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67 thoughts on “Open Thread #336

    1. That guy should be dropkicked into hell.

      Publishing or attempting to publish fraudulent science ought to be a serious felony offense IMO.

    2. In some fields you can at least detect data falsification. In soft sciences like psychology, if you know a little bit about math and programming, it is entirely possible to use a data generator to create plausible survey/test data to support a particular theory. If replication study disproves your findings, you can always use sampling error as an excuse.

  1. Guys, this is probably going to sound crazy and funny, but my question is serious;

    Do you think the main driving force of Jews trying to destroy Western culture has to do with the physical attraction of the White man vs the Jewish man? I mean WTF is the reason for them to try to destroy our civilizations for countless centuries? What gives?

    I mean, we all know that procreation is the main driving force for survival of a species. We all know that physical attraction is the main component of that. It’s pretty clear that Whites are considered more attractive worldwide. We all know that in a conventional military conflict that Whites would win., Jews know this especially. So they used unconventional tactics.

    I’ve seen this in my personal life with a former friend. His jealousy ended our friendship. But I also have stories from Hollywood that exemplify this. Clark Gable had several run ins with Jewish directors and producers. The Jewish director of Gone With the Wind, David Selznick, actually challenged Gable to a fist fight. Gable repeatedly refused until finally accepting the challenge. Gable dropped Selznick in seconds, and walked off. On the set of another movie, I forget the name, the Jew director lambasted Gable for being late for filming continuously. Clark was probably partying with women all night, every night. The Jew said, “You make money with your face, I make money with my mind!”. Sean Connery also said he left Hollywood (20 years before he died) because he “didn’t like the industry.”

    These ugly/fat Jews rely on power and money to get sex. Yet it still grates on them that it’s not their looks. Howard Stern is another great example of this.

    Anyway, that’s my theory. Jews clandestinely promote cultural warfare primarily due to the extreme jealousy they have for the White man’s dominant edge in the looks factor.

    1. You need to make a distinction between the Orthodox Jews and the lefty/Hollywood Jews. The two groups are diametrically opposed.

      A lot of the degeneracy you would consider the result of clandestine cultural warfare is also promoted in Israel, and Orthodox Jews are against it both there and in the US.

    2. Jewish Cultural Marxism is like the Helen of Troy of cultural warfare. Even a black dude from the hood told me that women are at the heart of gang wars.

    3. european jews look white so if they are not wearing any hats or speaking yiddish you could not tell they are jewish unless you had a very good jew-radar thats why they had to wear the david star in the third Reich and is also the reason why people make jokes about the early life section on their wikipedia articles , you dont need to read the wikipedia article of a negro to know thier race. This is what makes jews the perfect enemy they live among us so anyone could be one of ((( them ))).

    4. This is a very good point. The yellow star was not intended to single out and humiliate Jews in public life but to draw attention to how many leading positions were held by Jews, of course without any kind of ethnic nepotism at all. Imagine going to a hospital and all doctors wearing a yellow star, or sitting in a courthouse and noticing that the defense lawyer, the judge, and the accused are all Jews. Thus, the yellow star was a catalyst for “noticing thing”.

    5. There definitely is a Jewish look. White skin doesn’t equal White. The hooked nose, the kinky hair. Do they all look like that? No. But plenty do. Jews are just an disproportionately unattractive people in general. Think Harvey Weinstein. Ugly fat fuck had to use his money and power to get sexual favors from hot White chicks. All the while he probably held a deep animosity for handsome White dudes who women actually want to fuck.

    6. Ugly Jewish guys are still white-passing, so it is the case that they can easily fit into white society, and likely will not be easily noticed. I agree that there are clear genetic markers. I don’t think that Jews are known for beauty at all. Interestingly, the Jews have been running a multi-year psy-ops campaign with which they try to convince that their military is full of hot chicks. These are normally Russian models they fly in for photo shootings, however.

