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On the True Power and Beauty of Men (Guest Post by Lucretius Carus)

Even before I managed to be able to deal with women in an effective and more satisfying way (kudos to Sleazy for his work, by the way!) – and being the chauvinist, misogynist pig that I am –, I already held the opinion that men were greatly superior to women in almost all aspects. This of course goes completely against all of modern propaganda, that “the future” is supposedly to be “female” and that women are “not just equal” to men, but even superior: That they can do even “better” than men – and in absolutely everything.

As absurd as all of this ugly hypnotic social propaganda of inversion sounds, it’s equally as absurd, that it is quite hard to completely break free from such ridiculous claims. In fact, just recently I had a series of epiphanies which made me appreciate the actual powerful truth(s) about us men even more. For it is one thing to know about something rationally, in your mind, merely as information encoded through language. But it’s an entirely different experience to get hit by a deep understanding of certain truths at your gut level. It is only recently that I’ve been hit with full gut awareness of the terrible scope and ramifications of those truths about us men even though I’ve been somewhat aware of them for some twenty years. I also believe that a deep personal resonance with these truths could function as a crucial first step in male self-healing. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Men reign supreme

When I said that I believe us men to be superior to women, I mean to imply this: That we as men are the kind of humans that have been endowed with a “full potential” to realize; that we are the stronger and more powerful sex, the more assertive one; and that we are by far the more beautiful half of humankind. We are the kind of “Götterfunken” that German poet Friedrich Schiller so eloquently wrote about. In realizing this a man will simultaneously gain a far more realistic and truthful view on women, who or what they really are, how to interact with them, how to best treat them and how to conduct himself as a man in the kind of world we find ourselves in.

Truth No. 1: Women aren’t really beautiful – but men are

Even an average looking man can get up in the morning, perform a (at max) 5-minute-grooming routine, then quickly head right out of the door – and not only look OK, but sometimes even appear surprisingly attractive! Not a single woman on this planet can successfully accomplish such a feat. In fact, most of female “beauty” is nothing but health and fertility signaling anyway and not necessarily “beautiful” all by itself. And even the rare specimen of women who possess a radiant, natural sense of beauty – their beauty may quickly fade too. It’s very, very rare for such a woman to retain this beautiful radiance, say, into her 40s. Thus the first truth every man should realize is that the overwhelming amount women all unto themselves are NOT beautiful. Those almost divine qualities associated with an idealized sense of female beauty are just the effects of successful mind-control.

High school teachers are surrounded by adolescents ranging from age 10 to 19 years old for hours every day. And if you talk to such male teachers and ask them about young adolescent girls and women, they can tell you about many fascinating details: The amount of 12 or 13 year old girls already putting on layers of fake-up onto their faces is staggering – even at THAT early age girls are trying to pimp/enhance their non-beauty fertility signalling with war paint (sometimes even during class, apparently it’s such an indispensable aspect for them that they don’t mind). Take their 13 or 15 years old faces and compare them to women 10 or 15 years older and it’s almost eerie, how similar and in some cases even interchangeable their appearances they are. Compared to them, boys – even if they are at the same age and still more childlike in body and demeanor, possess much more natural beauty and pure tenderness, which surely has attracted notorious boy lovers to male boys and adolescents ever since (no, I am not gay). This trend continues all the way into puberty, sometimes even despite facial acne, greasy hair etc.

Just like in the animal kingdom (lions, peacocks, ducks, etc.) men are the more naturally beautiful sex. Once you get a feel for it, it’s hard not to see it. Just walk through the pedestrian zone of your town with open eyes and you will see! I would even say that an overweight man in most cases is objectively more beautiful than an obese woman. (Or an old man as compared to an old hag.) I recently returned from a trip abroad, where many nights in a row I had been able to observe the almost shocking natural beauty of the local men and in stark contrast the overall average and/or unnaturally enhanced looks of the local females, not only in local metropolis city nightlife, but also during the day, which made me appreciate male beauty and power once again. Where we men can polish our somewhat hidden masculine brilliance, women are stuck with what they’ve been given. Are all men realizing their full potential in terms of beauty, bodily fitness and fashion? Most likely not, but the potential to do it is out there! We men are superior in that we are just naturally beautiful – even if we haven’t polished ourselves sufficiently yet.

Truth No. 2: Women really are 10 to 14 year-old kids trapped inside an adult body

Watch some TV interviews with teenage girls and immediately picture your own interactions with women age 20 and older in your mind. I guarantee, you will get an uncanny feeling. This is because they all sound and think so similarly. In fact in some cases you could even exchange the older woman for the younger girl (or vice versa) and it wouldn’t amount to much of a difference. This is because of another crucial truth that any man at any age really, really ought to get: All women are the same in that they share the same basic female traits. And the gist of it is that all women are basically 10 to 14 year old girls trapped inside an adult body. They play silly games, talk about silly stuff and all they want is to just have fun, fun, fun! This is the natural state for the vast majority of women out there, no matter the country or the culture. Esther Vilar already wrote about it in her seminal books.

