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The Absurdity of Having to Use Tor for Non-Mainstream Information

I find the Internet, i.e. the “web”, more or less useless nowadays when it comes keeping up with the news. Mainstream news sites are total garbage, and any site remotely interesting gets banned the moment it ascends beyond fringe status. Thankfully, there is Telegram, but this is only for political news. For gaming, on the other hand, it is quite challenging to get objective news at all. There are a few YouTube one-man shows, but those people cannot sustain themselves this way, so their output is infrequent. So, where to go then? Well, Tor, where else?

The thought that I have to use Tor to access a site like KiwiFarms so I can learn about all the faggotry in Baldur’s Gate 3, for instance, is ludicrous. The Internet has become so censorious that something that is as in your face as the dicks of every male NPC in this game has to be kept under wraps. There is the occasional thread on the Steam forums, but this gets drowned out by every soyboy telling the world that Baldur’s Gays is a 11/10 game, and that he never knew he would enjoy looking at gay sex scenes so much.

As I was writing this, I received an update that KiwiFarms is now back on the public Internet, but I wonder for how long. In all seriousness, Tor is primarily used for some really shady stuff. By banning sites with opinions that the people in power do not like, we essentially equivocate a based and red-pilled view of the world with CP, the drug trade, contract killings, or identity theft. Not liking gay sex in video games is not a crime yet, but according to the people who yield the societal power structure, it already is. What a world we inherited!

2 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Having to Use Tor for Non-Mainstream Information

  1. Who knew that a gossip internet forum would be one the frontline of free speech? This is all just because some rapists want to cover up their own dirt. Joshua C. Moon really is a fighter, standing up to those pests that corrupt the youth with their filth. I wish someday these parasites are going to get put to trial.

    Do you follow J.C. Moon‘s stream ‚Mad At The Internet‘, too, Aaron? It‘s also been banned from Youtube.

    1. I was aware of this podcast, but did not actively follow it. Also, I only look at a few sections on KiwiFarms, so I did not even know that it is still going strong. For the others, you can find it on Odysee:
      The pinned episode with Mister Metokur (RIP?) just went straight to the top of my to-do list.

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