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Open Thread 2019 (#12)

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93 thoughts on “Open Thread 2019 (#12)

  1. How can one use money to meet new women?
    Let’s say I have a good close ratio considering the number of girls I meet, but due to my unusual circumstances I don’t meet new single women. I haven’t met a new single woman in 2019 or in 2018. Not sure about 2017, but I can tell you my dick didn’t get into any female person that year, nor in 2016.

    I’m 31.
    Yes, I have work, friends (all married or with gf) and hobbies, they don’t help and never had. I live in a city of 200k with a university campus. Yes, it’s an absurd situation. Yes, I’m desperate.

    I only need some ways to meet new girls. I want at least a chance to try, but I don’t know how to get outside of this situation.
    Everywhere I read about things that only work if you’re tall and squarejawed (clubs), things that don’t work because they need commitment to a lie (hobbies you don’t give a shit about), and the just go outside and friends of a friend and work, which I think work in most situations but haven’t worked for me in years.
    I see in many cases people have a problem closing, I don’t even get to that part.

    I wasted the good looks and the best erections of my 20s, I need to get out of this situation before it’s too late.

    tl;dr: asking for suggestions on how to use money to meet women. Absurd suggestions are welcomed too.

    1. Almost all fertile women you’re ever going to meet have a partner or a guy they are fucking whom they can pretend to be their boyfriend. It’s simply female hypergamy (and monkey-branching) in action. Most women hate being single.

    2. I’m white, but I can’t travel a thousand KMs just to put my dick inside a hole. If dick-in-hole was my wish, I would just go with an escort. Much cheaper, faster, less hassle.
      Instead I’m looking for ideas to get women in my regular life.
      Clearly I’m doing something wrong with my social life if I never know new girls but my male acquaintances roster keeps increasing.
      That’s why I’m open to ideas, but I understand now that this situation may be unusual because I’m asking around online and people mostly tell me to go to a yoga class, dress better and beware of gold-diggers.

      I mean, imagine you were a friendless, reclused NEET. One day you win the lottery. The best lawyers give you the best asset protection in the world. Now, how do you get to MEET women, aside from prostitution?
      I may not be in the same situation, since I have friends and I don’t have lottery money, but I may as well be since the number of women I get to know each year is basically the same.
      I’ve been stuck in this situation for years and I’m trying to change to get out of it. Of course I’m already doing what everyone would do (new gym for example, searching for hobbies with women that would also interests me), but since I have money to spare why not getting a leverage that would be denied to people with no money?
      Also what now baffles me is that people don’t even understand the question. I mean, it’s one thing if one doesn’t have any idea to offer, after all I’m asking for them so I don’t have many in the first place, but it’s like finding an original way to meet women cannot even be conceived as a question one can pose himself.
      I don’t have any problem with the replies I got here which were fair, but I asked on other sites and I don’t understand why this question is so misunderstood.

      As for female hypergamy, you’re right that women are waiting for the next branch, sometimes I forget.

    3. How much money are we talking about? If you have heaps of “FU money”, you could also try the high-roller lifestyle, i.e. party in expensive clubs etc. I’ve seen this first-hand with former clients of mine. They plunk down a grand for a table in the VIP area, tip lavishly, and then staff will even bring chicks to your table. Those places also have an interesting door policy: girls get in for free, and only if they’re hot. Guys have to pay. Frankly, with such sums of money just to get your foot in, I’d say that banging hookers is a better bang for the buck, if you’re only after sex.

    4. Frank,

      Sometimes I think about how much better my sex life would be if I developed a social circle with lots of chicks in it. I think about what would be if I befriended a lot of women and used that as leverage to meet fuck buddies and what not. Alek has talked about this. One could also work to build up a certain amount of recognition in some way or another and use their status to help promote their agenda.

      I’ve thought about those things, and maybe I’ll even get around to utilizing my talents some day to reach a modest level of success in that regard. But maybe I won’t, because when I think about how I could be doing those things, I also contemplate the amount of work that’s required to get from point A to point B. Sure, it’s not impossible or even unlikely, however, I just really can’t be bothered too much these days, to be perfectly honest.

      Having a good network of people to rely on in this way would potentially be very rewarding. It may be worth my effort. I don’t know what your situation is, but I imagine it’s similar to mine where you spend a lot of time doing things alone, and you may even have come to prefer doing this.

    5. Frank, how about using your money to start a side business or job where you would meet hot girls? You would be willing to make a loss because you’re not in it for the money. Off the top of my head ideas could include doing erotic photography, running a bar, putting on club nights, running a women’s clothing shop or being a tour guide.

