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This is how you Stop False Rape Accusations

It’s rare that there are any good news, but here is one. A few days ago, the news was making the rounds that 12 Jews had raped one 19-year-old English girl in a hotel room in Aiya Napa. This sounds like a story straight out of Nazi propaganda. It wasn’t true, though. She made the entire thing up.

The article linked above does not go into much detail, but we learn a few things from it. First, the woman looks pretty unattractive. She also looks a lot older than 19, which is probably the consequence of some questionable lifestyle choices. However, the key bit of information is the following:

[S]he tearfully told cops she had invented the story because she was annoyed some of them had filmed themselves while having consensual sex. (…) A law enforcement official said the woman had withdrawn her claims during questioning over the weekend, saying there had been sexual contact with the suspects but she wasn’t raped.

It is not clear if she has had sex with 12 men in that hotel room, but she has had sex with more than one man, which you can deduce from the statement above. Of course, whores don’t like it when their cover gets blown, so they get a bit upset when there is evidence linking them to their sordid pastimes. So, what’s a whore going to do to get revenge? That’s easy, she’ll just accuse those guys of rape.

What I find most remarkable is that the guys are now going after her legally. I doubt they will get the millions in damages that are mentioned in the article. (Who would pay them?) However, she is also going to be put on trial by the public prosecutor, in addition to the impeding civil lawsuit, and may face up to one year in prison.

In short, this is how you completely get rid of false rape accusations: sue those lying whores who have no qualms about ruining the lives of good, upstanding gentlemen. I bet if you just put one whore in prison and publicize this, a lot of enterprising young ladies will think twice before lying to the police about having been raped.

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7 thoughts on “This is how you Stop False Rape Accusations

    1. I have never been there myself, but I recall that it had (has?) a reputation for being a low-class destination. Supposedly, there are hordes of Europeans, lots of Brits, who go there to drink and party all day long, and not in a civilized way.

  1. “First, the woman looks pretty unattractive. She also looks a lot older than 19”

    What do you base this on? She’s covered in the vid and her name is not mentioned. Are you confusing her with the woman in the white top who leads her?

    1. Oh, you’re right. When skimming the article, I thought that woman was the accused because of those sunglasses. I didn’t notice the woman she was leading through the crowd. I’ve watched the video now. Obviously, as the face of that woman is covered, I don’t know how old she looks, but judging by her frame, I’d say she is not physically attractive. Either way, that’s not the main point of my article, so let’s not get hung up on it.

    2. I agree, was curious whether I missed something because I’d be interested to see how she looks.

      Genuinely hope she gets some severe punishment for this, also to set an example. In my opinion the punishment for a proven false accusation of crime x should be the same as the punishment for actual crime x, to some degree. False accusations are a disgusting attempt to abuse the law system we have in place.

  2. i live in israel , when heard the story first time my first accusation was “false rape accusation” oh boi i was right. lol.
    it is like females dont have variation in the shit they throw it is always the same story.
    not only they should sue her they also have the video to prove she speaks shit. always film sex to debunk the accusations. 🙂

  3. Lol put her in prison alright. Its a tall order to make a lying bitch pay for her false accusations, so bring out the big guns: a dozen jewish lawyers! If they cant pull this off, no one will. 🙂

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