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42 thoughts on “Open Thread #355

    1. One of the things I’ve noticed about masculine men is the ability to measure your words. To not go off on tangents, and calmly explain yourself. To have efficient language. I try to live up to that model. I can’t believe the way they treated him. They destroyed him and wouldn’t stop long after he died.

    2. I was not aware that Nixon did not come from money. In recent decades, we have only had old rich kids in the White House. What he says is fully correct. I have met quite a few people from wealthy families and they tended to choose the easy way, e.g. going for a business major instead of a more demanding subject or interning in the family business in order to avoid competition.

    3. He grew up on an orchard in Orange County, California. Where I’m from. Instead of admiring his ability to reach the top from such modest means, they had a vendetta against him. They couldn’t shake him though. He held his own against elitist media scum. Nixon probably studied Stoicism.

  1. Have you ever felt embarrassment after having sex with old and ugly woman?
    It happened to me one year ago and this event stick in my memory. I got drunk and was having a hard time in my life. Also, I’ve had a long period without having sex.
    Strangely, I have seen her since that time a few times. I can’t imagine I took her to my place. Lol. My self-esteem really hurts because of that. So, guys don’t do stupid things. It’s not worth it. I try to turn it into a joke. It was the best blowjob in my life. 100% serious. Still not worth it.

    1. Michał, how tall are you?

      Do you live in Poland? Where, if I might ask?

    2. The first question is why you ended up having sex with an old and ugly woman. Beer goggles only go so far, after all. Also, it seems you got hard, so your dick apparently did not think she was that ugly. My interpretation is that you were horny and drunk and in this state, this particular woman looked appealing enough to you, so you took her back to your place and had a pretty good time. In the moment, things were fine. Only the day after you had regrets. Had you gone to her place and disappeared after blowing your load, this encounter may not even bother you at all. I have banged a few women I found very hot and the next day, my assessment was a bit different too and the thought of hanging out with some tatted up whore in broad daylight sent shivers down my spine. This does not mean that I had not enjoyed myself a few hours earlier.

    3. @Sleazy

      Her tits were good. If a woman has good boobs then it’s an instant turnover for me. And it was quite dark in the club, so I haven’t seen well her face. She is 2/10 or max 3/10 imo lol (in my eyes). It happened once to me, this is to have sex is with super unattractive woman. But I still feel bad about it.

      And yeah, I kicked her out from my place after the sex.

      My colleague once said that man is like a dog. Will take everything. Now, I see why it can be true.

      I have 185 cm and live in Krakow

    4. @sleazy

      Fucking tattooed whore doesn’t look nowhere near as bad in my eyes. She can still be young and has good face and physique.

    5. Interestingly, I could never get the really trashy whores, i.e. chicks with tattoos all over. For these, I probably looked way too vanilla. Ponder this: If I looked down on women with multiple tattoos, how would I have viewed tattooed turbo sluts after sex? Your case is not that different in the abstract. Now we know that she had good tits, so this is what turned you on. On top, you got a great blowjob out of it. If you had cuddled with her or hung out, even tough you felt revolted from looking at her, I think you would have a problem.

    6. @Michał

      185 cm to dobry wzrost. Pozdrawiam! Ja pochodzę z Lubina / Głogowa, chociaż część
      rodziny to z Lublina i okręgu (Poniatowa, Bełżyce, Opole).

    7. Old no, but ugly yes.

      Though like Aaron said, it was beer goggles. I also felt bad the next day, but it passed pretty quickly when I realized that the same thing could easily have happened to anyone who got too drunk.

      It might easily happen again. Either learn to develop better discipline when drinking, or learn to live with it. 😀

    8. Watch a porn while she’s blowing you next time. Maybe let he stay if she cooks you breakfast.

    1. I have no idea about that book, but if you want to get started with meditation, I warmly recommend the book “Meditation Without Bullshit: A Guide for Rational Men”, written by Aaron S. Elias.


    GTA San Andreas. One of the wildest speedrun exploits that I’ve seen. A comment on there described it better than I can:

    This sounds so much like instructions from some crazy conspiracy theorist. “Get a police bike” “You will get a call” “Stay away from vending machines, or T H E Y W I L L N O T I C E”

    If you’re interested in speedruns in general,I recommend checking this guy’s other videos. He gives detailed breakdowns on other interesting speedrun exploits on other games.

