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Women from China and South East Asia aren’t Unicorns

We are all very aware of the issues with typical Western women. They are entitled, overweight and unattractive, disrespectful, and slutty. In general, they bring very little to the table. Of course, not all women are like that, but if you pick a Western woman at random, it is much more likely than not that she would be an extremely poor choice for a romantic relationship. Your only hope is dating a traditional woman. Good luck finding those.

While my perception of Asian women, in particular Chinese ones, has been highly skewed due to my amazing girlfriend, I would not recommend men to blindly chase Asian women. I’d say that I have found an Asian NAWALT because my experience with Asian women I have met through the years has not necessarily been entirely positive. Their biggest plus is that they tend to have small frames. If you like your women to look like sex dolls, that should be right up your alley. Those who make it to the West but have not been fully immersed in the culture can be a good catch. Yet, there are serious personality defects you should be well-aware of.

The first one is rampant materialism. In particular girls from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore tend to be the biggest princesses you can find. This must have something to do with the limitation on the number of children you can have in that country. If I get it right, you could only have a second child in China if the first one was a girl. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the women collect degrees until their eggs dry up, which leads to one of the lowest fertility rates on the planet. I met a few of those first-born Chinese girls in Europe. Of course, if you can afford to send your kids abroad to study, you’re at least solidly in the middle class because it’s quite expensive to do so. In fact, it is prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of households. The Chinese and South East Asian students you meet in the West, exchange students and regular ones alike, tend to come from very well-off backgrounds.

To illustrate my point with an anecdote: there was a Chinese girl I met a few times. Now, I have to say that I don’t have an eye for expensive designer brands. I don’t follow that scene and I don’t recognize that stuff. On our first date, it took about five sentences until she asked me whether I liked her coat. I said it looked really nice. To that, she responded that she bought it last weekend and that it cost 3,000 Euros. A significant part of that date consisted of her telling me about her family and how much money her clothes cost. Without wanting to go into details, the summary was that she hailed from an industrial family worth billions of dollars (or trillions of renminbi). Yet, she bitched about girlfriends from banking dynasties who weren’t on such a “tight leash” as her and had enough money to have one-off items made by well-known designers, such as a pair of high heels for 25k. Her girlfriends were, just like her, bragging both about the various items they bought and their price. What is worse, in those circles it’s not enough to simply get highly expensive items, they have to be custom-made. (That way I learnt that Ferrari is making one-off cars if you pay them 5 million bucks or so.)

That girl was certainly extreme, but extreme status consciousness is something I have encountered over and over. The comparison between Chinese and Western girls on that metric is not entirely fair, of course, as I’m comparing girls from the economic elite of China and South East Asia with Western women from a wider variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Also, I have certainly met more really well-off Chinese girls than Western girls, which is due to the fact that some of the former seem to view having a tall white boyfriend as an enormous status symbol that entails serious bragging rights. Spoilt Western women, on the other hand, tend to engage in multiple rounds on the cock carousel, so they pursue much different aims.

Extreme materialism is probably the worst aspect of those women. On that note, my girlfriend recently told me about a company through which you can rent highly expensive fashion items like handbags for a steep monthly fee, so women who don’t have quite as much money can still pretend to be better off than they are. I can only chuckle when I imagine such women trying to one-up each other with items they both have rented. It’s utter insanity.

Another issue I encountered frequently is that the Chinese seem to love cheating, but not in the fucking-around-behind-someone’s-back kind of it. What is worse, universities, even supposedly highly selective ones, turn a blind eye because that demographic is paying eye-watering tuition. As a case in point, I have met several students from Asia in London who studied at very reputable universities who were unable to communicate in English. Well, there are only two, maybe three, highly reputable universities in London anyway, so whatever places you think of, you’ll find those students there. They most likely paid someone to do the TOEFL test for them because otherwise I really can’t explain that kind of outcome. In quantitative subjects, they seem to do well enough as they only need to know limited English for their exams, but for qualitative subjects, that’s not so easy. Well, that’s the clientele for those essay writing services. One Chinese student, by the way, told me of forums they use where people share questions from the GRE or GMAT. I was shown that on screen. Some people even managed to take pictures of the actual exams.

Other examples of Chinese cheating, which I have never encountered from Westerners, include identity fraud to a ludicrous degree. For instance, there was a Chinese student at a local university who took exams for his friends, probably in exchange for financial favors. That guy sat the regular exam, and he did his friend’s exam in the reexamination period. There are multiple cases of Chinese who defrauded the local student housing company by informally subletting their place, which is not allowed, to other Chinese people of the same sex. One guy had two official identity cards, his own and his friend’s, who probably claimed that he lost his to get a second one. Maybe a propensity towards cheating and greed are to blame for that, so they exploit each other and don’t care about the societal consequences of their actions. That was at least what I thought when I learned, as a student at a top university, that there were some Chinese students who offered to do your online assessment tests for you, for a hefty fee. We’re talking about the first round of the interview process of investment banks. It seemed they were proud of how they gamed the system.

