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Western women don’t understand what marriage is about

Some weeks ago, someone left a very insightful comment on how many Western women view marriage and children under my post Tucker Carlson vs Crazy Feminist. Let me quote it in full:

It just hit me. There is female predisposition for marriage/divorce in the exact same manner as pregnancy/children. Are you ready for it?
Women don’t want to BE married, they want to GET married so they can be the center of attention and get cash and prizes, and after all, all their friends are GETTING married. Afterwards, they really have no use for hubby.
Women don’t want to BE mothers, they want to GET pregnant for the feel good hormones, the attention, and the cash and prizes, and after all, all their friends are GETTING pregnant. Afterwards, they really have no use for the children.
Im going to go throw up now.

I agree with this view. What many (most?) Western women do not seem to understand is that the goal is not to get married. The goal is having a stable and fulfilling marriage. Saying “I will” (and not meaning it) is easy, being a good wife is a lot more difficult, and impossible for your typical spoiled Western brat of a woman. Likewise, the goal is not to get pregnant. Instead, it’s just the start of having and raising children. It’s about the long haul. Getting knocked up is nothing compared to the challenges of being a good mother. The former is really easy for women, the latter is impossible for most of them.

However, an attention-crazed woman may not view it the exact same way. They notice how all their pregnant friends are in the middle of attention. She may even feel left ignored. Here in the West, pregnant women may get months off work on top, which is an additional reason to feel oh-so special, disregarding the fact that in other cultures (Islam) women are used for little more than popping out one kid after another, which is a behavior the moronic Western political elite subsidizes with taxpayers’ money. It leads to cultural diversity, so it’s all good, though.

Again: what are nine months of pregnancy compared to the task of raising a child? Being a good parent is hard work. Further, if you are a shitty person, chances that you will be a good mother or father are nil. Successful parents raise successful kids. Smart parents have smart kids. What do dumb parents with a poor or non-existent work ethic produce? Another generation of welfare recipients.

With marriage, the initial motivation may well be similar: women go gaga consuming “marriage porn”. They salivate at the thought of some schmuck paying upwards of $50k just for her. Marriage is her day, and her day alone. If you are a narcissist, which many Western women are, then marriage is exactly what you want. Some women even stage “solo marriages”. Here is an article in the leftist rag The Guardian: It’s finally time to say ‘I don’t’ to the solo wedding craze. Even they think it’s a little bit too much.

This reminds me of an article I read some time ago, which I sadly didn’t manage to dig up again, on disappointed career women. It had an interview with a young lawyer who always wanted to work in law, but didn’t have any idea what she was getting into, and claimed she wasn’t even aware that she had to show up for work every day. It’s the same thing: acing an interview and getting the job is just the start. Then you’ll have to do a good job. If you get a job, you can post on Facebook and watch the “likes” of your friends come in. But post “Another day at work” day after day, and people just won’t care, for obvious reasons. But, hey, pursing long-term goals is so old-fashioned. After all, we’re not living in the 1950s anymore.

4 thoughts on “Western women don’t understand what marriage is about

  1. Your last paragraph about ‘career women’ is spot-on and was something i thought about as you discussed the short-term mentality of women when it comes to getting married and getting pregnant.

    It’s funny how there’s all this talk about “Lean In” and “women, you can have ‘it’ all”… and of course, the “wage/pay gap”.

    When ultimately, it comes down to women not seeing their choices through. While i do not doubt a woman’s academic ability or even there initial foray into work, having a career/marriage/motherhood is a LONG-GAME. I mean, LONG i.e. spanning decades with thorough ‘face time’.

    In career world, women expect to be Chief Whatever Officer or “worse”, VP of Something without any effort beyond “I have an MBA/JD/Masters and a 3.50+ GPA”.

    How DARE you sniveling conspiring misogynistic males imply that any one, especially a WOMAN, must put in the time, effort, dedication, late nights…post-work happy hours, schmoozing, etc etc etc….

    That’s so old boys mentality. /s

  2. I had a female coworker who was on her second marriage and was regularly annoyed with her husband. I did not live with them but he was attractive, well employed and seemed quite pleasant. She had two kids but had a live-in nanny. She really liked having the kids for holidays and parties but it was not as much fun when they got sick in the middle of the night or had school issues or whatever. I would listen to a lot of her complaints and never really understood her issues as it seemed like a given that marriage and child raising seem to usually require a fair bit of effort.