    7. I agree they are White passing, but my point is that they are generally an unattractive people. Whereas Whites are the most attractive people on earth. The jealousy shines through in the entertainment industry. Although Jews are smart enough to employ the handsome, masculine White man. We’re talking about Jews and money after all. They still have a contentious relationship with these male leads. It also comes from personal experience. I recently ended a 20 year friendship with a Jew who had an extreme jealousy of me and he did accidentally hint that it was ethnic and aesthetic. I’ve just seen too many examples to deny it.

    8. Jews look white because they are white, at least from a genetic point of view, originally they came from the levant but after centuries of race mixing their gene pool was diluted into the broader european gene pool , the stereotype of the arab looking jew from the happy mechant cartoons is misleading.

    9. Jews are not White, bruh. Way too much semitic admixture. And it often shines through. The guy I dumped as a friend had the features. So do many here in Cali. Many examples in Hollywood, Washington, famous lawyers etc. They are an ugly people inside and out.

    10. Are Jennifer Conelly not beautiful? She is Jewish. Natalie Portman is also good looking, she is Jewish.

      Jews look almost the same as whites.

    11. Let’s look at an ethnicity that is likely smaller than Jews, i.e. Swedes. The country has 10 million people but easily two million are cultural enrichers. There have been a lot of beautiful Swedish women, lots of models, an even entire stereotypes around Swedish women being hot. There was even a time when young men traveled to Stockholm, hoping to have sex with a local hot blonde. Now contrast this with Jewish women: there is of course the astroturfed meme that they have “big Jewish milkers” but I have never come across anyone who told exaggerated tales about the supernatural beauty of Jewish women, just as I have never even heard of anyone flying to Tel Aviv, trying to score with the local ladies.

      Also, to answer your question, I do not consider Jennifer Conelly beautiful and Natalie Portman completely pales in comparison with a white woman of a similar appearance such as Kate Moss. You will also notice that if you tried to name ten hot Jewish women it would turn out to be a surprisingly challenging task.

    12. Yeah, they are pretty. Sometimes the White alele is expressed more. I never said they aren’t part, or even mostly White. But “mostly White” isn’t White. It’s your genotype not your phenotype that decides your race.

      For instance, I have a friend who is 1/4 black, 1/4 White and half Mexican. So he is probably part Amerind too. But let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the Mexican side is pure White (VERY rare for Mexican immigrants). He still is part African. He looks 100 percent White.

      Is he White? He doesn’t identify with being White. I don’t see him as White. We’re not talking about the one drop rule here. There is a significant amount of non-White blood in Jews. Exceptions aside, they tend to be an ugly people on average.

    13. @Aaron

      Very strong points. I had a friend who backpacked through Europe after high school. He was especially impressed with the Swiss women. Have you been there? I have lineage from Switzerland 😉

    14. I have been to Switzerland. If you like their women, you will surely also like Austrian women, and Southern German ones.

    15. Also, to answer your question, I do not consider Jennifer Conelly beautiful and Natalie Portman completely pales in comparison with a white woman of a similar appearance such as Kate Moss. You will also notice that if you tried to name ten hot Jewish women it would turn out to be a surprisingly challenging task.

      Then it is sufficient to say that female beauty perceived by a man is partially subjective. I don’t think Kate Moss that good looking.

      Here, in Vietnam, we don’t consider Swedish women beautiful. We hold Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians in higher regard. Probably because Vietnamese did not come into contact with Sweden and Swedish culture prior to present.

    16. I don’t find Natalie Portman very good-looking. However, the point is that if you pick the most attractive white women and put them next to the most attractive Jewish women, I am not so sure that the latter would generally be perceived to be more attractive.

    17. Do you think it is valid to argue that good looking Jewish women are usually because they are results of interbreeding between white men and Jewish women?

