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Why Men are (Potentially) Happier than Women

I briefly studied in Germany, where I had a professor who went off the script at the beginning of the first lecture of his course, talking about how he views men and women at university. He claimed that women are more intelligent than men despite having smaller brains, work more diligently, and do better as a result. Men can’t even compete. However, he also believed that women are less happy than men, but for reasons he couldn’t quite explain. That was quite a statement to make. It wasn’t quite clear why he made it; probably, he wanted to ensure women that if they show up in low-cut dresses or give him a blow job, they’d get top grades, while he does not give a damn about the men.

Of course, in general, men are more intelligent than women. We are stronger than them and we also have a genuine sense of justice as opposed to the so-called “care-based morality” of women that means that it’s fine to open our borders and let millions of illiterate “doctors and engineers” into the West because if you didn’t, you’d be mean and you can’t be mean. There is one aspect where that professor was right, though: men are generally happier than women, or at least they have the potential to be happier than them.

For men, the path to happiness consists of setting goals and reaching them. You attach meaning to some numbers, and your heart sings if you reach them. Competition makes it even better. This has many applications: GPA, salary, net worth, global rank in some video game, the number of women you’ve fucked, or your personal bests in the gym. There is no end to it. You do something and you set yourself a goal, which motivates you to reach it. Then you reach it, are happy about it, and set yourself another goal. This continues until you’re dead. Some philosopher, I think it was leftie Albert Camus, made fun of this cycle as he viewed it as the punishment of Sisyphus played out over and over. That is very short-sighted, however. There may be no ultimate meaning in you reaching your goals. However, your brain rewards you for the activity leading to it as well as for reaching your goal with a nice shot of dopamine. Lefties like tho short-cut this by consuming dopamine-releasing drugs, but that does not get them anywhere. They only feel even more empty and useless afterwards.

Basically every guy I know a bit better has some goals. Sometimes, it can be surprising. There was one dude I assumed to be a bit dumb; he has a fairly mundane job. I think a few things went wrong in his life, such as a poor choice of university major. Yet, I once learned that he visits Japan about once a year and is fluent in the language. He is in a dead-end office job, but at one point, he got bored with spending his spare time watching subbed Japanese animes and started learning the language to keep his mind from rotting. He took courses in the language, sought the company of Japanese exchange students to practice the language, and the last time I saw him, he was even dating a Japanese girl. He could just as well have vegged out in front of his screen all the time instead, but he didn’t.

The example just mentioned is probably quite unusual, but whenever I make an effort to talk to a guy, I learn that there is something they are interested in and care about, which provides them with a sense of meaning and achievement. On the other hand, how do women go through life? How about we start with your mother versus your father? In the case of my mom, I think the only activity you could classify as a genuine interest is tending to her garden, to make it look pretty. Meanwhile, my dad, while hardly an intellectual, has stockpiled books on history, primitive cultures (my mom suspects he got those books only to look at the naked breasts of women), and various kinds of animals. He went far beyond general interest. For instance, he has one book on the various subspecies of frogs in Central Europe, and several on felidae, i.e. the cat family. No, not picture books of domesticated cats, which I found in the home of some women, but relatively detailed treatises on panthers, lynxes, lions and so on. I bet most people are unaware that there are several sub-species of lions and wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.

Certainly, your male friends all have some interests. It does not matter how high-brow or low-brow it is, but there is most likely something they find fascinating, for whatever reason. In contrast, look at what many young women are interested in: social media in all its forms. Period. The number of utterly shallow women I have met is astounding. This is not an issue of social class. I have met really dull women with advanced degrees who were bankrolled by their wealthy families. Even university is just something they often just do because they think they have to. Early in my seduction career, I sometimes probed when some girl told me about her degree program. I quickly dropped that as I learned that most never critically reflected on what they were taught. Plenty of those women attended selective if not highly selective universities, so don’t think that this is a matter of intelligence, attitude, or money. If anything, at the elite school I attended, the women were even less critical than women from more common walks of life.