The female brain doesn’t have an option to make decisions like the males one does; and women being group-thinkers and herd animals, rarely have their own thoughts. Instead, they tend to follow what a perceived majority tells them to think and do. Thus, as a man, just as you don’t get into high gear to argue world politics with a silly 12 year old, you better don’t do it with an adult woman. You don’t bend yourself over backwards just to please some silly little girl pestering you, and you should not want be ruled by one either.

Truth No.3: Men are capable and independent, superior in all ways

Men who get into pickup at some point are also told about the notion of “non-attachment”, of “independence of outcome”, i.e. from emotional backlash when getting rejected by women. For many men this is hard to implement though, but why? Because they do feel so dependent on women for many of their seemingly indispensable “services”. Such men are deluded, because in truth male superiority reigns supreme in this world.

Not only are we superior to women in beauty, we are also superior in competence and capability and thus able to live well completely without any kind of dependence on women at all. A few weeks ago I came to understand this myself firsthand, when I helped some relatives with the renovation and refurbishing of an old house they had bought. We were a team of six men and even those of us (like myself), who didn’t have thorough previous experience in house building craft quickly mustered up to the task and learned how to get the task done. Three weeks later we got the largest part of the workload done without having to hire any external craftsmen. We did it all ourselves – no team of six or even twenty women could compare even remotely to similar or even higher cases of male competency and male teamwork (e.g. military commando teams operating behind enemy lines etc.). Such levels of competence and independence are a core aspect of male superiority over women. Every man should cultivate at least a minimum set of tangible competence, particularly in areas which are usually delegated to women (i.e. cleaning the house, doing the laundry, groceries shopping and cooking, repairing, mending etc.). We can demonstrably do it all ourselves (and “even better”). Overall men are not only naturally more beautiful, but stronger, more disciplined and, to top it off, even wittier.

Truth No.4: Women are being misled towards self-destruction

Thus women – being the eternal silly little teenage girls trapped within (sometimes even attractive) adult bodies that they are – are at an overall disadvantage in life. They possess less real agency in life than us men, they are physically weaker, they “aren’t really funny” (Christopher Hitchens), less naturally attractive, their biology messes their body and mind up in so many different ways, and they are also less ambitious in general. And not only are they inferior to us, they are also completely dependent on us men for their survival and for siring their beloved offspring. Men build, women consume and sometimes even destroy: On the banal level of trade-offs, an association with a woman for more than a few casual shags will always be a net loss for a man. It’s not meant to be facetious to say, but here it is: Women are essentially fucked – and the extent to which this is true and the score of the ramifications for our modern age are just beyond most people’s belief.

Because persuading women to fight against windmills, getting them to take on challenges and risks that they simply can’t handle is terribly cruel and heartless. Yet our modern age has made inferior beings widely believe the ludicrous idea, that they are and in fact have always been the superior ones. Western feminist influence in society has removed the boundaries which have always kept women in check and since then female self-delusion has been increasingly running amok, gaining more and more momentum by the decades. Hence feminism brainwashes women to like feminine men and to consider simp-men as the only acceptable “new normal”. Yet, a system that turns men into weak and broke(n) losers is bad for the majority of non-feminist women too, since non-feminist women don’t want such losers. Feminist ones sort of do, but they will still secretly hate and despise them. Women with leverage are usually NOT very good people, because they first & foremost listen to and serve the fucked up systems of this world. And now that women finally have been liberated to make their childish terrible choices, many of them make use of their freedom to fail, which in turn destroys entire societies, their own families, the lives of their children and ultimately themselves.

“Monty Python – The First Man To Jump The Channel”: Men (who are witty and funny) making fun of the shitty disposition in which modern women (who “still aren’t funny”) find themselves trapped

On a lighter note, this tragic state of the modern female collective always reminds me of Monty Python’s character “Ron Obvious”: That gullible, miserable fellow who got conned by his malevolent “agent” Mr Luigi Vercotti to jump the English channel, eat an Anglican cathedral or tunnel the earth to Java, eventually leading to his demise.

Truth #5: Women’s sexual power over men is female wishful thinking, leading men astray

Apparently, the only real power women have over men would be their perceived sex-appeal by men and the manipulation of the male need for sexual validation through women. I guess that’s why women on average are also hornier than men (but only for men from whom they can gain something). With dating apps and liberalized standards of morale these days women are surely the great winners in mating, aren’t they? Unfortunately the “great choice” in men that liberated women supposedly enjoy these days is also nothing but an illusion.

