The Truth about Female Social Skills and Popularity

One of the most persistent lies society tells us is that women are better with people than men. We hear that they have much higher “emotional intelligence”, even though this is a bullshit concept. Supposedly, this is also the reason women flock towards professions where they can interact with people, such as hairdresser, HR drone, call center girl, or prostitute. Yet, in my experience, I don’t think women are necessarily better at dealing with people. Oftentimes, they do a pretty horrible job. To mention the most obvious example: if you bring a couple of guys together in a group, they can collaborate even if they don’t like each other much or if they are strangers. With women, though, this is not easy at all. I have never encountered a guy who told me he does not want to work together with some other dude, but I have met women who insisted they could not work with some other woman.

The supposed social skills of women tend to focus on their ability to manipulate men. Yet, this skill depends on one factor alone: her youth, and thus her attractiveness. Simps fall over themselves to do the homework of the occasional girl in their engineering class because they find her attractive. Simps are surely less inclined to help out some feminist fattie. You may now object that this is because some women are more popular than others. But why are they more popular? It’s normally because they are better looking than others and they are flirtatious. That is how they manipulate men.

Let’s view this issue under a more analytical lens. For the sake of the argument, assume women have particular social skills, which men don’t have. If they have them in their youth, you should probably also assume that they retain them as they get older. In fact, by assuming that we are talking about social skills as opposed to beauty, decades of experience would imply that a woman in her 50s or 60s is a master manipulator who always gets her way. Her social skills should be off the charts. In reality, though, women turn invisible for men once their looks have faded. Her social skills are an illusion.

With women, popularity depends on looks and perceived availability. Your average thot can post the most inane crap on Instagram and get hundreds of comments. In real life, guys will fall over themselves to throw money at her, be it gifts or free dinners. However, if such a woman would state that she is in a relationship and not available, she would not nearly be as popular. This is why e-thots generally pretend to be single. They dangle the possibility of sex or a meet-up, however elusive it may be, right in front of thirsty guys.

I think one of the most masterful manipulators in the current crop of e-thots is Belle Delphine. She probably makes high five-figures a month off her fanbase. Yet, look at her Patreon page to get an idea how well she knows her audience. She has a support tier called “GOD” ($2,500 or more per month), which she describes as follow:

You are my god, I couldn’t possibly ever thank you enough. <3 I couldn’t possibly think of a good enough reward for the very best Patron I will ever have. <3 If you achieve this tier, please private message me. I’m not sure what reward I could give you, but we’ll talk about it. I love you.

Belle Delphine working on her social skills

No, she won’t fuck you. She only makes you think that if you drop a few grand on her that you get to bang her. She’ll only drain you of your hard-earned cash. Now you may think that her wording shows her “emotional intelligence” and her savant-level skills at manipulating guys. Yet, for how long do you think she’ll be able to do this? Once her looks are gone, her manipulations will stop working.

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12 thoughts on “The Truth about Female Social Skills and Popularity

  1. If women had such great social skills, there’d be more sales women than salesmen, which is not the case.

  2. One of my exes was super deluded about that.

    She told me about her superior social skills, because she got invited to parties very often and lot of contact requests on facebook (80% from men)

    I was like “honey they just want to fuck you”. She was super pissed lol

    1. @Martin

      >>I was like “honey they just want to fuck you”. She was super pissed lol<<

      Exactly! Most women are deluded and think that men's affection is only platonic *lol*

    2. She knows that. She just dont want you to know that. They are all potencial replacements for you, should you not live up to her expectations.

    3. I agree with Ben. I overhear attractive chicks complaining about the unworthy guys that hit on them pretty often. The thing is the guys in many cases aren’t even being that overt, but they still complain in disgust. Sort of like, ‘the nerve of that guy. Thinking he could ever possibly get my pussy.’ They’re not oblivious to when a guy is in to them. In fact, they pretty much assume most guys would at least smash them if given the chance.

      Women will rationalize all sorts of bullshit. A chick I was banging had a fiance and said to me with pure conviction that she is extremely faithful unless pushed too far, trying to convince me that she would be a loyal girlfriend. She was only doing it because her man had just crossed too many barriers, and he essentially deserved what he was getting. She felt zero remorse about it. Imagine how pissed she would be if she found out her fiance was cheating on her and he explained to her that she had just not been a good girlfriend i.e. neglecting the household, hiding her phone, being a bitch and neglecting to drain his sac.

    4. @:Pickernanny
      If he cheats, he’s a dog. Even the fact that she didnt have seks with him for months wont be enough to rationalize it.
      If she cheats, it’s because he was not man enough or whatever.
      And sadly this is accepted by most Western people.
      Women are never held responsible for anything in the Western world.
      No wonder Western women are this rotten.
      They are never held responsible. And they get their way whenever they throw a tantrum. Thats why they behave like spoiled children.

  3. Social skills are by definition the skills you need to adapt and to react appropriately to different social situations. Women are as a whole so mediocre, average and middle of the road that they have zero problems in most social situations. Partly b/c most social situations are repetitive, partly b/c society is heavily geared towards them. For someone who is not normal or exceptional this is hard. Intelligent people for example cannot talk about the same shit over and over again – weather, football, the smalltalk stuff. It bores them to death. But put women to the test in a social situation or put them in an unusual social situation and the assuredly will fail.

    On another note, I really thought that the very obvious whoring a lot of women do nowadays would lead to more disgust towards them. But still there are thirsty men who throw money at them. Maybe this blog is one outlet of this disgust.

    1. Haselnuss, your observation and your conclusion are absolutely SPOT-ON!!
      This is one further example of your great comments which you’ve been contributing to this blog for many years. And it reminds me once more of why I’ve always enjoyed your comments so much! 😉

  4. i think most people suck at most things

    not just women

    (and i am probably not as great as i think i am)

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