There Will be Increasingly Fewer “Good Men” in the Future

I would guess that most of my readers are in their 20s and 30s. However, there are outliers on both ends. The oldest guy who ever contacted me was in his 60s. We also get the occasional teenager showing up. This year I also had a few clients in their early twenties who told me that they have been reading my blog for years. One guy told me that he’s been an avid reader of my material for six years. He had not even turned 20 yet.

I don’t necessarily think that my material appeals to men of essentially all ages. Instead, I think this wide spread in age among my readers is due to the Internet being a relatively recent phenomenon. It’s only for about ten years that people have been online every day, everywhere, thanks to the smartphone revolution. Before that, you had to be relatively tech-savvy but also inquisitive. Yet, even if you were a very curious person, you just could not find everything online. Plenty of material was only accessible on online forums or, earlier, in newsgroups, which were not straightforward to access. People didn’t just post memes all day long either because this wasn’t easily possible with standard tools.

Nowadays, online forums and newsgroups are dead. Social media has won. While this has lead, in my opinion, to a decline of quality exchanges online, it has made some material a lot more accessible. Today, a forum like Reddit’s r/MGTOW is just a few swipes on your smartphone away. Guys post memes and videos, and the message spreads. Of course, the message that women are not angels could have spread a lot sooner, but a cultural shift has also taken place, with third-wave feminism becoming completely unhinged. It is a battlefield out there and countless men have been destroyed: financially ruined in family court, driven out of their profession, or turned into a pariah by society.

Even just a decade ago, if you thought that women weren’t as fantastic as they were cracked up to be and that they can have a very negative effect on your life, you wouldn’t quite know where to turn to. Very rarely would men discuss this issue privately. Just get yourself a bipolar girlfriend and try talking about it with a supposed friend of yours. Chances are that he will question your manhood if you hint at her being “difficult.” If you have been suffering under a crazy mother or sister, a lying grandmother, or an aunt who wanted to cheat you out of money, you may think that maybe you were just unlucky. After all, people go to great lengths to put on a facade, so your buddy’s mother may be as batshit crazy as your mother, but whenever you are over for a visit, she’s the most pleasant middle-aged woman you could imagine.

The benefit of anonymous online communication is that we do not have to care about what others think of us. Instead, we can freely speak our mind and compare notes. Within a few short years we have now reached a critical mass and men can now gather online and share their stories. The next generation, however, does not have to make the same mistakes. They can learn from the mistakes of their elders.

Only for the last few years has it been easily possible to find like-minded people online. None of this was possible even ten or fifteen years ago. This applies to every guy, to the 15-year-old who gets treated poorly by his first girlfriend to the 65-year-old who just got divorced by his wife of 40 years. Because all those age groups have gained access to online communication at the same time we now have this great diversity of ages.

There has been a big societal shift regarding the perceived necessity of having to be in a relationship as well. When I was in my 20s, men were routinely shamed for not having a girlfriend. Today that hardly works anymore. Men who do not want to commit to a woman do so proudly. Teenage boys, however, will not have to learn as slowly as the older generation. If they get to the point that dealing with women can be rather frustrating, they will easily find non-mainstream explanations online for why this is the case. They are getting red-pilled at a rapid pace.

The societal consequences will be far-reaching. Apps like Tinder turbocharged hookup culture. Yet, now your 19-year-old guy who does not belong to the top 20% of men does not need to spend a decade getting financially exploited by women before some single mom emotionally blackmails him into marrying her. It is a boon that women celebrate their sexual liberation so openly. They even claim they are proud to be sluts. Tattoos, drugs, and alcohol are musts and, so they think, no longer negative in any way. Yet, the observant guy in the bottom 80%, as well as the good-looking guys who can think a bit critically, can no longer deny reality as it hits them in the face, hard, day after day.

What I think will happen is that the number of men who drop out of dating will accelerate. Guys who would otherwise have been happy to invite women to expensive restaurants or be their little errand boy instead follow their own goals. It will be an acceleration because the cat is out of the bag. You can no longer tell guys that his girlfriend is an angel and that he needs to take care of her. Instead, he will want to know about her sexual history, STDs, student loans and other debts, as well as mental health issues.

Imagine you knew about the problems women can add to your life before you started dating. You would just not be very enthusiastic about it. In contrast, ten years ago guys happily threw away years of their life trying to make things work with their girlfriend. Ten years ago, Joe Cuck would think that his single-mom girlfriend is a bit emotional and needs more time to open up to him and trust him. Today, Joe Cuck can read about “Cluster B” personality disorders online and read horror stories of guys who got falsely accused of rape or domestic violence by such “emotional” women after ending the relationship.

The increasing numbers of women who enter their 30s without a boyfriend, wondering where all the good men are, already show that too many men are opting out. If this wasn’t an issue, we would not hear about such stories at all. Instead, “where are all the good men” has become a meme. Women have it a lot harder than they used to have it. Once today’s teenage boys and young men are in their 30s, those women will have it even harder.

