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A hunch not to fuck a particular girl?

While going through my folder containing all my unpublished sleazy stories, I stumbled upon a note that reminded me of an incident I found quite peculiar. It is one I have mentioned before. Long story short, I ended up at her place. As we were about to get it on, she insisted on me roughing her up. Yup, she wanted me to beat her up and then fuck her, while continuing to slap and hit her, as that is the kind of fantasy she likes to live out. She had some fresh bruises on her body, which she claimed were from her ex-boyfriend, a guy she claimed to have broken up just a day or two ago.

It’s fine if you’re dumb and horny, as long as you don’t do anything that is colossally stupid. Banging that chick, even without fulfilling her fantasy, would have been bad enough. What would your defense be if she wanted some excitement in her life and decided to talk to the police for fun? How would they determine that her bruises were not from you? Also, that guy is still in the picture. It wasn’t at all implausible that she merely wanted to cheat on him and so that it doesn’t count as cheating she decided to “break up” with him for the weekend.

While that was an extreme case, and a woman I happily did not fuck, there have been other instances where I deliberately did not have sex with a woman because I had a bad hunch. Now, the problem with hunches is that you normally don’t know about the alternative reality you managed to escape from. Still, if something feels off, it’s probably a good idea to back off instead of pulling through. Sometimes, you may only after the fact understand why you were apprehensive about having sex with a particular woman because your hunch is a physical reaction.

Here are a few more of my stories:

1) A girl approached me in a club, asking if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend. She was pretty cute. She was also very talkative, so after less than two minutes I knew I wanted to have nothing to do with that. That her boyfriend, whom she brought into the conversation after she thought that I’d like to fuck her, gave me a bad vibe was part of that decision. It seemed that she somehow got him to agree to this, and I could sense how tense he was. It didn’t help that they were living on the outskirts of Berlin and that I was supposed to join them in his car.

2) A very sexually aggressive girl approached me once in a club. The interaction went pretty well. Where things got weird was when she invited me and two of her male friends to join her in the bathroom stall. I had no idea how this would turn out, but I knew that I’d be a lot more vulnerable in that situation than I’d like, so I didn’t bother. My guess was that they wanted to do coke together and then she’d take dicks in turn.

3) I met some chick in a club. She was hot and horny and I could easily have banged her in a bathroom stall. Strangely enough, I thought that the vibe in the venue was off, so I didn’t push through with that. A friend of mine later on told me that this place has recently hired security personnel that checks the bathroom stall as they have had a “problem” with, er, someone from a different culture who didn’t quite seem to buy into the notion that women should decide whom to have sex with. I don’t want to sound too irrational, but in hindsight it does not seem too implausible that this could have, at the very least, led to an uncomfortable situation if some security guard had approached us after walking out of a bathroom stall together.

4) The last example is a lot more subtle. I met this one girl in a low-key club that was more like a bar. She seemed pretty interesting as a person. I was also interested in exploring her in a non-intellectual way. However, I gradually changed my mind as she just told me too much that made me uncomfortable. The first bright red flag was when I noticed that the name tag on her door wasn’t the name she had given me — yes, she was classy enough to introduce herself with her full name to me. She said she lives under a false identity and government protection because an ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her. Let’s not engage too much in victim blaming, but an awful lot has to go wrong to end up with a plausible death threat. She also said a few other things that made me question her judgment, various decisions that seemed a bit bizarre. The end result was that I began feeling quite uneasy in her company.

Those were the clearest examples I could remember. There were other instances where I stopped seeing particular girls because they set off red flags, but those weren’t really hunches I reacted to. On the other hand, in the examples above, I could very well have convinced myself that I’ll just bang them and then I’ll head off, but I preferred not to.

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18 thoughts on “A hunch not to fuck a particular girl?

  1. That’s what you get when you pick up girls in clubs. Shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone with some experience.

    If you go collect things in a dump, chances are these will be trash.

    1. Dude, the number of women I have met in clubs and fucked is a very large multiple of 4.

    2. Good for you.
      And you chose the worst 4 to make this post entertaining.

      Doesn’t change the fact that girls in clubs are trash, not always the worst kind of trash, but trash nonetheless.

    3. Hey Aaron, I know you are a practical person. Out of curiosity, you have a list?

    4. No, I don’t have a list of the women I’ve fucked. I never saw the appeal.

    5. I do keep a list. I dont want to forget πŸ™‚

      This coming from a guy who once upon a time thought would only get to fuck 2 or 3 women in his lifetime, if lucky.

      After the 2nd dozen it became a little hard to keep track, in my mind. Hence the list.

    6. Of course a few entries are “unnamed brunette ca. 27 years old” lol

      But most of them have names, and details of what we did. Its a sexual diary of sorts, my own private “Sleazy Stories”.

      A few of them I posted on the forum, but there are plenty more.

    7. Mhm…
      @Yarara, not as high of a laycount like you, but for overview purposes πŸ™‚
      Name, Date. “R” for relationship “$” for prostitues. No comment means one night stand.
      Fun to know that having to actually count at all means one has fucked more chicks than, dunno… 80% of all men.

    8. I keep the list for myself, not to give myself any bragging rights. After all, this is the internet, so you cannot be sure about anyone. For all we know, Aaron himself could be a virgin nerd typing from his moms basement in Somalia while jerking off to goat porn.* πŸ™‚

      Also, its a reminder of the bad stuff. It reminds me where I fucked up, in one way or another, or where I regretted it afterwards, and learn from experience. I only register a few regrests, actually, and I dont know if regretting them is the right word, as I usually learned something valuable in the process (dont stick your dick in crazy would be one. I recently ghosted a girl who was model material because she was crazy as fuck).

      And to keep track of progress! I have mentioned elsewhere, I never claimed to do top caliber girls regularly, I have done a fair share of average and below average girls, but steadily working my way up in quality. Its a work in progress.

      *(For the english impaired, that was sarc).

  2. Lol.
    Counting girls and bragging was fun in high school but got old in college already.
    One must have a more boring life than dunno… 80% of all men to put such emphasis on something as easy to get and as meaningless as sex, especially ONS and hookers.

    I guess it’s a sign of the ages, endless teenagehood…

    1. Oh sure, you loser most certainly have women throw themselves at you wherever you go.

    2. I have never lacked interest from females even though “throwing themselves at me” is an overstatement.

      But I don’t feel the need to brag about it. Sad is the man whose sense of self-value is limited to the number of girls he fucked.

    3. I don’t brag about my lay count. It is what it is. In fact, part of the reason I was able to bang so many women was that I just didn’t care about them. As unfathomable as it may sound to you, I never built an ego around my level of success with the opposite sex.

    4. Adamastor: WTF is rong with you? You nag like a bitch. Really dude. Don’t you have anything meaningful to say? Except nag nag nag. Maybe you can try a website for 50 plus women instead?

    5. I was replying to Neutralrandomthots and his list, I wasn’t talking about you.

      I saw your reply to him and actually follow the same approach as you.

    6. “I never built an ego around my level of success with the opposite sex.”

      Well, I did build an ego around it, and I don’t see a problem in that.

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