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Hook-up culture and the degeneracy of the West

The West has gained absolutely nothing from “free love” or its modern manifestations: clubs, bars, and Tinder. What did we gain by undermining the family unit? It certainly was nothing positive. We used to have mom, dad, and 2.5 children per household. Divorce used to be rare. Divorce furthermore used to be heavily discouraged by society. In addition, women kept their legs together before marriage because they knew that if they had a reputation for sleeping around, they would end up alone and miserable as no reputable man would go near them.

Fast forward a few decades from the 1950s and we have:

– Divorce for fun and profit
– Single moms galore
– Guys getting destroyed in divorce court
– Women riding the cock carousel
– Quality guys foregoing marriage altogether
– Children being the norm only in the underclass

It’s utter madness! Libshits have been getting their panties in a twist over supposed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election because their shitty candidate lost. You couldn’t even make a plausible assumption that the Russians meddled with the election. Yet, when you look at how quickly Western society crumbled, you could be forgiven for believing that this must have been the result of concerted intervention, domestic or foreign.

In all seriousness, libshits, how the hell do you go from a well-running system to the utter mess we’re in? Have things been running too smoothly or what? Has life been unexciting? (Swedes used to say that about their country. No more.) This is in particular a question for guys who think it’s oh-so great that it is easy to get laid nowadays, with Tinder and all that: Seriously, dude, think about the consequences: In times past, if you desperately wanted to get laid you would pay a hooker, get your rocks off, and return to your spot in a stable society. Today, we turn 90 % of our women into cheap whores and let society crumble. But, hey, you can go to a club and take a woman home. Great! Instead of $100 for a hooker, the evening just cost you $60, including cover charge, drinks, and cab. But those savings are nothing compared to the societal cost of loose morals.

Further, guys, what will you do if you ever want to settle down? If you learnt how easy it is to get laid with typical Western women, chances are that you just won’t be stupid enough to put a ring on any of them. Your best bet is getting a young, conservative girl or an untainted foreign girl. It that isn’t an option for you, what else are you going to do? Okay, quality guy, you consequently say to yourself that you’ll opt out, either by going MGTOW, or by getting out altogether. In the first case, you won’t leave any offspring. In the second, you may, but not in the West. In either case the outcome is the same: the continued decline of the West, as the spot of your offspring is taken by someone else’s who is very likely to be from inferior stock. We have been witnessing the outcome of this large-scale social experiment. It is going to get a lot worse.

21 thoughts on “Hook-up culture and the degeneracy of the West

  1. Inferior stock?

    looks like youve gone to the deep end. That is not the takeaway of HBD at all. the takeaway is that diversity is our greatest strength(yup, really!) youre like saying the icebear is superior to the brown bear. you cant claim that based on science though. Nobody is superior/inferior, we may or may not just be more suited to a certain environment. We all have a place in the universe. At most you could say certain ppl will be more successful in a first-world economy because of certain correlations, because first-world rewards IQ and impulse control.

    Black and white inferior/superior thinking is not objective, it’s just cognitive dissonance in favor of certain viewpoints. Some examples: In the Olympics, africans win most contests, so blacks are superior? yes, some black supremacists think this way. The fact that black genes are most dominant makes them support it even more.
    Asians have highest IQ, does that make Asians most superior? Well then, nice to meet you, “inferior being”. White ppl are the only ones with recessive genes, does that mean whites are inferior? I hope never to think that way, of my white friends.

    Look, I get that youre upset and ranting because of nostalgia to 50s, but you cant just make these claims without basis. Besides, the West isn’t the hero in a black-and-white story. If the West(ahem, USA) didnt do so many regime changes there would have been no refugee crises. Merkel is right that Europe should decide for itself, the USA is not truly a friend.

    1. I consider Asians to be genetically superior to Whites due to their higher IQ, which is a statement I made in a previous post already.

      Diversity is not our strength. There are already Western countries where IQs are dropping across the board. Sure, those countries are now more “diverse”, but we are not moving towards a future in which high general intelligence will be less valuable. Imagine what you could do with two million highly intelligent Chinese, for instance, as opposed to the rabble that got washed up on the shores of Europe.

    2. Dude, i dont know what you’re doing for a living, but the “diversity is our strength” is definitely not good for europe, for germany. To just point first to diversity and nothing else will not solve problems or help the economy, its first intelligence and then we can talk about diversity, becaues it then does not matter.

      I dont know where you live, but germany has no mineral deposits; the wealth here has been based on creativeness and intelligence. That country is now transforming economicially into a new area, called industry 4.0, internet of things and autonomous driving. To still be competitive and most important ensure its wealth (to pay health insurance, retirments,…) that country needs al least people who want to work, are not illiterate and can read a clock. You’re propably laughing, but the people i see there recently do not even accomplish that.

  2. Well that puts me in an awkward position. Some kind of “nazi” complimenting me on my superior genes, lol.

    If that’s the case, what stops you from moving to Asia and get your offspring some “superior genes”?