Men of all ages are getting red-pilled at the same time. Given that the Internet has now reached wide penetration in society, I think the women-are-wonderful effect has only about ten years left or so. All it takes is for the remaining boomers to die off because those are the last generation who is both active online in noticeable numbers and still feels largely compelled to keep up the societal narrative. I could imagine a return to a time where women keep their legs together, based on the fact that women of all ages also use the Internet and are aware that good men are becoming rare. The born-again virgin phenomenon as well as the plethora of “trad thots” around further support this hypothesis.

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15 thoughts on “There Will be Increasingly Fewer “Good Men” in the Future

  1. I can confidently say that I don’t know a single man in my personal life that’s voluntarily going his own way. I see it as a rare phenomenon. I think one of the big issues women will face is the fact that the highest value men are becoming harder and harder to lock down. I’ve personally seen high value guys stray away from thir LTR or marriage simply because the plethora of pussy being thrown at them was too irresistible to turn down, thus screwing over the woman who invested time into and effectively turning her into an alpha widow. These are the ‘good men.’

    Surely, years from now there will still be a sea of less desirable thirsty men to white knight and simp for women. Red pill knowledge might even be widespread, but the overwhelming majority of men will choose to invest in an increasingly disparage pool of toxic women imo. Hell, 60 year old 1/10 grandmas have infinite variety if they want. Again, the problem for women is that there isn’t enough Chad to go around, and Chad is becoming even more elsuive than ever.

    1. Agree. I like this blog but I think aaron is sitting in an echo chamber as far as this mgtow thing goes. Like: ” Apps like Tinder turbocharged hookup culture ” – in most coutries 70-80% of tinder users are male. And about 30-40% of those women on tinder are already in realationships. They only use it to boost their egos. Even those incels who create beliveable chad accounts get ghosted most of the time. It’s the same old 10% of women who always been promiscuous – but now on steroids and with no shame. And because of selection bias we only hear about the negative shit.

      The problem is that 99% of guys out there never had the experiences with women that aaron had. They are so desperate for pussy that they will do everything. And let’s be honest most guys don’t even have any resources to be divorce raped with declining wages and non existing net worth. Ironically the number of women who have to pay alimony is rising in the U.S.

      There is one point I don’t get – no offense – but if mgtow is so cool, why the hell did you got married aaron? Honestly I’m kind of sick about those “women are so so bad” articles. I’d like to know more about how to find a good woman these days, like you did. I became addicted to assanova’s blog lately because his writing is positive and useful.

    2. More men (and women) than ever before are single. Of course, we can now argue if those men are incels or MGTOWs. I’d say both camps have been increasing their numbers.

      Regarding my marriages: The main motivation behind the first one was that I thought it would add some stability to my life, which I had to get back on track. I did not want kids back then, and definitely not with her, so her pushing for having children was one of the reasons I divorced her. That divorce cost me around 50 EUR in administrative fees; no alimony, and the prenup was also not contested. My second wife is a great catch, though, but I won’t go into details right now.

      Good women are far and between. She needs to be young, healthy, attractive, non-promiscuous, reasonably intelligent, and wnat to have children at an early age. Where do you think you’ll find those?

    3. I think there is a minor misunderstanding. I consider MGTOWs also men who have one-night stands and short-term relationships but who do not want to commit to a woman.

      As you said, the problem is not that women can’t get sexual variety. However, commitment will become more and more difficult to attain.

  2. Message for the younger men: I’m 64, soon to be 65. Divorce raped, false DV charge, career destroyed, successful life ruined at the age of 57. Suicidal for years until MGTOW philosophy literally saved my life. Went monk mode and life is now very good.

    I recently ran across a 63 year old widow who seemed to have her head screwed on even though her tattooed slut 30 year old daughter and her 12 year old illegitimate granddaughter lived with her. I gave it a shot and asked her out. The “relationshit” lasted 6 weeks.

    She friend zoned me and I told her I would be her friend but I would not be a simp beta orbiter doing her favors for nothing in return. She looked shocked and said, I quote, “There are names for that?” She knew exactly what she was doing but had no idea there was a name for it and much less a man would know it. Welcome to the Red Pill, baby!

    That happened 8 days ago. Contact from her has since gone to zero. Listen young men and listen well. Innate female nature never, never, ever changes! Even with widows in their 60’s. I refused to be a chump resource provider like she wanted and she hit the eject button at light speed.

    I look back over my 50 plus years of chasing females and I now realize that nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed. The behavior of Bridget (5th grade crush) and Jill (63 year old widow) is exactly the same. The behavior is not an individual character flaw. They can’t help it for it is deep in their DNA and they are only doing what Mother (female) Nature tells them. Just that simple.

    Young men – keep you dick in your pants, your wallet in your pocket, and your mouth shut. If you have to get laid develop a business relationship with a high class escort (they do exist). Learn to discard your DNA programming and the social conditioning being rammed down your throat. Don’t be who “they” want you to be. Be your own man, true to yourself.