    6. I didn’t mention that because I was assuming he’d already read it!

      I think he wants to bang women that aren’t escorts, right?

    7. Well I would think the first steps in leveraging your money would involve getting a really nice place in an area with lots of hot girls (walkable or a short drive from the spots they hang out), buying a badass car, and buying badass clothes. Wear nice cologne. In addition to the gym membership, maybe a membership at a tanning salon if assuming your skin type can tan.

      Those are the first things that come up in my mind when I think of leveraging your money as they all involve purchases.

      Also, I’d think getting into cooking and wine would go a long way with chicks. Having the best wine and cooking with the best ingredients money can buy would be a type of leveraging your money.

    8. I think I asked a question similar to yours before and we are pretty much in the same boat.

      I know exactly how you’re feeling and have wondered the same thing re: utilizing money. It’s basically utilize the money to live or be able to go to other environments. Then utilize the money to look the best you can. But at the end of the day the answer is, has always been, and always will be: approach women.

  2. You have written The Ultimate Post on Male Height, now it’s time to write The Ultimate Post on Male Weight & Build ;=)

    1. The one thing that I think gets overlooked with the idea of a higher bodyfat % being better for taller guys: facial fat. While the body may look better with a shirt on, leaner tends to bring out facial features more. if you can be bulky and still have defined facial features you’ve hit the genetic lottery.

    2. True dat. Some guys have chiseled faces at higher bodyfat levels.

      I’m on the opposite side of that curve. I need to get superlow to get any facial features to come out. Otherwise i look like a soccer ball lol.

      Aaron was correct in his advice that 15% bodyfat is a good goal for most guys. Thats in terms of shirt-on phusiques. Average genetics guys have a decent facial definition at that BF.

      Others unfortunately have to get much leaner to get facial lines. Which gets them a better face but shirt-on look is no longer as good and its a lot more work to maintain 10% than 15%.

    1. Jordan Petersons biggest problem is that he believes that professors are smart and understand everything, no matter the area. That dude is a professor in a pseudo-science, however, which should be an oxymoron. He understands very little of the things he’s talking about, but because he’s high on his own bullshit, he pontificates on C.G. Jung and Hitler, making stuff up as he goes along, and believing that he’s some kind of modern-day messiah.

      By the way, his understanding of Hitler and Nazi Germany is so poor it is comical, yet it’s a cornerstone of his gig. His analysis is roughly along the lines that Hitler listened to what the people were responding to, and he simply amplified it. Well, it would help if that guy had read a few of Hitler’s speeches (there are anthologies with thousands of pages of them available) and scrutinize the points he made. Besides, Hitler wasn’t immensely popular because he wanted to gas the jews. Instead, he managed to wrestle Germany free of the oppressive force of international finance and eradicate unemployment. He achieved the biggest and shortest turn-around the world has ever seen, and likely will ever see. Germany turned into a world power within a few years — and it took the combined force of capitalism and communism to defeat it. Yet, to the very end, Germans died for Hitler and the Reich instead of deserting. I’d be interested to hear Peterson’s take on how Hitler was able to get that level of commitment, apart from platitudes. How many people would happily die for Obama, Merkel, or Macron?

    2. I can’y remember the man’s name exactly, but I read a story a while back about a NJIT lecturer who made a prediction that by 2050, Western Europe would get fed up and start sending immigrants away en masse. He claimed that Germany would print money with faces on the bills such as Hitler, and that he would be revered as one of the great European leaders in history. Of course, this got him fired and his defamation lawsuit didn’t go through either.

      The guy was also an editor-in-chief for an alt-right publication at the time, but is now supporting some Native American leftie for the 2020 election.

      I would like to think that Europeans will organize themselves and push back against all the bullshit that they’ve had to/will endure. Hopefully, it isn’t too awfully destructive, though.

    3. In response to my above statement, it would appear that the man (Jason Reza Jorjani) allegedly responsible for those remarks was recorded without consent and taken out of context by what seems to be an ANTIFA operative. Seemingly, because Mr. Jorjani was a proponent of Iran’s abandonment of Islam in favor of its return to Zorastrianism, or rather a renaissance movement that would hopefully lead to an alliance with the USA.

      He has since abandoned the alt-right movement after several disillusionments involving Trump f.e. the Syrian missile strikes, the Saudi sword dance footage and referencing the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf – to name a few instances.

