Grand Theft Auto VI: Upcoming Dumpster Fire With A Neon Paint Job

When it comes to contemporary mainstream gaming, I am pretty jaded. Basically everything released by the big Western studios is crap. The big Western gaming studios have been infiltrated by leftists activists, studio heads are lining up to fellate Larry Fink for some of that ESG money, and a well-funded but increasingly ineffective media hype-machine is busy actively deceiving paying customers. The customer has been getting a bit more aware of what is going on, though.

The latest franchise that activists want to destroy is Grand Theft Auto, arguably the biggest non-annualized videogame series there is. I played the last three major releases, i.e. GTA III, IV, and V. GTA V is the last videogame I binged on, playing until 4 a.m. for a few days in a row. When it came out, it was pretty great game. Of course, this was a little over ten years ago and the times have changed quite a bit since then. Back then, you could make fun of Jews, faggots, and trannies. In fact, in the very first mission of GTA V you are tasked with stealing or repo’ing a car for a stereotypical Jewish car dealer. There is some pretty edgy humor in this game. I am not sure how well it holds up. I am sure, though, that nothing of this kind would be put in GTA VI. One little detail, for instance, is that the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take Two, had a change at the very top. In 2010, the CEO role was taken up by the Jew Harry Strauss Zelnick. At that time, it was probably too late to make changes to GTA V, but surely there has been a lot more, er, corporate guidance for its successor.

How much things have changed over the years is quite obvious when you watch the three initial trailers of GTA IV, V, and VI one after the other.


Both the trailers for GTA IV and V set up a pretty good narrative hook. Both were also graphically very impressive at their time. GTA V on the PlayStation 3 was an absolutely incredible achievement. Well, not only are the key writers of the GTA franchise out, the same seems true for their technical talent as well as GTA VI seems to be only broadly on par with current-year releases. For instance, the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series has sometimes been called a Japanese GTA clone, which is not a very apt comparison. The very recently released Like A Dragon Gaiden looks decent, and the upcoming major release Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth looks even better. By the time GTA VI finally rolls around, in 2025 at the earliest, there will be other games that most certainly look significantly better.

Ah, fat black women!  This is exactly what I am looking for in entertainment media.

You could say that the GTA VI trailer is a disappointment. However, to me it really wasn’t. I fully expected it to be woke and crappy, and what I got was merely a woker and crappier version than I had expected. I was surprised at how many fat, black women, including two fat, black, twerking women, they managed to squeeze into this trailer. However, I was not surprised about there being fat, black women. Also, from an earlier leak we already knew that the female lead character (lol) will be a fairly unattractive Mexican with a fat ass, saggy tits, and an unattractive face. There does not seem to be much story potential, so the trailer only hints at a Bonny and Clyde knock-off story.

Peak contemporary US culture in a single screenshot.

GTA VI seems to play in a version of Miami in which 90% of people are black and of those 90%, about 4/5 are women. The demographics are pretty skewed. There is some in-game social network that has been inspired by TikTok. You better brush up on your “ebonics” because otherwise the surely very subtle humor of this game will be inaccessible to you. Of course, we all really love black culture, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the choices Rockstar Games has made. Also, I always wanted to play as an unattractive Mexican chick, so I will surely be there on day one.

How much needs to go wrong in a game studio to end up with such a scene in a trailer?

GTA VI gives me CyberPunk 2077 vibes. Initially, this game started out with a pretty clean aesthetic. They even had a really hot chick in the very first teaser trailer. In the end, they released a game full of bugs and they had worked extra hard to remove every attractive character. This game seems to have done quite okay but it seems quite obvious that it would have sold far better with a different creative team and better engineering behind it. Furthermore, compared to The Witcher III, the return-on-investment has been much lower. I expect the same to happen with GTA VI, i.e. it probably will sell decently well but it will not make GTA V numbers. As GTA VI will probably end up with a budget several times the size of GTA V, it will be a relative flop.

5 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto VI: Upcoming Dumpster Fire With A Neon Paint Job

  1. I can’t understand why any man would want to play as a female protagonist. It is absolutely baffling to me how this could appeal in any way whatsoever. I see it sometimes amongst gaming YouTubers and it just deeply puzzles me. It’s an automatic no. It’s entertainment fantasy, which means I want to play as a uber-masculine, uber-strong badass who can devour my enemies, albeit whilst overcoming some significant struggles. That being said, GTAVI looks like the most degenerate gaming-world I’ve ever seen. If it’s meant to be one big parody world making fun of our TikTok, social-justice warrior society and it’s entirely satirical…..they’ve nailed it.

    1. I have come across the claim that GTA VI is supposed to be one big parody, but I see absolutely no signs of this in this trailer as there is simply wall-to-wall degeneracy. Where is the indication that this is parody? Imagine the movie Idiocracy without the male lead character. Clearly, this is the direction GTA VI is heading.

    2. I am not completely opposed to female protagonists. The Tomb Raider (2013) reboot was pretty good, for instance. I can’t remember many other franchises with women in prominent roles, though. There is Samus Aran in Metroid, but these games are not character-focused. I would argue that most men find male characters infinitely more appealing. The choice of putting a woman into the main role in GTA VI is completely tone-deaf as this is not what the audience wants at all. GTA must have one of the most male-dominated player-bases out there. They are not going to sell twice as many copies by putting a woman in there, and 95% diversity. This did not work out very well for Saints Row either, which could still be a thriving GTA knock-off series.

  2. Definite pandering to female “gamers”.

    I caught this ad on YouTube recently:

    Xbox likely are trying to ship their excess inventory of the inferior Series S console now that the chip shortage has eased up. Women would be ideal candidates for these future thrift store cloggers.

    My theory with GTA 6 is they’re trying to promote female degeneracy. They often use black women to do this because they’re a protected class immune from criticism. If they just had a bunch of white women getting around in thongs and twerking on cars, the feminists would label it toxic and purely for men’s amusement.

    1. The Xbox brand does not seem to appeal at all to women, though. Its marquee franchises are Halo, Gears of War, and Forza. In contrast, women flock towards Animal Crossing, The Sims, and match-3 mobile games. Then again, Microsoft is extremely out of touch with the market, so I readily believe that their suits could have convinced themselves that modern women want nothing more than playing Xbox in front of their 100+ inch TVs.

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