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32 thoughts on “Open Thread #327

  1. Rockstar Games recently announced that the trailer for the “next Grand Theft Auto” will be shown in December:
    Considering how it is worded, it could as well be some mobile-gaming garbage. Also, my hopes for GTA VI are low. In the over ten years (!!) since the release of GTA V, a lot of the key people behind the success of these games have left the company. It is also quite disconcerting that there are rumors floating around that the female protagonist is a single mother who has a young son, and you allegedly get to play as him in some story missions. Let us hope that this is not true. The worst rumors have been true, though, such as the fact that a Latina is one of the two main characters.

    1. This is not quite what is happening. The US is sabotaging Europe, and in particularly Germany, with the goal of shoring up its position in the global economy. Just look into the Nordstream 2 bombings, the NGOs behind the mass immigration of rocket scientists, and the funders of climate terrorism.

    2. I remember Biden announcing the termination of North Stream 2. Olaf Scholz stood by like an innocent schoolboy.

      I also remember Soros organizing illegal migration to Europe with his NGO.

      Do you have any sources on the financiers of climate terror? That would interest me.

    3. Strange…

      Supposedly Russia has been collapsing economically, socially and militarily for a year, they are running out of ammunition, weapons and soldiers, the people are rebelling against Putin and Ukraine is bouncing from one final victory to the next. But somehow everything is going in the opposite direction? How does this fit in with the fear that, if Ukraine does not win the war, Russia will then attack NATO and subjugate Europe?

    4. I am surprised to hear that the Ukraine is not winning the war. The last time I checked, the Ukraine won the decisive battle in some remote village, and the next step consists of the conscript army consisting of pensioners and women marching on Moscow. The Ukraine army is so superior to the Russians that they can afford to send the weakest people their society can muster. If this is not a sign of winning a war, I do not know what is.

    5. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      How do you think the Ukraine war will end? Will Russia bag the whole of Ukraine? Or will Russia get the southeast and Crimea and the rest of Ukraine will join NATO / EU? Will Poland try to annex some Ukrainian Territory?

    6. Russia could bag the whole of the Ukraine if they wanted to, but they made it clear that they are only interested in some parts of it. Ukraine will most likely collapse completely and in this chaos the sometimes now very rational Poles might consider taken the parts Russia did not want to bother with. This entire situation is a complete mess, though. Anything could happen.

    7. If NATO wanted to “save” parts of Ukraine and integrate them into the EU, then the Europeans would probably bring soldiers into Ukraine but stay 50 km away from the battle line. Later, the strip in between would become a kind of demilitarized zone. After the war, of course.

    1. “Had they just left out woke garbage in their games and put in a few busty chicks, they could be hiring instead.”

      As Batman said to Catwoman, “They know. They just don’t care.”

      The big players are backstopped by the Fed and can push their evil until the dollar itself dies. The rank and file useful idiots (like the NYC woman who was butthurt about being saved from a mugging by an armed Good Samaritan) would rather die (literally if need be) for their delusions than live with the truth.

    1. I have found that it sadly does not help to talk about this topic in mainstream online groups. Did you know that I got accused of being an incel in a discord group for even daring to bring up that women are way too passive in their dating strategies? I dunno about you,but given how unhappy a lot of women get with men not noticing their signals at all (Alek has even talked about female friends who complain to him about it),I’d say its a legitimate concern.

      One of the reasons I love Aaron’s blog! finally a place I don’t have to censor myself for the snowflakes!

    2. @Maou

      I wouldn’t say mainstream. The thing that feminists do is that they infiltrate and dominate spaces that typically house nerdier men.

      Their general mating strategy is to gaslight nerdy men into believing they have to wait for a feminist to hit on them.

      In actual mainstream spaces you see the opposite thing, women who are like “men are such wussies today, where are all the manly men”.

      Anytime you are being gaslit online with things like “it’s not true that women are passive, it’s just coz you’re a misogynist incel, and they can smell it on you” – know that you’re being talked to by an actual morbidly obese feminist (who would be a 3 if she lost weight).

