The Creation Myth, Red Pill version (by John Smith)

Blog reader John Smith just left an amazing comment, summarizing his findings after going down the MGTWO rabbit hole. It’s a few thousand words long. You’ll find his entire comment under my article Western women don’t understand what marriage is about. Particularly interesting is his interpretation of the Adam and Eve story, which I am pasting below, with very minor editing.

The Garden of Eden story as passed down is the exact opposite of what happened. Eve was made in her creator’s image. Being the lazy bitch that most females are, Eve got tired of having to pick her own fruit and complained about it (sound familiar?). Her creator mother said, OK, I’ll give you a servant to pick the fruit for you. Adam comes along and is doing all the work (sound familiar?). He gets tired of doing all the work while Eve sits on her ass (sound familiar?) and eventually tells her he is not providing for her anymore unless she gets off her ass and does some work (sound familiar?)

Of course, this pisses Eve off and she bitches to her mother about Adam (sound familiar?). Her mother tells Eve, look, I’ve given you everything you need to be happy and provided for, what more could you possibly want (sound familiar?). This pisses Eve off even more (sound familiar?). She tells Adam that if he doesn’t do what she wants she is going to sic her mother (the government) on him (sound familiar?).

Adam says fuck this shit. If I’ve got to work my ass off anyway then I sure don’t need this garden.

Eve bitches to mother again and her mother (the government) throws Adam out of the garden (his house) and won’t let him back in (the modern Restraining Order, sound familiar?). Adam splits. Eve being the lazy bitch that she is still refuses to pick her own fruit (work) and follows Adam out of the garden since she knows he is addicted to her vagina (as her mother programmed him to be) and she can use that to get him to still provide for her outside the garden (sound familiar?).

So, it wasn’t Eve who rebelled, it was Adam! And in modern terms, Eve is using Adam’s addiction to her vagina to punish him for her garden being taken away (even though she is responsible) by bitching to the government (her creator mother) about how mean Adam is to her because he is responsible for her not having everything she wants given to her on a silver platter (sound familiar?).

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