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Are Thots Getting More Desperate?

It’s spring in Northern Europe. As temperatures rise, single young women seem to be getting more eager to get dicked down again. Thus, they are trying to get more attention. Now that the winter is gone, this is getting easier. The other day I made two observations in that regard, which I’d like to briefly share.

The first one was particularly shocking. I saw a young woman jogging. She had slightly too much weight on her body. Instead of regular jogging pants, she wore briefs which seem to have been made of a material similar to yoga pants — and they exposed half her ass. I am not kidding. On top, she had bright red lipstick on her face. We all know that without makeup, it’s impossible for the human female to exercise. Chicks letting their ass cheeks hang out was certainly new to me. She wasn’t even doing much of a jog. I walk fairly briskly, and it took her a while to overtake me.

The other example was at the gym. In the hall with the free weights I noticed a chick who sat down in the middle. She was sitting there with a long bar on her thighs. Then she did those hip thrusts. She could have used one or two disks, which would have been easier to handle. Yet, it had to be the long bar for added visibility. Then she took long breaks between each repetition. I didn’t deliberately observe her, but it seemed as if she took a break of a few minutes before trusting again.

That was not all of it, though. For some reason, she had to walk into one of the corners to get some paper tissue, and walk back to her spot over and over. She slowly walked across the hall, maximizing exposure. Lastly, as I was finishing my workout and heading out, I noticed that she moved on to squatting. I’m not sure if she ever did a single repetition because I just saw her pushing against the bar and gyrating her ass for a while. One or two guys paid attention to her, but most ignored her.

Both these women had no interest in genuinely working out. I don’t think any of them even broke a sweat. They only pretended to engage in some physical activity in the hope that some dude will approach them, even if only to give them the pleasure of shooting them down. Guys, it seems the thots are getting more desperate. Chicks at the gym sometimes dress like hookers. They are all hoping that you’ll take the bait. My guess is that the market value of pussy has been dropping, necessitating more desperate measures.

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7 thoughts on “Are Thots Getting More Desperate?

  1. I wonder why vaginal currency is diving? Some women are probably getting more and more desperate for Chad, because that’s what they’re used to having and now it’s getting harder to get railed by them as consistently. Much less have even a decent fellow commit to them. Not only is it harder to get that Chad fix, they are probably in a constant flux of dopamine withdrawal. An addiction preset from their earlier thotting years.

    1. The club and bar scene are dead. The gym just became the new club. They have Always been desperate for Chad. They just look for him in other places. But mostly they just like it when guys watch them. It makes them feel better about themselfs. I dont go to the gym anymore for this reason. I just go jogging and do workouts at home. I,m not interested in women showing it off in my face when i,m working out. Or a bunch of bluepill guys telling me to watch that thot every 5 min while working out. It just doesnt work for me.

    2. They don’t even do all that to get male attention. It is also to get other female attention in the form of jealousy.

  2. There are things I noticed in the gym, and was going to share on here when the topic is at least related. Anyone who’s see something similar, please comment

    There’s definetely a trend of hotter chicks joining the gym and seeking more attention and getting less of it.

    A specific extreme example I had was this chick who was probably 19-20 years old with an awesome body (8-9 body) . And she joined my gym about 1,5 years ago maybe.

    At that point, she was the only hot body in the gym. And being the not-give-a-fucker I am, I check-out and scan girls bodies shamelessly. Everyone checked her out, but in the not as crude way as me. I scan from head to toe and see how each inch would qualify for which kind of fucking.

    At that time she gave me the disgusted/creeped out look when I’d do that. She probably went for 3 months like most chicks and then disappeared for a year or so… Then about a month ago, she rejoined…

    1. …Then about a month ago, she rejoined…

      EXCEPT… now the gym is packed full of hotties. There’s a dozen at any given time, and this isn’t a big gym. There’s a hottie sticking her ass within a couple of feet away from you at all times.

      So this chick comes into the gym… and starts some attention getting shit… but nobody is paying attention to her. I was observing, and loved seeing her jaw dropping.

      She was literally surprised/shocked she no longer gets hit on/checked out as much as she did. She started turning her head trying to see if anyone is looking at her, with her jaw dropping realizing nobody notices her.

      Then she upped the ante and started chatting up regulars who’d she been used to being enamored with her from before… she starts flipping her hair as she strokes herself… Guys aren’t as desperate/enamored as before… She almost went full porno promo with the shit. Nobody took the bait.

      And then she by to the old fat creep (me), stands near me and starts looking at me like waiting for a reaction. I don’t give her any. Her jaw drops.

    2. About 10 years ago I worked as a personal trainer part-time. I got a laid a lot from being in the gym all the time and chatting to everyone. It was very straightforward.

      I haven’t been to a gym in a long time (I work out at home). I wonder if it got even easier to get laid with chicks from the gym given what you guys are describing (more hotties getting less attention). It says a lot about how fed up men are…

    3. I‘m going to the gym now for more than 5yrs, 3-4 days per week. A few things I noticed have changed:
      – style is way more important than ever before: people really dress up, girls put on a lot of make up, wear the newest pants with emphasis on their ass. Five yrs ago people just wore sports months. Nothing stylish
      – no one socializes anymore. Girls wear headphones, guys wear headphones. I never see someone smiling at another person. No talking is happening as well. Not even „hey your execution is not the best“
      – people look better than ever. What counts is self optimization. People work out to look good because of self love

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