Would you bother with women if prostitution was legal and (very) cheap?

It is quite obvious that feminists campaign against pornography and prostitution on a societal level. On the group-level, women commonly attempt to slut-shame other women, or bully their better looking peers. Arguably, the motivation behind these actions is to keep the price of pussy high. Alek Novy so fittingly calls this the “pussy cartel”, which colludes in order to artificially constrain the supply of pussy to the market.

Let’s be a bit creative for a moment and assume that you lived in a place where prostitution was perfectly legal and dirt cheap. “But, Aaron, where is that mystical wonderland to be found?”, you may ask. That’s easy. Get a middle class income in the West, and take a vacation in Thailand. Once a guy regaled me with stories of “blow job bars” where you walk in, order a drink and then pick one of 50 or 60 girls of a decent quality to, um, serve you. Alternatively, become financially very well off and find a Western country where whoring is not sanctioned. Thus, you see that this is not a complete fantasy. We’ll get to a different evaluation of the monetary cost of whoring at the end of this post, though.

What I want to get at is the following: put yourself in a position where money was not much of a concern for you, and sex was easy to acquire. Would you then actively pursue women? This is a serious question as it aims at what you hope to get out of interacting with women. As my post on the time cost of women highlighted, the opportunity cost of pickup can be staggering. With this post I intend to encourage those of you who fantasize about having a girlfriend to question what you really want to get out of a relationship.

In my experience, it is not at all uncommon that guys only want to get laid. Yet, as they are not able to get one-night stands, and think it is “immoral” to pay for sex, they enter relationships that are highly disadvantageous for them. Someone should have told them that you always pay in one way or the other for sex. Jim wouldn’t be honest with himself, so now he is stuck with a sub-par woman with an attitude who barely puts out. From then on it will only get worse as he may end up tolerating gradually worsening behavior while getting hardly anything out of the relationship. In the worst case, she will ruin his health and finances, heck, his entire life. And all that just because poor Jim was unable to admit to himself that all he wanted was sex! What he got was, to put it poetically, an albatross. There are guys out there that buy some bitch a house, get laid once every three months, if they are lucky, and end up getting fucked hard and deep in divorce court. The lawyer of his ex doesn’t even bother to use lube. Compared to that outcome, even top-shelf escorts are dirt cheap.

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  1. I’d add one disclaimer to this thought experiment. You need to have banged at least a dozen hotties before answering.

    I know I would have answered differently before reaching 15 hotties. As well as before I tried one of each major type of person (you know the geek, the hippie girl, the ditzy girl, the fun girl, the serious girl, etc).

    Reason being that society brainwashes us that all this pursuing is totally worth it. Like if you actually get that xyz type girl, you’ll see how it like “totally worth the effort TM”.

    Each new experienced I had I was like “nope, totally was not worth the effort”… Ok but maybe it’s because she wasn’t hot enough. Get a hotter one “nope, still the return on effort is shit”… Ok but maybe if you get one that you can make serious conversations with – that’ll make the effort worth (still nope)… ok ok but maybe if…

    You get the idea. We’re programmed to chase rainbows (i.e. girls who are worth pursuing). There’s no such girl (or extremely rare).

    The only girls that are worth getting, are the ones that make it easy (i.e. she pursues you, or at least it feels like mutual effort).

    1. I know I would have answered differently before reaching 15 hotties.

      By this I mean eightplus chicks.

      Btw, I have friends who’ve banged like a 100 hotties (200-300 total lays) and they’re still hoping they’ll eventually have this scenario where a girl proves to have been “worth the pursuit”. So they continue running on the treadmill, hoping eventually they’ll lay a girl who’ll be so amazing in bed and be so perfectly beautiful that they’ll have a feeling of “oh this was worth the money&effort”.

      For me, I only pursued girls for a very little while. It only took me like a dozen hotties to realize “pursuing is never worth it, no matter how hot she is”. After that I vowed to myself I will only go for “effortless/easy lays”.

      That’s where building status, connections, etc etc comes in. I’d rather bang five hotties a year who throw themselves at me, than bang 15 that I had to pursue.

    1. Ditto. Aaron has been on a massive value-giving spree since launching this blog (and a few weeks before transitioning).

  2. Do you not think Thailand prostitutes are immoral? I personally have an issue with human trafficking so and would speculate others would too. The prostitutes in the west on the other hand for the most part perfectly moral too me along as you pick people who are doing it on by choice. So I understand why there is a stigma, just don’t really believe it is applicable to all circumstances.