    18. I even wonder if this kind of interbreeding was a side effect of the slave trade. Similarly, you can find some Turkish women who are almost white passing. If you went back in history a bit, you can bet that there is a white woman somewhere who was abducted (“raped”, in the original meaning of the word).

    19. It’s that the White features are being expressed, largely because they are “mostly” White. Their kids could easily have the semitic phenotype. Most have it to one degree or another, even if slight. Sarah Michelle Gellar being a good example as noted. At first glance she looks hot, but the nose gets in the way.

  2. On a whim, I started playing Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on a PS2 emulator today. The game is very well made and surprisingly fun. It is perhaps a bit basic, but I find it really refreshing to get a straightforward story, gameplay that is to the point, and a bunch of hot women to look at. You will get none of this in Western games today anymore. There is a good chance I will play through it as it only takes about 10 hours or so.

    1. Aaron,
      I’m clueless with gaming. In fact, Im not a fan of gaming at all. Gaming has never caught my attention, however, do you play games on your PC using a liquid cooling system?

    2. I am not much of a gamer and don’t even own a gaming PC. Instead, my gaming needs are met perfectly well by an old laptop with a dedicated graphics card. I am often surprised by how well games that are just a few years old run on this machine.

  3. I am playing on and off Mount and Blade: Warband with a mod on Chinese wars in the 13th century.

    Sleazy, you said that you played games due to its requirement of skills. I have never focused much on my skills in games. I guess whenever I play games, it is because of immersion rather than skills. If my character died, I just re-launch the save and play again.

    I don’t know if I lose, I usually get frustrated or fear.

    I think I will try to lose to see if it is more fun.

    I almost always play historical games. I don’t like fantasy games. Even games that take place in the past but with an element of fantasy are not for me. They must be historically realistic.

    1. Some games I play because I like their mechanics and they have a high skill ceiling, but in others I simply consider a source of escapism. Plenty of games are balanced quite well so that they are only moderately challenging, i.e. they are not braindead-easy but also not really that difficult. Thus, you may never even die during your playthrough. Probably you only finish such games a single time, though.

    2. Mount and Blade Warband does require you to take skills if you play multiplayer. Timing your attack and blocking is an art. I have watched many tutorials but could not get past the basic movements.

      The AI could confuse when they feign attacking you, and before you know it, they strike you.

      With mods, warband can be both an RPG and a tactical mod. In this sense, its battles ressemble the total war series. On that scale, I do allow myself to lose. I lost quite many battles while won some with great odds. The highest record is 100 men against 500 enemy troops. That victory came because I have superior heavy cavalry compared to the enemy largely infantry-based forces. Nevertheless, I need to time my attack with my heavy cavalry so that I could annihilate enemy missile troops, which were stronger than mine.

    3. No, I do not play Counter-Strike. I would need a much more serious PC gaming setup for this. Also, my impression is that this game requires serious dedication, and I unfortunately do not have a lot of spare time.

  4. I would like to read an introductory work on Greek Philosophy. Do you guys know any light read that is suitable for a beginner?

    Chinese philosophy is not very abstract and requires you to think carefully before proceeding to next pages.

    But Greek Philosophy strikes me as rather complex and not easy. A venture into the original work of Aristotle may not be commendable for a beginner starting from 0.

    If there is some sort of exposition to the ideas of Aristotle then I think it would be great.

    Ontology is very difficult for me. Epistemology is somewhat less intimidating.

    1. I’m not an expert in philosophy. But I think Socrates is the place to go starting from zero. Maybe Plato, because it is widely believed that Pato invented Socrates as he is the only source of Socrates’ existence. Anyway, have fun 🙂

    2. Plato did not invent Socrates, and there is no serious doubt about the existence of Socrates.

      However, Socrates did not produce writings on his own; they were written by Plato.

    3. Technically, you can say that Plato invented the philosopher Socrates, i.e. Socrates as a figure of philosophy. After all, it is not as if Plato transcribed real Socratic dialogues. Instead, he created a protagonist with certain character traits and views that arguably is not fully identical to the real Socrates.

