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Once a Bitch, Always a Bitch

Sometimes, guys ask me for advice on how to pick a girlfriend. No, not in the abstract but when they have a chick at hand and want to get some objective feedback from a third party. These are either guys who have been reasonably successful with women but also guys who just so happened to have met a woman who was really into them, for no clear reason. Superficially, these may be different cases, but the underlying issue remains: essentially all women try to appeal to a man they like. However, there is a clear difference between a full-on Cluster B(itch) who comes out of nowhere and fashioned herself to be your ideal woman and a regular woman who simply wants to present herself in the best light possible but without resorting to lies and trickery. These women simply hope that you will like them as much as they like you.

Any guy trying to assess whether some woman is suitable for a relationship should be objective. In particular less experienced guys are quick to dismiss bright red flags. Maybe some of you have made the experience that even supposedly good friends become hostile if not antagonistic if you question their choice of women. It does not matter what she does: lie, steal, insult the guy in public — to those guys everything can be excused and nothing would be a reason to question whether said chick is a great girlfriend. However, even if a friend of yours asked you for feedback, would you really want to tell him that he is dating a ticking time bomb? Nothing good comes from that either. You will likely lose your now pussy-whipped friend either way, so there is probably no need to antagonize him.

The character faults of women tend to become a lot more obvious in hindsight but this is when it is normally too late. After years of suffering or possibly after having gone through divorce and fiscal rape, the average beta cuck, however, would still say that his relationship somehow unraveled and he did not quite know how it happened. All he had to do was pay some attention in the beginning, though. The warning signs were all there. Yet, the guy valiantly marched on.

I have met a few women who were surprisingly disrespectful. Supposedly this was their personality. Quite possibly, they thought they had to behave like a bitch because of “girl power”. In their youth, it was likely only an act they put on. Yet, their environment only encouraged them to “lean in” so at some point this behavior become ingrained. Eventually, they got to a point form which onward they are no longer able to get rid of this nasty behavior. If you like hanging out with a harpy, then more power to you, but otherwise you may want to cut such interactions short. You will not be able to “fix” her. If she is unpleasant to be around, even during the supposed honeymoon phase of a relationship, then her behavior will only get worse. After all, you are already seeing her best side.

Sometimes, I hung out with women who turned out so unpleasant that I walked off after ten or fifteen minutes. This just happened a few times, but even those women were flabbergasted. They apparently never met a guy who had standards. Imagine sitting across some early-20s slut and hearing her ask what it feels like to belong to the gender that is becoming obsolete. You can of course wittily retort that artificial wombs are not a reality yet, but why even bother with this? Of course this is just some kind of “shit test”, but you are probably better off by having a higher bar for the women you want to bang.

If you think she really is too hot to pass up, you may want to bang her once, just for the sake of it, and also because she can’t spout garbage while she is getting railed hard. However, you could also have some respect and not bother with such women at all. Eventually, though, you will get so sick of this kind of behavior that you will gladly pass up attractive women if their personality stinks. On a side note, it seems that this kind of behavior is more common among women who are not at all bad looking but who are bitter because they cannot compete with 9/10 Stacies. Plan women can be downright nasty, whereas highly attractive women are generally the most pleasant to be around.

Some women have a “strong wahmen” persona because they want to put men down. This may entail them being genuinely obnoxious. For a while, I shared an apartment with a bunch of men and women, and the latter quite often had female friends over. This exposed me to some absolutely disgusting female behavior. Once, a chick who was barely a 6/10 boasted about banging some random dude on a weekend trip — and she rubbed this in the face of her boyfriend. She had gotten a text message from that guy, which apparently brightened her mood. As her boyfriend was curious about why she was suddenly so chipper, she told him that she got a text “from a guy she had fun with last weekend”. Shockingly, this chick was basically economically dependent on this guy, yet did not respect him at all nonetheless.

The bottom line of all of this is that bad behavior tends to come out quite quickly. If you notice it, pay close attention because if you do not, you will get a lot more of it, and one fine day you may wonder what happened to you and your life. Your best hope is that you only got a mildly unpleasant woman but if you are making excuses for a Cluster Bitch, the impact on your life could be severe and irreversible. Some will attempt to destroy your life and the worst will do so without any remorse because you did not live up to her fantasies, so you deserve everything that is coming to you.

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