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Turning 30, 40, and 50 is tough for women, but not necessarily for men

As you know, I didn’t care much about women until my mid-to-late 20s. In that regard, I was starting late, but I really quickly figured out how to make them spread their legs for me. Once I moved on from just fucking them to keeping them around for a bit as fuckbuddies, I quickly learned that women live in a much different reality. For one, they all seem to be incredibly insecure. Yet, they normally want to put up a front that they are oh-so superior and don’t need men, who are losers anyway.

A few of those women, when they realized that I really didn’t give two shits about them and that they are very welcome to disappear from my life, tried to play mind games in an attempt to gain the upper hand. The by far most common accusation was that I’ll “soon be 30”, as if this meant that I wouldn’t be able to pull any more women. It turned out that they were not too happy if you told them that turning 30 is not a big deal for you because you’re not a woman. Some chick I was banging claimed that once I’m 30, I’ll look old. Amusingly, when I had first met her, which happened a few weeks earlier, she believed I was 22 or 23. I pointed out to her that even though she’s ten years younger than me, she has more wrinkles below her eyes than me and asked her how she thinks she’s going to age. She was not happy to hear that. Some other girl who thought she had to give lip I told that her tits are saggy already, and that it’s only going to get worse once she’s 30. The former wasn’t true, but she panicked anyway.

The reason 30 is a big deal for women is partly that it’s a nice round number. It’s more than that. A lot of women study some bullshit subject at university and then spend a few years in menial jobs, working as shop assistants, secretaries, or baristas. That’s not a big deal in their mind, because they believe that their buff billionaire will surely show up any second now. By the time they are nearing 30, the aging process will have started to have taken a real toll on them and, despite all their feminist bravado, they know full-well that they are nowhere near as attractive as they were ten years ago. In other words, they get a glimpse of the reality that they could very well be royally fucked.

In contrast, after my marriage fell apart, the first chick that tasted my dick was a cute Thai half my age (Yes, in the west). She even said she wanted to become my girlfriend after I told her what I do for a living. (No, I’m not loaded in any way, but I’m financially stable, probably a bit more than the average guy.) That certainly didn’t quite happen like that when I was younger and picking up chicks based on largely my height alone. I had aged a few years between my marriage and divorce, but my chicks, like the saying goes, stayed the same age. In fact, they even got a bit younger as their average age was lower than before because I just didn’t bother at all with women in their late 20s anymore and didn’t pursue some women who were more than willing to fuck me. In contrast, I’m willing to bet a lot of money that my ex-wife will never ever get a guy to commit to her who is even remotely of my caliber.

Turning 30 is a complete non-event for a guy. Heck, even if you haven’t really established yourself, you can still turn your life around. Plenty of guys do so. Once they fix their life, they will find it a lot easier to meet women, but having seen the true nature of women that is largely based on how much a guy can provide for them, they may be turned off by the idea of settling down. On the other hand, how is a single woman in her 30s supposed to fix her life? She’s not going to get any younger, and cosmetic surgery has limitations. Women in their 30s love getting fake tits as some kind of last-ditch effort to stay relevant on the sexual marketplace, but that normally only qualifies them as some kind of novelty lay for younger guys. Once you’ve banged a few chicks with fake tits, young or a bit older, it turns into a “been-there-done-that” event. In my opinion, they just don’t compare well to a pair of nice, firm, natural, young breasts.

My ex-wife thought she had a winning hand when I was getting closer to 40, but again I thought that it’s really not a big deal. I think once you’re 50 or 55, your age will start to show, but at that point, if you haven’t found your unicorn, you’ve probably seen so much of women that you’ve had enough for the rest of your life. I think women who tell you that once you’re 40, you’re in trouble are simply projecting. In that age range, you can still get young women. Heck, I’m getting close to 40, and my girlfriend is 16 years younger than me, and of all the women I’ve met, it’s not even the biggest age difference for me. I even know plenty of guys in their 50s who date women in their early to mid-20s. Some are clients, others friends or acquaintances. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet.