There are much worse examples. Through that Chinese girl I mentioned above, I got to know another Chinese girl. She was studying towards a technical degree — but couldn’t do any of the work. She just wasn’t able to grok programming, and her numerical skills were quite weak. So, she got herself a beta boyfriend, incidentally a PhD student in Computer Science, and that cuck not only did all her assignments, she even got him once do an entire group project for her. Oh, and she told him that due to her “culture” they can’t have sex before marriage and, of course, she had to get to know him for a few years, until she’s done with her degree, presumably, before she could marry. If you think Western women exploit their boyfriends, you’ve seen nothing yet. I don’t want to blame her, though, as it took an idiot she could take advantage of.

I also encountered a highly poisonous backstabbing mentality, worst than what I know from Westerners. An extreme example was a former classmate of mine. We occasionally spoke to each other, but there were no romantic undertones. Once, we discussed an assignment together. I thought nothing of it, so I described how I intended to tackle it — discussion among students was tolerated, encouraged even, but you had to submit your own work. When I thought it was my turn to ask for her ideas, she just got up and left. She played a long game and once she thought I was of no use to her anymore, all pretenses of being friendly went out the window.

At last, there is a potentially more humorous example. I mentioned previously that some Chinese students were offering to do your online screen for you. As far as I know, there were some companies that didn’t do any further testing of quantitative skills if the job didn’t require it. Further, if you studied at Oxbridge, they skipped that test entirely. It was just there to reduce the number of applicants. This means that it was, for some students, the only serious hurdle. Once they got to talk to a human, their elite background would essentially do the work for them. Yet, if they didn’t have connections to that bank, you’d still have to do the test. What could possibly go wrong? Well, what could go wrong is that if you don’t feel confident enough to ace the test and hired some Chinese guy with a stellar academic record to do it, then that guy could deliberately perform poorly. The rumor was that that guy was doing other people’s tests for practice, got paid for doing so, and then also elegantly got rid of potential competition. It’s quite brilliant, but you’ll have to be rather Machiavellian to act like this. I am not sure whether the Chinese backstab each other or only Westerners. I certainly met quite a few hypercompetitive students who likely viewed their friends as participants in a race they have to win against.

The upshot of all of this is that the cute Asian girl who pretends to be demure and submissive could be a (cute) little devil in disguise who may turn out too tough for you to handle. She may well be worse than your average Western woman. That being said, I consider traditionally raised women from China or South East Asia potentially far superior for long-term relationships than Western women. Yet, her cultural background is very important. If she has been brought up in the West, you’ll essentially get a Western girl in an Asian or half-Asian body. You may even get the worst of both worlds: Western sluttiness and boundless Asian greed as well as materialism.

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13 thoughts on “Women from China and South East Asia aren’t Unicorns

  1. Too much misogyny in one post. It worries me. You do know misogyny is a criminal offense?

    As somebody who grew up with asian culture its really funny when ppl think asian women are unicorns.
    Still, Chinese women are no worse than chinese men. I heard worse stories from middle class chinese about materialism. How about eating moldy bread or turning the heating down to get a cold so you can buy that ugly(!) designer shirt.
    Well, i can understand where theyre coming from, to be rich is glorious after all, which is why im striving to become a billionaire.

    And that cheating thing does annoy me, but I think Im autistic in that regard because I refuse to cheat and am conscientious. But it only hurts themselves the most, I heard some business owners forgo profit opportunities because the risk of losing face due to being cheated is a nightmare for them. Rather make no money then be cheated.

    This is why Im going to racemix with an exotic white western women in the future, to partly escape the chinese culture. Unlike in chinese culture, they dont care so much about money, they are kind and empathetic, like to refugees and animals, the most vulnerable living beings. That is an admirable quality. The exotic golden hair and sapphire blue eyes is just a plus, personality matters more than looks anyway. I dont understand your negativity here, its just wrong!

    Sure chinese culture has some very good parts, like communism which is making china very wealthy, but growing up with the bad parts of the culture annoyed me. Some things are not logical to me at all! But as I said I may be autistic because only I seem to feel this way.

    1. Jon: (Im going to racemix with an exotic white western women in the future, to partly escape the chinese culture. Unlike in chinese culture, they dont care so much about money, they are kind and empathetic)

      Shows how much you know.
      Good luck with that.

    2. Thanks for the compliment ben, tho its kind of embarassing out in the public. I guess saving ppl from fascism has its benefits. Im indeed the smartest guy out here, but having it spelled out is unnecessary.

