Writing “Bad Things” About Women

When my first wife wanted to start an argument, she would visit this very blog and skim a few posts until she came across something she did not like. Given the content you find on here, it did not take her very long to do so. Then she would lash out at me for being a misogynist pig and whatnot. I would invariably ask her if anything I have written was factually wrong. To that she did not have a good retort, so she insisted that I “can’t write ‘bad things’ about women.” There was only so much bullshit I could take, particularly since I had been writing online before I met her, which she knew about. Eventually, I got rid of her, and I am still posting articles on my supposedly misogynist blog.

Misogyny is an interesting word in itself because it indicates dislike or “hatred” of women. Yet, it is thrown around as casually as “Nazi” or “Hitler” in some circles. In most cases, though, the charge of being a misogynist, or a Nazi, for that matter, means that somebody else just did not like what you just said or wrote but does not have a good counter argument. Otherwise, they would bring them up. You are just stating facts or observations and they have nothing to refute them with. Do a lot of contemporary women behave in a really shitty manner? Damn right they are.

What the mainstream has a hard time dealing with is that the truth is now out. Before the Internet, guys would share stories of their horrible wife over a beer and they would console each other that that’s just how things are. That was if you were lucky. Other people would shame you, pretending that you are the problem because their sweetheart is perfect — at least that’s what they’d tell you. Reality is often the complete opposite.

Imagine you run arguably the biggest scam in history, all with the backing of society and religion and you run it successfully for thousands of years. Every dissenter you would just shame into shutting his mouth. You control the press for the most part, and if some lone philosopher writes “bad things” about women, you ban the book for espousing anti-family values (I’m not making this up). Yet, eventually the lid blows off, and as long as the Internet does not get too badly censored, men connect online and share their stories. Suddenly they realize that their girlfriend or wife is not all that special, in a bad way. Instead, countless men have complaints about lazy, wasteful, combative wives who ballooned right after marriage. The scam is up. It’s no surprise mainstream media, feminists, women in general, and cucked males are frothing at the mouth. The sheep were never supposed to wake up.

The “bad things’ those men talk about are facts and observations. They may be unpleasant to hear for the mainstream crowd, but that does not invalidate them in any way. Yes, for most men, getting into a relationship is a really bad deal because there are just too many “bad things” about women. The cat is out of the bag. We have been witnessing a cultural shift, with many men who could easily get a girlfriend or wife deciding to keep their wealth for themselves and enjoy their life instead.

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