Tucker Carlson vs Crazy Feminist

Alek Novy just posted a link of Tucker Carlson debating an mentally deranged feminists. The context is that there was apparently a study that claimed that it was not “natural” for women to breastfeed and that men can likewise “naturally feed” babies, but presumably not by offering their nipples. Watch and weep:

You may now think that this is a rather unique example of a crazy chick, but you’d be surprised how common that is. Behind closed doors, a woman like that would at one point shout or throw objects at you. For instance, discussions crazies pulled me into were centered around claims such as women being “at least as strong as men”, women being able to handle pain much better, or women being smarter, better multi-taskers, or all-around superior human beings. One chick I was involved in claimed that “sex is rapey” (run!). Eventually you get to the point where, when you notice that she has a few screws loose, you either don’t bang her, or bang her a few times, and if you’ve had your fill of utter stupidity you just move on.

24 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson vs Crazy Feminist

  1. I like to think the way Tucker always stares at these women is the way their fathers stared at them all their lives. Utter contempt for stupidity.

    1. A good part of those crazies may not have had a father in their life, due to the fact that their equally crazy mother couldn’t keep him around.

  2. you should never touch a feminist or a women that has other mental problems. i dont care how horny i am, i would never let her anywhere near my junk. how do you think women like that get knocked up. do you really think the father gave consent for the pregnancy? most off them just wanted to pump and dump. and now they’re paying child support to those strong independent women that dont need a man. RULE#1 never fuck a feminist. these harpies are unpredictable. you never know what they’ll do. sperm jack? accuse you off rape? cut your dick off in your sleep and trow it out off a window off a moving car? men shouldn’t even talk to them. if you know a woman is a feminist. just turn and walk away. no good will come from it if you dont. never have sex with them. even if she’s just one off the brainwashed hot college girl’s and not one off the landwales. just walk away. if she’s saying anything like ‘sex is rapey’ yes run and dont look back. wagegap ‘run’. i’m independent ‘run’ i believe in equality ‘run’ ‘run’ ‘run’

  3. you should handle feminist like the bubonic plague. never touch them. avoid contact at all cost. if they approach you. just run. if you cant escape them. try to use a stick or something to keep them away. never make skin to skin contact.

  4. It just hit me. There is female predisposition for marriage/divorce in the exact same manner as pregnancy/children. Are you ready for it?

    Women don’t want to BE married, they want to GET married so they can be the center of attention and get cash and prizes, and after all, all their friends are GETTING married. Aferwards, they really have no use for hubby.

    Women don’t want to BE mothers, they want to GET pregnant for the feel good hormones, the attention, and the cash and prizes, and after all, all their friends are GETTING pregnant. Afterwards, they really have no use for the children.

    Im going to go throw up now.

    1. Aaaaaaaaand welcome to the other side, john smith! You have just swallowed the red pill.

      Tastes bitter at first, but we have all been there. You will be in good company here.

  5. john smith yep it’s always about her. girls just wanna have fun. they simply are not capable off love the way men are. women love what men can give them. not the man itself. they’re selfish by nature. red pill 101.

  6. john smith welcome to the real world. and don’t worry about throwing up. completely natural reaction to the red pill. it gets better over time.

  7. john smith you should watch barbar on youtube. warning more throwing up sessions ahead. he explains things like this in a very easy understandable way. he really has some great stuff.

  8. “Afterwards, they really have no use for the children.”

    Aren’t you being a bit hard on your mother here?

  9. Her problem seems to be a a language thing, the difference between the meaning of the word natural and the word naturally. Semantics

  10. You probably have to look pretty hard to find a guest that makes Tucker the smart guy in the room, but they did it. There are a fair number of studies showing that breastfeeding is superior to formula, and obviously, only women carry breast milk. That does not preclude fathers feeding babies pre-pumped milk. But, the argument is we should avoid pointing out this fact to avoid causing women distress about feeding is just crazy. Breastfeeding is not necessarily easy, but then again childbearing and delivery are not necessarily non stop joy either.This should not be an issue.

    1. You probably have to look pretty hard to find a guest that makes Tucker the smart guy in the room, but they did it.

      That’s not true. Youtube is chockfull of great clips if him debating SJWs. Makes for great entertainment.

  11. she’s just throwing a tantrum. nothing new. just an other i need feminism because off bullshit campaign.

    1. You should see grown women growing a real tantrum. Her’s was nothing on that scale.

  12. feminist don’t have any real issues to complain about so they need to run bullshit campaign’s to stay in the workforce. what else are they going to do with a gender studies degree?

  13. Aaron Sleazy. oh i know. i’ve seen plenty tantrums. even full blown rebellions. and personally i don’t mind that much. it’s just something women do. the real problem is that the state is taking men’s authority to solve the matter. in a natural male female relationship the man would just put his foot down and tell the woman to shut up. if she doesn’t the man takes her to the bedroom pulls her panties off and gives her a spanking until she learns her place. sadly this has become a risky thing to do. (even many women would like it) because if you do this as a man you could be facing jail time. i believe this is the real problem in western society. it’s not the women. it’s the fact that men have been striped off all authority but still have all the responsibility. and women have been striped off all responsibility and have been given all the authority when it comes to relationship’s. women’s tantrums are not the problem. it’s the people who take them serious.

  14. instead off trying to debate this crazy feminist he should just have told her to shut the fuck up and answer his questions. he should have taken the lead. ranting feminist are a great source off entertainment. it’s funny to see them fail. but for women as a group it’s a terrible thing they are allowed to act this way. as men we should correct them. as men we should tell them that this behaviour is unacceptable. instead off laughing at this shit we should educate women again. this shit has to stop and clearly women ain’t going to stop if men dont make them. it’s time men restore order.

  15. Truly a vivid example of a crazy (psychotic) woman…scary that they really get screentime in mainstream media to propagate their irrational drivel.

    Besides that, this money quote from Tucker stands out: “Feminists as usual are helping to obscure biological realities because they don’t like them and that’s an attack on science”

    If you look at it from that perspective, this kind of feminism is really quite close to other contemporary forms of anti-scientific idiotism which is en vogue these days like creationism and the anti-vaccination movement.

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