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41 thoughts on “Open Thread #335

  1. Alan Wake 2 is the next ESG dumpster fire, not even selling one million copies:
    The crowning achievement of this game was that a side character of the first game, a white woman, was turned into a fat, black woman. In addition, the problem is that Alan Wake is not a good game and clearly not a cult classic. It is the kind of franchise the clueless suits at Microsoft would buy.

  2. Sweet baby Inc was involved with Alan wake 2. To no one’s surprise it’s a complete MF disaster Iike SpiderMan 2.

    1. This depends a lot on the guy. For the average guy in his mid-40s, dating (attractive) women in their early to mid-twenties will be quite difficult, though. You should also keep in mind that if you strictly are talking about “dating”, with no intention of entering a long-term relationship, then you better be rich and handsome. Leonardo DiCaprio can pull this off. If you work a 9-to-5 job somewhere and life has been grinding you down for decades, then you probably do no have that much to offer.

    2. In sugar dating quite easy. In regular dating not so much. Personally I find it fascinating reading sugar dating communities where the “sugar babies” discuss their sugar daddies. They often talk about how hot their 45-55 year old sugar daddy is, and you have all the stories where they end up falling in love with the dude and wanting to turn it into a regular relationship.

    3. Money really is the great equalizer. I came across an excellent example recently, the second wife of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. On Wikipedia, you can read:

      While working on a Formula One promotional event for Armani at the 1982 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, the twenty-four-year-old model met fifty-two-year-old Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone.[5][6][7] Bernie pursued Slavica despite the 28-year age difference, the language barrier (she spoke Serbo-Croatian and Italian, he spoke only English), and their difference in height. At 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m), Slavica was nearly a foot taller than her suitor, Ecclestone being 5 ft 2+1⁄2 in (1.588 m) tall.[8]

      Yes, it is a total mystery how she could look past the 28-year age difference, him being a manlet, and the inability to communicate verbally.

    4. Its probably a combination of Money/Status and Long Term Mating (Unless the wealth was just inherited,successful people usually share more than a few common traits that led to them being successful.),that’s what I’m hypothesizing.

      I remember reading somewhere on SedMyth that Money is the real game changer,not “Game”. (why else do you think the scammy PUA’s charged extortion prices for their bootcamps?) Its of course very easy to see why,just how many opportunities it opens us for you. How it improves your QoL in dating is just the tip of the iceberg.

      I hope I’ll be in this position one day…

    5. “Equalizer”

      That was the word I was looking for,Aaron. Money is the real great equalizer that “Game” was being sold as.

      I’ll go watch that video in a bit,Alek.

    6. Don’t you think money attracts mostly the kind of girls that are from very poor families?

      Of course I am aware that a middle class girl would find you a worthy suitor.

    7. I am under the impression that poor women often tend to lack long-term thinking. They often happily go for the $30k millionaire. Also, socialization is an aspect, so a rich guy would likely not want to settle down with a poor woman as he can get a more attractive, better raised, and more intelligent one from the middle to upper middle classes, if upper-class bitches turn him down. This probably happened to Ecclestone as he did not come from old money.

    8. I guess the environment plays a role. In East Asia, there are quite many poor but young girls who work hard but who will seize any opportunity to “get to know” a city boy.

      Perhaps poor women in the West behave differently. This is especially propounded by large welfare

    9. This is an interesting aspect. In the West, there is pretty entrenched social segregation. Thus, a guy from a solidly middle to upper-middle class background would not normally be able to meet some slut hailing from welfare aristocracy where not even the grandfather has ever worked for a living. Sure, you could bring up online dating, but there are still social markers that make such women stand out very negatively, such as crass language, garish makeup, or excessive tattoos.

      Interestingly, the behavior you mention does exist in the West, but it seems much more common among status-conscious middle-class women. I have seen a few of those attempt to break into upper-class circles during my time in London, but with limited success, because if you get invited to spend a weekend in Paris or Rome (“Let’s get a suite and have some fun!”), but don’t have a lot of money, you just can’t do that. Some of those women are surprisingly hard-working and thus do not give off a fun vibe at all. They tend to try really hard to get into a competitive field, which is obviously not that difficult for them due to preferential hiring, and get in front of successful men. This is not necessarily a success recipe because the men who really make the big bucks are not interested in a woman’s earning capacity, so they may as well marry the smoking hot woman from an upper-middle class background who decided to pursue a career in art.

    10. So when I was in Asia, I regularly hooked up with lower class women – think waitresses, exotic dancers, receptionists, secretaries, music teachers, …

      Interestingly in Europe, coming from a middle class background, I would never interact with these women and I don’t think these women would be at all interested in me. The class difference is just too big. But somehow in Asia it didn’t matter and maybe it was even an advantage.

