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Why SJWs Love Twitch Thots but Hate Sexy Virtual Women

Has it ever struck you as odd that SJWs not only have a double standard about virtual men versus virtual women but also about the objectification of real women versus the objectification of virtual ones? As a case of the former, consider that titillating female video game characters cause waves of protest; censorship is now ripe. A recent case is Mortal Kombat 11, where all the chicks got bludgeoned with the ugly stick and also had their chest size reduced, when that used to be one of the selling points of this game. Mortal Kombat was the fighting game if you wanted to have busty chicks in skimpy clothing and gore (if you didn’t like gore, you bought Dead or Alive). However, interestingly, the male fighters got beefed up and they now sport sexy costumes; many have alternative costumes that basically only cover their crotch. Of course, if sexual objectification was bad, then we’d put virtual men and women into virtual burqas. That is not what is happening.

Furthermore, there is the issue that SJWs are up in arms when thots and even porn stars get some flak online. There were a few cases where ex-pornstar single mothers got pilloried online for their behaviors. Or think of the recent “thot audit” initiative that saw whores on Twitch, often real whores, get reported to the IRS because of the suspicion that they do not pay taxes on their income. That was, of course, seen as a concerted attack on strong, independent women. In contrast, concerns about those women breaking tax laws were a complete non-issue.

It is not immediately obvious why real women who display their tits and asses online are seen as good, while virtual women who display their tits and asses on your screen are bad. Obviously, both target men. Yet, upon further reflection, it seems clear that this is merely an extension of what Alek Novy refers to as the “pussy cartel”. The pussy cartel used to control the sexuality of women. If sluts where outcasts, then the price of pussy would remain high because, obviously, most women were deeply afraid of being outcasts. Today, though, not many women manage to keep their legs together. The sluts have won. A woman who doesn’t have a high lay count in her early 20s is the weird one. Thus, the pussy cartel has lost on that front. However, women still want to get paid wherever they can. This is where the SJWs, our modern Puritans, come in.

SJWs rail against sexy virtual women because, presumably, real women don’t get paid in exchange. I bet people like that Kotaku’s Jason Schreier believe video games with hot chicks get made by 14-year-old Japanese boys by companies who rent out entire basement floors. What is true, though, is that the video game industry is male-dominated. If you buy a game with a busty chick, more men than women get paid. This is what SJWs hate. They rather have real women get paid with real money, instead of men getting paid in real money for creating virtual women.

A related issue is that if a dude has gotten off by looking at a virtual woman, or maybe by using his sex doll, then a real woman can’t milk him for that load anymore. You’d think that SJWs would be happy that all those basement dwellers happily jack off in front of their screens, but that is not the case. SJWs just don’t appreciate that the easy availability of virtual goddesses means that a lot less raping is done in the world. After you’ve blown three loads in an evening, you just don’t feel like leaving your house, looking for some chick to rape, or something along those lines, because in the world view of SJWs, all men are rapist and rapists rape. Yet, when rapists jack off and therefore no longer rape, it’s apparently bad, too.

The issue of pussy supply is worth revisiting. Think back to the modern pussy cartel: if men can’t look at sexy virtual women because they all wear non-sexy virtual burqas, then they may be more inclined to drop serious cash on a real woman, be it for sex or a relationship. Thus, the pussy cartel wants to curtail competition. The old pussy cartel wanted to monopolize sex. That’s also what the new pussy cartel wants. However, the pussy cartel and their weak-spined SJW supporters can’t quite stomach the fact that when it comes to sex, women are so easily replaceable. It must be a hard pill to swallow that some men prefer rubbing one out to anime titties as opposed to real women on video. Imagine you’re a woman (or an SJW) and it dawns on you that you can be replaced by a few brush strokes. You would want to shut that down.

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One thought on “Why SJWs Love Twitch Thots but Hate Sexy Virtual Women

  1. That’s why feminists are eager to prohibit prostitution.

    Someone once said: “Die Macht die Frau über Mann hat heißt Sexentzug. Geht der Mann zur Prostituierten, hat er trotzdem Sex und Frau ist machtlos. Prostituierte sind sozusagen “Streikbrecher” und deshalb den Feministen ein Dorn im Auge. So einfach ist das.”

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