      This is all old news btw, I just wanted to clarify my previous comment. However, I have become more interested in certain topics recently.

    4. That’s interesting! I did a quick online search on that guy and the usual suspects quickly showed up: New York Times, SPLC et. My default position nowadays is to distrust the mainstream narrative on principle. I view them as fake news until proven innocent.

    5. “He achieved the biggest and shortest turn-around the world has ever seen, and likely will ever see. Germany turned into a world power within a few years”

      There are people with other views on that.
      Have you seen this by chance?

    6. Thanks for that link! I’ll check it out. It may take me a while until I manage to watch that 3.5 hour-long video, though.

    7. @AAron

      I’ll be curious to hear your opinion after you watch the video. IMO it’s a bad conspiracy theory video. I don’t have anything against conspiracy theories per se, but it’s hard to do a well researched one that actually makes sense.

      It’s not that there aren’t wealthy actors working around the clock to influence governments and world events, but the way these types videos present things is just cringeworthy… IMHO :))

    8. I think this video is misrepresenting the Jewish role in the entire plot, but the part about the second world war and how it was funded by the US makes a lot of sense.

    9. I watched about 1/3 so far. It’s not nearly as outlandish as I would have expected. What this movie so far does not mention is that the NSDAP also got a lot of support domestically as the captains of industry were quite afraid of a Bolshevik revolution happening in Germany as well. The claim that the Nazis were seen as a defense against communism is completely plausible and fully agrees with anything I have read. Some historians support this hypothesis, so it is not nearly as much of a fringe belief as some may think. It certainly is not how this is taught in history in school, though.

    10. Thanks for your comment, Aaron. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the rest of the video.
      MY understanding is, that they do not deny the concentration camps, but they display them as working camps, rather than extermination camps put in place by the real fascists in the US, who just use human labor to enrich themselves. Not quite sure what to think about that.

      Btw, can you point me to some sources covering the topic of how the bolshevik revolution in Russia was funded/initiated by the jews?

    11. You could start with those two quite thorough articles on The Unz Review:

      That the Bolshevists were largely jews used to be common knowledge and openly discussed in the first half of the 20th century. Only historians of later decades tried covering this up.

    12. I’ve now watched the rest of that video. Overall, it’s a pretty good documentary. Some quotes are taken out of context, and some claims I would have liked seen better supported. However, the big picture is fine, i.e. the official narrative of WWII, JFK, and 9/11 is bullshit. That I object to a few of the presented arguments does not invalidate the entire video. Also, if such videos make a few more people question the mainstream narrative, a lot is gained.

      There have been industrial ties between the US and Nazi Germany. Thus, indirectly US industrialists benefited from those work camps as well. A lot of the largest fortunes in Germany were created this way. I don’t doubt that it could be that a few fat cats in the US also made billions.

      At the very end, the movie goes a bit off the rails when it calls for revolution. My first question would be to ask, “And then what?” Even if you managed to get 20 million incels to storm the White House, you’re not going to suddenly end up with some kind of workers’ paradise. I also don’t buy the argument that anybody could be rich if we only spread the wealth of the elites. A lot of the money is in equities and real estate; cash flow is just a minor component of their fortune. For the sake of the argument, let’s say we take all the money of “the rich” and spread it equally: you can bet that the bottom fifth of society will immediately use it on drugs, booze, and gambling. I agree that the middle class is getting squeezed, but I don’t agree that everybody should have the same.

    13. I think some of ya’ll would like the documentary The Lobby – USA:

      “The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.

      The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017.

      But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film.”

    14. Thanks for that review, Aaron.
      Agree with everything you say.
      I’d like to make the point that Titus Gebel very dryly observed that “revolutions have historically had a very bad track record” and I believe it’s because of exactly the question you raised, a questions that gets never a proper answer “what then?”

      I do want to point out something, though.
      Revolutions having a very bad track record generally holds true (just look at the French revolution), but I’d say that the American Revolution was pretty successful.
      I think there are two reasons:
      1. The oppressor is geographically not on the same territory as those with revolutionary ambitions.
      2. The revolutionaries know upfront exactly what they want and have smart people ho can look ahead and formulate it.
      (3. A great deal of violence is used)

      This would be a framework that explains why most revolutions fail, but the American one pretty much succeeded. It does not really explain why the Bolshevik revolution succeeded though, but maybe you have your thoughts on that – happy to hear them!