    4. My mistake. One of his other students wrote about him too, and his trial and execution was documented. Kinda weird he never wrote anything . Anyway, yeah start with Socrates, he’s pretty awesome for his time.

    5. It’s all good, man. 🙂

      Also recommend Socrates, btw. Plato was one of the philosophers who could actually write well – many philosophers write so poorly that they’re a pain to read. 🙁

      Some parts of his writings are pretty dense, though. Definitely requires some repetition and reflection to fully understand, which can be nice or annoying depending on your inclination and mood. 🙂

    6. I find that the surviving classic texts are generally very well written. Part of the reason is probably that writing materials were neither cheap nor abundantly available. Copying texts was also difficult and time-consuming, so only the most valuable texts even survived. You would think not just twice before writing something down, or whether to archive something. I vaguely recall that some texts only survived because some text on sheep skin got scratched off and record something that appealed to the cultural zeitgeist of the day. Also, there is an obvious connection between man’s ability to think and the available means of recording information at his disposal. I shudder thinking of historians 200 years from now, trying to extract thoughts and meaning from reams of instant messages. In the past, people kept letters. You can buy books with collections of Goethe’s or Schiller’s letters, if you are so inclined. Imagine someone in the year 2100 buying books, electronic or otherwise, with AOC’s collected tweets! The thought is ludicrous.

    7. A good starting point may be to get an overview via reading the articles on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, e.g. this one:
      There is also an introductory book that is sometimes suggested as a pre-read before embarking on a degree at at UK universities with the title, “Philosophy 1: A Guide Through the Subject”. There is also a second volume, which is perhaps less relevant. I bought both but it was not money well spent as I was already quite familiar with key philosophical works and academic commentaries.

    8. Do you collect books, Sleazy.
      My library is of modest size. For all the money I make, I just spend on basic needs and books. I am becoming more selective of what I should buy.

      I used to purchase 18th century books with rather high price. Now I think it is a waste so I promise myself to never purchase antique books ever again.

      I love books more than anything, more than wine, tea, gamble, women, men (homo lol) or cars.

      I have riden a bike or driven a car in my life. I just ride bicycle in Vietnam. In the US, it tricky for me to go around.

    9. I used to have a small library but due to frequent moves, it became a liability. Almost all my books have been stored at my parents’ place for a long time. A few years ago I even threw out quite a lot of books as I did not see the appeal in keeping them. Mainly the books I hold in high regards I still own. I retained almost my entire collection of philosophy books, but a large number of novels and popular science books I disposed of. I do not own any valuable editions, and barely any hardcover editions.

    10. I see you are thrift and simple. That is something I look up to. Compared to kids from more humble family, my spending can be viewed as wastage.

      I do now extract a considerable part of my income to do charity. It follows my will and the will of my parents.

  5. I recently watched Chasing Amy (1997) – I’m re-watching the Kevin Smith films.

    One thing that really bothered me about this film was the way in which the main character Holden (Ben Affleck) was just expected to placate the “lesbian” Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) and not get anything in return. Of course *spoiler* the truth was that she was into him but she just couldn’t admit it. However, putting that aside, Holden was a relatively high value man – tall, symmetrical, creator of a successful comic book which was soon to be turned into an animated series – who probably could have had his pick of numerous attractive women. Instead he gets hen-pecked into giving up most of his time to become the male version of a “fag hag”.

    The second thing that bothered me was that Holden’s best friend and comic co-creator Banky (Jason Lee) could see that this girl was bad news and was using him. Yet the movie made it out that Banky was motivated by latent gay feelings for Holden, instead of just genuine concern for his friend and their business. The movie also made him a bumbling, perverted, misogynistic homophobe, in an attempt to negate his views on anything.

    In summation, the movie tries to instil the faulty message in men that they should give unconditionally to women who aren’t their girlfriend, and that anyone who objects to this is a loser and has their own ulterior motives.

