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Chadstruck: The Paramount Importance of Physical Attraction in Dating

When browsing the black pill wiki, I came across an entry for the term “chadstruck“, which is their version of the term “lovestruck”. Of course, this is not a perfect equivalence as intense physical attraction has little to do with love and much more with lust. Yet, it may very well be the only plausible starting point for love in the long run because the absence of physical attraction means that you are nothing but a provider for her. I don’t think the people behind have ever experienced a woman getting “chadstruck” first-hand. At best, they may have seen other women react to men like that.

As a very tall guy with a pretty good frame — even men have complimented me on my broad shoulders —, let me regale you with how women can get “chadstruck” in the presence of a physically attractive man. Obviously, it is not the case that chicks will just line up to suck your dick. However, if you are clearly well-above average in terms of physique, the reactions you sometimes get are qualitatively on an entirely different level than what your average guy gets when he is approaching one chick after another.

Some women indeed get “chadstruck” by your presence. They see you and look at you with their eyes and mouth wide open. It takes them several seconds to recompose themselves. It is as if they temporarily lose control of their body and just freeze in time. I think this is the defining characteristic for women who are fully into your type. One of the more amusing encounters was at some clothing store where a girl noticed me, stared at me with her jaw dropped to the floor and, without taking her eyes off me, pulled on her girlfriend’s top to get her attention. Afterwards, those two girls lingered around me, desperately hoping I would say anything to them.

There are women who are in such a bitchy mood that their immediate response is to shoot down the guy. One such girl I ran into at a club. I playfully hit her arm with my elbow, asking her how she was doing. With an annoyed look at her face, she turned around and said, “I have a boy—“. Then she froze up and didn’t even manage to close her mouth. The next thing she said, after a long moment had passed, was, “Wow!”. Then she began caressing my upper body.

There is indeed no shortage of bitches in clubs. A similar encounter I had with a girl I approached in a somewhat similar way. Her response was to tell me to go away. I shrugged my shoulders and turned around. Seconds later, she grabbed one of my hands from behind and, as she was pulling it, pleaded that, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I’m not like that at all normally. I acted like a bitch just now because I hadn’t properly looked at you.” Before I could let this sink in, she wrapped her arms around me and forcibly kissed me — all that just so that I would give her a second chance and to show me that she’s really into me. This is the level of desperation women show when they realize that they just let Chad slip away.

Experiences like this underscore that attraction is direct and immediate. Because of such encounters, I knew that standard dating advice was complete bullshit. A woman’s attraction is, unlike PUAs of yore tell you, not at all “like a knob”, while men are “like a switch”. Instead, women are like a switch, too. Either it’s on from the beginning or it is not. Do you think women sit at home, thinking whether they really find a guy sexually attractive? If you believe that, then I hope you are less naive in other regards.

The brutal lesson of this is that if women do not find you physically attractive, your best bet is simply to be a resource to be exploited. You will be the provider she only takes advantage of — until she decides that it is time to move on.

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7 thoughts on “Chadstruck: The Paramount Importance of Physical Attraction in Dating

  1. Good Looking Loser has done a series of interviews over the past few months. I think the interviewer goes by, “More Plates More Dates” (gym reference). In their first interview GLL talked about women who reject guys they are attracted to. Like if they just saw a love story. Or maybe they were in their friend’s wedding and are looking to settle down. They turn Chad down because he looks like their ex, or like a player etc.

  2. Must say that even in my country I am not tall enough to elicit such a blatant fuck me response. On the other hand, I am blond and have blue eyes in a country where most people dont, and I get such responses from time to time. But it wont beat height as far as i can tell.

  3. I don’t know if I quite recall getting the unhinged jaw look. I have caught woman giving me the deer in the headlights sort of look. It’s almost as if whatever expression was on her face the moment your eyes met gets frozen that way for a second or more. It’s more of a look of surprise, as if she wasn’t expecting you to appear at that moment. If she has had time to check you out from a distance before you really acknowledge her, you might not even notice that she is into you, or she might give you some other signal.

  4. When it comes to relationships and sex, women are the choosers, and as the choosers, they PRESELECT the men they want based on the man’s looks, money and status.

    Women are also the gatekeepers of relationships, they decide if a relationship starts, continues, or is terminated. Women also play, judge, jury and executioner with regards to judging your true sexual, market value (SMV).

    The dating game today is totally rigged in favour of women, and even fat, ugly women have more dating options than a Chad or Tyrone.

    Internet dating sites, Tinder etc are all sausage fests where men outnumber women by huge ratios, this gives all women (regardless of how attractive or ugly they may be), their choice of men, on steroids.

    As a man, your chances of being “successful” (ie. getting PRESELECTED by women), is largely determined by how well you fared in the genetics lottery.

    Unfortunately, there are some men who are just so ugly (like me for example), that no amount of self work or improvement will make them attractive to women, it’s going to take a very strong woman to be able to date/or marry one of these ugly men, even if they have great personalities. For these type of men, the best thing they can do, is forget about chasing women, and instead focus on their careers, businesses (if self employed), sports and hobbies…..or…..rope.

    I will make a tattoo on my forearms:

    The Black Pill

    1. Cheer up bro. A lot of women (and men) will assume you are an asshole simply because you are good looking. Trust me, it’s not a bowl of cherries.

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