Supposedly Cool “Wine Aunts”

One of the less lucid things my ex-wife said when she wanted to make the point that she “does not need a man” was that she could always enjoy a nice bottle of wine and the company of a cat. She was totally unironical about that, even though I got a good laugh out of it. Yet, what I later learned was that this kind of idea has the status of a mythical archetype in woke feminist circles. It is sometimes referred to as “being the cool wine aunt”.

In the eyes of strong empowered women, they do not need man, let alone a family. Instead, they can buy themselves compassionate company by adopting one or more cats. Also, so they hope, they can always pester friends or family. In their delusion, they think that they would be good role models for the kids and teenagers in their wider social circles. Hey, who would not want to have a “cool aunt” around who hit the wall hard and loves to empty one bottle after another?

This is a great example of the disconnect between fantasy and reality. Being a drunkard is not cool. Some teenagers with shithead parents may think so. Apparently, frustrated feminists in their 30s think so, too. Normal people, on the other hand, don’t. Your alcohol habit is not cool. You only tell yourself that it is because you do not have an ounce of introspection.

Another aspect is that women who fantasize about “cool wine aunts” seem to be too influenced by certain male role models. Seriously, have you ever heard of a female mentor? What about an old, world-weary woman who has great stories and insights to tell? Sure, a lot of old guys do not have a lot to say either, but the number of “cool older women” is most certainly a small fraction of the number of cool old guys who enjoy a good glass of wine every once in a while. If there are any cool older women, it’s probably because you think she’s an easy lay and not completely past the wall yet, but not because she’s such a great conversationalist.

The “cool wine aunt” is the reverse of the mystical cool older guy, similar to the various greybeards you see in movies and commercials such as the guy in the Dos Equis beer commercials, i.e. “the most interesting guy in the world”, according to those ads. It does not work if you flip the sex, however, as it would not be believable, just like fat women in bikinis (Sports Illustrated) or lesbians with pink hair in World War II (Battle Field V). Sure, you can try that, but don’t act surprised if your product tanks. Similarly, post-wall women who think they are “interesting” because they drink too much only have one place waiting for them: rock bottom.

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7 thoughts on “Supposedly Cool “Wine Aunts”

    1. This clip represents everything that’s wrong with today’s world.
      – fat chicks
      – entitled chicks
      – multiculturalism
      – drugs
      – prescription drugs
      – the corporate world

    1. That’s an amazing find! I was unaware that The Simpsons were critical of mainstream culture (I don’t watch it). That may have been a fluke, though.

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