    11. This is also a good point. Class conscious is deeply ingrained in Europe. Even if those women were interested in you, which was surely the case with some, you just did not feel like mingling with them. It is similar to not befriending people from a much lower social class. I was much more relaxed about this with women I wanted to bang than random dudes, but even with chicks it becomes pretty clear that you are living in completely different worlds. I once had a chick ask me why I had books at home, for instance, or others were befuddled when they learned that I attended university as they did not even know anybody pursuing a degree. I had the impression that this particular social divide was even stronger in the UK than in Continental Europe. Interestingly, in Sweden this was not an issue at all, which is presumably due to university not really paying off for a lot of people. You spent a few extra years to get a degree but you may only earn marginally more than someone who went into a trade or started working right a way in some office job. I had the impression that with the exception of being a doctor, there was basically no status premium among the general population.

  3. Random stuff from twitter:

    “This is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. She’s the director for the new Star Wars movie.”

    Eventually, Lucas will be able to buy SW back for pennies. Greatest short sale of all time.

    “Michael Malice: Low status people would love a social credit score because obedience is one of the few metrics they can compete on.”

    “@NikkiHaley: We have to deal with the cancer that is mental health.
    @VivekGRamaswamy: I think she might’ve actually written this one herself.”

    Here’s how Trump can win (whether the election is stolen again is another question):
    – Simply ask people if they’re better or worse off now than under Trump. People who will not or cannot answer this question honestly because of politics are beyond help anyway.
    – Remind them that the illegal alien invasion is why they can’t even afford to rent now, let alone buy. (Bonus points: when the left melts down over the term “illegal alien,” play the clip of Bill Clinton complaining about “criminal illegal aliens” in his address to Congress back in the day.)

    Here’s how he can lose: Pick Nikki “War Karen” Haley as his running mate.

    1. -What did Trump do to make things better off?(Not saying Biden did anything either) Inflation is/was a global phenomenon.
      -Because all those people with napsacks coming across the border bought all the houses??? lol Republicans are quietly cheering on this illegal alien invasion because it provides cheaper labor.

    2. I think you walked into the wrong crowd, you IQ90 leftie. Inflation is not just some “phenomenon” that appears for no reason at all but the consequence of an irresponsible fiscal policy. Obviously, the illegal immigrants from South of the border do not buy houses and nobody even makes this argument, except some dipshit like you who does not have any interest in an honest discussion. This is one of the lamest attempts at framing I have come across recently. You should furthermore not overestimate the effect of all this supposedly cheap labor because even if I take it as a given, this is completely dwarfed by the negative effects of unfettered mass immigration.

      Also, the effect of a massive surge in demand from renters obviously affects prices. This is taught in Econ 101 but sadly not in any of the mathematics-free courses you sat in, which deluded you into thinking that you got an education. Rents are pushed up across the board. First, the government hands out free money to the illegals, which also raises inflation, by the way, then those people enter the rental market. Maybe try figuring out what happens then. This also leads to houses getting more expensive, for instance as a consequence of white flight because not everyone wants to live in a leftist utopia with shit on the street, homeless camps, rampant drug abuse, triple-masking, and triple-vaxxing.

      If thinking about the housing market is too abstract for you, which is seems to be, imagine you have something to sell. Maybe you tried reading a translation of Marx’s Das Kapital but could not deal with the absence of illustrations. Thus, you want to sell it to someone at the local Clown U campus. You want to ask for $5 dollars. Some lefty approaches you and says that he’d happily buy it for that price. As he is looking for coins and ruffled notes in his dirt-stained backpack, some other leftie says that he would take it off your hands for $6. Thus, there is more demand. Could this lead to a rise in prices? If you want to dispute this point, I think you should make more effort than before as this is one of the fundamental principles of economics. Even some lefties understand it.

    3. Aaron,

      Didn’t mean to hit a nerve, brah.

      Where I live in the states there are no immigrants – and rent is up. Also the dude said illegal aliens and you’re talking about “leftist utopia with shit on the street, homeless camps, rampant drug abuse, triple-masking, and triple-vaxxing.” – lots of triple vaxxed immigrants going across the border? Rent is down in right leaning states??

      While you’re at it. please explain how the fiscal and immigration policy of the US affected inflation in housing prices, rental prices, and prices for everything else in every country in the world? (Hint: the actually answer is a structural change in demand for products, labor issue, and locked up supply chain)

      Anecdote. A classmate I bumped into from boarding school is an energy trader for a hedge fund in Texas. Asian-American dude. A friend of mine who is quite close to him said he is worth around 50 million – the guy just turned 40. Nice quote from the classmate: “People who think Joe Biden controls the prices of gas are complete idiots”. lol

    4. “Low status people would love a social credit score because obedience is one of the few metrics they can compete on.”

      This describes Branch Covidians to a tee. It’s biggest civilian proponents were aging women who were losing their ability to use their femininity to get what they want. The other biggest pushers I noticed were low status autistic or gay men who saw it as their big break to flip the script on their low status.

    5. I can confirm this observation. It may sound like a meme, but the people most opposed to the Covid nonsense I know personally are independent-minded men. Of course, the no-true-Scotsman fallacy rears its ugly head here. In all fairness, though, I had an older female colleague in her late 50s who also did not go along with it at all, but she had a mind much closer to a man than a woman’s to begin with. In public, I was accosted very few times regarding my non-compliance, and it was either a faggot, a hag, or a fattie.

