A New Euphemism for Divorce: Marital Change

A few months ago I wrote about women saying that they are “going through some changes in their life”. I recently came across a very similar phrase. Some woman, instead of saying that she is getting a divorce, instead spoke of “going through marital change”. This made me wonder about the apparent female inclination of not wanting to be forthright.

I have two hypotheses why such evasive wording may be so popular among women. One is probably that “divorce” clearly has a negative connotation. You think of families getting torn apart, normally at the whims of a selfish woman who chases after a mirage of future happiness, for which she readily sacrifices her family. In the process, she is also causing enormous emotional harm on the children and, likely, financial distress to the man. Thus, if a woman instead speaks of “marital change”, it sounds a lot nicer, doesn’t it? This is typical leftist thinking, of course, which is ineffective as the underlying reality is unchanged.

The other aspect is that by using a vague term it seems easier to paint yourself as some kind of passive participant. No, she did not file for divorce, witch all its nasty consequences. Instead, she is “going through martial change”, similar to how she gets pushed through some checkout queue. It just kind of happens to her. Really, you can’t blame her because she just goes with the flow.

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