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Misguided Female Measures of Material Success

The other day my girlfriend relayed to me that one of her grandmothers briefly summarized how her children turned out in the following heart-warming way: “My daughters have been doing a lot better than my sons.” Now, you may wonder about the female staff engineers, scientists and CFOs that woman has raised, but if you did so, you would be wrong. The reason her daughters have been doing better is for one thing only, namely that they all managed to marry well-off men.

You can find plenty of women who openly state that their goal is to marry well. It is also quite common that they mock men who don’t do well in life. It’s even funnier when they mock a man who is loaded but just chose not to blow his cash on mere appearances. In that regard, the issue is that superficial people seem to not understand that appearances aren’t reality. Thus, some of those women flock towards $30,000-millionaires, while they scoff at the engineer making solid six figures because he cycles through three polo shirts all year round.

What miffs me about statements as the one mentioned above is that some women seem to perceive the success of their husband as their own. However, the guy had to become successful on his own first. It is also reasonable to assume that he could perform even better without the yoke of having a wife and family. From my perspective, there is no possible scenario in which you will save time and money with a woman in your life. You may think that in the best case she’ll cook and do the dishes. However, you will then end up spending a lot more time on a sit-down meal with her than if you were on your own and prepared your own meals. Of course, you may value the company of your partner. That is a different issue, though.

In terms of pure productivity, a relationship, any relationship, is a net negative. Consequently, any woman who claims that her husband is successful because of her should pull her head out of her own ass. If you succeed as a man it is largely due to yourself. This is even more true in contemporary society, with its misandrist laws and regulations. As a woman, you have even access to a labor market that largely exists to provide low-stress employment for the likes of you, the public service. If that isn’t enough, you only have to latch onto a man to improve your lot in life. What women should not do, however, is to claim the success of their husband as their own, because it is not. Instead, they access resources they have not gathered themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Misguided Female Measures of Material Success

  1. One could make the argument that that is the traditional role of a female, and that with regard to their own duties the girls did better than those sons did with regard to theirs.

    The grandmother could be right in saying that her daughters did a better job finding providers than her sons did in establishing careers. Of course they both have their own difficulties, and it would be like comparing apples and oranges.

  2. Women feel entitled to men’s money. That’s why she’s with him. Men feel entitled to her sexuality in return. That’s the deal. Her sexuality for his resources. Or it use to be anyway. These days the guy is just signing a blanc cheque for a chance to get some pussy. Maybe? Sometimes? Or not? It’s a bit like the loot boxes in video games. If you spend enough money. You have a small chance of getting something good. Or a total shit deal. But that just means you have to try and try again right?

  3. My mom believes she’s a part of her husband’s success because she “advises” him on conducting political affairs at his corporate job. :/

    I’ve had a couple of adviser girlfriends who were no good at anything but “advising.”

    1. If the advice includes dealing with women and female nature…it could be helpful? Or learning how to back stab, be manipulative,…or loaf.

  4. This post cracked me up. I cant stop laughing. I thought I am the only one who saw the stupidity of the claim my uneducated daughter is doing well for her self when all she did was marry a doctor.

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