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How Your Fuck Buddy Deludes Herself

I recently read the Korean high literature manga “H-Campus”, which is short for “Hentai Campus”. It’s reasonably entertaining but I can’t recommend it fully, so there won’t be a proper review. The story is irrelevant, but for context I’ll add that it’s about a new degree program at a fictional Korean university that teaches you to become an adult video performer. This mocks Korean higher education as there are plenty of rather questionable degree programs you could take, such as a pop star (“idol”) program, albeit a course on becoming a porn actor does not yet exist. So, that is the scenario of that manga. You can probably guess that there is a lot of fucking and sucking involved.

Sometimes, more serious topics are touched upon, but only in passing and if you are able to get hard from drawn naked female bodies, this may fly just right past you. One such scene has one of the sluts in that manga panic when she gets asked if she is dating one particular guy. The exchange (picture) is as follows:

  • Q: So, are you two dating?
  • A: W-we’re not dating at the moment but … We’re going to date soon!

I liked about this particular scene that is perfectly shows what many women tell themselves when they are offering their pussy. You may only view her has a fuck buddy, nothing more, but she has already made greater plans. For instance, she may already have discussed with her friends how she’d like to move in with you. Don’t laugh! The older women get, the crazier they get. This is because they hear the biological clock ticking and thus they have to rush through the stages of a relationship. They want that ring on their finger — now! And if not now, then as soon as possible.

There are very few women out there who happily just fuck various guys for a few weeks and then move on. In their mind, they get dumped over and over. They meet all those great guys, but those great guys see little of value in those women besides their pussy. It must be hard being a woman who has nothing else to offer. Well, what else is she supposed to do? She is not able to face reality so instead of admitting to herself that she’ll only get pumped and dumped, she is viewing this fuck-buddy relationship not for what it is but as a budding relationship. She is convinced that if you only fuck her a few more times, you will surely realize how great she is and what a wonderful girlfriend she would make.

I am not only talking about fuck buddies, by the way. Think about how relationships normally start in this day and age: man and woman meet, then fuck, then keep hanging out and at one point, they declare to be boyfriend and girlfriend. To the woman, this started just like her typical fuck buddy arrangements but the man upgraded her status. At first they are only fucking, but in her mind they will “date soon”. Then they are only dating, but they will “have a serious relationship soon”. Hope keeps those women going. The difference between getting dumped or not is only that in the latter case the guy wants to commit. All she ever did is spread her legs and hoping that he will still be around tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “How Your Fuck Buddy Deludes Herself

  1. after this article i read H-campus in one setting i was surprised how females were so realistic, but shame how h campus ended ,i didnt like the art after chapter 40, but i liked it until chapter 40 it is great, through i am a frequent manga reader.
    after 40 it went white knight. 🙁

    1. I thought H-Campus fell apart in the second season. If you have any manga or anime recommendations, feel free to share them with us.

    2. I really enjoyed watching Highschool of the Dead. Tons of fan service, but the animation quality of giant jiggling tits is phenomenal. Goblin Slayer was very entertaining as well for a D&D style anime. And if you’re in the mood for great Shonen satire, One Punch Man is insanely satisfying to watch. These three animes also have the benefit of being low commitment i.e. 1-2 seasons.

    3. Thanks! I will check those out. I recently watched Goblin Slayer and found it very entertaining. To my surprise, Sleazy’s Gal was also glued to the screen. Another anime I enjoyed a lot is KonoSuba. It’s a parody of D&D/RPG tropes, but very well made. There is plenty in it to upset Western censors, such as the MC telling a bunch of pesky women who want to fight him that he is a “true believer in gender equality” and will fight them just like he would fight a man.

    4. Okay, Konosuba is hilarious so far. It isn’t at all what I expected either haha. Great recommendation, man. I luaghed so hard at that chick getting bombarded by the cabbages, “she’s getting turned on by it!” Lol. Do you usually watch English dubs or original with subs, or does it just depend?

    5. I tend to watch the originals with subs. However, I did watch Goblin Slayer initially subbed, but after reading that the dub was well-made, I checked it out. That is one of the rare cases where the dub is well-made.

  2. Awesome! I’ll check KonoSuba out for sure. I’m always looking for new shows to get into when I’m wiped out and that one sounds like a winner.

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