      In any case, if you have the time, you can read “Moon is a harsh mistress”. It is a very good book about an utopian society of outlaws on the moon, which runs in a pretty anarchic way and they do revolt against the world government. Point 1 & 2 are fulfilled, so I’ll kinda spoil it here and say that there is success in the end, but how they get there is a fun read and it just has its own wonderful humor which makes it a great read.

    15. @Neutralrandomthoughts

      There is a school of thought (in the minority among historians) that the American Revolution was a step back rather than a step forward. There was more liberty and justice in America before the revolution than after. The American Revolution was a counter-revolution by a privilege-seeking ruling class pursuing “national greatness.” It was a successful attempt at centralizing power. The most nuanced book on this topic that I’m aware of is America’s Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited by Sheldon Richman:

      It’s a quick read.

    16. @Neutralrandomthoughts

      As for the Bolshevik revolution, my reading of history is that the primary reason for its success was that the Bolsheviks were the only ones prepared to withdraw Russia from WWI. When the tsar had been forced to abdicate there was debate among the parties in the Duma (the Russian parliament), but none of the parties except for the Bolsheviks believed that Russia should withdraw from the war. (They wanted to keep their “obligations” to their allies).

      Russia was far behind the other European powers in terms of industrial development and consequently Russian soldiers often went to battle with no bullets/shared rifles/no supplies. For every enemy casualty there were several Russian casualties. The hardships caused by war created a huge anti-war sentiment in Russia and Lenin skillfully exploited this sentiment to gain power.

      Lenin even used the promise of withdrawing Russia from the war to get the German gov’t to help sneak him into Russia (Lenin had been in exile for many years).

    17. What I find most interesting about reading history, as opposed to the cookie-cutter version taught in school or promoted in the mainstream, is that there are countless unintended consequences. You could of course now ask, “What if the Germans had not sent Lenin to Russia?” There are countless cases were actions or omissions that seemed innocuous at the time had major consequences down the road.

    18. “There is a school of thought (in the minority among historians) that the American Revolution was a step back rather than a step forward. There was more liberty and justice in America before the revolution than after. ”

      Thanks @GMoney, that is a good one.
      Will check it out.

      This point of view pretty much supports my thinking that anarchy (as in “absence of rulers, not absence of rules”) is by far the most peaceful concept of living together. After all, the so-called Wild West wasn’t so wild at all.

      It’s ridiculous that people try over and over to build the perfect constitution, when there is no perfect one and no constitution will fully uphold individual rights. The proof for that is that it is a huge drama whomever becomes judge of the supreme court. If it’s oh so clear, then why do we need the judges to have a particular political inclination for the constitution to be interpreted a certain way.
      That, and the fact that anybody can vote, are the reasons constitutional democracies fail.
      As someone put it recently on Twitter, regarding the latter:
      “Die Sollbruchstelle einer Demokratie ist das Wahlrecht der Transferleistungsempfänger.”

  3. Aaron, you mentioned anti-game. Apart of course from the obvious, are there more subtle ways you could ruin your chances of a quick shag?

    1. “Anti-game” is hardly about subtlety. Women who want to fuck you cut you quite some slack. Thus, “anti-game” means making absurd mistakes. Ironically, a lot of what proponents of “game” promote could easily be classified as “anti-game”. The creepy hand-reading routine is a very good example.

  4. Aaron I am a very good looking guy ,I know that you mentioned that game is useless and it’s whether she likes you or not ,but I don’t understand one thing I never met an attractive looking woman who is easy and get’s obsessed with me just because I look good,the only ones that are like that are girls that are uglier than me…I’ve heard there guys who experience this but I don’t understand why this barely happens to me…Maybe you actually need some game with girls?What are your thoughts ?

    1. For individual advice you better book a consultation session. In this particular case, Skype is preferable.

  5. For AlekNovy:

    I was reading your posts about training, gym, workouts… and i was curious to hear how you handle the diet part of it for bulking/cutting, if you actually do it

    1. At the moment I’m a fat pig. Too busy with other life goals, working 18 hour days on starting tough businesses etc… Basically balooned up due to not having time to worry about fitness.

      When I did lost weight, the only thing that ever worked for me was caloric restriction. That’s despite trying every method on the planet.

      (all weightloss relies on caloric restriction, but when I say caloric restriction i mean setting a goal of exactly how many calories you’re allowed to eat in the day and not surpassing it)… in my case it was split in x meals.

