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Don’t fall for “born-again virgins”

Blog reader “Manuel S.” asked a question about born-again virgins in response to my post, The kinds of women you should not date:

But what about [women who] disavow of their past and “find Jesus”? They in theory become conservative women, right? Can a man afford to buy that conversion?

The answer should be obvious, but the obvious is not necessarily so. Otherwise, there would not even be any women around who think they can just start over with their sex life. It is a fact of life that time moves forward, relentlessly. Once a moment is gone, it is gone. You may have memories you cherish, and you may have to live with the consequences of past decisions.

Of course, the crushing forces of reality are no match for wishfully thinking snowflakes. Her pussy may have taken more than a dozen cocks. She could well have had an abortion. But never mind — if a snowflake decides she’s going to be a virgin again, so shall it be.

The problems should be obvious. It’s not as if she can simply cast of the tremendous emotional baggage she has acquired in years if not a decade of offering her pussy to men who, and rightly so, never in their wildest dreams would have considered her long-term material. Furthermore, she has an entire lifetime to account for that led to her being a slut. Waking up one day and vowing to be a slut no more just doesn’t cut it. People have a hard enough time changing even trivial habits, why should a woman who has decades of poor impulse control to look back upon find it easy to not take cock anymore?

Furthermore, we have to consider that women who are shitty long-term prospects know full-well that men only stick around if they take their dick. Sometimes, when you bang such a “reformed slut”, she may announce that she “never does something like that” or that she “normally waits”. The more honest ones even comment that “they promised themselves to wait, but…”. Once a slut, always a slut. As they age, their sexual market value drops precipitously, so her choices will be between not getting laid (because quality guys have better prospects) or just keep doing what they always have been doing (being sluts). After all, it’s highly likely that a woman who willingly fucks guys has very little else going on in her life.

Of course, cucks may now come to the defense of these poor little women who deserve our compassion. They may accuse me of hypocrisy. After all, don’t guys like us fuck a lot of women? Unfortunately, for them, there is a very big difference: for a woman to get laid, all it takes is giving in. The guy makes all the moves. As a guy, though, you need to make an active effort. If you don’t do anything, you won’t get laid. For the sake of the argument we ignore obvious outliers that have women come to them, like celebrities. As a consequence, it is a lot easier for a guy, once he decides to settle down, to keep his dick in his pants. However, if you only had to go about your day and, well, go with the flow, it would be a lot harder to not engage in promiscuity.

7 thoughts on “Don’t fall for “born-again virgins”

  1. I’ve oberserved exactly that in my family: My older brother met a women who had plenty of experience with men before they started dating. He was a virgin and prayed to God for a wife in his life. He met her at some christian camp and thought she is pretty cool, her appereance exactly his type and sometimes has this “sweet” pighead which makes her unique. She converted to christianity a few weeks later, started singing in a worship group, prayed…played it great and it seemed like she got born-again. But funny thing, by the time my brother and she started dating she dated a 2nd guy. Out of desperation, interpreting more than there is and “waiting so long for the perfect wife, i found her, thats a sign” he ignored all kind of red flags.
    They both married, everything was so nice and sweet…and got a few yrs later a child.

    I dont know if she cheated on him while they’ve been married, but one day she woke up and said “i dont wanna be bothered with fucking family, christianity, marriage…thats all so fucking boring” and started to wreck the marriage. My brother fought for her, family and (i dont know if you can blame him) he said “i prayed for a wife and God gave her to me, how can i throw that away?” It took him a few months but one day he realized she will ruin him and his life he has to make a cut and got divorced.

    Whats left? She lives with her child in the apartmend that my brother originally bought, after the divorce the 3rd cock – thats what i head, i believe its more – gets blown there and on top of that my brother pays her every month more than 1000€ alimony. Awesome life.

  2. I am a hardcore atheist but grew up in a pretty religious environment. The notion that marrying a “Godly” traditional woman is a safer marriage bet is a nice idea in theory but seldom works out that way. The majority of woman are well trained in rationalizing decisions that make sense in their short term interest. If they see a big advantage in replacing you for a more attractive option, they typically will do so and can manage some sort of twisted logic that makes it a moral decision, regardless of your shared religious views and your supposed relationship equity.

    Regarding being a born again virgin, this would actually scare me more than an out and out whore, because the born again virgin can sort of claim to be have canceled out past behavior by virtue of her change of heart, not by spending large amounts of time actually behaving differently.

  3. the reformed sluts are the worst. they have their fun when they are young and beautiful. screwing all the bad boy’s. and when their clock starts tikking and the bad boy’s are done with them. they see the light and want a nice guy to pay for all their dreams and wishes. suddenly he has to wait and pay for what the bad boy’s got for free. raising the price when the quality has dropt. just isn’t a winning bisness model.

  4. Funny thing, this reminded me somewhat of porn actresses* who want to transition to serious actresses. Funny enough this line of thinking is exclusively reserved for actresses, and never actors. But maybe getting it up the poop chute is some serious method acting.

    * Sibel Kekilli to name one.

  5. Damaged goods are damaged goods forever.
    Have you guys remember why spices became a thing in Europe? They were used to disguise the bad smell and taste of rotten food. You can’t un-rot meat.
    All that “born again” drivel is just ridiculous. I remember some famous whore/youtube star/stripper/porn actress here that suddenly stated she found Jesus and became christian.
    Just a couple of months later she uploaded a video, drunk as fuck in tequila, saying she actually has no clue of what the fuck is doing with her life. And she went back on the cock-riding business again.
    tl;dr “born again” my ass, avoid to all costs

  6. Oh how true this is! A girl I used to “date” I met during a threesome when she was in her late 20s. My gf at the time had invited her. Horniest little slut I’ve ever known who rode the cock carousel like a champ and drank hard until her parents recalled her home to dry out. Last I heard from her she is going to AA and as once again a good little church girl. Met some cuck who she spends time with reading the Bible and most certainly this sucker is blowing wads of cash on her while not getting blown. Little does he know that if he met her a year ago, she would have sucked him dry for a few vodka shots, and maybe brought along a girlfriend. Like must good whores, she’s also batshit crazy, which he will likely soon learn. Good luck with that one, dude!?

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