y chromosome that makes him the willing servant of the dominant female X – it is his own X chromosome. Hence, a males own DNA is traitorous to the male’s own best self interest (Ayn Rand).

    Genetic science has proven that an X chromosome can survive on its own (females don’t need an X to live) while a Y chromosome cannot. In short, the Y depends upon the X for its very existence. The perfect Master / Slave relationship designed by nature to perpetuate the selfish (Dawkins) genes carried by the X.

    Back to pheromones. Try this thought experiment. Men have no problem masturbating to porn or sexy centerfolds of very beautiful women – women well out of their league. The reason this is so easy for men is that there are no female pheromones communicating with his X chromosome which would otherwise tell the man his genes are not acceptable to or worthy of the female porn star or centerfold. He is not rejected by her pheromones!

    Take the man out into the real world and expose him to a female of equal sexual appeal as the centerfold and what happens to him internally? He becomes tongue tied, sweaty, embarrassed to even be looking at her, and his mind slips out of logical gear. The only difference between the centerfold in his hand and the real life female is the silent communication of the pheromones. She is silently rejecting him and he gets the massage. (As aware as I am personally of this, I cannot control it. I went to the bank the other day and the officer was very good looking and my mind slipped out of gear in her office. Sad but true.)

    On the flip side, the man meets a female of lower SMV than himself. His reaction to her is much different than the high SMV centerfold quality female. Namely, his mind doesn’t slip out of gear and he is as comfortable with the lower SMV female as he is jerking off to the centerfold. Why is this?

    Simple, as Occam’s Razor tells us. Her dominant X chromosome knows its value in the reproductive market place and the pheromone communication from her X to the higher SMV male’s X chromosome tells the man that (unlike the real life centerfold) his genes are acceptable to her. Just that simple.

    This analysis proves the power of female pheromones over the male. Males are almost 100% subject to this tyranny. They can’t help it. Females are also subject to it, but to a much lesser degree. It takes the most alpha of the alpha males to make a female’s mind slip out of gear. If a man is not Brad Pitt or George Clooney in looks, the female is indifferent.

    More to come if interested. Cheers.

    1. are you here implying that my Y chromosome makes me sensitive to bitches smell and thus allows me to subconsiocsly evaluate her attraction to me?
      problem tho is usually in social context there are multiple males,females who knows what pheromones come from who and to whom, only if you close enough you could tell.
      my sense of smell is shit by the way.

    2. I call BS on this.
      Your “centerfold vs. real hot chick” theory is just like people being capable of trading well with their demo account, but screwing up once they trade with their own money in a real account.

      You are totally ignoring male confidence here, which is driven by his own looks and the life-long positive feedback loop resulting thereof. Not all men are freezing in front of good looking women. It’s the small portion of the 20% of men that women find attractive to begin with and who also happen to have realized that they actually are good-looking men.

      Very thin ice you are on here, Mr. Reichsmarshall. (yes. multi-level pun absolutely intended)

  3. CENA – You are making the mistake of applying logic to the problem. All the pheromone signals interact with each other. They communicate in ways the mind cannot, and was never meant to, understand.

    Why do females immediately bond with each other? Their dominate X chromosomes communicate with each other as the same team, so to speak. Why do men not do the same? Think about it before you reply. Cheers.

  4. Neutralrandomthoughts – I am positing about the rule of the many, not the exception to the rule. As you should be aware, the exception does not disprove the rule. What I posit is statistically valid. Your individual experience is yours alone. It does not explain the statistics. Got it? Cheers.

    1. While maybe statistically valid, your point is not relevant.
      You are absolutely ignoring male confidence and you are ignoring that at least 80% of men are damned to never confident.
      Your pheromone theory is not observable. My point about confidence due to positive feedback based on nothing but objectively identifiable traits of beauty is.
      Feel free to see ghosts, or just accept the simple reality that four fifths of men were practically never given a reason to not have their mind slip in front of a beautiful woman.
      And the remaining fifth are to some degree blind to their own attractiveness due to other external factors and need an aha-moment. Aaron can tell you stories about that.

      What we end up is a very small percentage of men, who are attractive and are aware of it and are therefore confident.
      The rest of men have their mind slip.

  5. John Smith nice theory, but it’s just pseudo scientific bullshit unless you can show me a study.
    Also you are wrong because not all men are losing confidence in front of hot women. Most men do, but it’s just because they learned that they don’t have a a chance. Confidence is just a reflection of your past success

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