Surely, you have encountered the problem that many women have nothing to talk about, yet talk an awful lot about it. They can fill hours running their mouth about other people, in particular other women. It’s just hot air. On the other hand, if you try having a discussion with them similar to how you’d talk to a guy, you would quickly find yourself back on Tinder, looking for a new date. If you have no interest in ideas, but only in events and people, the problem is that only high school and college will expose you to very large inbuilt social circles. For most people, social contacts will get fewer as they get older. This means that if you have built your life around talking crap about others behind their back but there are fewer and fewer others around behind whose back you can talk about, the walls are narrowing in on you.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a woman who has no genuine interests, intellectual or otherwise. What is she going to do? There is shopping, watching Netflix, hooking up, and social media. All of this is mere consumption. They get the shopper’s high after receiving a new parcel, but within days or hours that is gone and they feel once again empty. Watching videos is likewise not fulfilling. You’ll just watch another one instead. Nothing comes from it. Then they go online and they just can’t find those buff billionaires to settle down with; they only get pumped and dumped and emotionally damaged in the process. Lastly, they go on social media and compare their deficient real life with the fake life of others and get depressed as a consequence.

On the other hand, how does a guy deal with those distractions? Most likely, you don’t shop because you are bored. Instead, you buy something if you need it. That’s it. You watch a TV show if it interests you, but not to fill your time, and when you hook up, you can pump and dump without getting emotionally attached to some wet hole. Lastly, you don’t feel the same lure of social media because when you post a picture with the caption, “Bacon. Mmmmm!” people will ask you if you are retarded. A hot girl, in contrast, gets 800 likes and 200 comments for it. At 20, Stacy does not know yet that all this attention will go away within a few years’ time. There is a big black hole waiting for her at the end of that ride. For a guy, social media are a meaningless distraction from their real goals, which all have the potential to make them happy and feel fulfilled. Most guys have something better to do with their time; most women don’t.

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18 thoughts on “Why Men are (Potentially) Happier than Women

  1. “when you hook up, you can pump and dump without getting emotionally attached to some wet hole.”

    I have trouble with this one. With some chicks it’s easy. But with others I find myself “falling in love.” I know that nature is trying to sucker me into a relationship at least for a couple of years, but the chemicals in my brain still make me think about and want the chick the longer we go on having sex.

    However, I don’t want to get into a serious relationship and I don’t want kids/marriage. I quickly get bored in a relationship. So I’m always living with this tension: my heart/dick pulling me towards the chick (sex/love addiction) while my brain resists. I end up in brief casual relationships knowing that soon we’ll be breaking up. Not very fulfilling to be honest. Yet I keep doing it ’cause I wanna get laid and it feels nice be close with a chick even if it’s temporary. The breaks up can be painful.

    One buddy of mine purposely hooks up with “shitty girls” as he puts it, so that he doesn’t get attached to them. I’ve been wanting to try prostitutes, but haven’t got around to it. Maybe I’ll be happier just banging hookers when I need to empty my balls.

    What’s been your guys experience? And what solutions have you tried?

    1. I get bored easily too. I can be all about some chick, but once she does the slightest thing that changes my mind about her I start counting down the days. I know the next fix is always around the corner so it’s not really that painful anymore. I’ve had some very painful and heartbreaking experiences in the past that have hardened me and left me sort of desensitized. Honest. I get a little bummed out at most anymore.

      I believe that once I get into about my 40’s things will change. I won’t be able to use my looks as much and I’ll start getting desperate. Marriage and children isn’t an option. I’ll probably start banging Thai girls every now and then. Sex will become more transactional. Hopefully, I will stumble upon a life purpose or something before then.

    2. @GMoney:
      I’ll talk about this in more detail in my upcoming book on relationships. Basically, to avoid emotional attachment, keep personal interaction at a minimum. You just bang a fuck buddy, you don’t hang out. You leave a chick’s place or kick her out from yours (the former may be easier) instead of pillow talk or cuddling, etc. You’ll probably manage to reduce a chick to a mere fuck buddy for two weeks or so, maybe three, before she tries harder and harder to reel you in. However, if girls have taught guys anything when it comes to dating it is that ghosting works for guys, too. You just block their number.

    3. @Pickernanny:
      Your sex drive will take a nose dive in your 30s, which will help a lot.

    4. Thanks for the reply, Aaron. I’ll be 31 in June. I’m still pretty damn horny.

    5. @ Aaron

      That’s good advice. And I do know the rules, but I don’t follow the rules.

