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Corruption and Short-Term Thinking are the Core of Third-Worldism

In my article The Limitations of Humiliation Rituals I pointed out that there is an upper limit with regards to the nonsense our hostile elites can subject us to because at some point the structure they profit from so much will be affected. The same is true for typical third-world behavior that is seemingly getting more and more common in the West, of course partly due to the importation of such people. Of course, our hostile elites also act like third-world leaders.

A great example of short-term thinking and corruption is ethnic hiring. In a lot of large companies that hire internationally, you can make the observation that once managers of a certain race get installed they try to bring more people from their country in. Infamous for this are Indians and Chinese. There is the related issue of Indian CEOs who get brought in due to the board wanting to push the DIE agenda, and then they lay off engineers locally while they build up “tech hubs” in Mumbai and other Indian cities.

I have experienced this kind of ethnic nepotism in multiple ways. Once, I had to work with a recruiter from India. Recruitment was done for an office in Europe but for some strange reason, she only managed to produce CVs from people from India. This issue got resolved once I asked her to give me access to the entire applicants queue. As it turned out, the number of Indian applicants was not even particularly high and in terms of qualifications, hardly any of them should even have gotten a recruiter interview. The few that seemed okay on paper would still not have been good candidates as we could easily have sourced people locally. On a side note, that recruiter had a manager who was also from India, and they openly laughed about trying to get as many Indians as possible into this Western company. To them, these Western companies only exist to loot them.

With regards to ethnic managers trying to build teams so diverse that all members have the same ethnic background as them, it is quite remarkable that only the White man seems to have this drive towards self-flagellation. They actively recruit third-worlders whereas third-worlders want to recruit their own. The consequence of the latter is that teams tend to become less effective and if there are more and more such teams, then entire organizations suffer. Google is probably a good example. This organization seems to be completely unable to produce any kind of innovation. They hit it big in the late 1990s with a better search engine and any other success story is due to buying a potential competitor. Their own products are normally crap. On the plus side, Google is the uncontested leader in the niche of woke AI and disinformation. I am not sure that you can build a sustainable business with this approach in the long-term, though.

There is a reason why third world countries look the way they do. The biggest issue is low IQ, which entails lack of foresight. If you cannot extrapolate the present to future scenarios, your decision-making ability will be severely limited. Yet, if you move those people to the West, they will not suddenly adopt Western attitudes. Instead, they bring their own culture and mindset. What else could they do anyway? Of course there may be the rare outlier like the Syrian Steve Jobs but when I think of the harebrained Western take that the wave of Syrian refugees in the 2010s into Europe included multiple potential Steve Jobs and may lead to hitherto unknown innovations, I can only shake my head. This is similar to claims of all those potential Einsteins in Africa that toil away in obscurity in some shanty town.

An additional issue is that those third-worlders feel no connection to any Western country they work in. Thus, due to their inherent short-term thinking they seem to think that they will simply enrich themselves as much as they can before returning home. You can easily question whether the H-1B program is being used properly as companies are probably more interested in keeping wages down and preventing any kind of sense of belonging among its employees. Thus, there is long-term harm that is completely ignored, both H-1Bs flooding the United States and the executives at the top of those companies.

However, what will happen once the speed of innovation slows down due to excessive immigration and ethnic nepotism? You can argue that we are seeing this already. The United States, for instance, as they are no longer able to compete with the Chinese, try to ban apps like TikTok or block companies like Huawei from selling their products in the United States, and various of the US puppet states in Europe have done likewise already. In contrast, China is not very concerned about US companies no longer selling to them as they can just build anything themselves. In fact, the US is trying to catch up. As it turns out, after half a century of civil-rights brainwashing, two decades of diversity indoctrination, and decades of third-world mass immigration there is a shortage of skilled workers for high-tech projects. This is the inevitable result of decades of grifting.

The third-world mindset has infected out hostile elites as well. You should look up images of the palace former Zimbabwean president Mugabe built for himself while his country was falling apart. Are US presidents acting much differently? The Bidens have been enriching themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions in recent years, and likely more. Every recent US president, with the exception of Trump, walked out of the White House as a much richer man. Nancy Pelosi is somehow worth about $200m. The private sector is not much better. There are countless examples of CEOs filling their coffers while their company craters. Of course, there is also the cause of downright fraud, which seems to be happening a lot more frequently than it used to. There are entire sectors of industry where fraud is almost unavoidable, such as the crypto space.

For the West to rejuvenate itself it needs to have idealistic leaders instead of third-worlders, both people with actual third-world roots as well as those corrupt Westerners who embrace corruption and short-term thinking. Large institutions probably cannot be reformed, so let us instead cheer on their collapse. Boeing is probably the best current example. The best outcome of the economic decline of the West is that the grifters will need to move on, both at the top and the bottom. Of course, this will not lead to an easy time but after the collapse there is at least the promise of renewal. A lot would be gained for Europe if the United States were forced to end its occupation and in the face of increasing BRICS prominence and a weakening dollar, the end of US hegemony is looming already anyway. Just imagine the potential of a Eurasian block that keeps the third world out!