If you’re a single woman and hitting 40, you’re done. At 30, she starts to panic if there is no guy to marry in sight. A few years later, her baby rabies really kick in, and if she ends up being alone and 40, her transformation to roadkill is almost complete. In her 30s, she can still tell herself that she can still have kids. In her 40s, that is more of a theoretical possibility. Even worse, at that age not even bolting on fake tits has any appeal to guys anymore. Those women can’t be saved. Meanwhile, you’re the well-put-together 40 year-old who gets his dick sucked by a college co-ed in exchange for a fancy meal, and if that isn’t in the cards for you, you fly to Thailand or Eastern Europe and get to bang some lithe chick for little money. Women in that age group, on the other hand, have basically a zero chance for male attention. Their only realistic option is sex tourism to Africa, but that is a far cry from banging a buff billionaire. For a guy, though, banging a hot whore is not too different from banging a hot slut who does it for free.

Finally, if you think turning 30 or 40 is tough for a single woman, turning 50 is really fucking tough. You can safely say that a single woman in her 50s is never going to taste dick ever again. That’s largely true for 40 year-olds as well, but there is the occasional drunk and horny guy who’s willing to take her home when the stars align particularly poorly. Also, she has to admit to herself that she is never ever going to have children. And what’s worse? That she still has around 40 years left to live! I really wonder why suicide rates among older women aren’t higher. They probably don’t know how to properly off themselves.

As a 50 year-old guy, on the other hand, if you’ve been living your life well, you’ll be in great shape. If you don’t believe me, then go to a bigger gym in the evening. There will be a few older guys around. If they’ve been working out for decades, they’ll look way better than the average guy half their age. If you’ve stayed single all your life, struggled for decades financially or professionally, but finally hit your stride in your 50s, there will be plenty of women who drop down on their knees and eagerly suck your dick. If you want kids and a family, that’s still an option for you. If you want to instead live with cats, you can. A woman in that age range, though, can only do the latter.

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20 thoughts on “Turning 30, 40, and 50 is tough for women, but not necessarily for men

  1. Aging isn’t so bad if you stay in shape, treat your body well, and have good genes. If you look younger, attractive, and feel good, then you’re set. I’m often asked out by men in their early 20s who think I’m close to their age. They are shocked but don’t seem to mind that I’m about 8-10 years older than than expected. They are actually enthusiastic about the fact that a woman my age can still look 22 without the drama of an average 22 year old.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how many women are my 10 year high school reunion actually looked better than they did in high school simply because they had no more acne and learned how do their hair and makeup better.

    At the end of the day, everyone ages eventually. Men have to deal with baldness, beer belly, bad back/knees/legs due to working hard all their lives, impotence, etc.

    We’re all human.

    1. I think the biggest problem is skin. Men have thicker skin, also figuratively. On that metric alone, the difference between a 30 and a 20 year-old guy is essentially nill. On the other hand, with women this is much different. I bet if you did a blind test where you have random guys touch the skin of a young woman, with their eyes closed, let’s say a tight 18 year-old versus one in her late 20s, everybody could tell which is which. You won’t fix this with makeup and better clothes.

      Sure, a guy who doesn’t put an effort into his appearance will look pretty bad, but I’d argue that a woman who is as negligent looks infinitely worse.

    2. With fitness being so rare these days, i’ll pick a 30 year old chick with the perfect gym body over an out of shape 22 year old.

    3. Women are considered depreciating assets when their looks fade and perhaps a liability when it comes to marriage. Women are born, they basically can do nothing with their lives, and some white knight comes to the rescue. What does a woman really have to offer besides sex?

      Men are created in due time and gain more wealth and maturity. After 30 we get the upper hand when it comes to dating. As a self made millionaire at 36, I am not interested in marriage, or dating women above 30. Also for the reason that every time when I told about low wage job, I either got ignored or they lost interested. Now that I got the money I don’t want anything to do with damaged goods. Only for pump and dump sex perhaps. Go find some other sucker that you can marry and have kids with.