    There was a reality show on tv where they actually profiled “bridezillas’ just before and during the big day. I actually watched a couple of episodes when I was sick at home and I could not comprehend how the marriages went forward. The women in all cases were completely unhinged, and logic would suggest if they were that irrational and out of control about the wedding day, how on earth would they hope to manage kids or the trials and tribulations of a long term marriage?

  3. Arron, thanks for the compliments on my previous post. Seeing it here caused me to revisit your article and read the comment section.

    Some replies were welcoming me to the Red Pill world which is exactly what is so wonderful about the MGTOW brotherhood. We support each other in a world that has gone insane.

    To set the record straight, I swallowed the Red Pill in November 2014. It took over a year of reading, listening, and introspection to absorb MGTOW philosophy and to fully digest it. I was led deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole by exploring subjects ranging from genetic science to religion from a Red Pill / MGTOW perspective. What I found at the bottom of the rabbit hole, in all truth, I wish I hadn’t found for it has left an open abyss in me that I fear cannot be filled.

    MGTOW philosophy lays out an excellent and irrefutable thesis as to “what” and likewise an answer, albeit only 99% complete, as to “why”. The philosophy scratches at the surface of “how” but falls well short of an answer. What I found at the bottom of the rabbit hole reconciles “why” with “how” and also reconciles Darwinism with religion. It is very dark and I wish I hadn’t come to this conclusion, but try as I might I cannot refute it and observing human behavior through its lens only increases its irrefutability.

    The Cliff Notes version is this:

    At one time in the distant past there was no Y chromosome. The X reproduced itself via mitosis (simple cell division). The female XX chromosomes are not equal, one is dominant and the other can be turned off by what scientists call “X inactivation”. So, in the primordial ooze, the dominant X was having a hard time surviving on its own and mutated (evolved) its weaker sister into a Y programmed to serve its needs (the male DNA driven need to protect and provide for females).

    It is a genetic fact that the X chromosome carries between 10 and 12 times more genes than the Y. It is another genetic fact that the Y has been shedding genes over the millennia getting smaller and smaller in relation to its big sister. I posit this is a result of less testosterone being necessary for estrogen survival with the rise of agriculture, taming of the beasts, etc. culminating in the industrial revolution and its evil progeny the electronics revolution. Meaning the need of the dominant X for the services of the Y decreases as life gets easier, and life in the modern West is very easy right now. In nature size matters. Which chromosome logically will be the shot caller? Undoubtedly the X.

    So, women have the dominant X that only cares about its own survival. Men also carry a dominant X which likewise only cares about its own survival, it doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the Y servant it created so many eons ago. This is the genetic explanation for female hypergamy and the male suicidal devotion to females. Everything is genetically and chemically programmed for the benefit of the dominant X, the Y is a genetic useful idiot.

    What put this conclusion over the top for me was Dawkins Selfish Gene Theory. His work was published in the 1970’s. Read up on it. It provides the scientific basis for my conclusion and is a major reason I cannot refute my conclusion.

    So, how does my conclusion reconcile genetic evolution with religion? Again, the most likely correct answer, as Occam predicts, is simple. If a supreme being exists, its gender is female, and if not female, then a gynocentric male, and if neutral, then yet again gynocentric.

    Now, for a man, the supreme being question becomes this: Why should a man worship a deity that has programmed him to be a tool in suicidal devotion to a female who has been programmed not to give a shit about him? I think that is a very good question.