    1. The speedrunning community has taken a hit in recent years. The main organization, Games Done Quick, seems to be more concerned about promoting trannies than speedrunning. There were also several cases where players got banned for wrongthink or wrongspeak. I have subscribed to a small number of channels focusing on this community, such as Karl Jobst and Summoning Salt. The latter quite recently put up a video on NES Tetris records, i.e. score-chasing instead of speed-running, which I found quite fascinating:

      NES Tetris is a pretty bizarre game because at high speeds you can only survive via non-standard playing methods. The autism on display in this video is remarkable. Basically a bunch of teenage boys dominate this scene nowadays.

    2. I just now clicked on this video, so I was not aware that it was from Karl Jobst’s channel. I like his deadpan voice and also that he is not afraid of controversy at all. There is a recent video of his I wanted to write about, which involved a very dishonest female speedrunner. Let’s see if I find some time over the weekend.

  3. Anyone else played with Claude? I am so super impressed with it no matter what I throw at it, Always way more wise than the other AIs.

    1. I tested it with questions about Swedish and EU law, and the answers were really bad – I’m talking such low levels of quality that a first semester law student would roll his eyes at them.

      But I realize that the legal field is very particular, so perhaps it is better when it comes to other fields! 🙂

    2. The other prominent AIs were built by big US tech companies so their politics seep in at every corner. In contrast, Anthropic, the company behind Claude, was founded by people who were fed up with working at OpenAI. Nonetheless, there are problems with Claude as well:

      Claude 2 has faced criticism for its stringent ethical alignment that may reduce usability and performance. Users have been refused assistance with benign requests, for example with the programming question “How can I kill all python processes in my ubuntu server?” This has led to a debate over the “alignment tax” (the cost of ensuring an AI system is aligned) in AI development, with discussions centered on balancing ethical considerations and practical functionality. Critics argue for user autonomy and effectiveness, while proponents stress the importance of ethical AI.

      I sense an opportunity for Chad AI to quickly establish itself as a serious player in this field.

    3. That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. But it makes sense. Going to Google Chad ai now.

    4. I was joking. There is no Chad AI but there easily could be. All you need to do is remove the “alignment” bullshit or the preprocessing step that ensures that the output will be woke and ugly, and you are more or less done.

    5. Oh yah, definetely. It’s pretty obvious the woke filters are tacked on top. Just not adding them or removing them would suffice.

      I saw all these bots go through this. Whenever a bot was new, it would give normal answers, and then over time it would keep adding more and more “pro-wokeness safeguards” to where they became unusable.

  4. Should I go for sex on the first date if I’m looking for a girlfriend? My lay count is in low double digits, but it has always been sex on the first or the second meeting. I have literally never managed to fuck a woman if I didn’t do so within the first week of knowing her. But relationship oriented girls may be different? I’m less interested in sex per se now so I don’t necessary wanna go for it right away, but I’m afraid she’ll lose interest if I don’t. On the other hand, are those who put out right away worth dating seriously? What if they are virgins (yes, I had such a case. I let here go because I was not looking for a gf back then and regret it now).

    1. In Minimal Game,I recall Aaron recommending to push for sex soon as a way to get women to drop their facades,see their true selves and determine if you want to pursue an LTR after seeing who they are from then on. Basically starting off as FWB and progressing that into LTR.

      Maybe Aaron has updated that viewpoint of his on his latest book “Online Game”,which I haven’t bought and read yet. Its the woman’s job to resist your advances early on anyway,not yours.

      My lay count is in low double digits, but it has always been sex on the first or the second meeting. I have literally never managed to fuck a woman if I didn’t do so within the first week of knowing her…

      I’m less interested in sex per se now so I don’t necessary wanna go for it right away, but I’m afraid she’ll lose interest if I don’t. On the other hand, are those who put out right away worth dating seriously? What if they are virgins (yes, I had such a case. I let here go because I was not looking for a gf back then and regret it now).

      It seems your kind of situation is answered by Assanova’s archives. (He’s fucked a virgin quickly too)

      Just sharing old posts. Assanova’s recommendation of getting the relationship through sexual means rather than formal dating (where she’s able to think logically,and you might be at a disadvantage against that) makes sense to me. Because…

    2. My view on relationships has become a bit more nuanced after Minimal Game. What I wrote in this book is still valid, i.e. it is perfectly fine to start a relationship by having sex first. However, there are women who have no interest in casually dating at all but only in “dating for marriage”. They may indeed be virgins.