    6. Andy you are embarrassing yourself with your economic takes.

      Both supply factors as well as monetary/fiscal policies are important for inflation. Why do you act like it’s just supply factors? I mean look at the Swiss inflation rate – much lower although the Swiss are impacted by the same supply factors as the US.

      And when it comes to supply factors – of course the democrats are mostly at fault here. Who pushed for everybody to stay at home during the covid pandemic and afterwards? You don’t think that depresses supply? Also who is against extraction of oil and gas and nuclear energy? Don’t you think that also affects supply? Finally, another big supply factor is Russia invading the Ukraine and the sanctions. Do you seriously think that would have happened with trump in power?

    7. Oh and Andy. So if there is a limited supply of housing and higher demand of housing because of immigration (you know those immigrants have to sleep somewhere). How can that not push up housing prices? Come on just use common sense.

    8. I find the system of international order which was laid put by Putin to be more feasible. Technically, you see that none of the superpowers are capable of destroying each other, so a respect for sphere of influence of each other is crucial to world peace.

      I find China to be more of a threat to the US. Maybe that is because I am Vietnamese.

    1. “Court video showed Holthus disappearing under a flurry of blows from the thug as she begged him to stop before security staff managed to haul him off.”

      B-but I thought it was okay to defund the police because anything men can do women can do better and white males who complain at school board meetings are the real terrorists.


      Imagine being such a sad and defeated caricature of a human being that your greatest conceivable joy in life is to help the government target people you’ve never met for destruction over invented crimes, while being able to cower safely behind the cloak of anonymity. Prior to J6, people like this must have bitterly regretted being born too late to join the Stasi or KGB.

  4. I just learned about the most expensive residential building in the US, built by Aaron Spelling, a member of the Hollywood elites. Have a look at this:

    “The Manor is as big as a football field, and bigger than The White House, and has 2 driveways.[6] During planning stages, Aaron removed an entire planned additional wing as a cost-saving measure.[6] Not understanding blueprints, Candy advised in 2011 she would not have built the house as big had she realised the scale in person.[6] Originally there was a zoo planned for daughter Tori. However, by the time the house neared completion Tori was aged 17, negating the need for it.[6]

    Not only did this woman, who has the bizarre name Candy, not understand scales and proportions, she also surely did not realize that a house of this size would take a while to construct it. Here, I make the assumption that his wife was the driving force behind this building project, because that is how it normally is.

    1. I have a feeling anti Israel is rising in today world. A few months ago, I wad in the US visiting Ohio State Uni. There, students of Palestinian descent gave me some brochures about their peoples history.

      Such a thing being made possible must be due to an outpour of sympathy for Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

    2. Yes, indeed. I think a big contributor is the rise of the of the internet. People, particularly young people get their news online, rather than the Jewish dominated msm. Israel is still acting
      like it is 2001. Some youngers never relied up on the msm at all Additionally, 9-II is no longer fresh in our memories, which understandably clouded our judgement of the Middle East back then. The Zionists are no longer getting away with labeling Palestinians animals Also, poverty has been rising for decades in the US, yet we give Israel 4 billion dollars a year.

      Time and technology have caught up with the Zionists and the MSM.

  5. A female NBC reporter, having exhausted her repertoire of at least superficially sane gotcha questions, asked Ramaswamy if he condemned white supremacists.

    According to reports, Ramaswamy removed his stiffly-starched Klan hood to reveal his swastika-tattooed alabaster skin and bristle-cut white-blond hair. His ice-blue eyes gleamed with insanity as he replied that some of them were “very fine people.” He added that his first act as President would be to order King Charles and Prime Minister Modi to reinstate the Raj.

    Research by citizen journalists in the comment section then revealed that “Ramaswamy” is actually the Hindi for the number 1488. Who knew?

    1. There will be nationwide protests on Monday. People have been getting very frustrated with their US-controlled puppet regime. The German minister of economics and climate protection (no, this is not a joke) recently was prevented from leaving a ferry he was on. Well, he could have left, but he did not have enough security with him to protect him, and the police that rushed to the scene for support was also ineffective:

      These are Weimar vibes.

  6. We have been talking about how AI is leading to the democratization and personalization of porn. However, the powers that be do not like that at all. Currently, there is the attempt to establish the term “synthetic non-consensual intimate images” (synthetic NCIIs). You can’t make this up. You can bet that some WHO or UN faggots have plans according to which you are only allowed to masturbate to fat, black women and getting a boner for any images you create of your dream slut, anime/Asian or white, will lead to you getting your CBDCs wiped and six weeks at a reeducation camp.

    Check this out:
    There is already b.s. chatter about the “ethics” of AIs (not the ethical use of AI itself). It is only a small step to take these two pieces, i.e. claiming that AIs have human right or some bullshit, and the concept of synthetic NCIIs, to justify the banning of all user-generated pornography. Much bigger leaps of logic and non-sequiturs have been successfully pushed onto the public.

    1. Speaking of AI,I forgot to tell you guys about how waitlist is over! Check it out if you guys are inclined.

      Its far from perfect,but its definitely quite the promising step!

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