    Just sage advice from a battle scarred veteran who is grateful to have lived long enough to learn the truth but does regret a wasted life. Be wise and learn from the mistakes of others. You don’t have to make the mistakes yourself! Cheers.

    1. This is a great comment. Thanks for sharing. I turned it into a separate post on this blog to give it wider visibility.

  3. “I can confidently say that I don’t know a single man in my personal life that’s voluntarily going his own way.”

    I’m 6’1, lift regularly, have a 6 figure salary and a low 7 figure net worth (US$). Granted, my true Chad days are over since I’m well into my 40s and starting to bald, but I’m pretty confident some woman would be thrilled to have me as a beta bucks provider.
    Basically, I’m that “good man” you hear post wall women lamenting the lack of.

    After my divorce, I probably would have blissfully jumped back in the fire under the assumption that I got that one bad apple and this time it’ll be better. But fortunately the internet and social media have finally given us big data on female nature and it didn’t take long to connect the dots.

    That’s one more post wall thot that’s going to have to do her own retirement planning after she jumps off the carousel. I work with a couple of guys like me that were born too late to benefit from the internet before taking the first plunge into marriage, and they’re now solidly mgtow too. It doesn’t take many of us doing this to really screw up the female dating strategy.

    Gen Z is really going to benefit from this knowledge. I hear my teenage son and his friends using the term simps, white knight, beta, etc and laughing at their friends that get manipulated by girls. These are mini Chads in training, and they have it pretty well figured out, unlike my generation at that age. Lucky bastards.

    1. This is an excellent comment. I have also noticed that terms like “chad” and “beta” have become quite widespread. Gen Z will be the most red-pilled generation in centuries.

  4. “Instead, he will want to know about her sexual history, STDs, student loans and other debts, as well as mental health issues.”

    Can we please have an app for this? A sort of rating scheme à la Moody’s or S&P, just decentralized.
    It just needs to gain traction and once a certain tipping point is passed, “not rated” women will be treated like triple Cs.

    OK, I’m dreaming…

  5. If only there were a test that could show how many partners a women had. That would completely disrupt female behaviour.

    1. Funnily enough, nowadays some women brag about the number of guys they have had sex with.

  6. I think there is a world of difference between a guy who is “going his own way,” and yet participating in hookup culture, and a guy who has eschewed women altogether. I think most guys can transform themselves into an attractive enough guy to hook up at least occasionally, or, failing that, at least get relationships, while at the same time, avoiding marriage and children. But I don’t think guys in the “volcel” camp should be celebrated. And note that I am specifically talking about Millennials and Gen Z people who never really spent much time in the “game” in the first place.

    There is a certain ideal of a voluntarily celibate guy who is going his own way and who has, by not playing the dating game, freed up loads of time that can be spent toward his career, or toward hobbies – toward something productive. Perhaps such a guy will start a business. Perhaps such a guy will retire in his forties.

    I think this image is a fantasy. I think much more common is the scenario of a guy who is out-of-shape or fat, who dresses like shit, and who often lives at home with his parents and is unemployed or underemployed. The so-called “NEET”s – not in education, employment, or training. This is a very real phenomenon that is quite widespread. And it sort of intuitively makes sense. If you’ve decided not to play the dating game, what motivation do you really have to get or stay in shape? And if you have parents that are willing to coddle you well into your adult life, who will let you stay at home and give you an allowance into your thirties and beyond, what motivation do you have to pursue a challenging career? This, to be honest, is really the biggest threat that MGTOW poses on Western capitalist society – people not entering the labor force.

    The likelihood that an unemployed guy is going to use his free time to accomplish anything noteworthy is slim. As much as he likes to think he’ll use his time to do something productive, it’s more likely that he’ll play video games or post nonsense on Reddit. Furthermore, being in such a situation probably leads to quite poor mental health. I’m not saying such guys should kill themselves, but if you’ve given up on ever accomplishing anything in your life, you’re a net negative on society economically, and you haven’t made it your life’s purpose to have kids, what do you really even have to live for? I don’t think suicide is that far-fetched of a next step.

    I think a guy who does decide to play the dating game will find himself doing quite well in other areas of life, such as school, work, and hobbies. If he’s not getting laid, the prospect of sex will help motivate him to get his shit together. If he is getting laid, he’ll be freed up to focus on shit that’s more important than getting laid, since he’s getting his needs met. Note that none of this means he has to act like a beta, or get finanially raped.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. It seems that a lot of people look at the whole MGTOW thing or whatever as completely black and white. As in either get married or avoid women altogether, when you can still date/have fun but just not have kids. A lot of women don’t want kids these days which makes that quite possible. Or they already have kids and don’t want more.

  7. Money will still be transfered to women through taxation and men won’t be able to do anything against it as women are the majority of voters. And most countries now even have more women in government then men.
    With increasing socialism they don’t need beta providers anymore, they have the state.
    So women don’t need to give pity sex to betas anymore to get their money.
    I think obblt a revolution will revert this trend

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