The Economics of Sex Doll Brothels are Unfavorable

The first sex doll brothels are popping up. They are competing both on price and quality of service. While a hooker may have a shitty attitude and most likely is not the kind of person you would interact with if she didn’t spread her legs for money, a sex doll is always docile and submissive. She just does what you want. Heck, a doll won’t charge you extra for picking a different hole either. It’s a flat fee. That is the service part. The price is also a lot better. That new doll brothel in Toronto starts at $60 for 30 minutes. I don’t know how long you last, but I’d say that’s plenty of time.

When I learnt about that price, I thought it was quite cheap. Then I did some back-of-the-envelope calculations, which led to some interesting results. Let’s say you run a sex doll brothel with ten dolls. A doll costs $2,000, and you rent them out for $60 a pop. Your capital expenditure is $20,000. You will have broken even on your dolls after around 333 customer visits, i.e. 33 visits per doll. My calculation excludes rent, security, advertising and all the other business expenses, because if you ran a brothel with a bunch of real hookers, you’d have those costs as well, and unlike with dolls, they would keep demanding their share of the income.

The numbers for a sex doll brothel sound quite good at first. I would not want to start one, but there are probalby worse businesses you could try getting off the ground. If each of your dolls gets used just once per day for one month, they are essentially paid off. I’d say that’s pretty crazy. Yet, there is one potential issue I see: the customer’s point of view. Let’s see you are fed up with dealing with hookers and move on to the superior alternative: waifu dolls. You like busting a nut in a doll modelled after Ayane from Dead or Alive, or any of the myriad of other sex godesses our overlords from the land of the rising sun have invented by putting their supreme IQs to good use. You make use of those services once a month or so, and after half a year you realize that you spent $600 on banging, and a total of around 10 hours on commuting. Then you figure out that a doll can be had for two grand. If you owned it, you’d use it frequently, so you would get more fun, more often, and for no extra cost. Even if you stuck to a more modest approach to sex doll sex, you would break even quite quickly.

Because dolls are quite affordable, I think that the idea of a sex doll brothel is not sustainable. The owner of the brothel may imagine a swelling stream of money. Yet, the customer base isn’t stupid. Dolls are cheap for the brothel owner. Yet, they are also cheap for you and me. Now you may object that some men may not be able to buy a sex doll — not because they don’t have the money, but because of their living arrangements. They may not live in their mom’s basement, but they may have an unsupportive girlfriend or wife at home. Of course, the best wives and girlfriends will not object to you having a sex doll, but not all men are so blessed.

I think my previous objection is not much of an issue. Guys don’t get sex dolls often because they no longer want to bother with women, which applies to both men who are successful with women and those who aren’t. They may simply swap the nagging woman they are with for a doll that never nags. I think that it should be a lot easier to not say anything than to open your mouth and spout out diatribes, but that is arguably not how some women see it. This means that your naggging girlfriend won’t be an issue for a sex doll connoseur. Thus, you, the proud owner of a se doll, will break even very quickly: After busting 33 nuts at the very latest, i.e. assuming you don’t think the time spent commuting to a brothel is worth anything, you will have broken even.

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7 thoughts on “The Economics of Sex Doll Brothels are Unfavorable

  1. “Of course, the best wives and girlfriends will not object to you having a sex doll, but not all men are so blessed.”

    Ehm, Aaron, how serious are you with this statement?

    (Not objecting to occasional porn consumption is one thing, but guys in a relationship starting to fuck a sex doll alongside/instead of the actual girlfriend – I can understand if the girlfriend objects to that. )

    1. I could imagine a scenario where the wife is so apathetic towards the guy, that he’s merely a paycheck to her. She couldn’t care less whether or not he uses sex dolls or porn so long as he is providing adequately. In fact, this scenario would be favorable since he’s getting his rocks off without her without the issue of it being with another woman who could potentially be siphoning away her resources from her work mule.

      Of course, she’d be getting her thrills elsewhere unbeknownst to hubbers. Though you would hardly refer to the wife in this particular scenario as one of the best ones. Otherwise, I can’t imagine a wife or gf being okay with banging sex dolls in the least, for if anyone were to find out it’d be a total drop in status for her.

    2. That was half-joking. One scenrio where I think a sex doll is a valid addition is if your wife or girlfriend is inconvenienced. By this I don’t mean that she’s gobbling down Tyrone’s cock, but instead that she might, for instance, be in the last trimester of pregnancy or have all hands full with the kids. Also, I don’t think any wife who either genuinely has lost her sex drive or merely claims to has a valid objection to you getting a sex doll. Of course, in the latter case there is a big problem lurking in the relationship. The former may just be part of aging. From what I gather, the claim that female sex drive peaks in their 30s is based on them not having children. It’s just baby rabies. On the other hand, women who have had children already may lose their sex drive as they have fulfilled their biological purpose. At the latest, this will happen during menopause, regardless of whether they have had kids or not, because there is simply no biological value in an infertile woman having sex. This is where Silicon Waifus with giant boobs come into play.

  2. I would bet that, at least in the near future, some social stigma or embarrasement might prevent a lot of men of keeping one at home. I can see how she might be difficult to hide from roommates, family, friends, or an occasional visitor, especially in a studio or small apartment.

    1. There’s a mgtow guy. He got two from a sponsor. When he picked them up at the postal office they were screaming it all over the place. They thought it was funny to try to embarrass him in front of everybody waiting there. They screamed the guy was picking up his sexdolls multiple times. And let him wait for another 15 min with all the other people in the waiting room. Just imagine them doing that to a woman picking up a sex toy. There would be outrage. People would lose their job. I can’t imagine them screaming that miss Smith is here to pick up her XXL dildo like that.

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