    3. @AlekNovy

      Indeed, thanks to formerly useful but now compromised sites like urban dictionary, I recently learned that “blue-pilled” is actually a term used by jealous incels to refer to sexually successful men. And to think I had it wrong all these years.

    4. As ridiculous as this may sound, they’ve been trying to pass this off for like 2 decades on the internet. I remember seeing feminists working hard to define “sexually successful” as a man who got to marry a feminist.

      This is before the term incel even existed. They would have these male feminists (imagine the most beta of betas) married to jabba the hut, attacking any males challenging anything about feminists, and proclaiming himself as knowing what he’s talking about “because he succeeded in mating”, by getting to procreate with a feminist.

      And they actually say this stuff unironically, it’s not even sarcasm. They really believe it.

    5. “And they actually say this stuff unironically, it’s not even sarcasm. They really believe it.”

      well,as the internet bros put it…


    6. I knew a guy who married a fat fuck, terrible woman. She had serious mental health issues. He kissed her ass. He repeated PUA bullshit ad nauseum. He actually acted like a Playboy because he landed a whale.

      Like Aaron mentioned in his books. Better looking women tend to be more pleasant. Unfortunately it’s not conventional wisdom.

  2. Here’s my opinion on why Donald Trump was/will be a failure at the executive level of the US government. He fired the people who got him elected. Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon. Cultural conservatives, especially on immigration. He didn’t follow their advice on immigration.

    Instead he hired neoconservative John Bolton. Then he promptly bombed Syria twice and killed that Iranian General for some inexplicable reason.

    I guarantee nothing will change if he regains the presidency. Well, maybe more pro-Israel and more tax cuts for rich people. I’m sorry but he is a goddamn fraud.

    1. I know some like seeing their liberal friends cry. But l, if we demand better at least we have the opportunity to get better. Otherwise, same old shit.

  3. Reddit is the liberal hivemind headquarters. We all know that Reddit has gone down the drain. After a long period of abstinence, I wanted to give it a try again. I was perma-banned from a very popular sub by a lovely moderator who cited “lying fascist” after I made my first comment there. I pointed out the contrast between hair transplant doctors who wait until a patient is at least 25 before performing any surgical treatments whatsoever, and a certain subset of currently trending woke activists not adhering to the same ethical consideration when performing damaging and unnecessary surgeries on children. I was less wordy, but attempting to inspire conversation or debate. I was unaware at the time that the sub was woke. It seemed a little fascist, to me, to use such a small iota of power to ban someone so quickly and thoughtlessly.

    Reddit is an echo chamber for SJW type thought. It is truly a toxic place. A shame. Once it was a great community, but that was a decade ago.

    1. The funny part is they didn’t even take the 30 seconds it take to research whether what you’re saying is in fact true. But why would they. Their entire worldview would crumble if they do look it up and find out that indeed you can’t even get a hair transplant before 25, which is nothing compared to chopping off someone’s organs.

    2. Lazy lefties…

      Reddit has become really bad in this regard, worse than Twitter. Subs that take a critical look at woke matters get banned for “hate speech”, there are a lot of recent examples of this and the few remaining subs that allow critical discussion will most likely follow soon.

      Reddit was a really good app when it was young. Started really noticing the shift to “liberal hivemind” in 2015, and then a massive leftward slide the longer Trump was in office. Every sub that had anything to do with politics quickly became another extension of the liberal party, and then nearly every large sub after…mention Trump, prepare for 1000 downvotes and a dozen comments calling you a fascist, bigot, racist, and everything else the TV tells them to regurgitate. I’m not a big Trump fan, but it’s kind of impressive how quickly and effectively the man absolutely melted the brains of sooooo many soft, weak, liberal men and women.

    3. Reddit also shut down a very large number of “subs”. Some of the bigger communities moved elsewhere but others seem to have splintered, which led to a few smaller channels on alternative media sites, but not much more. Early Reddit was wild, though, with “subs” dedicated to the antics of black gentlemen, for instance. Such content you cannot even find on the mainstream internet anymore.

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