      Basically I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this it seems. I LIKE certain aspects of a relationship, but I hate others. What I REALLY want is to have a relationship with a girl I love who also lets me bang chicks on the side and leaves me alone when I want her to, doesn’t press me for more commitment :)))

      Sometimes I’m friends with a chick I later end up banging, so kicking her out doesn’t feel right and I want to be able to preserve the friendship too, but sex ruins friendships with chicks. Of course these “friendships” are always laced with sexual tension, but sex is not possible for one reason or another (she has a bf for example).

      I’m like the male version of a feminist who’s trying to have it all: a chad that only loves her and provides for her, 8 kids, and a spectacular career. I guess I gotta pick one or the other and stop trying to have it both ways.

    6. Also a lot of these chicks are involved in hobbies that I’m a part of, so I end up seeing them at events and stuff where personal interaction is the norm. Ghosting a chick like that can be awkward and problematic, and it can also be toxic to have someone like that in your hangout spots.

      I always had trouble with this part. It’s like we’re on a date, talking and connecting a bit. Then we go to my place, bang, and then I’m like “okay you gotta go, I gotta wake up early.”

      I’ve been told to make it super clear that it’s just about sex, but it always seemed out of place to say something like that. Do I need to give less of a fuck? I always try to avoid conflict. Okay, I need to go get a psychotherapist. Bye guys! :)))

      P.S. Looking forward to your upcoming book on relationships.

    7. @Pickernanny: I’m 37 and still pretty damn horny. Banging Thai girls not because i’m desperate. I just like them better than Western women. And all interactions with women are transactional. Not just seks. All interactions with men are because it’s beneficial to her. If she doesnt believe she can benefit from interacting with you. There wouldnt be an interaction. She wouldnt even talk to you. This doesnt Always have to be money. It can be something else thats of value to her. But she’s hoping for some transaction. She wouldnt even give you a second look without that hope.

  2. Hell no. On average, women are more intelligent than men. Greatest geniuses and biggest retards are men though, while women are clustered somewhere in the middle (+1 )

    1. Women score about 10 points lower for IQ on average. Women are not more intelligent on average than men. There are more extreemely stupid men than women. And also more highly intelligent men than women. But on Average men are more intelligent by far. Thats why feminist are making stuf up like EQ. Because they can never win the IQ contest. Not even close.

  3. Hey Sleazy,

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the basic premise of your argument is
    A) Men are more likely to have goal driven hobbies than women
    B) People with hobbies are happier
    C) Therefore men are happier than women.

    I certainly agree that engaging goal driven activities that can cause flow states is a fantastic recipe for happiness.

    Im not sure about the first point- I can think of a few girls who have such hobbies (I tend to have a thing for musical and athletic girls) and a few guy friends who spend their spare time smokin weed, drinking beer and watching football (or Game of Thrones)- but for the sake of argument I’ll assume you did your research and have a good stastical backing for your claim.

    However, you neglect to factor in the importance of social ties in your happiness equation – loneliness is inversely correlated to life expectancy, which is in turn heavily correlated with happiness (to the point where one could argue happiness is the feeling you get when you do life right) and females, even the vapid ones who talk about nothing but the new Game of Thrones episode, tend to have stronger social ties than males.

    As such, even if males are more likely to have hobbies that promote happiness, their relative social isolation could negate that advantage.

    Then again, many goal driven hobbies have built in social circles (team sports, even individual sports of practices with a group of like minded individuals), and it could be that the benefits of flow state outweighs the cost of isolation (to use an extreme example, a hermit living in a cave meditating 18hrs a day could easily be happier than a sorority girl in a house full of catty bitches).

    1. Very few girls have serious interests because they have more active social lives. (But maybe they have more friends because they are unable to focus on something with sustained effort.) Still, it seems difficult to have both, a big social circle and deep interests, as you rightly diagnosed. However, the social life of women can’t be compared to that of men. Women find maintaining personal relationships very stressful. If you have not had first-hand experience of this, you’d also be surprised how poorly some women talk about their friends behind their back and how quickly female friendships can end. They also just as quickly find a new bestie. It’s all rather superficial. I doubt that you can even classify female friendships as strong social ties. Male friendships are often a lot stronger, despite not being based on frequent contact.

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