Usability Improvements: Drop-Down Menus

I have turned both the archives and categories pages into drop-down menus. This should improve the usability of this blog, in particular on devices with limited screen real estate. I only became aware of this being a potential issue when I checked up on comments on my phone on a recent trip.

One thought on “Usability Improvements: Drop-Down Menus

  1. Great job,Aaron! This definitely eases the search! although you can’t do both at once it would seem. (Category and Month at the same time. you are forced to use only one or the other at a time)

    If I may voice what I think will help the most in regards to searching topics on the blog,I believe that eventually implementing a keyword search by specific users of this blog will help tremendously.

    Lets take,for example,the topic of how having female friends can be helpful for your endeavors to get laid if done right,as laid out by AlekNovy here:

    Here,he uses the word “pizza” several times. An easy way to find this topic again would be the ability to search for AlekNovy’s post and keyword that specific word he used.

    Hope to see this kind of word search function on your blog one day,Aaron! I’ve been on forums with it and its one of the most helpful features one could have.

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