For sure, all women date and marry for some amount of gain from men, be it genetic, emotional or financial. And I’m sure that we have all seen the statistics proving female hypergamy, and how the majority of women in theory is competing for a small number of “high value men” at the very top portion of society. Yet, ask yourself, how likely is it even for a physically attractive woman to tie down a “high quality man” if she is running massive anti-game by being fucked up in her mind and deluded in her “standards”? How likely is it that men who got fleeced and had their soul literally broken in divorce court are readily going to interact with women and quickly marry again? And how likely is it that a “high quality man” with actual hobbies and interests in life apart from pussy, a business to run or an ambitious job to attend to, has enough will and spare time at hand to take care of the whims and nagging of more than one modern woman at a time, no matter how appealing or even submissive they may seem? It’s rather unlikely altogether, at least without the prospect of permanent commitment by the man. Most “ambitious high value men” that I know are either married to a rare specimen of a supportive and agreeable wife, or they remain single and then either fuck prostitutes or have casual short term flings with girls on the side as long as those chicks don’t derail the overall course of their life. Or they keep their private sphere of influence free from women altogether and deliberately lead an overall chaste life. None of this sounds like the “huge options and choice” as advertised to modern women to me. On the contrary, the endgame in life that awaits a large part of women today looks increasingly unglamorous as their princess fantasies turned out to be lies. Instead they will either have to agree to settling for an equally unattractive man or grow old remaining on their own. Eventually having to settle with a loser is bound to grow resentment inside a woman and in such cases, she will have no qualms to finally get rid of hubby, e.g. by locking him inside a suitcase until he finally suffocates, just like that 42 year old hag Sarah Boone from Orange County, CA, did. You don’t believe me? Just have a look at this.

Even if the notion of abundance for modern women is an illusion, the negative effects of modern women on contemporary men are not. They are real. Here “male sluts” are in particular danger of getting their life wrecked. Not only is their undirected sexual energy wasted and draining their life, the slavery to their own passions turns them into slaves to the whims of women – and hell hath no greater fury than a woman scorned. For younger men this may sound like horror stories from obscure B-movies, and I didn’t really take such reports that serious back in my twenties either… Perhaps only when you reach your forties (as I have) and your friends and other acquaintances have had to suffer the consequences of association with the wrong kinds of women can you fully appreciate the luck that you were somehow blessed and able to steer clear of the pitfalls of female destruction, merely observing the bitter fate of many of your fellow men instead: Divorce, destruction of your family, alienation from your own children, loss of possessions and property, constant humiliation, unemployment, depression, substance abuse, etc. Since most modern women may wreck your life at some point and one way or another, the truth of dating life – that even the most attractive and smooth men will never get all the women they might fancy – now can be recognized for the great blessing that it is! To all men, who have been invisibly protected and spared such a terrible fate, I applaud you.

Still, the male thirst for sexual contact with seemingly fertile women is really amazing. I remember well how fourteen years ago at that year’s Berlin Film Festival I had the great fortune of getting to know one of the most famous film composers of our times (I’d guess that all of you reading this at least know the impact his work has had on pop culture, particularly in the 2000s and 2010s; and no, I’m not talking about John Williams or Hansi Zimmer). For more than a week this famous and wealthy Californian man went absolutely crazy about that one 26 years old (mildly attractive) female assistant in our team (“Oooh, schoooone Frrrau…!”), tried every trick in the book to bag her, but to no avail… and after the festival was over, this famous man who certainly could get other and even more attractive women from the lewd crowd of film makers, he sat with me in a local Berlin pub getting wasted, feeling depressed and disappointed – it was a pathetic and ridiculous sight. We were all joking about it behind his back. Don’t you be that guy, it’s not cool – and it has never been cool! Contrary to what your blue-haired history teacher has been teaching you, even during the times of Greek and Roman antiquity, such overly passionate, effeminate, even gay men, were laughed at! And they were the constant object of the most vile and lowest jokes. A man who would allow his desire to override his rational mind (not being able to control his „itch“, his lust) and who would even forego his own masculinity for completely unnatural behavior, was considered animalistic and sub-human, not erudite or human. The term for such a man was κίναιδος (“faggot”; you’ll find the very term even in St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, 1. Kor. 6, 9) and these men could not be trusted with power or even citizenship, as they were far more likely to behave irrationally there as well. They were considered even LOWER than women, as they were just as irrational and as untrustworthy as women are, but compared to them those faggots couldn’t even bear children.

Truth #6: There is no “crisis in men” – and what this can mean for social interactions

Day in and day out the media are talking about a “crisis of men” or a “crisis of masculinity”. Rarely have more absurd words been used. Instead every man must understand that this is all B.S and that there are no material grounds for a “crisis in men”. There is no crisis of men, nor has there ever been one or will there ever be one. Men have always reigned superior. And the male propensity for getting destabilized by their sexual passions is nothing new. Instead this “crisis” is just strong and effective brainwashing – albeit its pernicious force is hell bent on cutting our balls off, both figuratively and now to at an increasing rate literally as well. Recognizing the truth behind those illusions can help men break free from this nasty mental programming.

Women date up for gain from superior men, but men invariably date down for acceptable losses. Note that there has never been a time when women have been “the prize”. It is men that have always been, are now and will always be “the prize”. When you fully begin to understand your power and beauty as a man, …

  • that you are superior,
  • that you are completely independent and competent,
  • that you are already more naturally beautiful than most women,
  • that you are the true full-potential humans (just take a look at Genesis 2, 17),
  • that you can be glad and immensely grateful for most women refusing to connect with you (and thus not wrecking your life)

… then your entire outlook on yourself might change. Suddenly you will find yourself existing more in a state of healthy gratitude, modest pride and a deep level of positive, serene indifference of natural superiority. Yes, you are surrounded by a glaring façade of obscenity and disrespect that is constantly spitting in your face. But this is still merely a façade and not the truth.