21 thoughts on “Corruption and Short-Term Thinking are the Core of Third-Worldism

  1. “there is an upper limit with regards to the nonsense our hostile elites can subject us to because at some point the structure they profit from so much will be affected…To (third worlders), these Western companies only exist to loot them.”

    Probably repeating myself, but as Ayn Rand said, when a society lives by loot, there is little to loot.

    “Google is probably a good example. This organization seems to be completely unable to produce any kind of innovation. They hit it big in the late 1990s with a better search engine”

    Google and most other search engines now often cannot find a given page even when you search for a verbatim quote from that page with a + in front of it. I used to think this was the result of their well known addiction to DIE, but now I think it’s deliberate – they want to make information harder to access, and generally just lower your quality of life in every tiny way they can. Same as with the perhaps intentional demolition of Boeing.

    “there is a shortage of skilled workers for high-tech projects.”

    And yet good luck to skilled workers trying to find a job.

    “Nancy Pelosi is somehow worth about $200m.”

    There’s an app you can use to follow her legal insider trades as soon as they’re made public. She loaded up on Nvidia calls shortly before they announced their new AI initiative, and I don’t even know what she’s up now, but an ordinary person could probably retire on that one trade.

    1. Hey Sleazy, nice observations. I am in third world at the moment, East Africa to be specific. I shared the post with fellow gamers and they said it’s corruption and low IQ killing us. Whereas there are sharp people in Africa, our education system is not the best in producing thinkers and business creators. America is great but a bit too comfortable. However, the systems support businesses just fine. It’s foreigners like Mexicans, Russians, Germans and Jews who have built America, the local natives, Red Indians didn’t do much for the greatness of America. How do you explain Asians high IQ and lack of progress in their countries, they seem to do better abroad.


    2. Which Asians are you talking about? I think the progress Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and China have been making speaks for itself.

    3. I agree with Aaron.

      Also remember that we think of as the typical “high IQ Asian” are specifically east Asians, mainly from those countries Aaron mentioned.

      There are a couple peoples from SE Asian countries that have a fairly high IQ as well, like the Vietnamese. LBFM countries aren’t exactly known for their high average IQs, though.

      In terms of immigrants, probably two of the largest groups of migrants are a) those who are highly skilled and/or educated and employable, who move abroad for higher incomes and living standards, and b) the trash who can’t make it in their home country, and “somehow” hope for a better future somewhere else.

      People from the first group tend to do very well abroad, people from the second group tend to do quite poorly in Euro… eh, I mean, where they end up. Certainly not thinking of any particular groups of peoples here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. HAHAHA! ๐Ÿ˜€ That is hilarious, Aaron! I like the OOSM term. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Did you ever try an LBFM? I never tried one. Must admit to not being particularly attracted to most of them myself. The Asians I’ve tapped have mostly been from high-quality east Asian countries – I’ve tried Japanese, mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, and western-born Chinese. I did once try a Nammer (Vietnamese), but to me the Vietnamese are like east Asians, despite the country being located in SE Asia.

      Maybe the LBFMs are great in bed and all (I wouldn’t know, obviously), but they just don’t really do it for me physically.

    5. I have minimal experience with Thais. Not so sound racist, but I would put them below Chinese women in terms of looks and intelligence.

      EDIT: China FTW.

    6. Definitely agree that Chinese girls are superior to Thai ones. I see a fair amount of Thai girls here in Sweden these days, and I’m not impressed.

      Other SE Asians can be even worse than Thais, too. Take the Indonesians, for example. There’s an Indonesian pornstar named Killa Raketa who looks very much like an Indonesian LBMF. She’s supposedly quite popular, but I can’t see why. Try an image search for her: to me she looks like she’s got monkey blood in her, man.

      (In an entirely non-racist way, of course.)

    7. I just looked up this person. In a totally non-judgmental way, I think that anyone who finds her attractive should be classified as suffering from a paraphilia. If she gets promoted a lot, then my best explanation is that it is a psy-op, just like the promotion of “blacked”, cuckold, and tranny porn.

    8. Agree with you about the paraphilia. Equally respectfully, anyone who had sex with her should be arrested and charged with bestiality. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I once happened upon a really good blog post on this issue, which unfortunately I cannot find at the moment. The author was Indian himself.

    According to the blog, it works like this. It is mainly upper cast Indians from Hyderabad who are infiltrating management in the west. You can identify upper castes by their very snooty and entitled attitudes, they think the world owes them a silver plate. Once in management, they go on to exclusively hire lower caste Indians, because they know they will be treated like Kings by them, and will have effectively indentured slaves who will work 18 hour shifts without a second thought.

