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Female Beauty Disappears Very Quickly

The other day I was browsing Flickr and happened to come across a page by a glamour model from Switzerland, Melissa Adret. Yes, I hadn’t heard of her either. You can check out her pictures here, but be warned that they are not in a particularly high resolution, so they probably won’t be suitable for fapping.

I noticed that she uploaded her pictures in 2012. Afterwards, nothing else appeared. According to her profile, she was 24 years old that year, so she is now 30 or 31. At her current age, all her glamorous looks will have faded. It must be hard for someone who was seemingly so obsessed with her looks to wake up and realize that her skin is flabby, her fake tits are sagging, and her face is droopy.

Sure, when she was in her prime, she probably got plenty of dick. Yet, if she did not manage to capitalize on any of it, she will have a severe struggle ahead. While I do not hang out with former glamour models, I do bump into the occasional secretary in my day job. They are normally in their late 20s or older and you can normally tell that they must have partied it up in their youth. Old habits die hard, and if a 30-year-old woman still wears hair extension, dyes her hair or puts on a thick layer of makeup in the morning, then these are probably not habits she has picked up while answering the phone from nine to five.

Of course, it is not the case that a young woman will be attractive right until she hits the wall. If you see a hot chick in a movie or in print, then an awful lot of work has gone into it. Browsing the images of that glamor model above, you’ll probably notice that she relies on an awful lot of make-up. Without it, she most likely looked very plain even back then and would not have been much of a looker with her clothes on.

In the best case, there are a few years of prime good-looks in a Western woman (Asian women remain fresh a bit longer). Then it’s gone. You can’t legally fuck women below the age of 18 in many jurisdictions, so in the best case, a chick like that can be enjoyed by Chad, Jamal, and Tyrone from 18 to 24 or 25 before she drops out of the rotation.

Unfortunately, for women like Melissa Adret, after relying on her looks to get by, life has a nasty surprise in store for them: they have a good 50 more years left to live. How will those years play out? These probably won’t be a lot of fun for your typical garden-variety thot.

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