Instead superiority and positive, serene indifference is power. From this lofty position we can now perceive women in all of their true weakness and lack of power (their sexual power does not equal superiority) and steer clear of thirst traps where necessary. But first and foremost: To have deep compassion with our female sisters, whose beauty begins to terminate at 30, whereas yours can flourish well even into your 50s and who have been lead astray, far off into the desert of loneliness and self-destruction. Do I dislike women? No, I like (some of) them, but I am aware of their shortcomings and I encounter them with compassion.

Truth #7: The “bad boy” redefined

Women love a man who can provide for them, but they also find him boring. On the other hand the bad boy is much more exciting for women, precisely because he is “sooo bad”. The bad boy aspect inside of us men is necessary for women to get their own “bad” sexual side out, they cannot do it themselves (at least if we’re dealing with mentally healthy women). They need a man to allow & elicit the fun badness hidden within them, and not finding such men is probably one core aspect of chronic female sexual frustration.

We all know that nice guys do finish last. Many women joke that they would love their men to be more like mafia gangsters, drug dealers and murderers – but since becoming a criminal or a warlord doesn’t sound like the best of advice, what does “bad” in the context of those male truths mentioned above really mean? My take on it is that the bad boy in fact really is the “good boy”. If you happen to be a nihilist, you believe that objective truths, categories and values do not exist – and then this will probably not make much sense to you. But if you do believe that objective truths and the likes exist, then you can certainly understand that one would classify this world system we live under as “bad”. Remember: Women are like children! And just like the children that they really are, you can tell them that X is *not* going to work out, but they’ll do it anyway – and then they’ll whine and throw temper tantrums when they fail. Women are group-thinkers so they will naturally follow what “the world” (which IS bad) wants them to think and do. But a female that is neither following a based man nor the Good, can be a lost case. Thus a world that women want is a world that leads directly towards self-destruction.

And here the real bad boy comes into play! Of course the bad boy-aspect of a man should contain the mental and physical potential to be dangerous, for doing violent acts, of projecting power and dominance over others (men in particular). But this doesn’t have to be nefarious. Within a thoroughly “bad” system, “bad” is supposed to be “good” or at least “normative”, but in such a system the true Good must be considered “bad” – and this is where the fun begins!

We as men have to be “other-worldly”. As the more “complete” humans we are responsible for all the things happening in our life all around us. Thus men should set, live and enforce a world of order, proportion, harmony and boundaries in everyday life; and oppose the chaos of limitless freedom, which this crooked world system stands for. Now, being a rebel against this system, while at the same time making vaginas tingle can go a long way. “Bad boy” in this regard can mean reorienting a woman away from the shitty world system and its trip-wires, and more towards you, if you have a glimpse of the truth. Being “dangerous” can mean reigning her in, setting clear boundaries, setting the stage and leading the right way. The true bad boy can thus rebel in his small private way against the crooked world system and undermine it, and thus in a little way rectify the state of affairs around him, without being truly destructive. It takes a spine to know who you are and what you stand for – the world system cannot accept this, this is “bad”. And it takes balls to actually stand your ground and face the resistance the world will throw at you – how dare you be so arrogant? This in turn makes you “dangerous”. Apart from being intrigued by her looks you can also approach her to find out whether she likes your “baddiness”. If she really doesn’t, then you better shouldn’t try to sleep with her, even if (for whatever reason) she’s open to it.

… pour conclure

It feels like yesterday when remembering how at age 18 or 19 I first entered a crowded, local nightclub. As soon as I entered the dance floor the sensation of pure terror and fear almost made me choke, when for the first time in my life I experienced a seemingly full-blown display of female sexual and social power. After 10 minutes walking around intimidated inside the venue I must have experienced a “stack overflow” shock-state. All I can remember is that I ran away like crazy and hid for more than two hours inside a bathroom stall. I hastily locked myself inside, sat down cowering in the corner and still felt being terrorized by the mulled beats pounding away on the dance floors outside. Now even as teenager I’ve been socially quite adept and fun to hang around with, I suffered no particular social anxieties, was successful at school and in my hobbies and I also wasn’t shy at all. I wasn’t particularly unattractive either. But I could not deal with the power of the objects of my burning sexual desires, because I felt that I was too small and weak compared to all of this exuberant female power. Little did I know back then, that all of this female sexual power is just a pretty lie! All the more fun to travel through this colorful illusion – and to make it burst. Because as a man, being awesome never hurts.

Post scriptum

Apart from Sleazy’s materials (which I can all recommend; albeit reading is not enough, you always have to get out into the world and do stuff) probably the best additional clarifying material I found is by this guy over here: “hoe_math”. His original mixture of genius, visual satire and truth is particularly instructive in his two videos “Dating down” and in the “Dating zones”-chart. Highly recommended, not the least for great entertainment!

