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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #349

  1. Why do you guys think that Joe Biden continues to support Israel throughout this genocide? He could end it tomorrow by threatening to cut off economic and military support, yet he insists on “not abandoning Israel.”

    The politics make no sense. He would gain much support from the young vote by simply getting tough with the Zionists. It could be the deciding factor in the election. Oh, of course their is AIPAC and the Zionist money. WTF does that help when he is losing anyway and losing potential support from, ya know, the voters? Trump is a bigger cuck to Israel anyway and the Zionists prefer him.

    Goes to show that POTUS is not really in charge. The insidious relationships to Zionists and other globalists goes beyond lobby money and winning elections. The old dope is falling on his sword fighting for Israel.

    1. I do not think that Biden makes many decisions these days. He most likely does not even decided what and when to eat, and when to go to the bathroom. I think that the US elites are completely losing the plot. You probably have a bunch of geriatric Zionists scheming behind the curtain who are unable to assess the consequences of their actions. It has been a long time since US leaders tried to make any sense. Trump had a few moments but in the end he was little more than a puppet of the Zionists.

    2. It makes perfect political sense for Biden to support Israel. There’s a truckload of pro-Israel money and votes in the U.S.A., from both Jews and Christians. They dwarf the pro-Arab factions on both counts.

      It’s also makes sense for realpolitik reasons. As long as the Arabs are more contained, they are less likely to engage in terrorist acts against faraway foreign countries. Plus, the rage against Israel makes the Arabs focus more on Israel, and less on Israel’s supporters.

    3. GLAS:

      I never said it’s just Arabs.

      So do you believe that if Biden shifted away from Israel to a more pro-Arab stance, that would yield him a net gain of votes and donations?

    4. while Biden was firmly pro Israel in the past, he is trying to appeal to both sides now. For example, the democrats called for cease fire and said that Netanyahu must go.

      I think for most people Israel is not that big of an issue that they would vote a party for it. There are some exceptions though:
      – those of Muslim background (pro Palestine)
      – young, radical leftist and antifa (pro Palestine)
      – Jews (pro Israel)
      – fundamental Christians (pro Israel)

      The first two groups will never vote republican, and even less Trump, so there is no gain for Biden to appeal to them by being pro Palestine. There is only the risk that they don’t vote and stay home.

      There is a risk of losing the Jewish vote, plus money and political influence via media and academia, if Biden is pro Palestine, though.

      Therefore, bidens current position does make sense – he tries to keep the Jewish vote, the Muslim vote and the antifa vote by appealing to both sides.

    5. I haven’t seen Biden moderate on the issue. He is still in the Zionist camp. The Zionist money he is getting isn’t helping him much. The lion’s share goes to the GOP anyway. The American gravy train still funds Israel.

      If Israel maintains course, and continues interfering with aid, so will the numbers I posted above continue course. As the bodies pile up, so will the importance of this issue on a world stage and here in the US. It has nothing to do with being pro-Arab, or pro-Palistinian. It has to do with non-intervention, and doing the right thing.

    6. So you first wrote “ He could end it tomorrow by threatening to cut off economic and military support”.

      If Biden would do that…. would you vote for him? Would you say “I don’t like Biden on immigration, on DEI, on economic policies… but I will still vote for him because he cut off economic and military support for Israel”? I am not American… but I wouldn’t vote for Biden if he did that because the other issues are much more important to me.

    7. Not enough to get my vote, no. Just commenting on how deep these incestuous relationships in Washington run.

    8. – fundamental Christians (pro Israel)

      Not saying you are wrong, but how does that even happen? Jews hate Christians. Why don’t Christians hate Jews back?

    9. @goodlooking and sleazy:
      I agree. Especially if you are From the left you should support Palestine. So the democrats not supporting Palestine shows their corruption.

      @cycle path:
      I agree. Lots of republicans politicians also crazily support Israel while Jewish Americans mostly continue hating on them.

