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The Next Frontier in Real-Time Visual Trickery

Last month I wrote an article on real-time image manipulation, which included FaceTune as an example and also a video of some YouTube creator who demonstrated the effect of a filter. It made him look a good ten years younger. With FaceTune, women can, among others, increase the size of their eyes. Looking younger and tweaking features to look more neotenous is no longer the cutting edge. Instead, technology has progressed well beyond that. Now e-thots can make use of real-time adjustments of facial geometry. Yes, you read that correctly! Imagine you are a woman with a plump face and a nose that is shaped like a potato. This would be very difficult to fix and quite costly. Yet, if your life only takes place on life streams, a different solution can be found. We’ll just have image-processing algorithms take care of it.

The motivation behind this post was a recent story about a female streamer from China who goes by the name “Your Highness Qiao Biluo”, or however that is written in Chinese characters. During a live stream, she messed up and her filters stopped working — and a cute woman in her late teens or early 20s turned out to be in her late 50s. This is the before/after image:

This is technology transforming an ugly 58-year-old woman into a teenager

Amusingly, said streamer only noticed that something was up when people left her channel in droves. If I understood the story correctly, she seems to have wanted to only use a different filter. Her followers donated to her to turn off the image filter and you can bet that her intention was to just fiddle with the parameters a bit but not turn it off completely, similar to how many women who claim to not wear makeup simply put a somewhat unobtrusive layer of chemicals on her face.

There were some blue-pillers defending her who claimed that this woman got popular not because of her looks but because of her sweet voice. Considering that there was a mass exodus from her channel, that is clearly false. Those blue-pillers are indeed incredibly stupid because live-voice manipulation is a technology that hit the main stage a quarter of a century ago at the very latest. Also, what woman in her 50s has a cute voice? My money is on that streamer having put up a completely fake persona: fake face, fake voice, and fake personality. She was simply running a scam with the help of technology.

The way things are going, we are probably not far away from the introduction of apps that allow you to swap your biological sex in videos on the fly, in addition to giving you a female voice. Once that happens, I bet that we will see some dudes pretending to be chicks making bank because this would allow them to cut out the middle man. Just think of mouthpieces like Lauren Southern: she had male ghostwriters. Imagine you could turn yourself into a blonde chick on video with the push of a button? Suddenly your alt-right message would find a lot more followers and let that sweet donation money come in, and unlike before, you could rake in all that cash for yourself as opposed to getting paid with a fake smile and the implied but ultimately empty promise of getting some poontang.

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6 thoughts on “The Next Frontier in Real-Time Visual Trickery

  1. Incredible. I didn’t know that Software Technology had progressed so far…

    In the future… porn movies….hmmm… infinite possibilities.

    1. Porn? Think bigger! Think augmented reality!
      An ugly guy and an ugly woman can get together and put on AR glasses which filter each other’s appearances. Now the guy looks like Fabio to the woman, and the woman looks like Belle Delphine to the guy.

      Dream sex ensues!

      Perhaps the AR technology can also detect when the user is looking at their own body or sees themself in a mirror, so the guy looks like Fabio to himself and the woman looks like Belle Delphine to herself.

      Furthermore, let’s say the woman wants to look like a young Taylor Swift to herself but the guy wants her to look like Kim Kardashian to him. No problem! The AR filters can be set so that the woman sees herself as Taytay, and the guy sees her as Kim K.

      The only hitch is that the user has to have approximately the same build as the persona they are using. But a fat chick can probably pass for Nicki Minaj or Kim K as long as you only do her doggy style.

      Also consider the Coolidge effect.
      This male drive causes happily married men to get bored of their wives and turn their heads after the sexy neighbor. Despair no more! With AR glasses and a custom filter (created from some reference images from the neighbor’s social media accounts), you can fuck the neighbor while pleasing your wife. And your wife might be using a filter on you that makes you look like her boss. No harm, no foul.

  2. I know this software is already used for some time in Thailand. Most people use it for fun. My stepmother has this stuff on her phone. She sometimes turns herself into a hobit or some old man for fun while we are talking. You can basicaly turn yourself into anything or anyone you like.

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