41 thoughts on “On the True Power and Beauty of Men (Guest Post by Lucretius Carus)

  1. Very good job. Well written. I’ll read it again but for now I’d like to address the “bad boy” portion. The most misunderstood sensitive men. Tough and individualistic does NOT equal bad. The system hasn’t broken them, and probably never will. I’ve mentioned this before but female authors have captured this brilliantly. Gone With the Wind, The Outsiders, and Rumble Fish are good examples.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!
      As far as the “bad boy” archetype is concerned, “Gone With the Wind”, “The Outsiders”, and “Rumble Fish” are indeed good examples. Although I’m not sure whether they always hit the core of my argument.
      Many more hedonistic “bad boy” characters refuse to play by the rules, because on the whole they have more fun living this way and they also wish to avoid unecessary suffering.
      Suffering for the right reasons and transcendental purposes is not a bad thing at all, so my guess is that this excludes most of the typical hedonistic impulses.

      Personally, as far as popular role models go, I’ve always considered the character of Indiana Jones to be a bad boy, since he actually is a modernized version of the “grail knights”. A historic figure like Mishima also comes to mind. Maybe as well someone like Prince Eugene of Savoyen as well. I’m sure there are many other viable examples I just don’t know or can’t think of right now.

    2. Delusional.
      Women were always ,and will always be the most sought after no matter how much you think men are more attractive. If you think I am full of shit, go make a dating profile on an app and put up 2 separate profiles: one.of a fat chicken, and one of an average in shape man. Now tell which one gets more messages, and no, it has nothing got to do with societal conditioning or men “undervaluing” themselves, it’s biology plain and simple. Men have a sex drive that is vastly higher than women’s, testosterone is on around 7 times more sexually potent than estrogen. That’s why men are drive. To simp for women. The average man in the West is not doing well in today’s dating scene, and the women are absolute trash.

    3. Did you read the article?

      Beyond the age of 30, it is incredibly difficult for women to get a man, any man, to commit, and getting pumped and dumped is not really high on the list of priorities for younger women. It is a common misconception among women that male interest is independent of commitment level, which is peak female delusion. This is how cat ladies are made.

    4. Aaron,
      “Beyond the age of 30, it is incredibly difficult for women to get a man, any man, to commit…”

      I recall that you once said that a woman’s mating preferences doesn’t change much at all and it remains static. Why is it that a woman’s mating preferences doesn’t change much while men’s preferences changes?

    5. I think men are just a bit more realistic about their position in life whereas many women struggle with coming to grips with reality. Thus, if she becomes Chad’s one-night stand, then this is her new baseline and she will delude herself into thinking that this is the kind of guy she can tie down for a relationship.

    1. In every way. It’s sweet-talking the shitty condition(s) of men:

      Truth No. 1: Women aren’t really beautiful – but men are. => So why are women the ones who control access to sex and not men? Balding, short stature, beer bellies, puffy faces, unwashed and stinking , no sense for fashion.

      Truth No. 2: Women really are 10 to 14 year-old kids trapped inside an adult body => Some women definitely, but not all women. Women tend to be more emotional and emotionally driven.

      Truth No.3: Men are capable and independent, superior in all ways => Goes maybe for 10% of all men. Most men are lazy, unkempt, alcoholics, bullies and coarse-natured.

      Truth No.4: Women are being misled towards self-destruction => Party true, but it’s way more nuanced than that. As a child I witnessed the traditional role allocation and it wasn’t always good: wife beaters, alcoholics, rapists, tyrants, patriarchs. I understand why women want to be independent. Of course the other extreme (radical feminism) is the same shit as 19th century patriarchy.

      Truth #5: Women’s sexual power over men is female wishful thinking, leading men astray => Women and men lose. Every wine-drinking cat lady equals a lonely man.

      Truth #6: There is no “crisis in men” – and what this can mean for social interactions => suicides, homelessness, addiction, schools, universities, jobs, divorce court. Men lose on every front.

    2. Every wine-drinking cat lady equals a lonely man.

      Truth #6: There is no “crisis in men” – and what this can mean for social interactions => suicides, homelessness, addiction, schools, universities, jobs, divorce court. Men lose on every front.

      But dude, that’s exactly the issue that Lucretious is seeking to solve.

      The REASON that men are depressed, addicted, divorced is PRECISELY because they’ve been brainwashed to see themselves as being worthless without female approval. Men are BRAINWASHED into not recognizing their own value and believing they only have value if they get approval from females.

      Some people might say “oh, but that’s natural, it’s a biological instinct”.

      You know how we know this is NOT TRUE? Because society INVESTS SO MUCH ENERGY and effort to try and shame men into pursuing approval from women. IF it was natural, there wouldn’t so much effort and energy invested by society and women to shame men into it. The men would be like that naturally, wouldn’t they?

    3. “The REASON that men are depressed, addicted, divorced is PRECISELY because they’ve been brainwashed to see themselves as being worthless without female approval.”

