Female Beauty Operation Desperation

Our biological purpose is to produce offspring. This easily explains why men want to acquire resources and women want to be sexually attractive. Each sex simply maximizes what the other values. Self-actualization, these days often put under the MGTOW umbrella, is an evolutionary dead end, as fulfilling as it may be for every single man on that path. Such men maximize their own happiness. They may very well act in their own best interest, but that does not negate the fact that, assuming they do not leave any children, they end a bloodline that ultimately dates back to the beginning of life on earth.

When you think about this some more, you may come to the conclusion that a man who gathers resources all for himself is like a woman who only wants to look appealing but never intends to cash in on her quickly fading beauty. Once her natural beauty is gone the big guns come out for real: heavy make up, video and image filters, fillers, and cosmetic surgery. A man happily going his own way is in a great position to end up being supremely happy and content with life. After all, if you only have yourself to look out for, you are living life on easy street. You could easily retire in your late 30s, if you so desired.

In contrast, what does a woman who wants to artificially keep her looks up ever achieve? She could have secured a good provider for her in her early 20s with relative ease. Ten years later, this is orders of magnitude more difficult. Even worse, it is not the case that women happily lower their standards. The bar they measure Mr. Perfect by is a composite of the best of all the men who have ever fucked them, even if it was just for yet another pump-and-dump. It almost seems the older and less attractive those women get, the higher they raise their standards for a man to settle down with.

As many leftover women in their late 30s learn, however, is that the liposuction-nose-lips-boobs combo they spent a combined one to two years’ worth of savings on does not quite have the desired effect. It does not necessarily make them more attractive for settling down with. Instead, they end up improving their looks just to look a bit better for guys who only want to pump-and-dump them anyway.

Put yourself in the shoes of Lisa Leftover in her early 30s. She cannot really explain why she met all those great guys when she was young (even though it was only ever for one night), yet now that she is older, more mature, and professionally established, guys seem to ignore her. Back then she did not want a relationship, or at least that is what she now says. She rightly concludes that guys are primarily interested in looks, so she desperately tries turning herself into a somewhat more appealing version of herself. Nothing else about herself has changed, though, so the outcome is that the same kind of guy who pumped and dumped her in her 20s, if there are no willing 20-year-olds around, pump and dump her again. Thus, she ends up spending tends of thousands of dollars, all just to, in the best case, get jizzed on her face again. It is laughable.

A woman opting for cosmetic surgery is acting out of desperation. She wants to use her looks, once again, to get some guys. Yet, the hidden tragedy behind her action is that she is only chasing a chimera. Established guys want to settle down with young women. They don’t care about the occasional pump-and-dump, be she 25 or 35. Apart from the occasional woman who was really good in the sack, most of them are quickly forgotten. They are only good for the moment. Her time window has closed because she is close to being infertile (fun fact: a woman being pregnant at age 35 and above is classified as having a “geriatric pregnancy”). A pair of fake tits just won’t help with that. At best, she will get a few more years of one-night stands and that will be it.

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