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Upper Body Strength Differences Between Men and Women

The mainstream has been brainwashing women so much with the message that they are as strong as men, if not stronger, that some of them really believe it. I do not quite grasp how women cannot understand that muscles on a man are not just for show, and that someone with arms multiple times bigger will definitely be far, far stronger than them. If you have never had a woman try to hit you, you may not even know how weak they truly are. I do not even remember the context, but once some chick slapped me in a club. I did not even realize what happened because it looked so comical. I did not even really feel it. It felt like a strong breeze. Then she lost her balance. I did not pay any attention to her afterwards and she buggered off, probably confused why this scene did not play out like in her Hollywood female empowerment phantasies. I have occasionally seen women slap guys and the only reason this does not lead to chicks getting sent to the emergency room is because guys don’t hit back. Yet, women go down really quickly. You can occasionally find videos showing that online, but they get pulled about as quickly as the twin towers on 9/11.

A woman I was seeing once thought she had to “correct” some of my beliefs, and told me about how strong and smart women are. It was only a matter of time until women would be as strong and fast as men, she claimed. As women are normally just great at picking the right time to start a bullshit argument, she did so during dinner. Thus, I could not even enjoy my food. I asked her whether she thinks that she was as strong as me, which she emphatically affirmed. After all, she also went to the gym. I then suggested that I grab her wrist and pin it down on the table, and if she could, she should try to pull her arm away. She smirked and did so. Her facial expression went from utter arrogance to confusion and then anger. “How about you stand up?”, I suggested coldly. This did not change anything but it made her look even more pathetic. Even when pulling back hard, and using her other arm for support while pressing her feet against the table, she made zero progress. She wanted to keep trying, so I ended up grabbing both wrists with one hand, and with the other I finished eating my meal. She got pretty angry but also wanted to keep trying. I am not sure she even cognitively understood that she is completely inferior to any guy. Probably an average male octogenarian is stronger than an athletic woman at her physical peak.

A man is not only twice as strong as a woman, which is what you demonstrate if you have more strength in one hand than she has in two. My guess is that men are at least four times stronger than women and if you work out while she is content with just not being fat, you may be eight to ten times stronger than her. This has severe implications for women in society. I have been told that in some odious corners of the Internet some basement dwellers collect and share stories of women who got raped and beaten up by vibrant enrichers. Just the other day I absolutely did not came across a collage of a few dozen beaten and bloodied female faces. If you look into those stories, it is normally not the case that those women get jumped at night. Instead, they are almost always the willing prey of those enrichers. They think that those men are as harmless as the white cucks that normally surround them. You can also bet that such women received plenty of warnings about not recklessly seeking out danger, and you can likewise be sure that they berated anybody worrying about her health and safety as a “racist” or a “bigot”. Nonsensical beliefs hold up until you get punched in the face, to modify a well-known phrase by Mike Tyson. Now that reality is hitting more and more women right in the face there is surely a growing stack of academic papers that argues that we need to put all boys on puberty blockers to achieve true “gender equality”. That would be one way, and it may be psychologically more comforting for those psychopaths than admitting that they have been fully detached from reality.

7 thoughts on “Upper Body Strength Differences Between Men and Women

  1. What makes all this even worse is how terrible quality control is in Women’s Self-Defense Training. There is (unfortunately) a lot of quality control problems in the Martial Arts in general,but the issue seems especially potent when concerning Women’s self-defense:

    And here’s an old reddit thread that I think you guys will be interested reading it in its entirety in general,but I’m linking to a specific comment on it:

    Goes to show that actual genuine training is supposed to be “Sobering” rather than “Empowering”.

    1. This video does a good job highlighting the weaknesses of female self-defense techniques. It is also important to point out that the guy taking the role of the woman being attacked is well-trained and thus many times stronger than a woman. It is quite obvious how poorly a woman would fare in such situations. The example of the woman blocking an outside attack (4:42) made me laugh. Not only would a woman not have the strength to block the attackers arm, she most certainly would not have been able to even react on time. In addition, there is a very high chance that she would not even be aware that she was in physical danger. On a related note, men also have faster reaction times than women.

    2. I used to train in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga, and since it was a mixed class we often got to train against the girls as well.

      To be fair, I remember there are some moves and punches that a girl could use to knock back an attacker, or get out of his grip, but they require speed and precision. And not trying to grapple with the guy. And even then it would be risky.

      On the other hand, I remember a very self confident (read deluded) girl from high school who thought that in case of being attacked defending herself from a guy was supposedly very easy, just kick him in the balls.

    3. I used to lament that the thing I’m most passionate about (Martial Arts/Combatives training) hardly ever has hot women. At least the truly effective/serious training centers,I mean. (there’s a good more number of em at the Mcdojos,but I have zero interest in those.)
      the few that are there tend to lean towards the less attractive and masculine looking side of the fence in my personal experience. (maybe I just haven’t been in the really big places. The Gracies have done an excellent job getting popular,maybe I’ll find them in a Gracie Academy,heh.)

      But when I think about it nowadays,that might be more of a blessing than a curse. In pursuits that you are super passionate about,to the point that you value the actual activity over meeting chicks,you might not want to “shit where you eat” just like you wouldn’t at the workplace. to avoid the potential risk of “poisoning the well”. especially considering that the actual good training places are vastly outnumbered by the bad ones.

      Fortunately,there are several other things I’m interested in,but much less passionate about. and in those niches,I’ll definitely take advantage of opportunities.

    4. That block made me laugh too, Aaron. 😀 Anyone who designs a self-defense technique for women which relies on using physical strength against a man is utterly deluded.

  2. What happened when I was growing up was, around grade 6 (age 11-12), many girls would enter puberty well before most boys. Those girls would experience a growth spurt, and for a time would be taller and stronger than most boys. They would naturally ace any athletic or strength tests – I remember one girl beating the entire class at the amount of time she could remain in a dead hang.

    So these girls would have praise heaped upon them and their egos boosted, despite the fact they were young women competing with – for the most part – little boys. There was zero mention of the fact that boys would soon catch up and by far surpass them. The attitude instilled was that boys and girls were equal – with girls superior in many instances – and that was that.

    The same thing is undoubtedly happening today – probably much worse, with the whole trans psyop muddying the waters. But the end result is the same – at a young age women are instilled with an inflated sense of self-efficacy that they carry with them throughout their lives.

    1. I remember this happening in school – but to be fair, our teachers did point out that the boys would catch up eventually.

      I also remember a female maths teacher – God bless her – who outright said in front of the whole class that girls were sneakier and more devious than boys. They outsmarted us for a while there, not gonna deny it.

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