    1. I don’t agree with human trafficking. However, for some non-trafficked whores prostitution is a way out of poverty, just like for some women in the West escorting is a way to achieve a middle-class income.

    1. Nice article. It’s pretty much the exact thing I wrote above.

      I’ve never seen it be “worth it”… never had such an experience. Though I was lucky that I came to the conclusion quite early on. I didn’t have to repeat it a 100 times to learn the lesson.

      The sex with girls who chase you is mindblowingly better than sex with girls you had to “pursue”. It’s magnitudes different.

      Which is why we always discuss on here how do you become the guy whom guy will chase, and meeting more of them. That includes mastering different types of attractors (status, money, fashion, physique).

  3. No offence but this whole red pill think starts to get absurd and sounding like a conspiracy theory. Do you have contact to normal people? The average joe doesn’t buy a house just to get laid… Don’t confuse the bottom 10% with average.

    Quitting porn had a huge side effect for me: I stopped being obsessed about women. It’s not just fuck fuck fuck anymore. Because it’s nothing more than losing energy.
    Now I only care about building an empire for myself.

    1. 1) In some jurisdictions, the woman gets the house by default in the case of divorce. Thus, if a non-singe guy buys a house, he effectively buys it for the woman he is with. After divorce, he may pay the mortgage for a house his ex-wife still lives in.

      2) The bottom 10% are nowhere near being able to get a mortgage for a house.

      3) Don’t confuse the median with the average. The average German has 80,000 Euros in the bank, while the median German has about 80,000 Euros less than that.

      Good luck building your empire.

  4. You don’t have to go to Thailand to bang prostitutes. Germany is perfectly fine too, since they usually start at 30 EUR. I fucked countless 8s/9s for 50 EUR.
    I know both worlds. When I was a poor student at University, I had quite some free time and a flexible schedule on my hands, which allowed me to allocate a lot of night-time to pursue women. Nowadays I’m working 50+ hours a week and make a decent salary. I do not want to spend my precious time in loud clubs anymore, nor do I want to maintain a time consuming large social circle. I did online-dating/tinder for a while but it was always the same repetitive and repelling bullshit….

    Hence, I switched over to prostitution. A clean exchange of services and cash. She likes me only for the money and I like that all I’m being bothered with is handing over an orange piece of paper.

    1. Where in Germany do you get to fuck prostitutes of a decent quality for 50 Euros? The prices I’m familiar with are normally quite a bit higher. For instance, the better-looking streetwalkers ask for more than that just for a BJ.

    2. Well. For one there are so called FKK-CLUBS / SAUNA CLUBS all around Germany. The common price there is 50 EUR / 30 MIN.
      The two most famous clubs are FKK Artemis in Berlin and FKK Paradise in Stuttgart, they even get coverage in mainstream media. I’ve been in both of them.
      However you have to pay an entry-fee of 80 EUR which includes food/sauna/wellness. There are also a lot of smaller clubs that charge between 10-50 EUR to get in.
      It’s nice to stay there for a couple of hours.
      (Side note: the girls in Artemis are 60 EUR / 30 MIN)

      Also there are so called LAUFHÄUSER (roughly translateable als walk-in brothels), most of them do not have entry fees. The prices of the hookers are basically those mentioned above.

      The prices of streetwalkers vary. I don’t know, where your information comes from. Maybe from Berlin Oranienburger-Strasse? Those are quite expensive since they focus on tourists.

      I’m happy to provide you with additional info via e-mail if you are interested…

  5. Aaron, could you make this post also sticky? I would love to see my favorite post on this forum made sticky. Try to have a section for “Top Posts” instead if possible. Thanks which ever it is that you decide to do.

  6. Hi Aaron.

    I’m actually living this lifestyle.

    I live in Austria, prostitution is legal here, and I have sex with escorts/prostitutes on average 1-2x per week.

    I had some girlfriends in the past, but figured I actually prefer to be single and just use porn/escorts to fullfill my sex drive.

    To counter the “you are just another frustrated loser” argument anyone might come up with, as I said, I had girlfriends, and I even rejected some women who wanted to have sex with me (fatties).

    By the way, the biggest customer base for prostitutes is actually middle aged married men… tells you a lot about the quality of your average marriage.

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