      Also thanks for the well wishes, i dont doubt I will make alot of mixed babies. I wish you too success finding ur dream woman( i bet shes asian! Gogo start racemixing for a better world without racism and beat fascism! )

  2. I am asian. This is right up my ally. You have to understand first that in most of Asia richer the girl, the sluttier and westernized they are going to be. Therefore, Aarons observations are incorrect and skewed. And yes, only the richer ones get to go abroad to study.

    While, some of the things he said is spot on, others are utterly wrong. Namely, propensity to cheat and backstab are a uniquely Chinese/Thai thing that is not really found elsewhere. I blame communism and the version of irreligion it subscribed to for that but, I could be wrong on that premise. While Thailand is and was not communist, it is highly influenced by China in many ways including in this aspect.

    However, you didn’t address the FUCKING BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM when it comes to Asian women not being unicorns. That is, they don’t put out. Even for western white men. (Unless she’s a hooker in Thailand, Vietnam and Etc.) Let me add more flavor to that conclusion. They don’t put out unless she can be rest assured of your financial viability and large easily available resources. Also the promise of further commitment or even marriage. I vividly and particularly remember an instance where me and my girlfriend at the time was discussing how white foreign men don’t marry them asian girls. She was telling me about how useless it is to date them because, they aren’t going to marry them and not give anything beyond a pump and dump.

    Just like you said, us asians including me are highly materialistic. The resources the man brings to the table is most important to materialistic people. While you can live well on a US pension in Asia due the services being priced lower than the few tradable goods (i.e. Haircut vs. Car/iPhone), you’d be hard pressed to find that that is not enough to pickup a normal chick in Asia. Also, they are highly selective of men they date. This is because they don’t date much in general. So they try to find the best they can get because they just have only few shots at dating. This is however not true of the very slutty/rich girls.

    But they can be slutty beyond belief. I know because I have experienced it first hand. You just have to visit a nightclub or bar. The way the women there dance alone is a indicator. Man, the slutty dances and kinky things that followed. I can talk about how kinky they are for hours. But, I’d stop now.

  3. Don’s comment about elephants in the room and Asian girls not putting out unless the guy puts it on (the ring on her finger, I mean, or close to it) can be reframed into a more general question for Aaron.

    The big elephant in the room: what is the appropriate number of “dates” (traditional or not) that a girl should have with you before “putting out” so you can consider her LTR material?

    One date sounds like “slut” (although love at first sight might exist in these cases, who the he’ll knows ?), but more than five sounds like beta chump, though better than “no sex till marriage”.

    1. There are plenty of Asian women who willingly have sex with you. As a rule of thumb, the more time they spent in the West, the bigger a slut she is. More traditional Asian women, though, will not engage in random hookups. Thus, it depends on what you want to get out of it. You surely want your future wife to keep her legs together. There is no clear number of dates as we’re not talking about Western-style dating where you have to spend a lot of money over and over and may only get a token kiss on the cheek. Instead, you just get to know her and assess each other’s potential for a long-term relationship.

  4. I have mixed experiences with Asian women. I only have to look at my stepsisters. One is a very traditional hard working woman. She’s a great wife and mother. The other is the materialistic (beautiful looking) spoiled rich girl you just described. She’s always gets in trouble. And it’s always my stepmother that has to solve her problems. And these women both grew up in the same circumstances. Just because a woman is Asian doesn’t mean she’ll make a great wife. But it’s not that hard to find one in Asia. Not like in the Western world.

  5. Materialistic women always seem really easy to engage. South Florida is full of these people. Everything they do and wear is for public display. A simple throwaway line like “nice shoes” will magically make a complete stranger never shut the fuck up.

    I also have the same experiences as you with asian female dynamics. They pick up culture really well. If she has been immersed in a western metropolis for most of her life, she tends to not have the traditional appeal and pleasentness she’s stereotyped to have.

  6. Married 15 years to a Chinese girl – lived in China for several years.

    Every word of this article is spot on – all true. In a nation of 1+ Billion of course there are a lot of good people too – but the stereotypes proliferate.

    Nice summary.

  7. That thing about cheating…
    My understanding is that corruption is indirectly proportional to IQ. So if this negative correlation is true, then either culture takes over in China (at which point one might ask if their culture is not stupid), OR the Chinese ain’t that intelligent all in all. Frankly, looking at the typical representatives of the Chinese upper middle class I encountered, I’m tempted to say that they are rather not so intelligent.

    1. @Yarara, you should know there is no such thing as indirectly correlated. In other words, they don’t go together. However, you might be referring to spurious correlation.

      @Neutralrandomthoughts, The correlation of IQ and corruption is not clear. More research is needed. But my idea would be that there are other factors at play.

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