    3. Maou thanks for sharing that. I actually wanted to reply in that other thread where the discussion was about sluts.

      I always thought it might be weird that all the chicks I banged were of low body count. For some reason I thought that the standard is to bang easy promiscuous sluts, and that’s how you get quick lays.

      I never managed to bang a prototypical slut. It was always chicks where I was their first casual bang in their life.

    4. I always struggle with this question. If we still lived in a patriarchy, fathers would make sure it would be VERY difficult to get their daughters to sin with you, so this would be a moot question. In modern times though…

      In my case, every time I’ve had an official LTR (which have been very few), dates were once a month or even less frequently. In my last one, I waited half a year, which meant around the 6th or 7th date. I cheated though, so I was able to get my rocks off anyway. And the good sign for me is that by the 2nd date I was able to grab some boob or asscheek, with playful taps on the hand to stop me, and by the 3rd or 4th I got to suck her tits. There was slow but steady progression, so I was sure she wasn’t only stringing me along (together with other good signs that I won’t get into now).

      I don’t know what I would do if a girl told me to wait for months and months if I could see her once or twice every week at least. I don’t think I could, yet I want a girl with the least body count possible, and her resisting my advances should be a good sign, right? It’s a tricky question…

    5. This depends a lot on the woman and her expectations. If her mental model of relationship formation is based on casual sex as a foundation, then you not escalating will put you at as serious disadvantage and she will quickly lose interest. I do not think that women who put out quickly make for good girlfriends or wives. They can be fantastic fuck buddies, though.

    6. Alek:

      Are you using the definitions of “low body count” as fewer than five sexual partners, and “sluts” as women with five or more sexual partners?

    7. That’s not my definition. The fact that they chose 5 as the start of the third category is completely arbitrary, as are the age cohorts.

      Let’s take the stats they have for college-aged chicks.

      I’m looking at the upper half (last two groups) as one group. Basically 20% of student-aged women are at 5-9 partners, and 22% are at double or triple digits.

      The page doesn’t mention that there is a skew.

      So when it says 20% of (student aged) women are at 5-9 partners, your inclination is to focus on “5” number, but forget that the distribution isn’t equal.

      There isn’t a card you get to join that group when you get to 5.
      Remember some researcher just chose it arbitrarily. Forget the number 5 for a second and remember skew.

      Of those chicks in the 5-9 group, there’s more chicks at 9 than 5. And then a further 22% admit to have had AT LEAST 10 cocks by their young college student age.

      It doesn’t break down the 10+ further but let’s say most of those are at under 20.

      What you really need to see here is that 44% of college aged chicks admit to have seen between 5-20 dicks (with few of them at the lower end of that range).

      Also note something that even this page admits. Women with higher body counts lie down by 10 partners. So a chick with 20 partners will say she’s had 10.

      Same skew exists in the lower half. A half of women are at 0 to 4 partners.

      More of them are clustered toward the lower and middle end. It’s not an equal distribution between 0,1,2,3 or 4. From recollection I think there were most at 1-2.

      Tldr; don’t assume an equal distribution and don’t fall for the arbitrary cutoffs.

      If it was me, I’d have put 4-7 in a different group than 8-12 and then 12-20 and 20+ which would let us have a clearer picture.

      Can’t find the paper, but from what I remember there wouldn’t be many in that 4-7 group. Most women would be at either under 3 or at above 8.

      *Based on admissions. Remember the chicks on the higher end lie down when they admit how many they’ve been with.

  5. Another win against DEI. The Board of Trustees of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill voted to abolish it’s entire DIE department, and transfer all their funds to the police department, after a bunch of frat boys had to defend the U.S. flag from mobs of pro-Arab demonstrators.

    Talk about the DEI people shooting themselves in the foot! 😀

    Per the article there’s also a pending vote by a state-wide body to repeal and replace DEI at 17 different schools.

    1. There is an increasing backlash against DIE all over the place. In tech, it was not uncommon that HR ditzes wanted you to tell them about ways in which you have been an “ally” to women and “underrepresented minorities” and they were all talking about how important diversity at their company was. Nowadays, it is quite uncommon that they bring up diversity.

    2. Good Lord, any time you tell a story about the bs you’ve seen in at your companies I have to roll my eyes at the bs that went down. 😀

      Happy to see and hear that things are changing for the better. The changes can’t come soon enough!

    1. I watched part of it and saw nothing I disagreed with. Particularly relevant are her comments about AI being a buzzword that is used in an attempt to get investors to fund startups. The same happened with the blockchain, the Internet of Things, web 3.0, NFTs, etc.

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