      I honestly feel like you’ve described a major issue with the incel community as a whole here,Alek. People commonly ask why Incels don’t just go to escorts and satisfy their sexual needs there,but the reason (Aaron has talked about the fact that some of them are so unattractive that top shelf escorts will even refuse their cash,but that’s another issue) I believe goes beyond just the physical craving itself. Its precisely what you described. That they are made to feel like “losers”,that they are failures as men for failing to garner the affections of the so-called “fairer” sex.

      Aaron has talked about the fact that he didn’t start getting laid until around his later 20’s (27?) yet this didn’t affect his self-esteem because his interests were laser focused elsewhere,he viewed women as a general distraction. I dunno how many of the demographics of this blog share that kind background (I think many/most of us here are late bloomers,but not necessarily “didn’t give a damn about women in our youth”),but I certainly share it. I was a hell of a lot more interested in pursuing very niche topics (sometimes bordering on obscure) of interest in my youth than bothering myself with the dating scene. (of which peers have told me is a landmine to deal with,further disincentivizing me. Besides the fact that I was fat and probably would have had issues due to it. I simply didn’t need that headache to get in the way of my niche interests) If I was horny,I just jerked off. The fact that social media became so sexualized by the time I got on it also provided me plenty of extra material aside from traditional porn. lol. Its really mostly recently that I’ve began to be more concerned about this.

      I’d say a lot of the emotional anguish felt by dudes like Elliot Rodger come from what you’ve described. that they derived their self-worth on women’s approval/affection but had no idea what to do to get it. (because of bluepill lies)

      Society’s fault? I mean,we can’t discount the fact that Elliot is definitely mentally ill,but I’d definitely say society carries a lot of the blame.

    4. Yes, that’s the biggest irony of all. The exact same people who bash incels for existing, are the same people who created incels.

      An incel is only an incel because he’s been pounded his entire life that he’s a worthless piece of crap if he doesn’t get attention from women. If the shaming didn’t exist, there wouldn’t even exist such a thing as incels. They’d just be men who are not having a lot of sex.

  2. Truth No. 1: Women aren’t really beautiful – but men are. => So why are women the ones who control access to sex and not men? Balding, short stature, beer bellies, puffy faces, unwashed and stinking , no sense for fashion.

    Does not follow.

    Your presupposition is that “he who is more beautiful has more control of sex”. It’s actually the gender that can get pregnant.

    1. There are species where females compete for males. So it’s not always the gender that can get pregnant who controls access to sex.

    2. Put an overweight, maybe even homeless 50 yo man into a suit that fits his stature, comb his greasy hair (don’t even shave his beard!) – and he will still look positively massive, powerful and exude status and crazy adventurous and wild.
      Put an overweight woman into a high-quality dress that fits her, and most people still will say to themselves “Uuh, I wish she wasn’t that fat.” There is a good reason why billboards with “plus-sized” women make everyone feel sick (which is precisely why they get pushed onto us).

      With regard to “Truth No.2”: Women being more emotional and emotionally driven is precisely that – childish, girly behaviour. Men are able to reign their emotions in and make their feeling their prisoners instead of becoming the prisoners of their thoughts and emotions. I’m not saying that all men are like this since birth, because you need to develop this quality – but the potential is there. For women on the other hand this is almost impossible, I’ve never met a single woman (even respectable, strong women) with this quality, or trying to build on such potential of character, because they don’t possess it in the first place. Women even like to make fun of their girly disposition when they’re among themselves, you know.

      On “Truth No.4: Women being led towards self-destruction” – at the end of the day women all by themselves cannot survive without the work, services and funds of men. They cannot live purely on their own and they cannot even survive as purely female communities. Years ago there was this Australian TV show “Surviver”, where they had a group of men “stranded” on an island, and a group of women on another island close by, and then observed the two groups. The men quickly built hierarchies and eventuall got everything set for their survival (hunting food, building shelter, cleaning clothes, making fire, charting territory etc.). The women group on the other hand didn’t get anything done, they were panicking and picking on each other, all their attempts to get important things done failed and even their “small successes” they couldn’t enjoy. At the end the producers of the show needed to bend the rules of the program and had the men come over to the female island to help them and share food with them.
      Of course it wasn’t supposed to be this way, because women can do everything that men can do, and they can do it better.
      Women cannot be “free and independent”, because in turn they will destroy themselves. As far as unjustified male violence is concerned I didn’t men to gloss over it. The point I was trying to make is that men need to be “other-wordly”, they cannot be purely focused on this world. Men have to see the big picture and put order and boundaries into their world. Drunkards, drug addicts and wife-beaters are not doing that, they are the opposite to this.

    3. Lucretius Carus:

      I agree with your second and third point, even though I think you may be exaggerating at least the second a little bit.

      However, I disagree with you on the first one. Clean hair and a suit alone does not a man make. I mean, do you really think these guys “look positively massive, powerful and exude status and crazy adventurous and wild” ?×612&w=0&k=20&c=d9ABx3gd_iyTtncEDeFDCNRsTJphOPSIYsp-HbIRv4g=

      They look like crap to me.