    From a Christian perspective, try this on for size. The Garden of Eden story as passed down is the exact opposite of what happened. Eve was made in her creator’s image. Being the lazy bitch that most females are, Eve got tired of having to pick her own fruit and complained about it (sound familiar?). Her creator mother said, OK, I’ll give you a servant to pick the fruit for you. Adam comes along and is doing all the work (sound familiar?). He gets tired of doing all the work while Eve sits on her ass (sound familiar?) and eventually tells her he is not providing for her anymore unless she gets off her ass and does some work (sound familiar?) Of course, this pisses Eve off and she bitches to her mother about Adam (sound familiar?). Her mother tells Eve, look, I’ve given you everything you need to be happy and provided for, what more could you possibly want (sound familiar?). This pisses Eve off even more (sound familiar?). She tells Adam that if he doesn’t do what she wants she is going to sic her mother (the government) on him (sound familiar?). Adam says fuck this shit. If I’ve got to work my ass off anyway then I sure don’t need this garden. Eve bitches to mother again and her mother (the government) throws Adam out of the garden (his house) and won’t let him back in (the modern Restraining Order, sound familiar?). Adam splits. Eve being the lazy bitch that she is still refuses to pick her own fruit (work) and follows Adam out of the garden since she knows he is addicted to her vagina (as her mother programmed him to be) and she can use that to get him to still provide for her outside the garden (sound familiar?). So, it wasn’t Eve who rebelled, it was Adam! And in modern terms, Eve is using Adam’s addiction to her vagina to punish him for her garden being taken away (even though she is responsible) by bitching to the government (her creator mother) about how mean Adam is to her because he is responsible for her not having everything she wants given to her on a silver platter (sound familiar?).

    As with most mass psychological manipulation (the Frankfurt School, the Radio Project, Marcuse, the modern MSM) a big lie told over and over again eventually becomes accepted as fact (global warming, the gender pay gap, etc.). Also, accusing your enemy of what you are doing (Joseph Goebbels of Nazi infamy) is a very effective technique (the feminists “War on Women” complaint is a misdirection of their actual war on men). Religious texts are simply a powerful mass psychological tool to convince men to think they are willingly behaving of their own free will in their own self interest, when the exact opposite is the truth. If their own DNA isn’t enough to convince them to willingly sacrifice themselves for the female imperatives, then religion (mass psychological manipulation) will tell them that is exactly what the supreme being wants. Modern Christians buy this nonsense (their warrior ancestors didn’t), Muslims don’t and never have, and this is why Christianity will be overrun by Islam. Europe is doomed, Russia has a chance, but I digress.

    So, to come full circle, it doesn’t matter if Darwin or religion or some combination of the two is the correct answer as to the “why” and “how”. “How” is the selfish chemical dominance of some Y chromosome genes (Dawkins) in both males and females. This is “why” women hate each other as their dominant Y is in direct competition with the other females dominant Y. “Why” is yet again the selfish chemical dominance of some Y chromosome genes in their sole purpose, take no prisoners survival and propagation strategy. Males (Y chromosome) are a preprogrammed disposable utility for females (dominant Y chromosome) exactly as the Red Pill and MGTOW philosophy have proven in the detailed analysis of “what”.

    I can find no holes in my theory and, truthfully, am very disheartened by it. But, in its blinding simplicity (Occam), it answers all the biological and behavioral issues as to “why” and “how”. A unified theory, if you will.

    Free will is an illusion, we are all (males and females) on automatic pilot in service to a few genes on the dominant Y chromosome. Females cannot help their lazy, greedy, hypergamous behavior any more than males can help their willingness to fight, kill, and die for them. It is very sad for us all, particularly males.

    This is my version of fully digesting the Red Pill, why I am a MGTOW ghost monk, and have never been happier (even with the opened abyss). Ever notice that monks throughout history are very happy and serene people? They have conquered their own DNA driven impulses programmed to betray them and dwell in a peaceable kingdom of the mind and spirit that allows no disruption by physical meaninglessness or the dogma of the herd.

    Perhaps they have always reconciled the “how” with the “why”. The ultimate fate of all males is the solitude of the monk, whether physical or mental or both. Look in any old folks home or notice that old bull elephants and moose and lions, etc., leave the herd for the peaceful solitude of the forest. The sooner a man gets on board with this fact, the better his life will be. The answer does not lie in the passions of the flesh, the gilded cage of possessions, or false spirituality written long ago by other men also programmed to betray themselves.

    This post is already too long. I could write a book detailing the hard science genetic facts and behavioral psychology facts in support, but now is the time to stop. I hope and pray that I am wrong. I look forward to any thoughts you or others may have.

    Cheers, and good luck out there, for it is only going to get worse.

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