    For phone interviews, they would use a fluent and charismatic English speaker to pose as the candidate to ace the interview (not sure how this works in the video call era). The candidate would get hired, then when they showed up for the first day they would barely know a word of English – being effectively mute – and practically know nothing about the job they were hired to do.

    I have many more thoughts on this issue. I live in a major metropolitan area that is really bearing the brunt of mass migration.

    1. I heard about the scam of having a different guy do the interview. Some of the larger outsourcing companies are infamous for this. They are so shameless that they even send a different person on-site for an interview. The assumption is apparently that the client company hires so many contractors that they simply will not remember what someone looked like. I have also seen much simpler examples of fraud, like coding assignments that were done by someone else. Once I had a female Indian candidate who could not at all explain the code that was submitted under her name. She also got quite aggressive, even making statements according to which an engineer as senior as she is would not be required to write much code herself. Another Indian candidate pretended, during a live-coding interview, that his camera did not work. Then I heard him speak to someone else in their local tongue; they had quite an exchange. Presumably the guy writing the code explained to the other what he was going to do. It was ridiculous. I asked him afterwards if there were any distractions as I seemed to have heard something, and the bullshitted about someone having come by to fix something in his apartment.

  3. The intention of our hostile elites is definitely to transition the west from a high trust to a low trust society.

    One example of this is how we respond to seeing a dead body. When born and bred westerners see a dead body out in public, 99.9 percent of the time they immediately call the police. Certain people from lower trust societies? They may just ignore it and go on with their day – after all, it’s none of their business.

    Look at the river Ganges – it’s infested with bloated corpses, as that’s how the poor dispose of their deceased. It would take decades to clean up all the human remains. Determining how many were not legitimate deaths but the result of foul play would be impossible.

    It’s much more convenient for a hostile elite if the population are willing to look the other way when a dead body shows up, or look the other way when any other dodgy goings on are occurring.

    1. Dedollarization is ongoing. For the last decade or so, we have seen a steady decline of the dollar as a reserve currency, according to Western statistics. I wonder how Chinese or Russian sources would view this topic. Also, the rise of BRICS is simply the inverse of the decline of the West. The United States has been taking one L after another. Its attempts to wage economic war against both Russia and China have failed.

    2. More IC than BRICS, I think. Brazil and South Africa are hardly global powers, and not likely to be for a long time. Russia has been struggling for over two years against Ukraine, and still have very little to show for it. Russia is a pathetic shadow of its former self (or, well, a pathetic shadow of the Soviet Union, rather).

      All the BRICS countries except China have significantly lower IQs than the average western country, especially South Africa. I’m not sure why that is, of course. Probably entirely due to coincidence, and nothing else. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Really, the only reason the west isn’t still ruling the world is what Aaron refers to as “self-flagellation.” The important factor here is that the west can, at least theoretically, easily stop that nonsense. The BRICS countries are already more or less performing at their best.

    3. “Dedollarization is ongoing. For the last decade or so, we have seen a steady decline of the dollar as a reserve currency, according to Western statistics.”

      I’ll be repeating Brent Johnson’s points here, but de-dollarization means de-leveraging, which is not happening. The demand for USD is strong and this is due to the Eurodollar.

      “The United States has been taking one L after another.”

      Politically, I fully agree, but the strenghth of the USD has very little to do with anything Washington D.C. or the Fed does or even can do. It is purely a result of the mechanics behind the offshore USD set-up, of which, according to estimates there is 60-80 trillion, which pales in comparison to M2. This setup has evolved around the 1940s and is intransparent.

      “Its attempts to wage economic war against both Russia and China have failed.”

      I don’t know if there is a bona fide economic war against Russia or China, or if it is simply a by-product of reshoring. Given the Eurodollar is apolitical it doesn’t matter for this discussion. However, currently, every currency is the dollar’s bitch.
      I suggest you watch the entire debate on youtube called.
      “LIVESTREAM of Zero Hedge Debate: The Fate of the US Dollar”
      The channel’s name is “Adam Taggart | Thoughtful Money”.
      (I’m not posting the link here, otherwise the comment might get sent to Spam)

    4. Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the link to that discussion, for anyone else who may be interested:

  4. sleazy what do you think will be the solution for third world countries. is it electing the right leaders who wipe out corruption or improving the education standards or importing talent. And if someone, let’s say a young man in 20s or early 30s is in a third world country and they want to succeed in business or career, what would be their best bet, should they move out or there is a way to succeed in a third world country with the corruption and over taxation .

    1. The solution depends on the country. Singapore, for instance, managed to transform itself from a third-world country to one of the world’s richest and most advanced societies, in terms of GDP per capita and HDI metrics, within just one generation. In other countries, where there are certain cultural and genetic limitations, progress should be expected to be somewhat slower. (This is the politically correct way of responding to your question.)

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