    1. Kevin Smith is so overrated. His connections with other actors gave him his career. Yet another director who is gifted good casts and his movies would be unwatchable without them. Only dorks dig his shit.

  6. There is absolutely nothing odd about an illegally dug tunnel, going from a Jewish synagogue in NYC to an abandoned bathhouse, that just so happens to contain objects like a stroller, a high chair for a baby or a bloodied mattress:
    When this tunnel was discovered, a bunch of Jews engaged in a little bit of rioting.

    The mainstream tells you that the tunnel connected to the synagogue (!) and “some other building” (!!). It’s probably some kind of far-right attempt at framing Jews for ritual child murder or some other, similarly debunked anti-semitic canard:

    The video of some Jew emerging from the underground and scurrying off must be AI-generated:

    1. I think it’s a psyop/honeypot. It tops all search results on different platforms – they’re certainly not trying to cover it up.

      They’re just pushing it so they can go, “Look at what a big problem antisemitism is! Need to crack down on it, more censorship!”

      There are a few youtubers who do tunnel explorations and have uncovered some disturbing things: random children’s belongings in abandoned locations, a fully powered on, clean, seemingly deserted hospital. It’s an interesting topic. I’ll provide links to the vids later.

  7. Just curious, Aaron, do you do any forms of gambling? You seem to like gaming and are obviously quite smart so was wondering if you do any skill based gambling like poker or blackjack? I was gonna say sportsbetting, too, but I think you mentioned before you don’t follow sports too closely.

    1. Here’s a betting tip on sports. Fuck the point spread. Fuck bookies and casinos in general. Find some dude who is passionate about his team. Argue with him about who’s going to win (assuming you are confident his team will lose). This clouds his judgement, and his ego goes to “you want to bet?????”

      Take the bet, and take his money.

    2. What about the edge case of the guy not wanting to honor the bet? This strikes me as being more trouble than it is worth. If you are betting $10, I do not see a problem but I could picture some dudebro claiming that he was not serious when he bet $50.

    3. No, I do not gamble. I am somewhat interested in poker, but I would much prefer playing it in real life than on some shady online casino.

    4. Yeah,don’t be surprised if some random douche doesn’t honor bets.

      I personally stay clear of gambling myself as well. Its been a little over a decade since I last got into a fight. I think getting involved in that scene might break that streak. (and I’m not in high school anymore,so…there’s much bigger consequences on the table now.) It shouldn’t be any surprise at this point at how petty most people can get.

    5. I never had any problems collecting. But I was on pretty good terms with these guys, neighbors, co-workers etc. And the bets were usually 20 dollars. Although one guy kept wanting to go double or nothing, until I walked away with 80 dollars. I just think it’s the only way your skill/knowledge comes into play. The only way it does in black jack is if you are counting cards. In which case they will kick you out of the casino. Sports betting also benefits the house because of the point spread. Better to do an up/down bet when you are confident of the results. The only fair casino game where skill comes into play is poker because of bluffing. And you are paying to play against others, not the house The house always wins.

    1. Imagine paying to see this woman on stage, and feeling compelled to pretend that she is funny! I can’t remember even a single funny female comedian. There are of course those you laugh at, or the involuntarily funny ones like that chick who made fun of anti-vaxxers, only to get struck down by God. Funnily enough, this is by far her most popular video:

    1. I am not sure I want to watch this video, but I looked up news stories. Deep state involvement in pop culture is not a new phenomenon. David McGowan’s “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” is a good book on the hippie scene, which somehow sprung up around Laurel Canyon in the 1960s, for absolutely no reason at all. I don’t fully agree with some of the leaps in this book, but it is more than just a little bit peculiar that a bunch of slackers that turned into the first pop music stars had strong ties to the US military. The deep state also funded research into psychedelics, and of course there is also the MKULTRA conspiracy theory, er, research project.

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