    4. Good on you for maintaining your youthful looks! I think it’s a bit problematic to think that we’re all human and everyone ages eventually. Of course it’s true, but the point is that the costs of aging for men and women are different and way more detrimental to the latter, given how the primary appeal of women is dependent on youth, fertility, and looks (all transient!) What sombre reality for our sex.

    5. “With fitness being so rare these days, i’ll pick a 30 year old chick with the perfect gym body over an out of shape 22 year old.”

      Most men see it this way as well.
      In my experience, most men can’t really afford to be as picky as valuing a woman for just her looks, youth, and fertility. Most are just happy to be with anyone who isn’t obese.

  2. Holy shit, Aaron! This article came out right when I was about to write a post asking this very question. I’m a few weeks away from turning 30 and all my latest lays have been with escorts. So that doesn’t really count and it’s kinda…hurting my pride (can’t get any w/o paying, bro?)

    I think I aged well since most girls I meet (whores included) guesstimate my age at around 22 and I’m actually much stronger that what I was at that age. I have a high paying job already (working on climbing higher), tho I’m average looking + good (but not great) shape. The thought of hitting 30 depresses me, but maaaaybe you’re saying it’s not so bad?

    When I look at my friends I cringe, man. They’re all marrying fucking hogs. I look at those couples and think “DUDE, you’re more attractive than I am and you’re settling with a lower quality chick than what I (used) to pull? Why…?”. Ofc I can’t VOICE this opinion, but…

    Yeah, thanks for letting me vent.

    1. @Viva Pinochet!

      I agree…I’ve never looked at gender/sex ratios…in parts of North America…it seems the pairing is attractive guy with not-so-great girl. (Maybe the girl was hotter a few years and let herself go after getting the Commitment?)

      Although i hear in parts of Russia and Ukraine…the sex ratio is skewed where there are more women (due to earlier deaths of men because of alcoholism or other dumb things). This leads to women being competitive and being super-conscious of looking hot.

      On that note, there are some Russian (or ex Soviet state) expats in my country. They are hot, but they’ve been infected with Western feminism. Has anyone had the horror of dating or marrying a Russian or ex-Soviet (like Ukraine or Khazakstan or Latvia)? I hear they are cunning bunch and not worth the effort.

      I guess Russia/Soviet escorts are the way to go!

    2. Dude if you can afford escorts and aren’t married to a whale, you are doing well above average for your age, regardless of physical traits or whatever “score” you pulled lately. Fuck this pride shit of banging this or that club whore and look at you : no kid, maybe no debt perhaps ? And no nagging girlfriend who wants a better car to go out shopping with her friends from the yoga class.

      You’ll get bored of escorts eventually, that’s what happened to me. Then you’ll find a hobby or something and you certainly won’t regret dating this or that chick especially when you see her post-wall face if you cross her path again. And you will chuckle at the thought of all those who told you to settle down and are now stuck with 2 children and a mortgage.

    3. Nah man, my finances are rock solid. No debt and I’m about to start investing. My main issue is that ON THEORY I’m somewhat high SMV, but in reality my personal life is nothing to write home about. I can’t shake the feeling that not much has changed…

      My body improved (reduced BF + increased LMM), my wealth skyrocketed but OTOH my social circles dissapeared (no longer in college/no single friends etc) and things have been kinda of a net loss as far as lays are concerned.

      I’m worried the path forward will actually be downhill…

    4. @Zero;

      Whatever you say is gold in my mind. I am someone who was plagued by pride for the longest time.

      After I found out that pride is what is keeping me a slave to society and that I am unsatisfied being a slave to society, I became reasonably very satisfied with myself. I just gave up trying to do things that gives me a sense of pride because those particular things are in deed defined by society itself and definitely not me.

      For example, why would I get married just feel a sense of pride in archiving that milestone? It’s just a license from the government to fuck a single woman and only that women forever. There is no pride in that for me but to society. For society for enslaving yet another which in this case would’ve been me.

      I simply don’t want to spend money, time and energy to impress people I don’t like. I certain don’t feel any pride in doing that. It seems really bad when you look at it all that way right?

  3. “For a guy, though, banging a hot whore is not too different from banging a hot slut who does it for free.”