    With that slogan I didn’t mean population replacement as diversity, thats more like the opposite of diversity. that slogan should mean that every race should be able to live peacefully and make their own deecisions without interference from imperialism, like regime changes.

    1. I’ll leave your question unanswered for now, but may address it at some point on the blog.

      Sure, they should be able to live peacefully. But is this what has been happening in the Western world? How much peace did adherents of the “religion of peace” bring to us?

  3. The social mores of the 1950s are not coming back anytime soon, barring the emergence of a mass conservative religious revival and/or totalitarian government like that in “The Handmaid’s Tale”. While Western democracies have done a lot of stupid things, it is not like Putin has turned Russia into a paradise on earth or China provides a model for good governance. Complaining is way easier than proposing alternatives.

    1. The West is so far down the drain that we’d need about a decade under a capable dictator to set things straight again. If you could choose, you’d arguably be better off being a member of the Chinese middle class than the European one.

    2. China does not provide a model for good governance. Basic naive western thinking. Even imperialistic mindset I would assume. You guys dont understand Turkey and Erdogan, after all democracy and the West with its spreading deemocracy is the most amazing thing in the world. Look I grew up in democracy so I prefer it, but Im not gonna claim its the end of history.

      Check your assumptions. If spreading democracy is so amazing why does it fail everytime? The only places where it didnt fail is where other factors dominate like HBD or middle class formation(Japan/South-Korea) gives an explanation. As the theory of HBD goes, politics is hereditary, so preference for authoritarian cant be forced out unless you breed it out by having the freedom minded breed more. HBD explains USA(individualistic) vs Europe(collectivistic), China(authoritarian) vs Taiwan(democracy). When the outliers of a bell-curve self-segregate/emigrate you get an entire new bell curve, noticed that black immigrants to the USA have highest IQs of the country, above asians? Aaron emigrates so what left will be even more liberal, or rather, conservative(as immigrants are actually more conservative than liberal)
      I can easily predict that Erdogan is there too stay.
      But back to China. Did you know they have actual government funded research centers that reverse-engineer foreign tech, which is used to develop new market leader positions/jobs in China. Did you know they limit low-skilled immigration and promote tourism so the elderly unskilled have those jobs. But mah freedom! If you know HBD, you know the Chinese there dont care that much about that. They want to get wealthy first instead, and the CCP provides. find a Chinese gf in HongKong or Taiwan if you want freedom loving Chinese, or look for the ones that emigrated to the west.

      Which african countries have the highest economic growth rates? The ones that follow western democratic model and get developmental aid, or Chinese authoritarian model and get trade relations?

    3. What immigrants are we talking about? Alleged refugees swarming into Europe or highly-skilled migrants who make it to the US and other highly developed countries? By the way, joker, brain-drain is real. Germany has been losing 100,000 highly trained citizens a year for about a decade, but all is good because they are “increasing diversity” by bringing in two million people whose IQ firmly sits on the left side of the Bell curve.

      Furthermore, China has been around for 5,000 years. What has the West achieved that can compete with that track record? Don’t mention Greece. Apart from that country being a complete basket case, it’s also fact that its current inhabitants are not descending from the ancient Greeks.

      Democracy is a complete dead-end. Modern-day democracy was referred to as “ochlocracy” by the ancient Greeks, by the way. On the other hand, reverting to Greek-style democracy would have some potential. Stripping the underclass of the right to vote would be an excellent first step.

  4. I felt safer walking around in China as a 6’4″ 270 lb white man with a Chinese girl(my gf) in my arms than I did in my home city in the Detroit Suburbs. I also saw such amazing things such as safety and public transport, all possible due to the lack of a low IQ underclass that needs to be placated.

  5. Detroit ended up the way it did due to a lot of different factors, and the underclass is more a result of policy and economic dislocation than the cause of the decline. Lots of places have good public transit and safe streets with a democratic government and the rule of law. It is not either or. Being middle class in China is probably ok unless you decide to criticize the government or end up arrested.

    1. Try criticizing our Western rulers, and see what’ll happen to you! Germany is quick to fine people who criticize the elites [1], but if you’re a “refugee” you’re above the law. Gang-raping a minor and almost killing her? Cultural differences! [2] Theft? Nah, paying for stuff is a privilege of Germans .[3]


  6. the western world is lost. you can’t fix the system from within. the only way you can fix the problem is by taking women’s rights away. you will never get a majority vote to do that. so breaking down western society and building it back up seems to be the only way left. getting married is suicidal in the western world. even if you have offspring you’ll probably have little to no impact in their upbringing. the most likely outcome would be a divorce, financial ruin, and your offspring growing up to be feminist. the system will have to be changed first. otherwise you’re just providing offspring and resources for the enemy. i would have loved to live a traditional family life with a traditional western woman. but right now that simply isn’t a possibility within the system. so instead of crying about what’s lost. i try to have the best life possible for myself. most western people are simply not ready to do what needs to be done. getting married and hoping for the best just doesn’t seems to be a reasonable option

  7. @aaron
    I think you misunderstood what I said. I didnt say I glorify democracy, actually the opposite. I was complaining about those who glorify democracy. Ethiopia is doing very well following Chinas style of governence alleviating poverty. ofcourse living there is repressive but choosing between food 3 times a day or freedom of speech is not a hard choice.