      But then Palestinians also hate Christians and Europeans … so I also don’t understand if Christians or Europeans support them

    10. I think the logic here is that Jews have a lot of power in the West and they are using it to undermine the society. Palestinians maybe equally hostile, but less powerful and devious. And they are killing Jews right now. So it makes sense (to those people) to support them while they are at it.

  2. We discussed in the comments before two things, so I stumbled upon two resources.

    1) Discussions about status versus money. PsychHacks just put out a video on status versus money. I love his analogy of how much easier it was getting laid as a broke actor performing in front of people, than being a rich guy who makes money without public status.

    I can confirm the same, as I was doing an activity that brought me no money, just attention, and chicks threw themselves at me. They don’t ask for your bank balance before they bang you.

    2) A lot of the stuff we discussed about not having a black and white mindset about younger chicks… Someone actually wrote a book summarizing all of these points.

    Combining younger chicks for sex vs older chicks for commitment, mixing in some free chicks vs sugardaddy chicks. Very nuanced, and not the black and white extremes people go into. It’s by Caleb Jones,

    The Ultimate Younger Woman Manual by Blackdragon

    No, I didn’t buy it. I don’t buy PUA/guru books because 99% of the time it’s bs that we debunked 20 years ago. This was one free to read on Everand, so I went through out it of curiosity, and found that it is indeed what I was trying to explain in the comments here.

    1. I know Blackdragon from the old community days and was not very impressed by his output. At least back then he seemed to hold the view that men are impressed by a woman’s status. One of his favorite stories was about some female CEO he either knew or banged, as if anybody cares about him having sex with a middle-aged woman, regardless of her status. Such instances led me to conclude that his understanding of male and female psychology is pretty flawed.

    2. I’d say BD is definitely among the better PUA’s however. Even if we don’t think the quality of his bangs are all that good,he at least got laid (He never specified his laycount,but he did say it is well above 60 long ago) and did so ON HIS TERMS. (compared to the typical wimp beta that has to bend over completely just to get sex like once a month or less to the post-wall Jane he financially commits to) Definitely much better than the likes of Roissy and Vince Kelvin (I know that’s not a high bar to beat,lol) certainly.

      One of the stuff he teaches that I have found useful in my personal life is the Soft-Next. Not just in dating specifically,but in general life. I have laid out my backstory on this blog before and have said that ever since cutting off my previous classmates from my regular life,when I DO run into them,they are usually more respectful/polite to me these days. I have talked about people who get treated like Buttmonkeys before,and honestly,even if they don’t cut out their circle 100%,just being around a lot less often combined with making changes via self improvement will likely do a lot to change how they are treated.

      I am finding this to be the case again with people back home. My father treats me quite a bit better when I visit home since I’ve been currently residing away for quite awhile. I think I’ve mentioned a strained relationship with my uncle currently. I suspect the only fix for it is for me to go back home and away from him for a long time again,but I cannot employ that at the moment. fortunately,he’s at least not being an active problem. we found a way to get along simply by not interacting with one another.

    3. I’m not commenting on the person, of whom i know nothing about. Just this one book and how it organizes the information on this one topic.

      His other books, observations and writings might suck for all I know. I do not plan on reading anything else from him, or about him.

    4. This guy need to book a consultation with Aaron. He’s still lingering to the PUA heydays.

    5. Are you talking about me? I don’t read BD’s blog anymore. I haven’t bothered with reading any of his new material,but I do like to revisit certain old topics from time to time.

      I think most of you will admit that this entry here is a good one. A good cautionary tale for Men in general. Of course,I’m sure none of what he says here is new information to the readers of this blog.

      The way I talk about it probably made it seem like I’m advocating for BD’s material,but not at all. Like Alek,I am simply pointing out a specific lesson I got from him that I think is good,and applicable outside dating.

    6. @Maou I think he’s talking about psych hacks.