    4. I feel like the kind of guy Carus is thinking of is an overweight guy that happens to have a good amount of muscle underneath the blubber. Think of a long time construction worker,powerlifter,or big bouncer that probably hover around 30-35% bf,and put THEM in a suit with grooming. You can probably get the kind of effect Lucretius speaks of with a lot of these kinds of guys. I myself kinda fit the label as of the moment,haha.

      Somebody who is all marshmallow and no (meaningful) lean meat though? Not a chance.

      You CAN go this route as a man though if you don’t want to go all the way with the weight loss. (probably not the optimal route,but some guys can get away with it.) Not so much with chicks. becoming a mix of fat and muscle as a woman isn’t going to achieve anywhere near the same effect as it will for a man.

    5. @Karl

      You accused lucretious of exaggerating, and then you picked

      – a photo of man asked to act as goofy as possible for the photo
      – a super morbidly obese guy

    6. You CAN go this route as a man though if you don’t want to go all the way with the weight loss. (probably not the optimal route,but some guys can get away with it.) Not so much with chicks. becoming a mix of fat and muscle as a woman isn’t going to achieve anywhere near the same effect as it will for a man.

      I only leaned down to 20-22% bodyfat, and I already have chicks hitting on me, and 15 years younger chicks staring me and eye-fucking. It’s ironic, since I thought I had to get down to 15% bodyfat before I get any attention based on physique alone.

      I do have solid muscle, but far from my peak. I’ve only regained half of the muscle I had back when I was at my peak amount of muscle. So I think I have the muscle of a guy who’s been working out for 3-4 years. Something like that. And at 20-22% bodyfat, and a tight quality muscle-accentuating shirt gets me attention from hotties.

    7. – a photo of man asked to act as goofy as possible for the photo

      He’s also obese and close to morbidly. Look up the definition of overweight vs obese please.

    8. @ Karl: The first guy “adult businessman” in the suit (which is a run-of-the-mill-cut, not tailored) has a babyface and is also smiling. Get this guy bespoke clothing, shave his remaining hair clean or any other edgy way and have him look stern and not smiling, and then you’ll already get more of the effect I’m talking about.

      The second guy in the tuxedo “jolly fat man tuxedo” doesn’t look that bad already, his clothing also fits him better than the first ine. Have him shave his head, maybe trim the beard in a more edgy fashion and have him look naturally stern, and he’s gonna be pretty intimidating.

      Of course, if the fatty blubber of those two guys were on top of some muscle mass, the tone of their bodies would even be better and project much stronger *through* their clothing as well. Also don’t forget that with such men mass = projectable power! Just think of someone like Bud Spencer (aka Dr. med. Carlo Pedersoli). When he wore a suit or a similar kind of status-conveying dress and had a stern look on his face, he *did* look pretty intimidating and dangerous (which he could legitimately be), i.e. quite sexually attractive.

      I’m not saying, that being overweight is the way to go, but in contrast to women, such men *can* make this archetype work (just think of well crafted and tastefully extravagant accessories on such men, e.g. rings, watches, ties, scarfs etc.) and the “dangerous impresario” style will wet some pussies for sure and good reasons.

    9. Lucretius Carus:

      Thanks for your courteous response! Always respect people who can write proper responses without getting emotional about it. Real men don’t get pissy because someone disagreed with them on the Internet. 🙂

      To the extent that you are saying that men can pull off overweight then women, I agree with you for sure. However, I think it’s going too far to say that overweight men can become attractive with the right hairstyle and clothing – especially if they are, as you put it earlier, an “overweight, maybe even homeless 50 yo man.”

      (I’ll have to concede your point about the fit of the suit, though.)

      As for looking stern and so on, I think needing to make a certain facial expression, having to have the right clothing, etc. is in my opinion a sign that the person isn’t really that attractive.

      Take a look at Brad Pitt here:

      That isn’t even him in his youthful prime, he’s making a real goofy face, and his clothing, while not ill-fitting, looks like something leftover from the original Miami Vice set. 🙂 Yet I’d say he looks better than any fat guy out there, regardless of their clothing or hairstyle.

      My opinion is that an unattractive guy will never be able to compete with genuinely attractive men, no matter their dress or hairstyle. I’m speaking of all things being equal here, of course – if the fat guy is the son of a billionaire while the attractive guy is homeless and just got into smoking crack, well that’s another thing altogether. 🙂

      PS. Somewhat of a sidetrack, but I also find that “crazy adventurous and wild” isn’t really something you associate with suits. Quite the opposite, in fact. I do agree with suits and the association with “powerful and exude status,” though.

    10. @ Karl: I absolutely agree with you that an overall objectively more visually and bodily attractive man will – all things being equal – always be more attractive than an facial or bodily unattractive man. Quasimodo remains a Quasimodo even in an Armani suit.
      But for us men the situation isn’t all that hopeless. Even a seemingly bland and mid-attractive man can improve on himself and thus get ahead. The thing to note (and Sleazy has also written about it in his seminal book “Minimal Game”) is, that the niche of women to cater to is always limited. It is always confined to a certain social sub-group. A man who has sort of maxxed out his potential nolens volens as a certain archetype, will be always more attractive to one certain social sub-group of women than to another one.

