The kinds of women you should not date

Following up on my last post, I’d like to add one important aspect: if you are a man with not a lot of options, you are arguably a lot better off not dating instead of taking a pick from the bottom of the barrel. Recall that when it comes to women, the bottom of the barrel is easily 1/3 of them. I’d say that at least 3/4 of women aren’t attractive as mates.

In my view, the absolutely worst women you could get are:
– old
– single moms
– divorced
– ugly
– poor

Of course, some of those lovely little princesses manage to tick all those boxes.

Just think of what you are getting into: if you pick a woman past 30, chances are that she has a lot of emotional baggage. Feminists, shut up, because unlike you womyn, men can fuck sluts all they want — it just doesn’t affect whether they make great partners or not. However, with women, a long history of sexual partners essentially guarantees that she is a divorce risk. As if that wasn’t enough, Mother Nature follows up with a sucker punch: her fertility drops like a rock in her 30s. It will be very difficult to get her pregnant. If the natural way turns out to not work out, then in-vitro fertilization is an option, but that’ll cost you, Bucko!

Single moms are to be avoided. Period. First, only the biggest cucks would consider raising another man’s children. Second, she already has at least one child, to which she very likely has a much closer emotional bond than she will ever have to a guy she met well after having given birth. Third, single moms show that they make piss-poor choices. There probably are rare cases were her husband got hit by a truck, but normally, single moms are single moms as the result of their own actions. They either couldn’t keep a guy because they have a shitty personality, or they don’t know how to attract a quality guy, so some douche just knocked them up and disappeared. Being single moms, they will find it incredibly difficult to attract a quality guy because those tend to have options.

Divorced women are crap, too. In the vast number of cases, women file for divorce. She’s done it once already, so if you feel like buying her a house, go put a ring on her finger. In the much rarer cases where the guy filed for divorce, chances are that it was due to her personality. Most guys don’t ask for much and would happily stay married to a woman who is slender and doesn’t bitch. That’s a surprisingly hard hurdle for many Western women to clear, though.

If you date ugly women, you’ll have ugly children. They’ll also be stupid because ugly and stupid go hand-in-hand. Would you rather stay single, or have offspring that will find it next to impossible to procreate, with the exception of other trashy human beings? It’s not as if we didn’t have enough of those around already.

Then there are poor women. People are generally poor as the result of making incredibly poor decisions, like taking out payday loans or buying crap on credit. If you get involved with such a woman, you’ll eventually become liable for her poor decisions. So, would you rather keep your money, or are you willing to tank your finances, for instance by taking care of her debts?

When I look around, though, I see plenty of losers going for seemingly any woman who takes them, with disastrous results for society. Don’t become one of those guys.

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  1. So either work your ass off to become attractive, die trying, or give up and enjoy the single life. Sounds about right. Reminds me of the Mr. Miyagi quote about getting squished like a grape:

  2. I think your opinion on pornstars and escorts (the kind that does not do it by coercion or desperation, at least) as potential long-term partners should be obvious. But what about the ones that disavow of their past and “find Jesus”? They in theory become conservative women, right? Can a man afford to buy that conversion?

  3. “When I look around, though, I see plenty of losers going for seemingly any woman who takes them, with disastrous results for society. Don’t become one of those guys.”

    I do see the same and found only one explanation for that: These wimps are still connected to their mother through an invisible umbilical cord. Not able to live a life on their own, they futhermore need a women who gives them orders.
    Good thing is, these men let themselve be blackmailed in prospect of pussy, by law, own children….and will accept everything from their crazy wife unquestioningly. Diligent worker.

  4. I am not sure if there is actually somebody for everybody, but I regularly get amazed by women who have boyfriends even though they check all or almost all of your boxes. Granted, these guys are rarely top tier, but a borderline attractive woman still can attract some interest. The one case in point is late 30s, divorced, two kids, far from affluent, and maybe a 6, and she had three suitors in play for a while before marrying one.

    When you hit your 40s, the odds of finding a woman of a comparable age who is not divorced, does not have kids, isn’t poor, and is not well past her best before date for looks is pretty slim. Frankly, if I ran into a woman of that age who was not at least divorced I would seriously wonder why that was. At that age, just finding one who is not flat out crazy is a bit of an accomplishment. Logically, you are better off going for women in their 20s, but you better have your life and body in good order to compete in that market. Even then, the competition is pretty rough and most guys do not try and stick to their own rough age group.

    1. Care to elaborate? Why would you assume your young, healthy, conservative wife would die when you’re 50.

    2. You should be working on other areas of life anyway, so that you become so attractive that you can date way younger.

      I’m in my mid 30s, regularily get 18-19-20 year olds due to status I’ve built up in different venues/circles. I haven’t been with a chick that’s not at least 10 years younger in a looong time.

      Btw, if I approached these same age girls cold (as a random guy), most would be creeped out. I know because of how random girls perceive me in places where i’m just a random guy. Or in the gym I go to (to those girls i’m a random overweight old guy).

      One of my mentors is 50… he’s not even any good (like in terms of getting chicks)… but he’s way higher status than me. Bangs 20-30 year olds. Rarely has to go above. Just started dating a 19 year old.

  5. There probably are rare cases were her husband got hit by a truck
    -He’s in jail (NOPENOPENOPENOPE)
    -He got killed because
    •he was a soldier
    •he was a cop
    •he was a criminal

  6. It does not have sense to think that a woman is not worth it just for one of the things you mentioned on the post,.

    Actually once in your life you might fall in one of those categories , of course you are mentioning that from the point of view of someone who was born in the middle class of a rich country

    1. The only exception would be poor when a woman comes fron a poor country. And she isn’t poor because of bad judgement. She was just born in the rong country. As it wouldn’t be her own doing. On the other hand you can also expect some problems within that situation. I had a semi serious relationship with such a woman. They can’t manage money because they never had money before. You have to teach them everything. Just like a little kid.

  7. I’ve seen quality men with woman that have children. There’s this writer that I admire. He has chidren. He married a woman who has children. They seem happy. He wrote a book about his first failed marriage. Then he went on to write more books and essays on masculinity. His name is Gonzalo Garces.

    Also, I’ve met woman who date and have sex multiple guys. Just like men.

    1. What’s your point? Paying to raise another man’s children is a laughable proposition. It says a lot about the kind of men who enter into that kind of deal. By definition, that can’t be quality guys.

    2. @Joshua:
      Perhaps you can aspire to be like this guy:

      The boyfriend is pretty much a glorified baby-sitter for his girlfriend’s kid so that she can have her girls night out. Too bad the boyfriend and kid drowned though…

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