      One of my biggest regrets in life is taking the anti-pua stuff to such an extreme that we threw the baby out of with the bathwater. Basically if anything resembled even 0.1% the scam that was PUA, I would immediately go into calling it a scam, and promote the opposite.

      BlackPill is just as extreme as PUA. I know we had to go through the BlackPill extreme in order to fight the PUA/BluePill extreme. But the opposite of an extreme is also an extreme.

      It’s the same with business advice. Just because there are the Tai Lopez style scam artists out there, it’s easy to go into a knee-jerk “Everyone is a scam artist peddling BS”, and shut yourself off from good business advice, for example.

    7. Yeah. To illustrate an example,I can believe women when they say they find a good sense of humor attractive. If that is your natural strength,make use of it. I think I might actually fall into that category. Even without trying,I’ve definitely gotten genuine laughter out of women (and men) from being lighthearted about context.

      The keypoint here however is that this is a natural strength,not something I have to force out of myself or tryhard at. A long time ago,I remember a PUA (I cannot remember specifics,might have been on Roosh’s forum) advising men to take comedian classes,probably based on DeAngelo’s cocky-funny shit.

      I’m not sure if I already said this elsewhere,but I think a good rule of thumb when it comes to putting effort into pursuing the development of any skill is to see if it serves you in a variety of ways. Money and Status do way more for your life than just getting you laid. Same goes for the Gym. Meditation as well.

      Taking comedian classes when the only reason you’re interested in it at all is to make chicks laugh (because you think that makes them attracted to you) is a waste of time. That being said,I can definitely see the value of taking Acting Classes for general purposes. There’s definitely many uses for being able to put on a poker face and pretending to be calm when you’re actually scared/unconfident deep down.

    8. Things have changed for sure. I’ve been looking at the current landscape and it’s a lot more nuanced and less scamy than 15 years ago when we were debunking the seduction community.

      I think the bash-all-gurus as scammers phase was an important phase starting from when 99% of stuff out there was a scam, and I think we need to accept the victory. Things have definitely changed for the better.

      Even the most pua or gamey coaches now lead with lms, and no longer pretend that game can create attraction out of thin air.

      Back when we started bashing them, they literally claimed that LMS was a non-factor, at all.

      I’m not sure if I already said this elsewhere,but I think a good rule of thumb when it comes to putting effort into pursuing the development of any skill is to see if it serves you in a variety of ways. Money and Status do way more for your life than just getting you laid. Same goes for the Gym. Meditation as well.

      Yep. And to take an example. If you build genuine status, you not only get hotter chicks throwing themselves at you, but you get a myriad other life benefits.

      If, on the other hand you spend time memorizing routines or techniques to “create attraction”, that’s ridiculous. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t work, it wouldn’t make sense even if it worked, since it doesn’t confer benefits anywhere else in life.


      Going back to this discussion,I think WheatWaffles,although he’s definitely got a lot of insightful content,is an example of a guy that goes too far into the Blackpill extreme. Like him saying here that there are cases where taking up gym will make your situation worse?

      I mean,if that is your ONLY motivation to go to the gym,he’d be right. there are definitely people out there where it wouldn’t be worth the squeeze. But fortunately,working has a lot of benefit outside that area. Going from a 3 to a 5/10 in looks because of gym won’t get you much in dating,but it’ll at least stop you from attracting negative attention to yourself and experiencing negative halo effect from the people around you in day to day life,etc.

      But that’s something we all already know,so I want to point out something specific here instead. Go to 9:40 where Wheat starts talking about Vegan Gains.

      It seems like Wheat is saying that Vegan Gains’ accomplishments (not just his gym accomplishments) weren’t worth the effort because all it did was net him a relationship with a 4/10 low quality (has OF) woman who had neither attraction/chemistry nor compatibility with him. (which didn’t last,luckily for him)

      I feel like Vegan Gains here is a prime candidate of someone who would have benefitted from Minimal Game. He seems to have all the foundations already (he’s also 6’3 according to google search). He’s just a victim of women’s refusal to communicate clearly and propensity for plausible deniability.

