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Scientific Realism in Dating

Recently one of my readers mentioned a resource I was not familiar with, While I view the incel community with some skepticism due to its often evident defeatism, that does not mean that a lot of the knowledge gathered over there is without value. Quite the contrary, in fact. In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the entry, “Scientific Blackpill,” which you may want to read in parallel with the entry “Blackpill.” The former is a very thorough collection of scientific studies that support a lot of the phenomena we have been discussing over the years.

I don’t think that you will find a lot of those studies particularly revealing as they simply reflect reality, i.e. women prefer tall men with big cocks and a good-looking face. Sure, they present numbers and percentages and whatnot, but you should not read too much into this as these numbers suggest a precision of the results that does not exist due to the way the soft sciences collect data.

I like studies that show that (blue-pilled) men are just as hypocritical as women, i.e. women readily tell men how important personality is, even though looks are much more important. Likewise, a lot of men tell you bullshit about valuing maturity and independence in women. Thanks to science, we now know that men really do prefer younger women over older ones and if they can’t get those, they may resort to all kinds of rationalizations.

What I find most noteworthy about the Blackpill is that a lot of the information they spread should be completely evident. Thankfully, the seduction industry has now collapsed, which means that the age of mass delusions in dating has come to an end. Still, I think that any man should be very well aware of the fact that women like hot guys and that your best shot at getting girls is by improving your looks. Only because so many men did not want to face reality did we even end up with fraudsters like Mystery, Neil Strauss, Tyler, or, to go the absolute bottom of the barrel, Vince Kelvin.

Yet, as we have discussed as well, now the problem is that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. Guys who repeated “looks don’t matter!” like a mantra a few years ago nowadays think their only option is “LDAR” (“lie down and rot”) because they won’t ever get laid. It’s quite tragic, really.

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4 thoughts on “Scientific Realism in Dating

  1. I was always interested in solutions, not problems. One thing I learned from “debunking the seduction community” is, cool guys always got laid.

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