    And as I said before the SJW left is using diversity is a strength the wrong way. homogeneous Immigration is not more diversity at all. actually the opponents should use this slogan, and in the right way, if theyre smart enough. Same with the Im with her which could have been used by Le Pen even, not that Im a supporter. but it shows the vacuousness.

    And Im asian dude, so I dont understand why you glorifying China is supposed to put me in my place. It just makes me lol more. Yeah I know were awesome hahaha. I didnt even realize 5000 years of history. You got more compliments for me?

    1. Contrary to your assumption, I have not given you a single compliment thus far. Asians are, on average, smarter than Westerners. This does not imply that I consider you smart. In fact, in light of your assumptions I’m tempted to believe the opposite. (If you don’t understand this, try this: I consider Asian women more attractive than Western women; if you were an unattractive Asian woman, however, me saying that I prefer Asian women doesn’t imply that I would find unattractive Asian women attractive.)

  8. Also, Im not sure In general Islam is the problem. Islam is in fact very pluralistic, with many sects and diversity. But all the terrorism in the West is from one sect only, wahabism, the allies of the west. yet Iran is the biggest threat. It seems like a self-inflicted problem. Im not a conspiracy theorist, but If you wanted to destabalize the West then funding terrorism sounds an easy surreptious way. Look into the origins of Al Qaeda and ISIS. it has the West written all over it.

    Though I dont view muslims as angels, I dont view them as devils either. It seems more like a manufactured problem, if anything. I wonder…

    In other words, You appear to be too emotionally invested, I advise you to look from a higher perspective, so judgment doesnt get clouded.

    1. Jon islam demands submission. thats the opposite off freedom for the individual that western culture use to stand for. i agree western countries are involved with all kinds off shady things in the middle east. but that doesn’t take away the fact islam and western culture are incompatible. if we all just stay on our own continent we might find a way to ignore one and other in peace. mixing the cultures isn’t working. getting involved in other peoples bisness isn’t working. i say let white people have their own countries for them selfs. and let the muslim clan’s fix their own shit in the middle east. if they want to slaughter their fellow dessert people that’s their bisness. if they come to the western countries open fire ,weapons free. islam shouldn’t be a problem in the western world because it shouldn’t be here in the first place. it’s simply not something that belongs in the western world. the last time europe was invaded by islam it took 700 years off war to drive them out.

  9. My view from living in a few developed countries (US, Singapore), one big developing one (India), is that the West has run out of basic day to day life problems, and thus, to get a rush, people need to do weird shit. Technology companies like Amazon, Uber, Tinder are removing even the few remaining life “problems”.

    If you’re a 20 or 30 something male or female in one of these countries, for most people, one has likely not seen a single challenge ever! So I doubt if there’s any life motivation. I guess what do you do if not just fuck around especially when it’s so easy? And when there are, supposedly, no consequences?

    I am presently in Singapore, and I see people struggle every weekend with what to do! There is literally no life problem here! And most people do a variation of the same thing every weekend. BBQs, pool parties, cafes, tinder dates.

    I compare this to my upbringing in India, and it’s so different! Most of my life, it was about, if you didn’t work hard, you might very well be totally worthless. Being homeless wasn’t out of question. Even if you didn’t face this, your parents likely faced a real possibility of this, so you were brought up with a need to work hard.

    Also with non trivial life problems around, people usually end up doing things other than just drink and fuck.

    But yeah anyways, my two cents on the topic 🙂

  10. Well I don’t know if you’ve heard of the term cultural Marxism, it’s essentially the long march through the cultural institutions of the West by non-Soviet aligned Marxist who realized classical economic Marxism failed to inspire people during WW1. Instead Europeans of all class backgrounds fought for their native lands. Anyway these commies moved from the Frankfurt school in Germany in the early 1930s to the USA. Antonio Gramsci was another Marxist degenerate who while imprisoned dreamt up dechristianizing Western civilization as a way to destroy it. A lot of these bastards setup shop at Colombia, Berkeley and other universities as well as Hollywood. Thirty years later the so called New Left was their brainwashed handiwork. The mid to late 60s saw Political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and feminism take over politics and slowly society. When these brainwashed college students took over government positions all of society when in the toilet. Anyway why would a guy who advocates and lived a rather libertine lifestyle care about social morality all of a sudden?

    1. I know about Cultural Marxism. Yale was also very prominent in spreading that toxic doctrine.

      Why I suddenly care about the fabric of society? I may have something to do with growing up.

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