      I recall you making a comment here that you can astronomically improve every aspect of your life,but still not see much improvement in your dating life just because of the above. (unless they are lucky to stumble on a blog like this) which is quite the tragedy.

    1. Stellar Blade is horribly offensive to me,
      it’s offensive that it’s only on PS5. Where’s the PC version?

    2. I think that the age of console exclusives is almost over. I would not be surprised if Stellar Blade came to PC within the next one to two years. Sony is putting all their big games on PC nowadays. We are missing a few ports of PS3 games like Killzone 2 and the original Demon’s Souls, but I am reading that emulation via RPCS3 works pretty well nowadays. Bloodborne is arguably the only worthwhile PS4 exclusive. I even have a copy of it at home, but no PS4 to play it on.

    1. In the uncut version of this video he is probably laughing uncontrollably and high-fiving his generals. Netanyahu is a walking PR nightmare.

    2. Killing those aid workers was an unfortunate mistake, just like those IDF snipers who target women and children, or those bombs that accidentally dropped on hospitals. Nothing of this was planned. The Israelis are deeply sorry about this, but they surely hope to regain control of the narrative so that they can suppress all the criticism they are facing. This is the first time in decades that there is so much backlash against Israeli crimes that even their untold numbers of online disinformation agents are completely powerless.

  3. Have you ever watched the Kill Bill movie trilogy,Aaron? Curious to know your opinion on it. Is Beatrix Kiddo an example of a good “strong female character”?

    Its been awhile since I’ve seen,but I think they did a good job portraying it without making men look stupid. after all.Bill was the final antagonist. and Pai Mei is the strongest/most formidable character in the trilogy (he was only killed through being poisoned) so this isn’t some feminist fantasy movie where they portray a woman as stronger than all men or some stupid shit like that.

    I think that’s one way one can tell an actually good portrayal of a strong/competent female character. if they are able to do so in a way without making the characters (particularly the men) around them have to look dumb/incompetent to show it.

    1. Some good points. There is a YouTube channel called critical drinker that makes similar arguments. That is – its not the diverse characters per se that make movies bad but their completely unrealistic, Mary sue writing as well as the fact that all men are ridiculed to make that diverse character look better.

      With regards to Beatrix kiddo… I don’t remember the details too much. I personally don’t like any character, male or female, being super strong in combat. I find it unrealistic.

      If it’s physical combat I prefer movies where the character can take down at most 3 opponents at once. And if the character is a woman then it shouldn’t be higher than one other person and there should be a good reason the woman won the fight.

    2. In more realistic depictions of female assassins in mangas, they need to rely on deception as they would be unable to defeat any man head-on. This particular aspect of male/female dynamics is sometimes even explicitly discussed. In Berserk, Casca, the strongest female warrior around, is shown having a hard time coming to grips with her limitations of being a woman.

      By and large it is established that in fantasy settings, women can be as strong as men. This does not just apply to “capeshit” movies but also basically any fighting game out there. To take Street Fighter as an example, the idea that a woman like Cammy would be able to win in a fight against any of the male characters is laughable. Yet, it is not clear that a fighting game with only male fighters could be a commercial success.

    3. There are only two Kill Bill movies, as far as I know. I watched both, but that was when I was younger and a lot less discerning. I just did not know how many ideas Tarantino took from other directors. To me, this guy is a hack who makes use of a number of tired tropes and whose popularity is based on shock value and unearned media support. After I had read Lady Snowblind, the manga that inspired Kill Bill, I was nothing but appalled by Tarantino.

    4. “I think that’s one way one can tell an actually good portrayal of a strong/competent female character. if they are able to do so in a way without making the characters (particularly the men) around them have to look dumb/incompetent to show it.”

      Very well put, Maou! 🙂

    1. He’s not wrong about the anatomy, but man does he need to get laid!

      (Or maybe some therapy.)

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