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Young Women Aren’t Used to Paying for Anything

I listened to Turd Flinging Monkey’s latest video earlier today. In it, he jokes that a model who is used to getting clothes, flights, and meals paid for might think that this is how people treat each other. He is certainly right that a young, attractive woman may easily form a warped view of the world, which will make the wall hit with enormous force, compared to a regular woman.

While most of the women you hook up with will probably not be models, you can nonetheless encounter many who have a completely twisted view on reality. For instance, old school gurus recommended to never pay for anything. “Make her pay for her own coffee, brah!”, they shouted. I think this is a bit silly. A coffee is a few bucks, and everything that is a trivial expense you should cover because it would be silly to lose a lay due to being too stingy to pay $2.50. That being said, you probably have a limit with regards to what constitutes a trivial expense. I think you should not pay for the meal of a woman you have not fucked yet because the temptation is just too big for her to bleed your finances, get some entertainment, and ask you to drop her off at Chad’s place afterward. Besides, a sit-down meal for two can easily cost you $100 or more and for that amount of money you can already fuck a whore or get two BJs.

What you will encounter when you turn down a woman’s request to pay for her meal can range from quiet acceptance to disbelief. Some even lose their shit and throw expletives at you. Note that this does not mean that those women would not have wanted to fuck you anyway. There are women out there who are very entitled but who are happy to put out as long as you keep your wallet open.

The number of women who have no concept of money is staggering. College-aged women who live off their daddy’s money may be so pampered that they think that paying for a lavish meal at a quality restaurant is easily affordable to you. In fact, only rarely have I met (Western) women who showed any consideration for the cost of their grand plans. I have heard the most ludicrous suggestions, such as fine dining, weekend trips, or even shopping sprees on my dime (lol). Those women never had to work for money and somehow assumed everybody has plenty of it; she only has to ask for it. Furthermore, those were not some spoiled one-percenters but simply middle-class women with parents who lacked good judgment. A woman who is used to spending well above her means, without realizing that she is spending above her means, would, of course, make for a rather poor girlfriend or wife. If you’re not willing to open your wallet for her, she’ll not want to be your girlfriend, but she’ll probably hop on your dick anyway. Either way, sooner or later her gravy train will end, so teaching her the lesson that not all men are walking wallets will only lead to good results. If she’s a gold digger, she’ll move on (good riddance!) and if she is fine with you not showering her with money, then you’ll end up not wasting any on her.

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12 thoughts on “Young Women Aren’t Used to Paying for Anything

  1. There are too many stupid young men who pay for everything! During my college time young female college students used naive men to pay for their cost of living (housing, tuition fees and so on). After graduation they dumped their stupid “boy friends”….

    1. That, too. Of course, many of those women fuck other guys behind the back of their supposed boyfriend who may never even get one lay out of that kind of arrangement.

    2. @Sleazy
      I remember a freshman college girl who got together with some older ugly nerdy student, who had inherited a large chunk of money from his grandparents. He was financially well off. She said to him: “I am asexual, so I don’t need sex, but we can live together and share our friendship on a platonic basis”. She moved into his flat and he financed her living… *lol*

      But women are “independent” :=)) ^^

      Happened in 2007 @ TUHH, Hamburg.

    3. This is ridiculous. However, I have first and second-hand knowledge of similar cases. Of course, those parasitic women are only asexual with their host, not with all the guys who make their vagina tingle.

    4. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      I know of other similar cases, some involving cuckoo children and double lives. All in all quite disturbing.

      Trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.

  2. One time i was reading through one of those forums where women talk about their relationships and stuff like that,

    I remember one post of a college girl,
    She liked this guy (30y old), they had long conversations and at one point he invited her to his place which she refused, but saying “we could go to a restaurant instead”. After this he basically moved on and she was complaining how rude he was for not inviting her. She was upset too for him not even showing up to her degree party.
    She complained about being seen like “just a piece of ass” saying “i have opinions too” even if she said several times how good looking his face was.

    She ended by complaining how today men cannot be men anymore or something like that.
    Of course everyone there agreed on him being just an asshole, there were also several white knitghts saying “i would have no problem inviting a girl out on my dime”

  3. Anyone ever noticed woman act the opposite if they are really into you? For example: Back when I was a student, I had several women refuse me pay their drinks. And it was like 3 € at a student bar.

    1. From what i heard, women that refuse you paying for them are both:

      Properly educated,
      Not interested in you.

      But i dont have much experience in this so dont take my words much seriuosly

    2. yes , cause those bitches only care if they get wet for you 24/7 otherwise she treats you like shit or atm.
      funny if she is really into you you can treat her like shit and she still come back for more.

    3. Yup, I’ve had women I wasn’t interested in buy me drinks to get my attention. They actually copy desperate guys because they think that’s how to get someone to fuck you.

    4. In my experience, some of the women more interested in me preferred to buy their own drinks, and even sometimes buy me something. But it was always in a ons/short term/sex context.

      I dont usually invite drinks or dinner, and get laid all the same. I am no ones free meal ticket/atm, i had enough of that shit when i had a girlfriend.

      Only once did a girl tell me she thought I was cheap for not offering to pay for the dinner we had together, and that this was a turnoff for her.
      She wasnt really hot to begin with (misleading tinder photos) so nothing important was lost.

    5. I’ve had the same experiences as Yarara. Girls i banged never accepted i buy anything for them.

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