      Yes, “crazy adventurous and wild” certainly isn’t really something one would associate with suits – but for precisely this reason you can play with it. And maybe throw people a deliberate curveball. Some more extravagant outfits and styles worn by Johnny Depp for instance clearly follow this pattern, they combine more refined styles with adventurer-like colours or accessories. This mastery over styles and archetypes and what to communicate through them (devised and applied by his style coaches of course) not only telegraphs taste and social intelligence but also independece. All very attractive features.

    11. A great example of a suit making a man more attractive is John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. That dude was pretty washed up at that time. Yet, with a well-fitting suit, he suddenly looks put together. He even made such a good impression on the screen that he managed to get out of his career slump.

    12. Lucretius Carus:

      I don’t think the average person could pull off what Johnny Depp does. He’s a very attractive (well, was when he was younger and more put together, at least) man, as well as a fabulously wealthy Hollywood celebrity. His weird getups remind of Mystery’s peacocking. 🙂 Were the average person to actually try that, I think it’d be a crash and burn for sure.

      I do agree with you and Aaron that a well-made and well-fitted suit (and a better hairstyle) will make a man more attractive. I just don’t agree that it’s effect is so strong that it’ll turn a fat 50 year old homeless guy into an attractive man. A guy in that position can probably go from totally repugnant to just unattractive, but I don’t think he’s going to become attractive just from hairstyle and outfit.

      Hehehe, I tried a Google image search for “John Travolta 1994” and every single image I saw was of him in a suit. It seems he had the same view as you do. 🙂

  3. if by men you mean good looking white men then maybe …. But would you say indian men are more beautiful than aryan women ? , or black men more mentally mature and emotionally stable than asian women?, dont let your sexism get in the way of being a good racist !

    1. I do not think that Lucretius Carus has the racial totem pole of attraction in mind. I understood his post to have been written from a Western perspective or at least from a mono-racial one.

    2. Hell, that’s a good point. I didn’t even think about it. I think it goes for Latinos too (when they’re young). The women tend to be lighter skinned, petite, and trounce the men.

  4. Blacks are an interesting case study too. Without question the males are considered aesthetically more attractive that their female racial counterparts.

    1. Right, Karl. I was going to mention that. It’s why you see white men with Asian women, and black men with white women. Like the book, The Bell Curve. With Asians being at one end of the spectrum, blacks at the other, and whites in the middle.

    2. Males have a more aestethic body , and women have more beautiful faces or at least people with feminine fautres are the most beautiful, pretty boys are usually the only men called beautiful , an expample of this would be berserk guts is clearly the most masculine guy yet the one who is always called beautiful is griffin who basically looks like a woman

  5. If anyone wants the full story on the Sarah Boone suitcase murder,here’s a (very long,only watch if you have the time and interest about the case),here’s a video that dissects the story:

    I have not watched the entire video myself yet (Only 10 mins in. its already promising,but I suspect I’ll be sleeping soon and will have to finish the next day),but I have watched 2 similarly long videos from this channel and finished both,which is not something I do all that often with videos of such a length. She does a pretty excellent job presenting these cases.

    As I’ve said,I haven’t watched the full video yet,but 1 question is in my mind; Would anger and going physically berserk have saved this man? I noticed that at no point does this guy start expressing anger (You can definitely tell this is an emasculated weakling),he was just cowering and begging for mercy even when his life was legitimately in danger.

    I don’t know whether it would have been possible to physically rip through the suitcase,but he could have at least started going berserk and yelling threats at the top of his lungs.

    That might have scared her to release him from the suitcase. maybe even earn her respect (Don’t ask me how the mindset works. Some bullies even want to be friends with you after you beat them up. again,I dunno how their mind works…) in the process. or at the very least,possibly have an outsider hear him.

    1. Just updating that I finished the whole video…

      I think incidents like these make me want to insist Aaron on finishing that book on relationships,perhaps to save men from disasters like these. (Not that the red flags were particularly hard to see to begin with in this case..)

      I want to comment on Sarah’s ex-husband. That was a totally smart move on his part to retreat immediately and not even go into the house once he saw the dead boyfriend’s feet as he approached. This narc could *definitely* have turned the blame on him instead and he managed to avoid it completely this way.

      I can’t help but get a sense of Schadenfreude that Sarah’s narcissism refuses to ever let her pursue the one hope she has of possibly getting an early release from prison; Admitting that she did it,expressing remorse over it,and taking her lawyers advice to file for “Battered Woman Syndrome” (her boyfriend definitely wasn’t a completely clean victim here) in court.

      She went through 6 lawyers and none of it worked out because she refuses to do this. (one of the comments says her last lawyer recommended she just defend herself in the courtroom. You can definitely tell they’ve given up on her,lol)

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