  6. Rhinoplasty – 20k €

    Hair Transplant For More Density – 10k €

    Eye Color Surgery – 8k € (Romania or Tunisia)

    Ears Correction Surgery – 3k €

    Gap between teeth – 4k €

    1. Hair Transplant For More Density – 10k € (5k € in Turkey)
      Gap between teeth – 4k € (1,5k € in Poland)

      On my list :=D

    2. Dropping thousands of eurs and going on multiple surgeries so a thot can smile to you seem a reasonable strategy

    3. @Lucas
      >>Dropping thousands of eurs and going on multiple surgeries so a thot can smile to you seem a reasonable strategy<<

      Totally worth it :=D

    4. What’s up with that enormous scowl? A masculine face is not a problem. Of course, you won’t attract women who are into pretty boys with it.

    5. He most certainly asked about your ethnicity, i.e. where you are ‘really’ from. This gets mocked in SJW circles, but reflexively it just seems odds when, say, an African would say that he is “German”.

    6. @Frank_HH

      You really cannot trust anyone’s answer when it comes to rating looks.

      The only objectivity you can find in assessing your own aesthetics lies with studying the behavior of the public towards you in real life aka society’s mirror.

      How does society respond to you and treat you IN REAL LIFE.

      If you want to know where you stand on the “looks scale”, then look no further than how society has collectively decided to treat you over the course of your life.

      Super macho man looks its not welcome in 2019. Instagram era… if was… i was banging chicks every day. I can’t even get laid.

      This friday i kissed a white and blonde women, with blue eyes, she looks like a model… but was pure luck… and i just kiss her for 30min.

      …and no… she dont fuck with me… she just walk away when i talk about going to my apartment.

    7. What’s up with that enormous scowl?

      I would diagnose it in this case as the case of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. He wants to believe women hate him for his looks, so he projects a scowl that makes all women react negatively to him, thereby proving him right.

    8. Sigh. I just don’t see it. I don’t think you’re an incel. None of us do, I don’t think. You have height, decent build, good jaw, full head of hair, your face looks symmetrical. Sure, you haven’t been gifted with Brad Pitt tier looks, you’re far from an incel.

      You mentioned that some blonde girl at the bar made out with you recently. I seriously doubt she would have made out if she wasn’t potentially interested in having sex. What happened? And do you exclusively go for only hot blonde hair and blue eyed white chicks? Just wondering.

      Also, dude, try not to be obsessed with this whole black pill stuff so much. Yea, it’s true that you can be so ugly (very short, really bad face, just overall poor genetics etc.) that no decent chick in her right mind would want to bang. It happens. And it’s true that a buff and tall male model will have a ridiculous amount of success just by virtue of being good looking. But you’re not either of those, and it’s okay, man.

    9. @Pickernanny

      Nothing happened, we just kiss like fire for 20 or 30 min, just kiss.

      I love blonde white girls, but other girls is ok.

      But im still incel.

    10. That could have been a lay. Making out until she loses interest is a common beginner’s mistake.

    11. Good point. For context: Welptydoo was a poster on my forum who was quite set in his ways, yet kept asking for advice.

    12. The Male model scowl is kind of like a peacocks tail. It’s flaunting “look I’m so hot that I can get away with scowling”.

      Not even a “chad light” can get away with a scowl. If you can’t get laid with a a scowl, it just proves you’re not in the top 1% of looks.

    13. i am going to chime in and claim your face is not as masculine as you think ,it is not.
      and girls love masculine faces. being pretty and masculine isnt contradictory.

    14. I’m fasting. Im on my day 4 of water fast. I want to improve my skin. And will change my diet to fruitarian diet / raw vegan. I want my skin glowing and face chiseled and lean.

    1. I watched the whole video. Man this is hilarious, that woman is going to die alone for sure. In another video you can see her face, just lol at the thought of a young guy wanting to have a relationship with her without money being involved

    2. On dating sites, it’s mostly looks for sure. We are all familiar with 80/20 rule on dating sites, right? Well, I heard new reports that around 65% of women are seen as attractive by men and less than 5% of men are deemed worthy by women.

      I’m thinking that with sites like Tinder being around for so long now, women have defaulted to being extremely selective online due to an inflated sense of abundance and importance. I mean, if you had hundreds of women messaging you everyday, wouldn’t you try to weed out all the 7’s etc. in favor for the 8.5’s and so on?

      The link just affirms to me to stay away from online dating entirely. It’s mostly attention whoring anyway.

    3. Yes, I’m aware of the year and all its implications lol. This blog (and the one before it) have been pointing out the importance of looks for like a decade. It still doesn’t refute my point that you’re better off trying to hook up with women in real life vs online.