    Especially when your hourly rate is the same as hers. Which, if you play your cards right, can very well be true by the age of 45.

    On a related note to aging: men are the more beautiful sex anyway. Today, while already on my way to work I realized that I couldn’t quite remember if I had looked in the mirror before leaving the house or not. It struck me that I actually never really look in the mirror longer than 3 seconds.
    Can you imagine what would happen if all 28 year old chicks did that in the morning?

  4. I am a daygamer, 45, took two number today… 22 and 20 yr old girls. I was in Japan in Jan/Feb… Fucked 4 new girls, 22, 24, 28 and 37 (and one repeat that I fucked when she was 22, and this trip again when she was 26)… I took those girls to dinner, but no cash was involved… Just game.

    My only critique of your post is that these older girls are focused on dick instead of resources. Yeah, older girls are in a panic… For a last chance at a provider that isn’t embarrassing to be with. Dick is a 2nd tier desire. A man’s paycheck is top tier.

    I got into game at 35. I physically peaked a long time ago, but I bet I am 5+ years away (50?) from peaking in terms of access to women… My game is just getting better.

    I’ll fuck girls 35< until I'm 60… And beyond.

    Viva Daygame.

  5. As the other guy said. There is one caveat that has to be given, even though it’s common sense.

    Turning 30 is a complete non-event for a guy.

    This is only true if you keep up your appearance. If you’re an out of shape slovenly slob, 30 will crash you into a wall.

    At 20 you can get away with the unkempt appearance and still be cute. As a 30 your old guy it makes you “the creep”.

  6. Good post, Aaron and some interesting comments too.

    I’m in between what you (Aaron) said. There are some early 30s and mid 30s women I see who still look decent, perky, youthful. Perhaps that’s due to makeup, better fashion sense (as @Ash said above) or any of those “anti-aging” creams…or better eating habits (e.g. avoiding sugar, McDonalds, pop, and following diet fads touted by celebrities).

    That said, there’s something about the late 20s to 30s (and beyond) women in their personality and demeanor. I find that there’s a negative experience dealing with women who either believed the feminist lie of “having it all”; or if that woman has been picky and waits for Chad Billionaire (i.e. hunky and rich) but has to settle for Vlad the Beta/wannabe-Alpha…

    …Then these women can be quite cynical, bitter, dark… and that can make your typical, post-29 year-old women seem much older and way less attractive than the girl you meet who is under 25.

    (Hopefully Aaron you got @SleazyGal in time and she will never turn into the bitter women I describe above!)

    @aleknovy – your comment is bang-on. Indeed, the guy reading Aaron’s post shouldn’t stay the same and be a slob. He should keep improving…and best of all, do it for himself. If a lady comes along, great. If not, well, no major lost.

    (Is it better to have not loved and not lost, than to love and have lost it?)

    1. Ironically, the only hot 30 year old chicks that I know are married. I even know a super-hot 40 year old that’d I bang over 95% of twentysomething girls I see on the streets.

      I have no idea what the relationship is there. But I get the feeling that these are women who believe it’s a wife’s job to keep up her appearance. Whereas the single thirtysomethings are both single and look horrible for the same reason (feministic type thinking). Just one possible explanation.

  7. So…little update on my situation. I went to a club last friday and chatted up some thots. My age came up several times. Apparently I’m in my early twenties according to Club Thot Consensus”™. Spoiler: I’m a week from 30. One girl even called “bullshit” when I said I was 29 and replied with “you’re 22 at most”.

    Is this a good thing? Seems to me like the way forward is to ignore women my age and focus on chicks in their early twenties…? Or is this a sign that my face is simply “little boy-ish”?

    1. Early birthday wishes from me! Sure, I think it’s a good thing. A boyish face is often said as a compliment anyway. It’s a great boon to be able to date an older man and enjoy what comes with that without him looking much older.

      And if you have to look your age for whatever reason, it’s also possible to add a few years to your appearance by growing a beard or changing the way you dress. On the other hand doing the reverse (looking younger) isn’t as easy.

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