Sleazy Stories II: Cover and Sample

My next book is Sleazy Stories II: A Seducer’s Sex-Laden Spring in Berlin. Technically, it took me nine years to write this book, but in reality there was more of an eight-year gap between the rough draft and the final version. For anyone from back in the days who is still around: you guys rock! The release is close and should happen within the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Plenty of you are familiar with Sleazy Stories. The sequel is a continuation. If you haven’t read the first one, you can jump right in just as well. A few of the women you have met in Sleazy Stories make a surprise appearance in the sequel, but it’s not as if there are particularly intricate plots to unfold. Sleazy Stories I and II are about pure unadulterated fun (for adults).

Here’s the cover:

The preliminary product page of Sleazy Stories II is up already. You’ll find a sample of the book there as well.

24 thoughts on “Sleazy Stories II: Cover and Sample

  1. I can’t wait to read the last chapter about one of the biggest sluts of Berlin. Hopefully you make Sleazy Stories II available on Kindle first.

    1. It’ll come out as a paperback first, but a Kindle ebook will eventually follow.

  2. Aaron,

    All else being equal(and assuming you stayed in shape and aged nicely), how many less women do you think you would have pulled being in your mid 30’s as opposed to your 20’s when these events in your book were occuring?

    1. I have stayed in shape and I’ve aged quite well. People routinely think I’m a good ten years younger than I really am. You can play this game for quite some time. In fact, I did not notice much of a difference between my late-20s and mid-30s. Well, the biggest difference is that I found it a lot more difficult to tolerate most women, which means that I walked away from women I could have easily fucked. I know this might sound unbelievable to a lot of guys.

    2. Based on my observations, there’s nothing out of the ordinary Aaron does. He eats well, avoids all sorts of processed sugar like the plague, exercises every other day according to upper/lower body rotations and some cardio, and gets adequate sleep. Doesn’t smoke or drink, though he has wine on a few occasions a year. He doesn’t even actively use facial products and can go without applying moisturiser for days. One might think that skincare products are the secret but strangely they’re not. The last thing I can think of is his high level of meditative ability, which helps him to be calm and serene.

    3. I think aging shows most in your fat for some reason. True for both men and women.

      – If you’re lean in your mid30s it’s similar to being lean in your mid20s
      – If you’re chubby in your early 20s you’ll get a lot more attention than being chubby in your 30s

  3. Awesome preview Aaron. I’m having my nasty grin when I read it hahhaahha.
    I’m totally buying this shit.

  4. Jesus, you’ve left quite a cliff hanger with that sample Sleaze! The original Sleazy Stories was quite inspiring to read as a very young guy. How much more outrageous will these stories be?

    1. Stay tuned! In Sleazy Stories I was still learning the ropes. In Sleazy Stories II, I’m really getting the hang of picking up women quickly and pushing their limits.

  5. Do you think, stuff like that will nowadays happen?

    I would say women’s sexuality has not changed, only how they deal with it. Maybe it was on your blog, but a few months ago I read an article about the nightlife and clubs who die out. People stay at home, Netflix, tinder,..

    I‘m now in my thirties as well, have the best sex ever, but not as much when I went out 2008/2009 almost 3 times per week. Today I‘m older, thoughtful and do like to spent my time meaningful. I don’t think it would persevere going out again that much.

    I got all your books and liked them. Your new one will be bought too, just to debauch in the olden days.

    1. Thanks for your support, Daniel!

      Well, hooking up has partly moved from clubs to Tinder. Clubs are still a viable option. It’s just becoming a bit less mainstream. (I think online dating has become the new mainstream way of hooking up past college, thanks to easy-to-use apps.)

  6. Hi Aaron, long time reader of the blog and your books, first time comment.
    The other day I stumbled across two Russian language sites, one basically a version of ‘tagthesponsor’ for Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Kazakhstan and another, perhaps slightly more interesting one where a guy compiles a sort ‘hall of shame’ about Russian girls who’ve gone into mail order marriages or become escorts overseas. His basic thesis is that the whole idea put up by the media that women are being trafficked is basically nonsense, (of course, some of them are) but due to the sheer number of prostitutes that 98% or so just do it voluntarily, and face less harsh consequences upon discovery than the men involved.
    I would love to see a similar post about this on your blog, and am more than happy to translate the Russian sources for you. A lot of men have this whole idea of the ‘clever prostitute’ who successfully leverages her looks, but think it’s mostly bollocks.

    (Also, a post debunking Krauser would be great too! Or perhaps you think he’s legit?)

    1. This sounds interesting! Send me the links first, please, and I’ll see what I can glean from it with translation software.

      I had a run-in with Krauser on my forum. I think he’s more legitimate than many others, but the amount of time he has to invest to get laid is just ludicrous. If I recall correctly, he bragged to us about banging some “model” in some developing country after months of work, and wasn’t too pleased when I pointed out to him that this sounds like an awful lot of work to bust a nut. (He even offered “proof” of his lay, an audio recording, I think. He just didn’t see my angle at all, until I hit him with that argument like a truck.)

    2. Are there some pictures of the girls somewhere ? Clicking around, I don’t seem to find any.

      I’ll tell you if I met some of these 🙂

  7. Could you please if you have time, at least one day, do a piece on a famous reddit “seducer” on the subreddit seddit and redpill named TofuTofu? A lot of people forgot about him but his case is very interesting in that he may/may not have deceived and duped a lot of people, made a book about seduction using “PUA” tactics and reinvented them and then wrote all these unbelievable stories that got a lot of views.

    Here is an article on him from a while back:

    Here are some posts of him from reddit:

    1. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

      EDIT: I skimmed it. I don’t think I want to open that can of worms as there is such a lot of material on and by him floating around. I just don’t have that much time right now.

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