  7. Men are disposable. Men don’t have any value. 80% of men will not reproduce. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, they select men. That’s why game is useless. Men are dumb to believe in conversation skills, body language and game.

    This is like sperm wars, only one sperm can fertilize an egg, this is true in real life too, only 20% of men will have women, other 80% will die alone.

    Men are dumb. They believe everything. They are blind. There is no game. If she like you, you don’t need conversational skills.

    Friday i was in the club, and i kissed one blonde white women, i don’t need to say anything, she choose me.

  8. May I ask a question for the editor any other young men here? I’m 62, unmarried, and I see lots of articles by young millennial women writers grousing about most young millennial men are deadbeats, man children, etc. These writers appear to be most likely politically liberal-left leaning, and reside in large urban areas, so some of this stands to reason. I’ve politely emailed these writers and asked them this. What about young men who grew up in intact families where both parents stayed married, where they may have had a faith tradition (dirty word today), and where they work in a trade or blue collar job? What about taking it down a notch? None have answered me. ???

    1. The problem is that those “educated” women tend to look down on guys with a regular job, despite the fact that, for instance, a plumber makes more in a year than those women may make in five, and more than a lot of college grads in steady jobs.

    1. Yes.

      And… my intuition is saying that, this world have more men than women. The ratio is not balanced.

      Look at night clubs, more men than women.

      So men are disposable.

      This is my 30 year of life experience. Now i can see the real world.

    1. Thanks for sharing this link. I watched it a few days ago and will write a short post on it.

    1. It’s a pretty good as chappelle calls out the left on their hypocrisy. Also his jokes pissed off various lefty / SJW groups – always a good sign! Ideally you pirate the show since Netflix (Which produced the chappelle special) is itself a woke corporation, ugh.

      Do you guys remember how some pro-life movie got banned or lots of protest.?

      Anyhow, I came across this other movie which is about angry white incel becomes alt-right-loving mass shooter. The trailer is here and looks shitty:

      Hopefully the movie is actually a 4chan scam /joke.

  9. I recently became aware that Amazon Prime Video has a decent free anime selection and went on a binge spree. Vinland Saga (ongoing) and Dororo 2019 (completed) are fantastic imo.

    I wanted to talk real quick about another anime titled Inuyashiki Last Hero, though. Its extremely ridiculous premise and unlikely protagonist drew me in initially, but after finishing the 11th and final episode, I was left contemplating the societal aspects of the short running series.

    First off, the main protagonist is an extremely old looking 58 year old man with a wife and two children, barely scraping by in an office job to provide for a family that takes him for granted. The fact that our unlikely hero looks like he is in his 90’s and in poor overall health, to me, reflects how men in Japan are worked to the bone for little incentive. This can explain the herbivore phenomenon in part.

    1. One day, the old man (Inuyashiki) is waking his dog, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, when it gets loose. He chases after it and we find Inuyashiki in field near a glowing shed next to a teenage boy. Suddenly, a UFO crushes them and they only have weapons grade repairs available to restore the ‘intelligent lifeforms.’ They initiate repairs and zoom off, never to be seen again.

      Inuyashiki decides to use his new found powers for good, while the teenage boy, Hiro, ends up killing around 500 innocent people in a psychopathic manner before the conclusion. In typical Japanime fashion, however, things aren’t so black and white. At first, Hiro Shishigami is made out to be a pure evil villain, murdering people for his own enjoyment. After a few episodes, we get more of a glimpse into his personal.

    2. Midway through the series, Hiro visits his father who is doing quite well for himself. He is married with three additional children, has a nice home, and the family has a joyous time celebrating Hiro’s younger brother’s birthday. Afterwards, Hiro goes to his comparatively dumpy apartment home it is revealed that he had been raised by a single mother. He does, however, love his mother and treats her well, and after she exposes her disgust for the murderer at large one eveing while watching the local news, he has a change of heart and decides to never kill again.

      Without spoiling too much of the plot, it just got me thinking a bit. It’s also worth noting that in the West where mass gun violence has been increasing, a show like this would probably be really offensive. You literally have a maladjusted teenage boy shooting and killing people through various methods while having been raised by a single mother. How well would that go over with mainstream Western audiences?

      Also, an 8 foot tall Yakuza man rapes another man in the mouth, as well as kidnaps and drugs women, then rapes them. It’s definitely not a show for the easily offended.

    3. Thanks for sharing! This sounds like an interesting show. I can’t even imagine a show like that to be made in the West. Instead, we would have a celebration of single motherhood and the serial killer would come from a white, conservative home.

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