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How men and women view one-night stands

As I thought some more about the vitriol I received from a female reader recently, I realized that there is another issue why the most attractive men have the worst opinion of women. Sure, as they are more attractive, they have more sex, and they also witness the negative side of women a lot more than regular men do. This is indeed quite ironic because the women they fuck have a different perception of the situation, as I pointed out in my previous post. For women, there are basically two kinds of men, those who can be used for sex (and possibly their resources, too), and those that can only be used for their resources. When Stacy fucks Chads but also talks badly about her boyfriend Melvin, whom she never has sex with but happily exploits financially, she assumes that Chad shares her view and likewise perceives Melvin to belong to some kind of a group of subhumans. Yet, this is not what is happening. Instead, Chad assesses Stacy’s cheating for what it is.

Now, let’s look at this problem in more general terms. Assume you’re a hot guy and you want to just get laid. You are open to fucking any woman who is at least reasonably attractive, so any woman who is between a 7 or a 10 would do. If you’re particularly horny and don’t want to spend a lot of time, then a willing 6 who may have some redeeming features may do as well. Chad bangs that woman and moves on. He would be insane to date any of them as men are normally able to make a very clear distinction between women you just fuck and women you may want to date. The latter is a much smaller group. This is why we have sayings like, “don’t try turning a whore into a housewife.”

On the other hand, women do not operate like this at all. They do not fuck average-looking men if they are feeling horny. Only the above average to astonishingly good-looking are good enough for them. Looks are indeed of paramount importance to women, which leads them to having sex with men they find attractive, and if they find them attractive, then basically anything else is forgiven. If you don’t have a lot of money, she may tell you that she has to keep some other guy or guys around for that, though. Alternatively, she may be willing to support you financially and pay for your meals and whatnot. It happens.

The upshot of this is that the kind of woman who readily has sex with guys seems to be unable to distinguish between guys for a one-night stand and guys for a relationship. This is most obvious when a woman you pumped and dumped gets upset because you do not want to see her again. As any guy with some experience will tell you, almost every random girl you fuck will want you to stick around. It is not that you are so phenomenal in bed that she can’t be without you. Instead, a major part of the reason why she had a one-night stand with you was that you stood out from the crowd so much that she willingly came home with you, and because you’re above average in looks, sex was great for her. In her mind, you’ve made the cut for a relationship already. No, she may not be sure whether she will want to marry you. However, the transition from a one-night stand to dating casually, with the potential for more, is absolutely trivial.

Women often make the absurd statement that men are the gatekeepers to a relationship, which is due to them basically only fucking guys they would want to be in a relationship with. Of course, I ignore transactional sex here, such as women fucking Tyrone in exchange for a line of coke. Many women don’t seem to realize that men have two categories for them: sluts and potential girlfriends. Because women tend to only have sex with men who make the cut for some kind of relationship, they view all other men as essentially useless. In contrast, the perspective of a hot guy is that women who are below a 6 are invisible, a 6 is possibly visible if you’re really horny, and a 7 and above is a very welcome fuck if you need to empty your balls. Yet, whether you would want to date any of those women is an entirely different question. Plenty of guys even have firm rules about this and, for instance, never ever contact any of the women they randomly hooked up with again, meaning that the Tinder date you banged for the cost of a cup of coffee is only wasting her time if she’s boasting to her girlfriends about the great car that hot guy with the big cock drives and how she’s going to make him her boyfriend, because he won’t.

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One thought on “How men and women view one-night stands

  1. This is true. I’ve had women pay for me. I’ve even had sex for free thru tinder and in real life. I’ve had a number of married and women in relationships also make it very explicit that I can fuck them, even though I didn’t go down that road, you begin to see how loyal the average woman is and let me tell you it isn’t much at all. You basically just have to trip her triggers in some way whether through looks or in some cases a don’t give a fuck about anything attitude. The funniest thing is the don’t give a fuck scumbag attitude works best with your high strung well educated PhD liberal white woman.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that most women marry men that they can control and if they cannot control you then they will basically ignore you until they want you for sex and they will give it up for the right guy and rationalize it away for “hubby” Poor stupid bastards.

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