Consider what’s in it for you before you buy her dinner

In case you watched the stream of SmashGodxXx aka. Asian Chad that cost him $5,000 in the end, you may have perked up when he pushed back. Her opening move was demanding that he buys her dinner. He asked her, “What’s in it for me?” It was clear to him from the get-go that he did not want to bone her. I think if he didn’t feel a sense of duty to entertain his audience via live-streaming, he would just have walked off.

I think the more experience you get with women, the less money you will invariably spend. Sure, there is probably still a sizable number of men who happily pay for dinner and think that being in the presence of a woman is enough compensation. Oh, to be young and a blue-pilled normie! That such guys still exist is obvious from that obnoxious woman in the video. Do you think she would have developed the habit of going on Tinder in order to get free meals if it didn’t work?

The question Asian Chad asked is very important and well-worth considering if you still think you need to wine and dine women. Really, what will you get in return? You put in time and money, and she only puts in time. Sure, you may get laid, but you will make more of an effort than she even then, I can assure you, simply because you are the one fucking, while she is getting fucked. I assume that I have no soy-boys in my audience who enjoy getting railed with a strap-on dildo. If this is you, then do yourself a favor and get off my blog!

For the average guy, a dinner date does not end in sex, however. In that case, it is obvious that he pays double: he wastes his time and money. Considering that some women are dreadful to listen to, he may also need a few hours afterwards to recover from it, for instance by playing a video game or watching some videos just to revert back to normal. It really isn’t looking good for proponents of standard dating.

On the other hand, let’s assume you take out a chick for dinner at a nice restaurant and you do get to bone her. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but chances are that the total cost of it was far in excess of what a prostitute of a higher physical caliber would have charged you. Thus, the average guy, if he gets lucky, pays more for a worse outcome. It really is a bad deal. The next time some random woman asks you to buy her dinner, just shut her down right away. If she wants to fuck you, she does not need to have an expensive steak in her stomach.

What adds insult to injury, and which powerfully hammers home how colossally stupid an idea a dinner date is, consider that your typical woman tends to feel less attractive after a nice, filling meal. She’ll be afraid that she now looks bloated. Thus, even in the less likely case that she did want to have sex, some of those women will excuse themselves because eating food in front of you made them feel self-conscious. There are also women who don’t want to take a dump in your apartment. I guess the idea is that you shouldn’t think that they need to poop. As you can see, the number of willing and available women shrinks even further.

The last paragraph is very helpful for the statistically inclined among you. As you can easily intuit, a few dinner dates that end with sex cannot possibly compensate for a string of dinner dates that did not. This entails that your few lays from dinner dates cost you even more than you may have thought. For a prolific dater, one successful dinner date probably averages out to the cost of two or three hours with a top-shelf escort or 1/3 of a sex doll.

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