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Is Putting Ugly Chicks in Western Video Games now a Trend?

One of the few games I have been following is the upcoming Spider-Man for PS4. I was a bit taken aback at a gameplay reveal earlier this year when footage of his opponent Silber Sable was shown, who looked like a menopausal feminist instead of a total sex bomb. This certainly tempered my excitement. Moments ago I just read about an update on Spider-Man that made my virtual hard-on for this game shrivel: Not only has the marketing for DLC started before the release of the actual game, which is an incredibly offputting practice, said DLC also features one of the ugliest virtual women I’ve encountered in recent times.

If you thought the female protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn, those lesbians in The Last of Us II, or Max Payne’s mom in Remedy’s game Control looked bad, then I have some very bad news for you. Look at this:

I am supposed to pay for this!? (Fair Use of the screenshot assumed)

Don’t those developers want to maximize the sales potential of their games? Going out of your way to create an unattractive virtual woman will not net a single extra sale. This reminds me that I wanted to write a longer post on the issue of ugly women in Western video games, covering economic ramifiations as well, so more on that some other time.

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11 thoughts on “Is Putting Ugly Chicks in Western Video Games now a Trend?

  1. A while ago i made a post about sjw/feminist bs in battlefield 5. It’s another perfect example of “get woke, go broke”. The game is delayed for over a month. The creative director has left EA. The pre-order sales are lacking 85% behind the competition. And EA stocks are plummeting.

    You can clearly see a backlash against sjw bs in both movies and games.

    Have you guys seen the new terminator release poster?
    Another get woke go broke candidate.

    1. I briefly considered making a post on that movie. If I recall correctly, there are three chicks on that poster, and not a single guy. The reason I didn’t make a post was that I don’t think that franchise has much cultural significance. On the other hand, Battle Field is, or was, a juggernaut of a franchise in the video game industry.

    2. I loved Battlefield BC2 and Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 was oke but had a very buggy launch. I didn’t care for Battlefield hardline because it wasn’t my thing. And i didn’t care for Battlefield 1 because it had a ww1 theme. So either it would become bolt action rifles without much variation in weapons, or unrealistic. So i didn’t buy it either. I was hopping they would make a ww2 Battlefield. Old clan members were already getting together again, hopping they would make a ww2 or modern warfare game again. We use to be one of the highest ranking clans. I have about 5000 Battlefield hours in total. After we had seen the traller we were all asking the same thing. WTF is this!??? Why would EA think we want to fight ww2 as a disabled lesbian with blue war paint on her face? Nobody wants this shit in a ww2 game. Battlefield 5 could have been the biggest shooter game ever. But they wanted to make a political statement. When fans complained they were told to go fuck themselves. Yha? How’s that strategy working out?

  2. @CENA: That’s the only tool we have against this sjw/feminist bs. Vote with our wallets and our feet. Just don’t buy their products. Don’t spend your money on so called independent women. Don’t get married under feminist law. Just say no. And back it up with your actions.

    1. Shalom rabbi.
      Oy vey, don’t have kids, let migrants make up your workforce.

  3. Very ugly chicks are getting diversity employment with the game developers.

    The other day I hired Roger to install an AC system. When he showed up, his van said “Jennie’s HVAC.” He made his wife the owner, she doesn’t work, but he might get more government contracts. Pathetic.

    1. This is exactly what’s happening Andy. You can thank affirmative action, diversity quotas and minority benefits among the reasons.

      Anyone who understands the law as currently written, is incorporating under a female relative’s name. “Women owned” businesses are at all time high #s, more women are in the business world now than ever before, and minority owned companies are the largest growing segment in just about every industry. Just a bunch of statistics nonsense to placate the masses, unfortunately. Women are still reporting they are as unhappy, unfulfilled and miserable as ever, maybe even moreso, with the rising suicide rate, and demand for cat litter.

      Doesn’t matter a lick to the elitist busybodies writing policy, that people are simply adapting to their new rules of the game. Pathetic, or crafty? Don’t hate the player…

  4. Even if the chicks are hot its not as if we will get nudity or sex scenes with them. Women in games are like the dangling carrot on a stick they give the player a reason to run around doing dumb tasks…maybe I will get a kiss chuckles pathetic games made by pathetic people

  5. I dunno. Hard to say with the mask.

    Depends on the game. Horizon was OK, because it’s a post apocalypse and not a lot of makeovers happening. She was average looking, I guess.

    I make female characters in the Fallout games and give them a couple scars. Same with my stam characters in ESO. The mages get to be pretty, though. Lol.

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