Meeting Women

Cougars and Gold-Diggers at the Luxury Hotel

The other day I went to a somewhat exclusive recruiting event. It was almost eerie because almost all of the 15 guys in attendance where white. This does not happen by accident in tech. Instead, it takes effort and determination. The event took place at a five-star hotel and the company hosting us even booked a private function room. I don’t want to bore you with the details of consuming a three-course meal while four or five servers stand around, discreetly ensuring that there is always enough wine or water in your glass.

In order to get to the private function room, you had to make your way through the hotel lounge, which was quite ritzy. There was a bar and it seems you could order chocolate or desserts. When I arrived, the lobby was almost empty. I saw a bunch of older guys working behind their laptop screens. However, a few hours later, when I was leaving, the lobby was packed with women. The total was around 20, but there was hardly a guy around. You may wonder what kind of women was to be found in this place. To put it politely, those were the kind of women who look quite a bit better when the lights are low. The most common case seemed to have consisted of pairs of two, i.e. two women in their mid-30s and above, hanging out, and desperately trying to get the attention of any man who can afford to lodge in such a hotel.

The women all pretended to have oh-so-much fun, laughing loudly at their inane bullshit, and glancing backwards to check if any guy is taking the bait. This was one of the most pathetic displays of female dating behavior I have ever come across. It reminded me of groupies who hang out outside of the tour bus of some band or the backstage entry. The only difference is that the latter are younger, much better looking, and can point to a lack of life experience for plausible deniability. It seems that some female behaviors never change. The 14-year-old whore who wants to go down on DJ BigBeatz while he is spinning his records in da club is the psychological sister of the 40-year-old wall-hitter who uses all her money in order to pretend to be able to afford a lifestyle that is bankrupting her. It is utterly pathetic.

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